January 3, 2019

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A small legal pad attached to a small cutting board with binder clips.

DIY Clipboard IdeasUsing cardboard, catalogs, or by recycling a cutting board, you can make clip boards to help you be organized. This is a page about DIY clipboard ideas.


Honey Lime Salmon on foil

Honey Lime Salmon DinnerEnjoy lime and honey baked or seared salmon with a few sautéed vegetables and rice for a delicious meal. This page contains a honey lime salmon dinner.


Double rainbow over a lake.

Rainbow PhotosWhether or not there is a pot of gold at the end, rainbows are a beautiful part of our world's scenic weather displays. This page contains rainbow photos.


Easter Egg Collage Decoration - canvas on an easel

How to Make an Easter Egg Collage DecorationYou too can make this lovely decorative egg collage using cardstock, sugar paper strands, punched calendar page flowers, and stick-on rhinestones. This page is about how to make an Easter egg collage decoration.


100th Day of School Paper Plate Gumball Machines  - spread glue on the plate with the cardboard/construction paper base and stick down one hundred pom poms

How to Make 100th Day of School Paper Plate Gumball MachinesThis is an craft for preschool or early grade students, to help teach the concept of the number 100. This is a page about how to make 100th day of school paper plate gumball machines.


Luscious Raspberry Whipped Cream in cup

Raspberry Whipped CreamCreate this luscious, fruity dessert cream with your food processor. This is a page about raspberry whipped cream.


Easter Egg Sun Catcher  - close up of one complete egg

Making Paper Easter Egg Sun CatchersMake an Easter egg outline with thin cardboard and then fill in the spaces with colored tissue paper for a fun project you can do with children. This page contains a project for making paper Easter egg sun catchers.



Citrus Bourbon Glazed Ham on pan

Citrus Bourbon Glazed HamThis is my way to take a cooked ham and turn it into a luxurious main course that makes you forget about those $80 glazed hams from the specialty shops. It's turns out super juicy with an incredibly crisp toffee-like crust. Delicious! This cost about $8 in all to make. Always hunt the holiday sales!


Honey Glazed Butternut Squash on serving tray

Honey Glazed Butternut SquashThis pretty and yummy recipe is perfect to 'fancy up' a meal. It's savory but can be made sweeter if desired. Precut too!



Striker (Chinese Chow Chow) - closeup of a black Chow

Striker (Chinese Chow Chow)In November of 2014 I had someone threatening to kill me. My sister recommended I find a Chow Chow breeder. They are loyal and protective of their families. I found Striker online and he was flown from Lindale, Texas at 9 weeks old! He has been my faithful, loving, sweet companion!


Making Bath Bombs  - three balls in a plastic bag, they can be decorated to look like a snowman

Making Bath BombsI made these as stocking stuffer snowmen for my adult children, but they are a treat anytime of the year! Unfortunately I didn't take a final photo of them with their "faces on", but it was a simply drawn as a bunch of dots (similar to smiley faces really) made with a Betty Crocker Easy Writer 4 decorator pen.



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Motion Sensor Exterior Light Keeps Shutting Off?My motion light is being tripped to shut off. The other night it came on twice then shut off. When I went out side at 2:30 am someone was going over the fence! Any tips? Should I install more cameras?


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Dealing With Cold and Distant Family Members?I'm so hurt about my family. My estranged mother, along with two adult nieces came back into my life last year after my brother died; he wouldn't let me see his kids for years. He was angry, because I cut my abusive mother out of my life. They were close.


The wooden cabinet of a vintage stereo system

Value of a Vintage Console Stereo System?Can anyone tell me what this stereo system is worth? It has a record player, 8 track and cassette player. The AM/FM radio sounds great. I am not sure how old it is. It had a tag that says Simpson Sears.


Repairing Water Damage to a Wood Table - whitish light spots on the table

Repairing Water Damage to a Wood Table?A plastic placemat was left on my table and it had water trapped under it. The table now has a lot of tiny white spots and a hazy look where the placemat was, almost like tiny bubbles. How can I remove those spots and haze?


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Name Ideas for a Home-based Cooking Workshop Business?I'm looking at starting a business offering home-based cooking workshops that feature classes in Indian and global cuisine. I would like to request your help in naming the same.


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Repairing the Caps Lock Light on Smith Corona 340 DLE?How can you repair or replace a caps lock light on a Smith Corona 340 DLE typewriter? When pressed, the light does not come on so you can't tell if the key has been activated. Thoughts?


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Finding the Age of an Antique Singer Sewing Machine?I am trying to find the age of my machine. The model # I have found is 61-1 and the serial number is 7171714.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?My birthday is July 10 and I will be turning 14? But I have a problem! The problem is that I don't know what to do for my birthday. Can anybody give me so good birthday ideas?


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Lightening Dark Roots?I just wondered if anyone can advise me, please? I regularly use Olia hair colour in a light blonde shade. My natural hair is light brown with quite a bit of grey. I have the problem, when checking my hair at the back, dark roots are very obvious at the back of my head even after just dyeing the roots.


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New Zebra Finches Are Quiet and Not Active?My fiches are always simply sitting. Also they are not making sounds frequently. Is there any problem with them? I bought them just 2 days ago. I am just a beginner. I don't have any experience with birds.


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Best Top Coat for Painted Kitchen Countertops?I am going to paint my kitchen countertops. What is the best (inexpensive) top coat to use? I already painted my bathroom countertop and used polyurethane (from a video I had watched), but it doesn't seem to work well. I want the best finish for the kitchen.


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Value of a Lane Cedar Chest?I have a Lane Cedar Chest with serial number 455110. It is in almost new condition, with original key, and finish. I am trying to find out the value of the chest for estate purposes.


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Finding Home Repair Help for Low Income Families?I am in desperate need for both my bathtubs and flooring to be replaced. The tubs are not useable. My son and I haven't had a shower in a year. We take sink baths. I applied to HUD, but was turned down because of my credit. I was applying for a grant not a loan. Also, I've had to close off my front porch because it's unsafe.


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Singer Sewing Machine Not Stitching After a Jam?I have an old Singer Touch and Sew Special zig-zag model 648. While refilling my bobbin a bit of cloth got caught in the needle, breaking the needle and jamming the machine. I just spend $300 (US) and 6 weeks getting my machine fixed and tuned up. Is this something I can fix myself?


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?I have no idea what to do for my 13th birthday and I want to invite both boys and girls. I am not into anything girly. So please, any suggestions would help me a lot.


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16th Birthday Ideas?I will be 16 in May and I'm wondering what to do to celebrate. I want to do something big, 60-80 people maybe. Perhaps something like a disco, I also like singing and make up. I am very glam and like to dress nicely, rose gold, and glitter. Please can I have some ideas?


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Finding Free Furniture?Where can I get help to get furniture?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a floral print skirt and vest

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Does anyone know who made this doll? I can't find any markings on her.


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Getting Eyeglasses Tinted?I have some glasses that I'm wanting to have tinted. Any suggestions on the cheapest place to take them, or the cheapest place to mail them to if it's an online place?


Larvae Identification - larvae

Larvae Identification?I keep finding what looks like small pieces of rug padding. A closer look shows that it is not foam, but a cluster of larvae looking things. My 7 year old son, 2 year old dog, and myself are all having health issues.


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GE Top Load He Washer Not Spinning and Draining?My Ge top load HE washer does not spin and drain. It starts the spin cycle and after a minute it slows down and does not drain. I replaced the pump and still nothing happens.


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Simplicity Sewing Machine Foot Pedal Not Working?My Simplicity Satin 197 machine's foot pedal does not work. I bought another pedal and that one also does not work. I am using the start/stop button to sew. Is there something else I should be doing? I don't want to buy another pedal in case that doesn't work.


Value of an Antique Drop Leaf Table - medium wood table with drop leaves

Value of an Antique Drop Leaf Table?We are selling this table and wanted to make sure it was not worth more or less than what we are asking (we are asking $50) and it needs some TLC. My mother gave it to me a few years ago and we need a different type of table for my family.


Finding the Value of a Silver Platter - tarnished round ornate silver platter

Finding the Value of a Silver Platter?I have a large silver serving platter marked Continental Silver Co. Inc - copper base 516. Is it worth anything?


Identifying a Piece of Farm Equipment - closeup

Identifying a Piece of Farm Equipment?Can anyone tell me what this piece of farm equipment is?


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17th Birthday Ideas?I'm turning 17 January 9th and I want to have my two very best friends over. What are some things we can do?


What Is This Houseplant?  - green foliage plant with long leaves

What Is This Houseplant?I bought this plant and the tag says only that it is a tropical plant. I would like to get the actual name of the plant!


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Pallet Furniture Business Name Ideas?I'm trying to come up with a good name for a business that my mother and I want to do. We turn old pallets into furniture. We also build custom pieces for customers. She lives on Cobblestone Lane and I thought that would be cute to incorporate into the name, but I am at a blank.


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