February 22, 2018

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A toddler sitting on a plastic portable potty.

Removing Calcium on a Plastic Portable Potty?Hard water can leave deposits on a child's porta-potty. Vinegar or lemon juice with a plummer's cloth can be helpful for cleaning them. This is a page about removing calcium on plastic portable potty.


Crowbar Pulling Nail

Removing Nails From DrywallThis is a page about removing nails from drywall. Here is a tip for removing nails, without denting the drywall.


The bottom of a pot with grease build up.

How Does Grease Build Up on the Bottom of Pots?Cooking oils can build up on the bottom of your cookware either due to transference from the burners or when food being cooked spills over the side and cooks onto the bottom of the pot. Grease buildup on the inside is due to incomplete cleaning after use. This is a page about, "How does grease build up on the bottom of pots?".


A woman in a U.S. Navy camouflage uniform.

How to Remove Pen Stains on a Navy UniformWhen removing stains on clothing you want to check for color fastness on the fabric and begin by using the most simple product first, such as rubbing alcohol. This is a page about how to remove pen stains on a Navy uniform.


A silver colored metal tray for serving

Cleaning Armetele Metalware?According to the manufacturer the best way to clean your serveware is with mild soap, then rinse with hot water and towel-dry. Do not wash in the dishwasher as the chemicals in the detergent can damage the finish. This is a page about cleaning Armetele metalware.


A typewriter with the hammer not working properly.

Smith Corona Wordsmith 100 Typewriter Hammer Not Working?Many people still use manual or electric typewriters rather than computers. It may be difficult to find a repair person, so repairs often fall to the owner. This is a page about a Smith Corona Wordsmith 100 typewriter's hammer not working.


Using a chair back to stretch out new underwear.

Stretching Elastic in ClothingThis is a page about stretching elastic in clothing. Elastic that is too tight can be really uncomfortable. Here is a great tip for stretching elastic in clothing.


A disabled man moving from his car into a wheelchair.

Agencies That Provide Cars to Disabled People?There are a number of ways that a disabled person may be able to find a free vehicle or programs that provide allowances that can be applied to buying or leasing a car. This is a page about agencies that provide cars to disabled people.


A man falling comically into bushes with his wheelbarrow in the air.

Gardening JokesThis page contains gardening jokes. Spread a little humor today by telling someone this gardening joke!


Shaving cream smeared on a dark background.

Clean Mirrors and Bathroom Fixtures with Shaving CreamShaving cream has a second life as an easy to use cleaner for bathroom mirrors and fixtures. You do not need to buy an expensive brand. This is a page about cleaning mirrors and bathroom fixtures with shaving cream.


A lit cigarette near an antique cabinet.

Smoke Smell in Wood CabinetUnfinished wood surfaces can absorb smoke odors that can be a challenge to remove. This is a page about smoke smell in wood cabinet.


A dismantled Scunci steamer.

Replacements Parts for a Scunci Steamer?One place to search for replacement parts for this small appliance is eBay. This is a page about finding replacements parts for a Scunci steamer.


Sewing Needle

Uses for Sewing NeedlesOne idea for using sewing needles in another way is for hanging lighter weight pictures on walls where nails are not allowed, such as in an apartment. This is a page about uses for sewing needles.


Antique Wooden Chair

Identifying Antique Dining Chairs?This is a page about identifying antique dining chairs. Here are some tips for how to identify those antique chairs you have. Labels or subtle markings hidden on the furniture can help you in your search.


Dried Chamomile

How to Dry Chamomile for Tea?Chamomile is considered an excellent herb for making a calming tea. Freshly harvested herbs can be dried indoors in a warm dry place. You can tie the stems together loosely and hang upside down. This is a page about how to dry chamomile for tea.


A holder made from a can and a sock.

Sock Can HolderMismatched socks are perfect for covering recycled cans to make containers for pens and other items. This is a page about making a sock covered can holder.


Woman Applying Facial Toner

Inexpensive Facial Toner?This is a page about finding an inexpensive facial toner. You can save money on facial toner by making your own, with a few simple ingredients.


A row of clothing on hangers, drying on a clothesline.

How to Dry Clothing on HangersThis is a page about how to dry clothing on hangers. Here are some handy tips for using hangers when drying clothing outside.


Organic Produce

How to Prioritize Organic Produce PurchasesSome produce has more pesticides than others. Where organic isn't always available, it is good to know which produce is safest. This is a page about how to prioritize organic produce purchases.


Filling out Social Security Benefits Form

Teen Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits?Children are typically eligible for Social Security survivor benefits while they are in school. A call to the Social Security office is one way to confirm if you meet the requirements. This is a page about teen eligibility for Social Security survivor benefits.


Hawaiian Aloha shirts in many bright colors.

Restoring Faded Aloha Shirts?This is a page about remedy for faded aloha shirts. Vibrantly colored Hawaiian shirts can lose their color over time. Here are some tips to try, if you are attempting to restore its color.


Folded stored jeans.

Removing Dust Stains from Stored Clothing?Stored clothing often develops stains and fade lines along the folds. This is a page about removing dust stains from stored clothing.


A red stain from hot sauce in the middle of a white t-shirt.

Removing a Hot Sauce Stain on Clothing?This is a page about removing a hot sauce stain on clothing. The bright red stains from hot sauce can be tough to remove. Here are some tips for getting hot sauce stains out of clothing.


Man Repairing a Boiler

Repairing a Boiler on Low Income?When you need to pay just to have someone take a look at your heating problem, it can be more than you can afford. This is a page about repairing a boiler on a low income.


Dog Nail Clippers

Uses for Dog Nail ClippersOne alternate use for dog nail clippers is to trim the stems of fresh flowers when changing the water. This is a page about uses for dog nail clippers.


Set of St. George thimbles

Finding the Value of Collectable Thimbles?There are many collectible thimbles on the market, both new and in antique and thrift stores. You will need to do some research to determine if your collection has any notable value. This is a page about finding the value of collectable thimbles.



Fabric Covered Display Boxes - display packages wrapped in fabric and tied with lace bows

Fabric Covered Display BoxesI needed three different size boxes, dressed up as if they were gifts for selling on eBay. This is what I came up with.


Tofu & Carrots on bed of quinoa

Tofu & Carrots in Black Bean SauceThis recipe is easy to whip up lunch or dinner with just a few ingredients. A balance of protein and vegetables with a flavorful black bean garlic sauce, that we like to mix with quinoa.



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Advice for Painting Kitchen Countertops?I live on a limited income, but need to paint the countertops in my kitchen as they look disgusting. Any suggestions on how to do this DIY style?


Dog Is Nauseous and Not Pooping - small white and brown puppy

Dog Is Nauseous and Not Pooping?if your dog won't eat and is sick at his stomach what should I do/ When he threw up it had a tiny amount of foam. He also cannot poop.


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Removing Blue Hair Color Stains from Skin?I decided to color my hair this amazing blue color. when I color my hair at home, I usually just get into the shower and wash the color out and go about my regular shower routine. Needless to say, that wasn't the case this time. The blue has stained most of my body. I look like Smurfette.


Value of 1933 Set of Richard's -
Cyclopedias - embossed ship on the front cover of volume

Value of 1933 Set of Richard's Cyclopedias?I have a set of Richard's Cyclopedias Vol 1-24. It is the complete set in an attractive binding with embossed ship design on the front. Published 1933. Any ideas on the value?


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Bath Bomb Business Name Ideas?My girlfriend and I are starting a business and we want to go ahead and make business cards and an Etsy page, but we need a name for our business (our names are Jessica and Liz). We are just needing some ideas because we're out of them. The name can involve our names, but we want something fun and original.


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Social Security and Child Support?I receive monthly survivor's benefits for my 8 year old daughter because her mother passed away. Can my ex-wife have child support taken from those benefits?


Identifying an Antique Desk - dark wood fold top desk

Identifying an Antique Desk?Does anyone know what type of desk this is or where it may have been made? I can't find any markings.


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Determining House Cleaning Fees?I am just curious as to what you would charge to clean a two story, four bedroom, four bath house, with kitchen, den, living room, and bonus room. I would clean once a week. They have three teenagers and two dogs they want cleaned up after as well.


Value of 1930 Set of Smithsonian Scientific Series - books on shelf

Value of 1930 Set of Smithsonian Scientific Series?I have a set of Smithsonian Scientific Series Vol 1-10. It is the complete set, published in 1930 with stamped embossed cover.


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