January 9, 2018

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Fresh Cauliflower

Fresh Cauliflower for 60 People?Figure how many ounces your servings will be to determine how much cauliflower you will need. This is a page about fresh cauliflower for 60 people.


Mopping Laminate Floor

Cleaning Dull Laminate FloorsLaminate floors can become dull from wear or the use of certain cleaning products. Many homeowners have had success cleaning them using steam or vinegar and water. They typically need to be dried to prevent water spots and streaks. This is a page about cleaning dull laminate floors.


Free Couch

Finding Free Furniture After a Fire?When a fire destroys your belongings, the cost of replacement can be overwelming. It can be a big help to find free furniture. This is a page about finding free furniture after a fire.


Coat Hanger Yarn Cat

Coat Hanger Yarn CatCoat hanger animal crafts have been around for many years. Many of us are familiar with the yarn dogs. Similar steps can be used to create a cute yarn cat. This is a page about making a coat hanger yarn cat.


Woman Shopping at Discount Appliance Store

Finding Scratch and Dent Appliance StoresYou may be able to save quite a bit of money by purchasing your next appliance at a scratch and dent store. Check online to find one locally. Department and big box stores also sometimes have floor models and returned appliances being sold at a discount. This is a page about finding scratch and dent appliance stores.


Very Young Puppy

Feeding a Puppy That Can't Eat Dry Food Yet?Young puppies that are no longer nursing, won't or can't always begin eating dry kibbles right away. There are products made especially for this situation, your vet may also have advice on homemade alternatives. There are several ideas offered on this page, as well. This is a page about feeding a puppy that can't eat dry food yet.


Steam Above Pot

Killing Weeds with SteamOne alternative to using herbicides to get rid of weeds in your lawn and other areas is to use steam. There are several products on the market to choose from. This is a page about killing weeds with steam.


Spaghetti Supper

Spaghetti Supper for 300 to 400 People?Determine the size of your servings and multiply by the number of people, to figure out how much food you will need to make. This is a page about spaghetti supper for 300 to 400 people.


Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus Left Outside in Freezing Weather?Despite its dead appearance a Christmas cactus left out in freezing weather may be able to be revived. The roots may still be alive. Bring inside and check out the advice on this page. This is a page about Christmas cactus left outside in freezing weather.


Sponge in Microwave

Sterilize Your Sponge in the MicrowaveIt is recommended that you heat your sponge in the microwave for a minimum of 2 minutes to kill all bacteria. This page is about how to sterilize your sponge in the microwave.


Mildew on Leather Purse

Removing Mildew from LeatherLeather clothing, shoes, handbags, etc. can develop mildew while being stored. One method that can be successful is wiping down the item with white vinegar. No matter what you use, be sure to check colorfastness before cleaning the entire surface. This is a page about removing mildew from leather.



Corroded batteries that were left in a wireless mouse.

Remove Batteries to Avoid CorrosionIf you know you are not going to be using an item for a long time that requires or has batteries, I would recommended to remove it. That way you avoid battery corrosion, like what happened to my spare mouse here.


A package of salmon from Costco, marked down.

Salmon Can Be AffordableCan you believe I only paid $3.22 for 0.89 lb Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillet? Yes you read that correct, and you can easily feed 3-4 people with side dishes.


Bella (Tortoiseshell) - cat wearing dark blue fur trimmed cape

Bella (Tortoiseshell)We got her from a rescue home 2 years ago. Her owners had sold their home and left their two kitties behind, outside to fend for themselves. So sad.


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Butt Paste for Cracked HandsMy hands start to crack every winter from our dry air. Hand lotion does not seem to help. I remembered how well Boudreaux's Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment worked for my babies so I thought I'd try it. It really works well to help my skin heal and prevent more cracking.


A picture book for a toddler that was ripped and then repaired.

Our Throwaway SocietyIt always amazes me how much other people throw away. I did not grow up with much, and I always took very good care of whatever I had, as I knew my parents worked very hard for it. I thought I set an excellent example for my children, until the other day.


Madelyn Snow (Australian Shepherd)

Madelyn Snow (Australian Shepherd)In 2014, my companion dog, Arlo Buddy, passed away and I was becoming very depressed. A friend told me to check out Petfinder. When I saw her photo, I knew she was meant to be my girl. She was with a rescue called Speak! for the Unspoken, and I wrote the essay of my life to convince them I was a good match for this dog.


Green olives smashed to remove the pit.

How to Pit Olives Without a PitterOlives with pits still inside them taste much better than the ones that have been punctured and brined. Pitting olives at home without a pitter is very easy. Just take something like a meat tenderizer, potato masher, or even the side of a heavy knife, and give the olive a good whack.


Heart Shaped Leis - finished lei

Heart Shaped LeisI am helping my niece prep for her Valentine's Day class party next month. She wanted to make heart shaped leis for the girls in her class. We made these inexpensive heart shaped leis with items we already had at home and they turned out really nice and cute!


Removing Gum from Fabric - vinegar dampened gum and brush

Removing Gum from FabricIt is easier than you think!


The sun peeking through tall buildings in winter.

Snow and the SunIn some of the pictures you can see some pictures I took in New York (the ones with the tall buildings). In some others, you can see some snow on the ground. And you can see the sunset.


A plate of homemade brown sugar.

Homemade Brown SugarIf you're out of brown sugar, or just want the fluffiest fresh brown sugar ever, you can make some in a pinch. Just add one tablespoon of molasses to one cup of white granulated sugar and whisk until fully combined. Want dark brown sugar? Add a tablespoon or more of molasses.


Candy Cane Hearts - four finished heart candies

Candy Cane HeartsIf you look around when you're out shopping, you'll notice how quickly Christmas turned into Valentine's Day. Here's a fun and edible craft turning your old holiday candy canes and Christmas sprinkles into new hearts for your Valentine.


A South American woven rug with bright colors.

Use Salt To Prevent Bleeding Fabric DyeI love my old jeans I wear for gardening. Too bad they see a lot of wear and tear. With our weather never getting above freezing for weeks on end, now is a good time to get out needle and thread and do some patching.


Avocado Chocolate Mousse in a bowl

Avocado Chocolate Mousse (Vegan)One of the best ways to see if your vegan dessert is successful is to give it to someone who is not vegan, don't tell them it's vegan, and see how they like it. This vegan chocolate mousse got rave reviews from everyone I've given it to. When they realize the star ingredient is avocado, they can't believe it.


"Wide-Eyed Over You" Valentine Card

"Wide-Eyed Over You" Valentine CardGive your Valentine a DIY card with a cute little heart girl. This heart girl is wide-eyed with love. Make her a pair of glasses to accentuate her eyes even more, so that no one can miss the stars in her eyes. A card for the young and the young-at-heart!



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Fixing Nail Polish Remover Stain on a Dresser?Nail polish remover was spilled on a white dresser top and is leaving a bluish stain. Any suggestions as to what I can do?


Treating Bumps on My Dog - hair pulled aside to expose a bump

Treating Bumps on My Dog?I found bumps under my dog's fur that hurt her when touched on these bumps to the point where she whimpers. There is blood around the bump. Does anyone know what these bumps are?


Daycare Slogan Ideas - daycare activities

Daycare Slogan Ideas?The name of my daycare is Michelle's Precious Cargo Childcare. Can you please help me with a slogan for my daycare? Thank you.


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Craft Uses for Plastic Foam Curlers?I have several old plastic curlers (the kind that have the foam rollers) and would appreciate any ideas using them for crafts. Since I enjoy miniatures, I'm especially interested in reusing them that way, but any suggestions welcome.


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Repairing a George Foreman Evolve Grill System?I have the above George Foreman Evolve grill and I just used it. It is about 2-3 years old. Yesterday I plugged it in, but it would not turn on. The light comes on, but you can not turn the machine on. How do I get the machine on?


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Joint Birthday Party Ideas for Husband and Son?So my son is turning 1 this year on July 17th and my husband is turning 22 this year on July 30th. Since their birthdays are so close, I was thinking about having both a joint birthday and this would be my first time doing something like this.


Donating Stuffed Pillows - several pillow forms

Donating Stuffed Pillows?Where can I donate about 4 boxes of uncovered stuffed pillows? The sizes are 15x15 and 12x12. See attached photos.


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Slip Covers for a Reclining Full Size Sofa?My sofa is so comfortable, but ugly. I'd really like to cover it, but can't find a slip cover for a full size reclining sofa anywhere. Does anyone have an idea how I can cover it in a way that will look good?


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