May 2, 2019

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A woman placing a retainer in her mouth.

Storing a RetainerA fun personalized little basket craft for a teeth retainer to keep it clean, dry and safe. This is a page about storing a retainer.


Decorative Baskets from Oranges - handled basket ready to serve

Making Decorative Carved Baskets from OrangesCutting an orange in the shape of a basket can be a fun way to serve something special. This is a page about making decorative baskets from oranges.


Buying flowers from the farmer's market.

Flower Market PhotosMany beautiful colors can be enjoyed at a flower market to take wonderful pictures. This is a page about flower market photos.


Terra Cotta Turtle Planter - planter sitting on a deck

Making a Terra Cotta Turtle PlanterTake regular terra cotta pots and transform them with paint into this whimsical turtle. This is a page about making a terra cotta turtle planter.


Making a Crab from a Scallop Shell - scallop shell crab

Making a Crab from a Scallop ShellAfter serving a delicious appetizer of scallops or upon your return from beachcombing, make this cute scallop shell crab to add to your decor. This is a page about making a crab from a scallop shell.


A woman cleaning a countertop.

Advertising Your Cleaning Company?Writing your own ad copy will help you honestly present your available services and can save you money. This is a page about advertising your cleaning company.


Making Bunny Bag Favors

Making Paper Bag Bunny FavorsTake plain paper lunch bags to create these cute favors. It's perfect for holding candy and eggs at Easter but could be for any party. This is a page about making bunny bag favors.


Cross Stitch Patterns for Crochet

Using Cross Stitch Patterns for CrochetIf you are up for the challenge of routinely changing your yarn, this project is for you. This page is about using cross stitch patterns for crochet.


Straw on top of a compost pile.

Composting Straw?Adding straw to your compost is fine as long as it does not contain pesticides. This is a page about composting straw.


Value of Noritake China

Determining the Value of Noritake China?Noritake china has been manufactured for decades and some of the older pieces have retained their value while others are worth little. This is a page about determining the value of Noritake china.


Pouring cream into a pan.

Making Your Own Evaporated MilkEvaporated milk is simply whole milk with 60% of the water content removed, resulting in a smooth thick consistency. It's useful for baking and recipes where the additional water is undesirable. This is a page about making your own evaporated milk.


Tulip Straw Flowers  - repeat on other flowers

How to Make Paper Straw TulipsPaper straws are inserted into colorful folded paper tulips to make a recyclable flower arrangement, perfect for spring. This is a page about how to make paper straw tulips.


gray and white kitty

Fuzzy (Domestic Longhair)We have gathered together several photos of this pretty gray kitty to track her exploits over the years. This page contains photos of a longtime member's kitty, Fuzzy a Domestic Longhair.


Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly PhotosSpicebush swallowtail, or Papilio troilus, are mostly in the Eastern US, with some venturing to the Midwest area. These large butterflies have black upper wings. The lower wings are beautiful with distinctive markings. This page contains spicebush swallowtail photos.


Crafting Supplies from Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment - paper hearts lying on a piece of white paper

Crafting Supplies from Baking Soda and Vinegar ExperimentA project with baking soda and vinegar can also include paper shapes and food coloring to produce some fun decorations for making a card. This is a page about crafting supplies from baking soda and vinegar experiment.


Snail Paper Plate Craft - add eyes

Making a Paper Plate SnailThis easy toddler craft uses a white paper plate and a few craft supplies. This is a page about making a paper plate snail.


Caulking a seam in a bathroom.

Resealing Seams on a Tub Surround?To reseal a seam where a tub meets the stall, you will need to remove the old sealer and apply silicone calking. This is a page about resealing seams on a tub surround.


A casserole dish containing baked cod.

Copycat Eat'n Park's Nantucket Cod?Many people want to recreate this delicious stuffed cod dish after they visit Eat'n Park, a popular restaurant chain that started in Pennsylvania. The restaurant describes it as "oven-baked cod stuffed with our homemade blend of crabmeat, shrimp, spinach, onions, cheddar cheese, and cracker crumbs." This page has advice for making copycat Eat'n Park's Nantucket cod.


Standing Giraffe Toy - finished toy

Making a Standing Giraffe Toy from a Cardboard TubeCardboard tubes from paper towels, gift wrap or toilet paper can be useful for all sorts of craft purposes. This one is a tall giraffe toy for a toddler or preschooler. This is a page about making a standing giraffe toy from a cardboard tube.


Spring Colored Bunny Wreath - bunny hanging in wreath

Making a Spring Colored Bunny WreathMake a stuffed bunny the centerpiece of this cheerful Easter wreath. This is a page about making a spring colored bunny wreath.



Instant Pot Citrus Chicken with Onion Gravy on tray

Instant Pot Citrus Chicken with Onion GravyThis is a delicious chicken recipe for your Instant Pot. The onions melt away and make a delectable sauce to compliment the tangy chicken.



Value of an Antique Parlor Table - octagonal table top

Value of an Antique Parlor Table?This table has 8 carved walnut legs, is 24 inches across and signed by the maker Gene Hilt 1896 Janesville WI. I would appreciate help determining its value.


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Can't Start Poulan Push Mower?The bar you hold to start my self propelled Poulan push mower isn't moving at all. What do I need to do?


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Making Tuna Sandwiches for 70 People?How much tuna is needed to feed 70 people, saying one sandwich each?


Identifying Tiny Bugs - enlarged image of bug

Identifying Tiny Bugs?I found this bug at first when I opened an old book. Then I started finding them all over the sofa. It is very, very small even smaller than a grain of salt.


Value of an Antique Reel Mower/Edger - closeup of edger

Value of an Antique Reel Mower/Edger?Can someone help me determine the value of this tool?


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Having Jaw Bone Shaved to Reduce Pain?I have been told I will need my gum bone shaved due to it protruding which is sore from it rubbing all day. What do they do and how long is the recovery time. Also is it painful?


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Identifying Antique Furniture Maker's Mark?I have 2 older pieces of furniture, one is a small bookcase. Burnt into the side of the drawer is a crown with a rose going through the middle of it at a 45 degree angle. I need help figuring out who made these pieces.


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New Momma Cat Keeps Bringing Me Her Kittens?My cat just gave birth and she won't stop meowing in like 5 to 10 minutes intervals. She keeps bringing her kittens to me; she won't leave me alone. She keeps moving herself and her kittens right up next to me. She has to have contact with me or she is restless and I can't sleep cuz she is curled up with her kittens on me. What is wrong? In between the meowing she is sometimes panting.


Value of a Mersman 89-62 Endtable - table with a woodtone top and cream base with door and storage

Value of a Mersman 89-62 Endtable?I recently got this end table and it's really cute. I found a name under it, but I can't find anything online about it. Does anyone one know how much it is worth or what year is was made?


Information on a Whitney Doll by Donna Rubert 1991

Information on a Whitney Doll by Donna Rubert 1991?I bought this doll and I would like to know your opinion about her. I tried to find some information about her on the Internet, but did not find anything.


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Preschool Slogan Ideas?What slogan should I give my preschool - Edu-fun Preschool?


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Getting Rid of Tiny Black Biting Bugs?I just recently moved back to my father's house where he had a bad case of bed bugs that he has finally gotten rid of. Meanwhile I on the other hand am getting bitten badly and by what I don't know. The reason being they're so small I can't even see them to kill them.


Identifying a Danbury Mint Porcelain Doll - doll with braids pinned up, wearing a striped pinafore dress

Identifying a Danbury Mint Porcelain Doll?I can't find out anything about this doll. It is from The Danbury Mint, but I can't read the signature on the back


5 Month Old Beagle is Very Itchy - Beagle puppy

5 Month Old Beagle Is Very Itchy?My 5 month old Beagle has been itchy for months now and I have tried just about everything. I have brought it up to her vet 3 times, but she keeps telling me the same thing, and that she is most likely itchy because her coat is coming in, and she is too young to have developed any allergies. I have switched her food to Blue Diamond puppy food, I bathe her with oatmeal shampoo.....


Tourbleshooting an Electrical Circuit - sketch of outlets, working and not

Tourbleshooting an Electrical Circuit?My TV room was a garage before. One day several outlets in the room quit working, but the breaker did not throw. Suddenly a lamp still plugged into an inoperative outlet came on, but the light was very dim. I plugged something into another inoperative outlet and the light got so dim it just about went off. Then in just a few seconds the outlets quit again.


Value of a Victoria Ashlea Musical Doll - label on back of the doll

Value of a Victoria Ashlea Musical Doll?I have a Victoria Ashlea original limited edition musical doll named Holly, Home for the Holidays. I need help finding out its value.


Do Sun Star Bulbs Divide?

Do Sun Star Bulbs Divide?I purchased the orange star plant and am curious to know if the bulbs multiply?


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Removing a White Heat Ring from Wood Furniture?A friend brought a pizza over and sat it on our sideboard without a trivet underneath. It left a white, round ring where the moist heat from the pizza sat. How do we get rid of that whitish ring?


Value of a Zenith Console Stereo - vintage stereo console unit

Value of a Zenith Console Stereo?This works and has all its original parts and speakers. We need help determining its value as we would like to sell it.


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Name for a Non Emergency Home Health Care Service?My name is Marie Antoinette Harris. I'm opening a new home health service which will later include transportation. I need help finding a name. I wanted to incorporate my brother's name, who has passed away. His name is Jacquez Legend Lawson. He loved to call me Sissy.


Organizing Business Name Ideas?I'm looking forward to starting a organizing business and it's hard to come up with a name. I was thinking of using my nickname. My name is Diana and I get called Lady D', my nickname, a lot. So I was thinking Lady D' Organizer. Idk. I'm not sure.


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Name for a Home Decor Business?I'm going to start a business specializing in home decor and I need a funny name that has like I guess a military theme to it. I want it to be short and sweet, but enough to attract people.


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Name Ideas for a Bath, Body, and Candle Business?I'm looking to start my own business selling bath bombs, lotions, sugar scrubs, and candles. I am looking for a catchy name with my name included in it (Megan).


Value of an Ashley Belle 3 Masted Ship - 3 masted model ship

Value of an Ashley Belle 3 Masted Ship?I wanted to know if it is worth anything? There were only 5000 made and the one given to me is number 535/5000.


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Re-dyeing My Hair?I dyed my hair 5 days ago using 2 different colors. How long do I wait to re-dye it again? I want a much darker color. Is it OK to use 2 different colors?


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