February 20, 2019

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A wicker lampshade being used as a vase.

Making a Wicker Lampshade into a VaseRepurposing objects you have lying around into something new and useful is a great recycling adventure. Learn how to take an old wicker lampshade and convert it into a cute vase for faux flowers.


Honey Almond Chicken Strips on plate

Honey Almond Chicken StripsCombine sweet honey with the crispness of almonds to make a unique breaded chicken strip. It's sure to be a hit for the whole family. This page contains a recipe for honey almond chicken strips.


Grow your Own Tomato Plants  - plants in cups

Growing Tomato Plants from SeedTry growing tomato plants from seed rather than buying plants at your local big box store or nursery. There are so many more varieties available as seeds than you can buy as plants. Choose those that do well in your area and have a go planting seeds this season.


The Smallest Fairy Garden - outside on plant shelf

The Smallest Fairy GardenFairy gardens are a fun, whimsical gardening project. They can be designed for indoors or the garden, allowing you free range on size, decorative elements, and plant selection. Here we look at how to create a tiny fairy garden for displaying in your home or outside.


A pan of baked French toast.

Boozy Almond Baked French ToastIf you are having an adult breakfast or brunch, this delicious baked French toast will please your guests. This page contains a recipe for boozy almond baked French toast.


A jar of jam, a package of refrigerator crescent rolls and a package of brie.

Making Raspberry Brie PastriesBring a French flair to breakfast or coffee. Raspberry jam and slices of creamy brie are rolled inside refrigerator crescents to make this sweet and decadent pastry. This page is about making raspberry brie pastries.


baked applesauce oat muffins in tin

Making Healthy Applesauce Oat MuffinsApplesauce is a perfect addition to any muffin recipe, allowing less oil to be used. Combining them with oats makes a hearty breakfast option for busy families. This page contains a recipe for making healthy applesauce oat muffins.


Fried Eggplant Slices on plate

Fried Eggplant SlicesEggplant is not a popular food in some cultures, that is changing. These delicious, beautiful purple skinned fruits are not only good for you but very tasty. One way to prepare them is to coat slices with a batter of your choice and fry. This is a page about making fried eggplant slices.


Closet Rod for Hanging Blanket In Doorway - wooden rod in holder

Closet Rod for Hanging a Blanket to Keep the Cold OutIn older homes there is often less insulation than in more recently constructed ones. Windows and doors can be points of entry for cold air, lowing the inside temperature. Try this frugal tip using a closet rod for hanging a blanket to keep the cold out.


Delicate Memory Wire Beaded Bracelet - finished bracelet

How to Make a Memory Wire Beaded BraceletUse memory wire and seed beads to create beautiful bracelets in a variety of patterns and colors. This page shows you how to make a memory wire beaded bracelet.


Pumice Stone for Removing Calcium Buildup

Use a Pumice Stone for Removing Calcium BuildupThese mildly abrasive stones are the perfect cleaning tool to remove calcium deposits from tubs and toilets. This page talks about using a pumice stone for removing calcium buildup.


DIY Coin Holder - adding cash to container

DIY Tide Pods Container Coin HolderThe large Tide pods container is perfect for repurposing into a coin holder. Add a bit of paper money to sweeten the pot. This page contains a DIY Tide Pods container coin holder project.


Baked Bagel

Quick Homemade BagelsBagels are often considered to be too time-consuming and difficult to make at home but this easy and fast recipe makes bagels a snap. This page contains a recipe for quick homemade bagels.



Poached Pears with ice cream on plate

Honey Tea Poached PearsThis fancy pear dessert is easy to make. You can use any type of tea you'd like for the infusion, but something bright and punchy is suggested. I used a blend of hibiscus, rosehips, lemongrass, peppermint, orange peel, lemon verbena, and wild cherry bark (all in one bag). This is delicious on its own, but I love a scoop of vanilla ice cream alongside!


Pork Binaguongan with rice on plate

Pork BinaguonganPork Binaguongan is one of the most loved Filipino food. It's cooked to tenderness with a crisp. Filipinos are known for sweet, savory flavors and it's all packed in this dish. Baguong is actually shrimp paste which is cooked with spicy, savory and sweet flavor and mostly used as a sauce for green mangoes.



Khole (Chihuahua) - tan dog lying on pillow in owners bed

Khole (Chihuahua)I got her in 2017. She loves to play fetch.


Two recycled food containers with leftover soup stored inside.

Reusing Food ContainersMy favorite use out of these containers are when I share food with family or friends. Instead of putting the food to transport in a Tupperware and collecting the Tupperware back, this works better because my family/friend does not have to give these containers back.


Some bright yellow Black-eyed Susan blossoms with the sun in the distance.

Baby Sunflowers (Black-eyed Susans)Pennsylvania is beautiful no matter what time of year it is, especially near the mountains and farmlands. We were driving around with my Aunt's friends who were visiting from Georgia. We stopped a lot to take pictures of the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside.


"I Like You Elote" Multi-occasion Greeting Card - finished card

I Like You Elote Greeting CardElote is Mexican street corn that is absolutely scrumptious! It's skewered, grilled, then topped with a creamy sauce, chili powder, cheese, and cilantro. I made a bunch of these corn cards to give to my friends who are huge Elote fanatics, and they were a hit! These are easy to make, using just paper, glitter, and cord. Give them out for Valentine's Day, Cinco de Mayo, or just because!


Different sized bottles of cooking oil.

Cooking Oil for Sticky and Greasy AreasRemove sticky grease from appliances or walls easily. How? With the same oil that was used to cook and make the area sticky. No detergent, or heavy scrubbing. Hope you find this out too.


Paper clips on the edge of a homemade journal.

Using Paper Clips in JournalsI go through a large number of paper clips while making my 'Everything Journals' or Omni Journals. Because I like to keep a lot of different items in my journals, many times I will use large paper clips. Keeping them accessible helps me in my creative process and the paper clips stay in better condition.


Cutting the excess off to make a perfect square.

Making a Square from a Paper RectangleI like to do origami with paper. Sometimes I need a square. Printer paper is rectangular. In order to have a perfect square, I will fold over the paper and cut off the excess.


A bottle of Vaseline for using on your skin.

Vaseline for Softer SkinIf you are like me, you have used every cream and lotion available. After a visit to my dermatologist, I was told to go back to Vaseline. Yes, it is a little messy, but the real question is, how much do you want soft skin?


A large fluffy dog holding a toy in his mouth.

Tineacide Antifungal Cream for Stinky DogsI have had two dogs now that start to smell, if not hours after a bath, the next day. I have tried the vinegar w/mother treatment, coal tar soap, weekly baths and many other home remedies - nothing worked. I went through the medicine cabinet looking for something else to try and ran across a small bottle labeled Tineacide Antifungal Cream. It is used for athlete's foot and such.


Carrot Counting Activity for Toddlers - all done

Carrot Counting Activity for ToddlersThis is a perfect craft that doubles as a learning resource and game to help your toddlers learn to count.



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Looking for Simplicity Pattern #1442?I am looking for Simplicity 1442 pattern. It's a rag quilt, fire truck. It also has a hedgehog and peacock. It can be used or downloadable. I have found them on eBay, but have a hard time paying $60-75 for a pattern.


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Paparazzi Jewelry Business Name Ideas?I sell $5 lead and nickel free jewelry for Paparazzi Accessories. I named my business Razzle Dazzle Diva and on Facebook have my page set up as Razzle Dazzle Diva Accessories by Linsey. I am looking at re-branding my business, but can not come up with a good name.


Protecting Healthy Dogs from Puppy with Parvo - dark brown Chihuahua

Protecting Healthy Dogs from Puppy with Parvo?My puppy recently was diagnosed with parvo. After a very long sleepless nights she is finally eating after 6 long days and drinking again, however I do have two other adult dogs that have been kept away from her. How long should I keep them apart or have they already been exposed?


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Name Ideas for an After School Program?I'm wanting to start an after school program late this year and I'm needing help coming up with a name. It will be family owned, by me, my husband, and 2 daughters. I really want it to have something with my daughter's initials. 'JR' or "sisters". May I get a few ideas please?


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Neutered Kitten Peeing Everywhere?My 7 month old male kitten was neutered about a month ago. He is peeing all over the house, like he is marking territory. But he also uses the litter box.


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Kitchen Sink Color Advice?I have a white counter top with black appliances. I'm replacing my sink and wondering if a black cast iron would be too bold or should I stick to white? I have cherry cabinets with a grey floor. Also, what kind of faucet would you recommend?


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Neighbour's Cat Pees on My Work Top?I have 5 cats of my own which all do their business outside, but my neighbour's cat keeps coming in and peeing in random places on my work top and sometimes on the gas hob. I keep my home very clean and do not use bleach in the kitchen only in the toilet. I can't stop him coming in as I have a cat flap for mine. Anyone have any ideas how to deter this cat from coming in?


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