May 30, 2019

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Finished Duct Tape Lined Shirt Purse

Duct Tape Lined Purse from a Recycled ShirtDuct tape is so versatile when crafting. In this project, it is used to line a purse that has been created from a recycled shirt.


Folded Paper Stars in a Jar - stars spilling from jar

How to Make Folded Paper Stars in a JarThese pretty little stars are made by folding scraps of paper. All you need is small strips of recycled paper in whatever color or pattern you desire.


added orange juice to carrot, apple numeric juice

Homemade Fruit and Veggie Turmeric JuiceTurmeric is highly recommended by many nutritionists to benefit heart and brain health as well as reducing inflamation. This delicious juice combines turmuric with carrots, apples and pineapple for a sweet start to the day.


A man holding out money from his wallet.

Reporting a Business That Doesn't Have a Permit?Business permits are required in most places for any sort of commerical transactions. Food businesses often have much stricter guidelines to ensure food safety.


An orange riding lawn mower on a white background.

Repairing an Ariens Riding Mower?Ariens is a highly respected manufacturer of lawnmowers and other yard equipment. Small repairs can often be done at home while other issues should be taken to a business specializing in small engine repair.


A houseplant with an upside down jar over the top.

Using Glass Jars as ClochesCloches are useful for keeping delicate plants from drying out. The glass jar will trap any moisture inside, allowing it to condense on the glass and then drip down into the soil.


Morning Chia Detox Drink

Morning Chia Detox DrinkChia seeds are a healthy addition to anyone's breakfast. This morning detox drink also contains honey and tumeric to jump start your day.


Coconut Squash and rice

Coconut Squash and Tofu RecipeButternut squash, eggplant and tofu are combined with coconut milk and flavorful aromatics to make this delicious vegetarian meal. It's perfect served over rice.


A sign at the Carter Mansion in Tennessee.

Visiting the Carter Mansion (Elizabethton, TN)The Carter Mansion is a popular tourist attraction in Elizabethton, TN, part of Sycamore Shoals State Historic Park. This beautiful old home was built prior to 1780 and is the oldest frame house in Tennesee. Carter County and the town of Elizabethton are both named after these early settlers.


Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Decor

DIY Tissue Paper Tassel GarlandThis colorful garland is made from colorful tissue paper. It's a perfect decoration for a party or other celebration.



finished Bacon Roast Chicken

Maple Bacon Roast ChickenThis is a super simple recipe that takes your whole roast chicken up a few notches. The bacon lends to the juiciness of the chicken, and the chicken's skin does a phenomenal job of crisping up the bacon. Brushed with some maple syrup as a finisher, this lightly-sweet savoury dish will be a family favourite!


Pinto Beans in bowl

Instant Pot Pinto BeansYou can make this in any pressure cooker. You do not have to soak the beans. I like the electric pressure cooker because you don't have to watch it. This is a healthy meal and cheap. I got 1.5 pounds of pinto beans at Dollar Tree. I do not eat bacon, so I left it out. I sautéed the onion in a bit of oil.



Sky High Artistry

Sky High Artistry (Spiderweb)We recently had a large tree in our yard trimmed. When the work was finished it was sad to see tree standing there with no leaves adorning it. The morning after the tree was trimmed, I walked outside and saw that a spider found the tree to be an ideal place for her to display her artistic skills. The beauty of her web was an outstanding distraction from the bareness of the tree.


Plastic Spoon Mermaid Doll - finished doll with glitter glue details on the tail

Plastic Spoon Mermaid DollThis is a cute little spoon doll that your child can bring as a companionship toy on a walk, on car rides, to the park/restaurant/friend, or family's house. This is small, lightweight, and will be entertainment for your child.


Outdoor cushions stored inside clear garment bags.

Outdoor Cushion Storage SolutionAfter purchasing a much needed patio sofa set, I had a dilemma with how to store those large cushions when not in use. The solution was zippered garment bags that I found at a big box store for $2.97 - I needed four.


A layer of fat on top of a refrigerated pot of soup.

Refrigerate Soup Overnight to Remove FatWhen making any soup that has meat, I recommend you to cook the soup a night in advance for the day that you'd like to eat the soup on. That way the soup can refrigerate and the following day, you can skim/filter out all that fat! It'll be so much healthier.


A small leather pocketbook.

Gratitude Not AttitudeGratitude, not attitude. Last week Lowes was giving away gift cards in denominations from $5 to $1500. As to be expected, most cards were $5, which is what I got. I saw some posts from people saying they "only" got $5. I felt it was $5 that I did not have before.


Using a ruler to gather up spilled birdseed

Ruler to the RescueI recently got a newish' bird feeder. I was trying to be careful pouring the seed into a funnel, then that overflowed. I had a lot of birdseed on my cutting board. I keep packaging supplies nearby and today just happened to have a ruler close. It occurred to me how much a straight edge might help.



Value of a 1974 RCA Console Stereo and 8 Track

Value of a 1974 RCA Console Stereo and 8 Track?I have a 1974 RCA console stereo and 8 track player model vts 113f. It still works, but is missing the needle and other key handle to the cabinet door; that's about it.


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Brother Machine Does Not Sew Straight Stitch or Buttonhole?Every function on my Brother sewing machine sews fine except the straight line and buttonhole function. How do I fix this problems?


Determining the Value of Antique Furniture - reupholstered and refinished chairs

Determining the Value of Antique Furniture?We have 2 ladies and 2 gentleman chairs and a love seat set of furniture. It's about 90 years old. It has been reupholstered and refinished. The wood frame work seems unique. Does this have a hidden value?


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Storing Woolen Clothing?What cedar chips are best to repel moths? Can I store a wool coat from the cleaners in a plastic bag?


Using the ASPCA Vaccination and Spay Service in New York - black and white kitties in a basket

Using the ASPCA Vaccination and Spay Service in New York?Do I have to be a New York resident to take my two kittens for spay and vaccinations? I live in Westchester county, Yonkers, New York.


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Selling a Seymour Mann Connoisseur Doll Collection?I want to sell them. I have 6 of these dolls. How do I go about selling them?


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Finding a Vet that Will Take Payments?Within 3 days one side of my dog's mouth has swollen horribly. I think it's an abscess or tumor. I don't have much money. I need to find a vet who will let me make a payment plan in Butler county PA.


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Finding a Half Sibling?I am trying to find my oldest brother, Luke, born in 1987 whom I've never met. He is my father's son. My dad didn't have much to do with him. All I know is that he was born and I think may still live there in Victoria Australia. I have no clue as to how to find him. I've tried Facebook and his surname is either Walsh or Welsh.


Identifying Tiny Black Bugs - tiny black bugs

Identifying Tiny Black Bugs?I've found these very small bugs by the bathroom sink and shower. Can you identify them? I had to zoom my phone all the way in to even see them.


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Selling Porcelain dolls?I have several porcelain dolls for sale. How do I go about selling them?


Value of a Kathleen Hill Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a long blue dress with ruffled bottom over a dark blue underskirt

Value of a Kathleen Hill Porcelain Doll?I just purchased this doll today. She a Kathleen Hill doll from Paradise Galleries. I was just wondering how much she worth? Her name is Kate.


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Conversions from Dry Grams of Pasta to Cups Cooked?500gr of macaroni is equal to how many cups of cooked macaroni?


Value of Mersman Tables - rectangular end table

Value of Mersman Tables?I have three old Mersman tables: one rectangular coffee table and two end tables 1 rectangle and 1 triangle. Are they worth anything?


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Causes of Aggression in Dogs?My neighbor just got a 6 week old Pit Bull puppy. He is now 7 weeks. She has to work 10 hour days and I'm concerned that the pup will grown up aggressive. Am I way off base thinking this? I try to visit with him at least 1 or 2 times a week. She lets me bring him over to play with him, but I doubt he will remember that when he gets older and stronger.


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Value of a Encyclopedia Volume?What is the value of a United Editors Perpetual Encyclopedia volume #26?


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Recycling Old Worn Out Clothing?I have a lot of pajamas that are worn out and have holes in the knit fabric. I hate to just trash them and Goodwill won't take stuff like this. Does anyone know where I might recycle fabric like this? Surely someone could use this fabric for something?


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Increasing the Size of a Dress Pattern?I am making a McCalls dress and the size I ordered is too small, so I want to cut it out a bit bigger. It looks like each size up is only 1/4 inch. I only have up to 14, but I need a 16. Since McCalls seems to run small, should I add an inch or inch and a half? I have never done this before, so thought I would ask if anyone has?


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Repairing a Janome 6600 Machine?My thread keeps slipping out of the take-up lever, causing a mess of thread. What can I do to fix this problem?


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Value of an OOAK Princess Diana Doll?I was wondering the value of a Franklin Mint OOAK Princess Diana doll 87. She has an emerald green dress on. If you could let me know that would be great.


Value of a Sharon Andrews Porcelain Doll - primitive looking porcelain doll

Value of a Sharon Andrews Porcelain Doll?I brought this doll at a thrift shop. And I was wondering how much you would be worth? It is a friend's doll design by Sharon Andrews


Identifying a Rocking Chair - rocker with abalone inlay design

Identifying a Rocking Chair?I've looked on the web far and wide to identify this rocking chair. Can anyone help? My guess is it might be of a Regency design. It has inlay abalone on the top back rest, I'm not sure if the floral design is. There are no marks or tags underneath.


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Dog Pooping on Concrete and Wood Deck?My pup is about a year old. I've always taken her out on a leash to teach her the property and to teach her to listen. She recently started to be able to go out without a leash, she is now pooping on the concrete or on the wood trail to our wooden deck and even on our deck a couple times. When on a leash she never tried to poop on anything other than the grass.


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Finding Someone to Cut Down a Tree for Free?My neighbor has a big white oak tree in her yard, but it's too much money for her to afford to have someone cut it down. How can I find someone to help her with this?


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Growing Plants in Water?I have a couple of plants in vases, but the water seems to start smelling bad after a few weeks. What can I do or what should I put in the water to prevent this from happening?


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Growing Lily of the Valley?My husband mowed down my lily of the valley in late summer in northern Michigan. This year the leaves seem smaller and the flowers are also short. I have another area that he didn't cut and there is a big difference between the two. Should they be left to die on their own in the fall, do they need the green leaf to feed the root as with spring bulbs.


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