August 24, 2017

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An insurance claim form.

Inventory and Photograph Belongings for Insurance ClaimsPhotographing your possessions for future reference in case of a fire or natural disaster can be a great way to ensure you can claim losses on all of you belongings. This page has tips about how to inventory and photograph belongings for insurance claims.


Brownie Brittle

Brownie Brittle RecipeMake a deliciously sweet and crunchy brownie brittle next time your sweet tooth strikes. This page contains a brownie brittle recipe.


White clothes along with blue colored clothes inside a washing machine.

How to Fix Blue Dye Transferred in the Wash?Sometimes colors can get transferred from one piece of clothing to others in your washing machine. This page has some ideas on how to fix blue dye that has transferred in the wash.


frozen vegetables

Using Freezer Burned VegetablesVegetable that have been freezer burned are perfectly fine to use but their flavor may be a little off. Using freezer burned vegetables is just like using any frozen vegetables.


Riding mower illustration.

Yardman Riding Mower Won't StartRiding lawn mowers can have issues starting, just like smaller push mowers. If your yardman riding mower won't start you may be able to fix it yourself.



Zucchini Refrigerator Pickles in jar

Zucchini Refrigerator PicklesIf you like pickles and have lots of zucchini, you will appreciate this recipe. Please note that this is not for long-term storage, as you are not canning it. I substituted dill weed for the dill seed.


Portobello Mushroom Personal Pizzas

Portobello Mushroom Personal PizzasThis is an amazingly delicious low-carb, keto-friendly pizza recipe that's really great for the whole family. I love making these with the kids in our family, and their parents love that they're getting loaded up with plenty of vegetables. No kneading of the dough or lengthy waits at the oven.



A condiment bottle for use as a makeshift squirt gun.

Reuse Condiment Bottles for a Hot DayAre your kids looking for an activity to keep them cool on a hot summer day, but you don't want to take them to the busy pool? Simply, reuse a couple of bottles with a small hole in the lid. Ketchup bottles and some salad dressing bottles work great!


Cuts of meat wrapped and frozen in individual portions.

Wrap Meat Cuts IndividuallyIt might look strange but this is our new way of storing our meat strips and cuts into the freezer. How does it work? Well, it is easy to pull out when it's frozen.


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Don't Get Scammed with Buying Amusement TicketsAmusement park tickets are always increasing. If we could save any money, we would love to right? But please be careful. Many tickets that sound too good to be true can be fishy or even fake. Do not fall for the scam.


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Healthy SnackingIf you're like me and always want to run to the vending machine and have a sweet or salty snack, then this tip is for you! I always keep a bag of trail mix or dried fruit in my desk drawers so anytime I'm hungry, I can save myself from picking an unhealthy snack.


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Nail File for Many UsesNeed a small, precise file to use on a variety of materials? A nail file coated with synthetic sapphires is ideal. The ones I am currently using came from the cosmetics aisle of a local supermarket.


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Safe Way to be Paid for Large Ticket Items on CraigslistHave them meet you at the bank and do a cash deal inside the bank. Make it a point to deposit the cash then and there. If they are crooked people, they know not to follow you to get it back because they saw you deposit it.


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Map to Forage FruitIf you're looking for a public fruit, veggie or nut tree you want to pick from in your city, there is a map that will help you find them. It's called and it lists several trees all across the globe. Foraging locations are displayed with little red dots.


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Reusing WaterReuse your water from the kitchen to water your garden after you're done boiling your vegetables, washing potatoes etc. You can also use your dish water if your soap is plant based.


A spider on a item of clothing dried on a clothesline.

Check Line-Dried Clothes for SpidersI went outside to get my clothes after they dried outside. I found this little creature taking advantage of the soft fabric. I was about to put them on after I finished shaking it. I must not have shaken the shorts enough because this creature was still hanging on.


A rainbow over some fields.

Country Meets CityWhen I was five, we would travel from Hamilton to Roebuck to see my dad's parents. We loved it there, even though there was no running water or any thing fancy. There was a built in toilet, like an outside outhouse. I remember my aunt carrying the pail to dump, she hated it.



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My Dog Died Suddenly?I was walking her, and as we are going back to the house, my dog just started shaking and vomiting something white. Then she was shaking for like 15 minutes and then died. I know she didn't eat anything, she was on my leash all the time. What could that be?


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How Do I Remove Hairspray Build Up on Floors and Walls?I have a husband that uses a lot of hairspray on his "hair". So I have a ton of build up on the floor and wall and door in his bathroom. I just can't stand it. Is there a sure fire way to get this stuff gone?


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GFCI Outlet Help?Should the light be yellow or red if the GFCI outlet is working?


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Drying Okra?How to dry, or prepare okra, for a Christmas craft?


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Spanish Crochet Abbreviations?What is the meaning of the Spanish crochet abbreviation "pd" and "cd"?


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Treating a Cat with Eye Discharge?I have a 4 month old kitten. He has been coughing the past 2 days. I thought he might have a hairball. He has started sneezing and has white discharge coming from both eyes. Both eyes are clear and the drainage is not thick or mucousy looking.


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Free Cats Vaccinations and Booster Shots?I live in the Berry Homes in Staten Island N.Y. 10306. Where can I get free booster vaccinations for my 2 cats? When does the mobile truck come to this area?


Can Immunizations Cause a Positive Parvo Test?

Can Immunizations Cause a Positive Parvo Test?We recently bought a bulldog puppy from a breeder for one thousand dollars. We had him for 3 days and then noticed he was throwing up and he wouldn't eat or drink. I panicked because I had a dog years ago that died of Parvo.


Information About a Mersman Table

Information About a Mersman Table?This table was found in the family. It's a Mersman table (I know because of sticker on bottom), but that is all we know. We can't find any information regarding this table online. The history, the value. Anyone know?


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Hydrangeas With Buds But No Blooms?My hydrangeas have budded but not bloomed. I live in New England and have four seasons. Fall will be within the next 4-6 weeks. Will they bloom if they are budding? They bloomed once already this year.


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Getting Mom to Let Me Shave My Legs?I want to shave bad because everyone at school makes fun of me. I'm 13 and everyone even my friends make fun of me because of my legs. How do I get my mom to notice that I want to shave without asking her?


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Dyeing Bath Towels?I have some nice sage green towels that were ruined by peroxide. I would like to get a similar color back. What dyes should I use? Do I need to remove the color before redying or do you recommend that I just color over the originals?


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Well Water Smell on Laundry?What can I use in my laundry to take the rotten well water smell out of clothes? Thank you.


An eyeglass lens that has been made cloudy with acetone.

Acetone Made My Eyeglasses Cloudy?I accidentally got acetone on my eyeglasses and it took the coating off of my glasses. Now they are really foggy. How do I fix this?


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Removing Anti-Reflective Coating on Plastic Lenses?I have tried Armour Etch, 91% alcohol, car polish, furniture polish, Magic Eraser, metal polish, acetone, oven cleaner, Goo Gone, picking at the film (kind of smears it), and gasoline, and it still won't come off. I did an older pair of glasses and it came off with one coat of Etch. This won't budge.


Age and Value of a Mersman Table

Age and Value of a Mersman Table?This scalloped edged round Mersman table has a different logo on the bottom. No number, just a sticker that says Mersman tables. Can anyone give me info on the age and value of it? Thank you!


Is Our Kitten a Siamese Mix? - kitten with toy

Is Our Kitten a Siamese Mix?I think our new kitten may be a siamese mix. What do you think? And if so, what kind? I was wondering if she was a seal point. Her tail and legs are very stripy, and she has dark points. From what I can see, she also has the "M" marking on her forehead.


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Needing High Protein Low Sodium Recipes?My husband has to have high protein low sodium due to a serious medical condition. We are getting tired of chicken, smoothies and egg dishes. He is also diabetic, so low sugar also. He can not do artificial sweetners and does not like the taste of the salt substitutes.


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My 7 Month Puppy is Waking Up in the Middle of the Night?My 7-month-old Blue Heeler/Border Collie mix wakes up every night to use the bathroom between 2am-5am and it's been happening for the last month. I use to take her to potty at 8 am with no problems and feed her at 9 am.


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Puppy Sick After Getting Shots?My puppy just got his shots, he's 6 weeks old. He threw up and keeps having the runs! One minute he's playful and the next minute he's not and won't move at all! Please tell me what should I do? I don't think it's the food, we changed his food 3 times.


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