March 6, 2018

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A woman applying cream to her neck.

Products for a Sagging Neck?Aging can cause your skin to sag in places like you your neck. Some products for a sagging neck may be effective, but working the underlying muscles is the best way to see improvement.


Red mug inside an open microwave.

Testing Dishes for Microwave SafetySome dishes do better in a microwave than others. Testing dishes for microwave safety is easy and only take a minute or two.


Kitchen accessories spread out on a table.

Name Ideas for Kitchen Accessories Business?Kitchen accessories can make cooking and baking easier and even more fun. For that reason they are very popular to purchase and even collect. Here are some name ideas for a kitchen accessories business.


Autumn Garden full of color.

Autumn Garden PhotosAll of the seasons have their own beauty that can be captured in a photo. Fall is especially notable for the beautiful foliage colors found in many gardens. Some gardeners even select trees and shrubs based on their fall colors. This page contains autumn garden photos.


Various cuts of meat packaged in supermarket butcher counter

Save Money With Pick 5 Meat SalesSaving money on groceries is helped along by watching for special sales at your local markets. Finding meat on sale is a great boon, as it can be quite costly. This is a page about save money with pick 5 meat sales.


Hand removing a screw from a door hinge.

Fixing a Door that Won't Stay OpenIf you have a door that closes and you would rather it stay open, that can be annoying and something that needs to be fixed. Fixing a door that won't stay open is pretty easy and can be done in just a few steps.


closeup of chin and jaw

Treating Cat's Crusty Eye and Chin?The causes for crusty eyes and chins in cats are likely separate issues. The eye problem could be one of several, including allergies, something in the eye, or a viral infection. The chin problem is likely feline acne and is easily treatable. Also allergies to plastic food bowls can cause chin irritation. Check with a vet on both. This is a page about treating a cat's crusty eye and chin.


A pair of hands using a laptop computer.

Locating Someone for FreeThere are so many online resources for reconnecting with an old acquaintance or family member. This is a page about locating someone for free.


Closeup of sewing machine foot.

Sewing Machine Slows Down?If your sewing machine slows down when you are using it, you probably have some friction being caused in the mechanism somehow. A sewing machine that slows down will most likely need to be taken in for repair.


Antique sewing machine

Treadle Sewing Machines InformationThe manual treadle sewing machine harks back to a time when in-home electricity was not common place. It is still used in areas worldwide that lack electricity. Some crafters and seamstresses enjoy the excellent stitching quality and the gentle clickety-clack of the foot powered mechanism. This page contains treadle sewing machine information.


Spilled Super glue on white background

Super Glue on GraniteTo remove accidental spills or spots of super glue on your granite countertops try acetone, nail polish remover. Always test first before using cleaners that are not recommended by the manufacturer or the installer. This is a page about super glue on granite.


Woman looking in the mirror with a towel on her head using a cotton pad on her face.

Using Vinegar as a Facial Toner?Avoid putting unknown chemicals on your face by using natural products like vinegar. Using vinegar as a facial toner can help clear up your complexion.



bowl of kale and Black Bean Soup

Kale and Black Bean SoupI made this soup because I found a huge 1 pound bag of trimmed kale on sale for 50 cents. I typically don't like stir-fried or baked kale because I feel I have a hard time ingesting it, often finding strands of it stuck between my teeth. But for 50 cents, I had to come up with a way to beat it. This came out SO good. Plus, it's easy to eat and there's nothing stuck in my chompers!


Oatmeal Banana Mini Loaf cooling on rack

Oatmeal Banana Mini LoafThis is a great breakfast or snack. For those counting points, it is 3 points. I doubled the recipe to make two loaves. I got the mini loaf pans for 75% off. It also can be made in the large muffin tins, which I will use when these are gone .



Tulip Art for Kids - add a greeting

Tulip Art for KidsChildren will be thrilled to bits when they see how easy it is to draw and colour in pictures of tulips. Any child who can write the letters of the alphabet can do this, and turn it into a picture to hang on the wall or a pretty greetings card


A Red Admiral butterfly perched on a hand.

Red Admiral ButterflyThis beautiful red admiral butterfly paid us a visit in July 2017 The colours are spectacular. Normally they are attracted to certain plants and bushes, but this one decided it wanted to be carried around by a human for a few minutes


English Paper Pieced Hexagons

English Paper Pieced HexagonsI recently took a class to learn this fun, new to me, method of paper piecing. The project quickly became addictive. I have done foundation style paper piecing in the past and love the ability to work with smaller pieces to create the block, but you are still saddled to your sewing machine.


Packages of Band-Aids and Hy-Tape for covering healing wounds.

Reduce Scars When HealingThis product "Hy-Tape" is a great alternative any time to Band-Aids when we get a cut that we need to protect so it can heal correctly and be aesthetically pleasing.


A short broom handle being extended with a cardboard tube.

Extending a Short Broom HandleI can't afford a nice big broom, nor would I want one. They hurt my thumbs and are too coarse. So, I love the Dollar Tree ones, but man are they short! I am only 5' 1" tall and I find myself stooping just to use it.


A pile of dollar bills and change on a wooden table.

Take Advantage of Senior DiscountsMy parents have a list of shops in their area that offer senior discounts. Some are valid every day, some are one day a week, some are one day a month. The discounts can vary from 10 to 25 percent off, and most don't require you to sign up for a free membership.


The beach and coastline at Del Mar City Beach in California.

Del Mar City Beach (CA)Del Mar City Beach is known for sunbathing and surfing. This is a nice beach for the entire family and pet friendly. This isn't a beach I often visit because of parking. The parking is limited and can be costly for a day pass or, meter parking.


Smaller Bottles for Laundry Products Make Doing Laundry Easier - three labeled bottles

Smaller Bottles for Laundry Products Make Doing Laundry EasierI have bad arthritis to the point where I can't lift anything heavy. Whatever it may be, it tends to fall right through my hands and ends up spilling or breaking on the floor. With trying to figure out an easier way to deal with heavy bottles of laundry detergent, I came up with this idea.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Using Your Last Name as A Business NameI HIGHLY recommend to all of you that are looking to name your business using your last name, reconsider it if it is your husband's last name.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Finding Free Furniture?I am 23 years old and have a son Robbie who is 7. We have recently been moved out of a B and B into a 2 bedroom property finally after 2 years of being moved here there and everywhere. Now the problem I'm having is I have no beds or much furniture and can't afford to buy any on my benefits.


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Name Ideas for Homemade Massage Lotion?I am trying to find a good name for my massage lotion.


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Cleaning Eyeglasses With Dish Soap?Can I use ordinary diluted washing up liquid to clean my eye glasses? Someone said they wash their eye glasses in washing up liquid and water before they wash up the dishes, but my optician said no. Apparently you can use lotion free types which are OK, but what brands are these?


Value of the New Modern
Encyclopedia - very old volume

Value of the New Modern Encyclopedia?I own the New Modern Encyclopedia published by Wm. H. Wise & Co., Inc. I am just trying to find out what this book may be worth. It is in very good condition and has a brown leather binding.


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Coed 14th Birthday Party Ideas?I am turning 14 in April and want to do something unique, at my house. There will be 5 boys and 7 girls including me. It will be too cold to do anything major outside. Any ideas?


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Resolving a Fee Dispute with My Dentist?I went to a dentist and paid the amount that we agreed upon. I am receiving a bill for more money. It seems in the small print there was a clause that stated if it cost more then I would be billed. She would not put the crowns in until I paid the bill after she removed the crowns for the second time.


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