April 3, 2018

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Closeup of blue foamy soap in a bottle.

Dawn Dishwashing Foam ReviewsThis is a page about Dawn dishwashing foam reviews. Dawn has a foaming version of their popular dishwashing product. It can be used for more than just your dishes.


Vacationing couple looking at postcards

Postcard Tips and TricksThis page contains postcard tips and tricks. If you like to send postcards while traveling consider preparing address labels before you go. It can make the process easier and you don't have to look up addresses or carry an address book on your journey.


Close-up of taco pizza

South of the Border Pizza RecipeMake your next homemade pizza with a south of the border flavor. Use beans, corn, peppers, cheese, etc. to suit your taste. This is a page containing a south of the border pizza recipe.


Fig cookies next to a fig sliced in half.

Freezing Fig Cookie Filling?Once you have prepared the filling for your cookies you can freeze it until you are ready to fill and bake the cookies. This is a page about freezing fig cookie filling.


Fig muffins with fresh figs on the table next to them.

Fig Muffin RecipeThis page contains a fig muffin recipe. Fig preserves and oatmeal make these muffins a special tasty treat.


Woman meditating on her work desk.

Take 15 Minute Soul BreaksThis is a page about taking 15 minute soul breaks. Renew and re-energize yourself every day by setting aside as little as 15 minutes to relax, take a walk, call a friend, or whatever appeals to you. The results will be very positive.


Peppermint Cheesecake with gum drops and M&Ms.

Peppermint CheesecakeThis is a page about making peppermint cheesecake. This no bake peppermint flavored cheesecake is sure to be a hit.


Bathroom Accessories with gold accents.

Accessory Color Advice for Bathroom?This is a page about accessory color advice for a bathroom. Choosing the best coordinating or complementary colors for your bathroom accessories is fun, if a bit confusing sometimes.


Woman bending over to wash hair.

Using Vinegar to Remove Shampoo Build UpThis page offers some advice about treating your hair with vinegar to remove shampoo build up. Vinegar works well to remove hair product buildup. Some people also use it to treat dandruff.


Man holding out a car key.

Loaning Your Car To SomeoneThis is a page about loaning your car to someone. Before loaning your car to a friend or family member check with your insurance company to make sure that they will be covered.


DNA test tube being held in gloved hand

Establishing Paternity When Child's Father is Deceased?This is a page about establishing paternity when a child's father is deceased. Establishing paternity when one parent is deceased is not impossible. If there are living siblings DNA testing can be done that that way.


Raspberry Soup in a white bowl on a black table

Raspberry Soup RecipeThis page contains a raspberry soup recipe. This combination of berries, juice, wine, and yogurt is served cold for a delicious summertime dessert.


Woman concerned about her bills negotiating on the phone

Negotiating Payment Plans for BillsThis is a page about negotiating payment plans for bills. When it becomes difficult to make the payments on your bills you can sometimes contact the company or utility and arrange a payment plan. Even if they are not open to that concept, consider whether equal monthly billing for utilities would help.


Couple carrying heavy box they have packed to move out

Responsibilities of the Renter When Moving Out?This is a page about responsibilities of the renter when moving out. Typically an apartment or home needs to be left in the same condition as when it was rented. Normal wear and tear are the exception. The rental agreement should spell out the specifics. Also a meeting with the landlord or rental agent can be helpful.


Stack of pancakes with strawberry syrup.

Jell-O Syrup Recipe?This page contains a Jell-O syrup recipe. Mix Jell-O, sugar, water, and corn starch to make a quick syrup for pancakes and more.


Young girl holding her extracted tooth.

Effects of Having Teeth Extracted as a Child?This is a page about the effects of having teeth extracted as a child. Having a tooth or several teeth extracted as a child is done to improve the dental health of the child, usually in cases of decay or damage. The permanent teeth will come in fine, but may need to be straightened.


VHS Tapes stacked on a table.

Saving Priceless Audio and Video TapesThis is a page about saving priceless audio and video tapes. Audio and video tapes have been replaced as the method of media storage for the most part. However, many of us have older tapes that we would like to preserve. There are several important tips included in this page to protect them from damage and the ravages of longterm storage.


Close up of pink Calibrachoa (Million Bells).

Growing Calibrachoa (Million Bells)This newer species is a short lived perennial, often grown as an annual. The trailing habit of the million bells make them excellent container plant choices. Their pretty 1 inch flowers can be found in pinks, white, and red. This is a page about growing calibrachoa (million bells).


Bookshelf full of books

Buying a Vintage Set of the Encyclopedia Americana?This is a page about buying a set of the Encyclopedia Americana. Although typically speaking old sets of encyclopedias have limited value and are often recycled, some collectors and crafters do seek them out. Certain websites, such as this one or freecycle, are the best places to start.


A green ribbed antique vaseline glass.

Identifying Vaseline Glassware?This is a page about identifying Vaseline glassware. This type of glass has be dated back to 79 AD where some was used in a Roman mosaic. Vaseline glassware glows a bright green under ultraviolet light due to the uranium in the glass. Under normal lightening it is a yellowish green color. It is commonly called either uranium or vaseline glass (due to it resemblance to petroleum jelly).


Salmon cakes in a cast iron pan.

Salmon Patties Using Cottage CheeseTry adding cottage cheese to canned or leftover salmon to make delicious patties. This is a page about making salmon patties using cottage cheese.


Orange Aji Amarillo peppers.

Using Aji AmarilloThis is a page about using aji amarillo. These chili peppers are typically used in preparing Peruvian dishes. They have a mild to medium heat level, a fruity flavor, and a citrusy aroma.


Tomato garlic basil sauce in a jar.

Tomato Garlic Basil Sauce RecipeThis page contains a tomato garlic basil sauce recipe. This fresh tomato and basil sauce is quick and easy to make. Use it over eggs or other foods.


Placing rubber bands on the sides of a cutting board.

Rubber Bands to Prevent Cutting Board from ShiftingTry this thrifty fix for a cutting board that slips around on your kitchen counter while you are trying to prepare food. This is a page about using rubber bands to prevent a cutting board from shifting.


Used clothes on a rack being resold

Starting a Small Recycling Business?This is a page about starting a small recycling business.If you are looking for a small business to start up, consider a recycling one. You can be as broad or narrowly defined as you like with respect to the types of items you recycle.


Portrait of a teenage couple embracing at a school dance.

"Spring Into Friendship" Dance ThemeThis is a page about a "Spring into Friendship" dance theme. Planning a school dance entails deciding on a theme and then creating decorations and even food to go with it. For a spring dance start by thinking about the bright colors of the season.



Springtime Jelly Bean Fudge

Springtime Jelly Bean FudgeMy friends and I had chocolate covered jelly beans for the first time recently and we really loved them. To keep the fun alive, I made this jelly bean studded fudge out of white chocolate, then decorated the top with flowers made of more jelly beans. It's truly a jelly bean lover's delight, and perfect for the springtime.


finished Bread Pizzas on plate

Mini Bread PizzasWe all like pizza, even if at times it is hard to make or get the crust. So I try these every now and again when I have toast or bread.


tacos on plate

Frying Tortillas for TacosThis is just another way to fry up your corn torts when making tacos. It seems to make them taste more "authentic" and gives the corn tortilla a bit of the meat flavor too, and the tortillas get the little "crumblies" of meat cooked on them that have fallen out of the shells.



Plastic shopping bags used as wastebasket liners.

Free Small Wastebasket LinerI save all plastic merchandise bags. I use the bags for liners in small wastebaskets. Usually, small size waste containers are found in bathrooms, bedrooms, recreational vehicles and near cat litter boxes. I use the bags for returning empty bottles and cans. It saves buying rolls of new plastic bags and work very well.


A bottle of Roach and Ant Killer containing boric acid, next to a paint brush dipped in boric acid powder.

An Ant Remedy Worth RepeatingWith warmer weather here, a lot of us are going through the annual invasion of ants into our homes. Trying different means of eradication helps you find what works best for you.


Making Plastic Animal Bookends - holding up books on a shelf

Making Plastic Animal BookendsWe own hundreds of books, even after donating ones we feel we can pass on to others. Having a bunch of similar bookends in the house in order to keep a consistent style can be costly, so I've started making these colourblock animal bookends for just a few bucks a pair.


In Memory of Chickie (Chihuahua)

In Memory of Chickie (Chihuahua)This is my girl Chickie, she passed last July after living 3 years with GME meningitis, we adopted her with her brother and she was an amazing girl. She was always smiling and happy and loved her family so very much!


A colorful sunset over Lake Michigan, framed by two trees.

Sunset Over Lake MichiganViewing westward towards Lake Michigan is the beautiful sunset on a very serene evening. The two mature hardwood trees are forming a natural frame around the setting sun.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Clean Shower Curtain, Liner and Plastic Tub Mat in Washing MachineDoes anyone else hate this chore as much as I do? I've tried scrubbing everything with a cleanser and a stuff brush but everything still looked dirty when I finished. I decided to try something different. I took down the shower curtain and the liner and removed the plastic tub mat and put everything in the washer with four washcloths they also needed washing.


One small plastic container upended inside another.

Using Lidless ContainersI poured a can of pineapple into a plastic tub and realized I didn't have a lid. Then I went to get one with a lid, and found out it didn't have one either.


A very long telephone cord, attached to a wall phone.

How to Keep Telephone Cords from TanglingI loved the long cord for our wall phone until it started getting tangled up. It was at least 25 years old and I thought it was time to purchase a new one.


Melted cheese in a pan for topping a burger.

Melted Cheese ToppingNormally when I bake anything with a cheese topping, the cheese always gets baked right on it. But, when I make homemade hamburgers, I don't melt the cheese on the meat patties anymore because the cheese seems to melt and spread off of the patty and then slides off into the skillet, then half of the cheese ends up in the bottom of the pan, which usually ends up a burnt cheese mess with the cooked hamburger patties.


A jigsaw puzzle being worked on a card table.

Protecting a Puzzle on a TableRecently, I was able to get a nice card table and four chairs for a steal! I decided to put a puzzle on the table. But I knew that the lace curtain I am using for a tablecloth would catch on it and disturb the pieces. So, remembering that puzzle savers are basically just big pieces of heavy felt, I improvised.


Heineken beer bottles that have been marked down.

Saving on AlcoholWhen we have parties or get-togethers many guests prefer to drink alcohol. Alcohol can get pretty expensive, for example - a 6 pack of Heineken is $8.99.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Roofing Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?I live in Minnesota in a mobile home. Our roof is leaking so badly. There are bad stains in every room. I am on Social Security and my partner is in very bad health so we cannot afford to fix it. Can we get help anywhere?


Value of a Brister's High Wheel Champ Mower - partial view of mower

Value of a Brister's High Wheel Champ Mower?I found this mower. It's a Bristers Inc. High Wheel Champ with a 5hp Briggs engine. I cannot find any information on its value.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Using Mr. Clean on Electric Stovetop Burners?I sprayed my stove top burners with Mr. Clean. Is that safe?


Information on a Vintage Pennsylvania Riding Reel Mower

Information on a Vintage Pennsylvania Riding Reel Mower?Does anybody have any information on this old mower? Any help would be appreciated!


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