May 1, 2018

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A white undecorated car flag on a white background.

Decorating a Car Flag?Buying a blank car flag allows you to create your own unique design. You will need to purchase the proper markers or paints to apply to your design so that it is durable and withstands the weather. This is a page about decorating a car flag.


An unmade bed with blankets slipping off the end.

Keeping Blankets from Sliding on the Bed?Certain blankets tend to slip and slide around more on your bed. One way to help reduce the movement is to pin the blanket to other linens on the bed, such as the sheet or a comforter. This is a page about keeping blankets from sliding on the bed.


A wool overcoat in a houndstooth pattern.

Removing a Dried Blood Stain on a Wool Overcoat?Since you do not want to submerge or get your wool coat too wet try following the spot cleaning directions in this page. This is a page about removing a dried blood stain on a wool overcoat.


An African violet in a pot.

Saving an African Violet Exposed to Cold Temperatures?Some special care will determine whether your plant can survive the shock it has been through. This is a page about saving an African violet exposed to cold temperatures.


Chickadee on a branch on snowy day

Chickadee PhotosThis page contains chickadee photos. The black capped chickadee is a North American migratory songbird that is part of the tit family. They are frequent backyard visitors.


Daycare Name Ideas?The name you choose for you daycare business can do a lot to convey the goals and environment you seek to provide for the children in your care. This is a page about daycare name ideas.


bobbin thread area

Janome Machine Not Picking Up Bobbin Thread?There are a few things that can cause this problem. Try checking the manual or manufacturer's website. If all else fails it is time for a trip to the repair shop. This is a page about Janome machine not picking up bobbin thread.


Person holding a bunch of small tomatoes.

Tomatoes Not Growing Bigger?Tomatoes come in many sizes. Depending on the variety that was planted, they may be small or need more potassium. This is a page about tomatoes not growing bigger.



2 Fish Tacos with Lime Crema

Fish Tacos with Lime CremaI adore fish tacos! They are so fresh and zesty. But they can be even fresher (and so much cheaper) when you make them yourself. These tacos came out to about a buck a serving, and I even used my toaster oven. I'd buy that for a dollar! :)


Grilled Sausage Chili in pot

Grilled Sausage ChiliIf you are already grilling, you can toss some sausages on the grill and have tomorrow's lunch/dinner made. This is a quick meal that can easily be paired with corn bread, bread, mac n' cheese, or your choice of sides.


Sugar Coated Sweet Potatoes on plate

Sugar Coated Sweet PotatoesSweet potato is one of the best snacks that we serve because it is one kind of food that is easiest to find. Also this kind of snack is kid friendly.



The Beautiful Female Goldfinch - female in the grass

The Beautiful Female GoldfinchIn a lot of species, the male is more attractive. Eh hmm, at least from a human perspective. But then, who's to say our perspective isn't a bit warped. To say the least, it is very limited. All we can see is what humans see.


DIY Lollipop Paper Quilling Tool - lolly and three paper strip rolls

DIY Lollipop Paper Quilling ToolI haven't seen anyone do this before so I'm really quite proud of my thrifty innovation. I love quilled paper crafts, but I hate sitting there, rolling paper into swirls for hours on end. Here is how to make a a paper quilling tool out of a lollipop, where one end grabs the paper, and the other helps you spin the paper much faster.


Caesar (Yorkshire Terrier) - sleeping on the stairs with two cats in the background

Caesar (Yorkshire Terrier)I got him as a pup 10 years ago. He likes to go for walks, sleep, and spend time with Dad.


'Crystal Palace' Clematis - pretty light purple blooms

'Crystal Palace' ClematisFor years, my sister had a clematis, maybe two very similar and intertwined, growing in a fence corner. For several weeks each spring, it turned into a very large, eye catching beauty.


Funny Whale Craft - comical Jonah in the mouth of the whale

Funny Whale CraftThis was originally created on one of my kid's favorite art shows. It was inspired by the story of Jonah in the bible who was eaten by a whale. So what I did was add a little humor in it just to entertain some other kids around.


House Address Sign Using Glass Nuggets - finished house number sign

House Address Sign Using Glass NuggetsMy daughter just bought a house and needed an address sign. I asked if I could make it. It was fun!


Garden of Smiles - Painted Rock

Garden of Smiles - Painted RockWalking through a garden taking photos, I came upon this rock garden and this smiling rock caught my eye. Definitely made my day. Must be nice to be a rock!


Custom Photo Frame Mat

Custom Photo Frame MatJazz up your picture frame with your own custom photo frame mat made with a cereal box! Or, if your photo does not fit with the frame you already have at home, you can make your own mat to accommodate your photo.


Rainbow in the Sky - partial rainbow

Rainbow in the SkyI attended a wedding at Kumbagana Game Lodge. When we arrived, there was a light drizzle. The wedding was an outdoor event, so the start of the wedding was delayed for a few minutes. Luckily, after a quick shower the rain stopped and a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky. The perfect blessing on the couple's big day!



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Finding Free Furniture?I am trying to find free living and dining room furniture. I just moved from Florida back to Virginia and am trying to re-establish myself after my father's passing. Can you please point me in the right direction? I am a single mom.


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Name Ideas for a Small House Cleaning Business?My name is Wende and I am a stay at home mom of 3 boys and have not worked in about 10 years. I am really good at cleaning though. I am starting my own small house cleaning business. I am having problems with name ideas and need help.


Discontinued B&Q Wallpaper - red floral wallpaper in bedroom

Discontinued B&Q Wallpaper?I'm looking for some wallpaper I bought about 4 years ago from B and Q. I am not sure what it's called.


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Trouble Feeding Fabric on Janome Sewing Machine?I have a Janome 1012 machine and it is having trouble feeding through the fabric. Especially with over about 4 layers of light weight cotton (not too thick) or just 1 layer of denim it will just stop and stitch in the same spot. The feed dogs are up. How do I fix this?


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Grass or Dirt Yard for Dogs?I have a dirt back yard with no grass. Is this going to be a problem with the Lab going to the bathroom?


8 Month Old Puppy Afraid of Everything - closeup of a black and white Pit

8 Month Old Puppy Afraid of Everything?So I adopted a 2 month old Pit Bull puppy about 6 months ago. And when I got him he seemed to be fine with the other puppies in the shelter.


Value of Tiffany Plates by Cauldon - ornate gold filagree plate with green top edge and floral center

Value of Tiffany Plates by Cauldon?I have 4 Tiffany dinner plates with no chips, no cracking, or crazing. I cannot find this pattern anywhere on the internet and was hoping someone may know the year and approximate value of this set?


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Training a Husky German Shepherd Puppy?I was just wondering if anyone can give me some tips about training my puppy she is 7 months old and from what I have heard she has had at least 4 owners already. She is a Husky German Shepherd cross.


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Discontinued Waverly Natural Fibers Pattern 5509630?I'm looking for about 3-4 rolls of a pattern from the Waverly Natural Fibers book. I bought it in 2011. The pattern was 5509630. It's a brown/taupe grass cloth. Anyone know where I might find more?


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