September 13, 2019

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Making a Paper Clip Phone Stand - phone on stand with pencil next to it

Making a Paper Clip Phone StandIt is fun to see what comes of fiddling with a paper clip. They can be incorporated into a lot of crafts and DIY projects. In this project you can see how to make a simple, little cell phone stand from a single paper clip.


How to Care for Your Swimwear - suit soaking in vinegar water

How to Care for Your SwimwearHandwashing with mild soap preceded by a good soak in vinegar and water is one way to help extend the life of your swimwear. Tossing them in the washer and dryer are sure to negatively affect the elastic and fade the dyes.


Making Your Own Stamp - finished stamp and stamped design on white paper

Making Your Own StampYou can make your own unique stamp for your crafting activities from a variety of materials, including sheet foam, TP tubes, bottle caps, and vegetables to name a few. The posts below offer suggestions and tips for making your own stamps.


Growing Borax Crystals - hanging crystalline circular shape

Growing Borax CrystalsUsing a mix of borax and water, you and the kids can create unique crystals that you grow on shaped pipe cleaners. Let us show you how to grow borax crystals.


Peacock Popsicle Stick Puppet - finished puppet

Peacock Popsicle Stick PuppetPopsicle stick puppets are easy to make toys that younger children will have great fun playing with. In this project you will find the photos and instructions needed to make a peacock Popsicle stick puppet.


Stencil "Home" Art - cut the image out larger than your word

Making Stenciled ArtworkStencils can be purchased and then used in crafts, decorating furniture, etc. If you wish you can also make your own stencil for that special project you are working on.


Plastic Bottle Pieces Dish - lift out of the dish, leave clear or paint

Making a Dish from Plastic Bottle Neck RingsWe see a lot of crafts made using plastic bottle caps and portions of the bottles themselves. This one makes use of the neck only. You will find the step by step instructions and accompanying photos for making a useful bit of decor on this page.


DIY Shirt Collar Stays from Magnetic Hotel Keys  - sample stay and 6 new ones for keycard

DIY Shirt Collar Stays from Magnetic Hotel KeysWhen the creative juices begin to flow anything is possible. Try making shirt collar stays from magnetic hotel keys. Recycled crafts are are an excellent way to keep crafting affordable, plus they help the environment as well.



A peppe rmill with a small hole in it, to let out the peppercorns.

Pepper Mill AlterationRather then buy TWO containers of black pepper (whole AND ground) I used a drill to punch a hole into a dollar store pepper mill I bought. They are sealed so you can't just open them and I needed whole peppers or my pickling project. I just place a piece of tape over the hole to use it as a grinder again.


A bottle of Acqua Panna water.

Freebies on Tuesdays at VonsIf you are a frequent shopper of the grocery store Vons, every Tuesday you can check Von's Facebook page for the WORD OF THE DAY. You will find the freebie in the store, tell the cashier at check out - the word of the day and the item is free.


3D Hot Air Balloon Card - finished card

3D Hot Air Balloon CardThis is an adorable handmade card featuring a 3D hot air balloon in a cloudy blue sky. Let your recipient know that the sky's the limit!


A plastic bag of homemade Old Bay Seasoning

Homemade Old Bay SeasoningThis is an expensive seasoning and comes in a large tin. Make your own in small batches. It will be cheaper and fresher.


Two tubes of toothpaste with names marked on them.

Label Each Person's ToothpasteIt's back to school and the kiddos are bound to get sick one way or another. To prevent spreading germs, I would recommend labeling their toothpastes separately. Also, store toothbrushes away from others.


Bella (Chihuahua) - brown dog in a purple and white sweater

Bella (Chihuahua)We found Bella at a monthly swap meet in Mulvane Kansas, we took a horse there to sell. As we was leaving my wife spotted a lady that had several Chihuahua puppies for sale so we ended up with Bella. She was the only short haired one of the bunch.



What Breed Is My Dog? - Pit puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?What is his breed? He is going to be 6 months old on the 20th. His dad is blue and his mom is red. The first pic is Haus the second is dad. Mom is built low like dad with thick bull head.


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Searching for a Vintage Marinade Recipe?I'm looking for a recipe my mom had found in the late 60s or early 70s that was a marinade for a chuck roast to be grilled. What I remember about it is that I think it uses an orange colored bottled sauce as a base, (Heinz steak sauce?), and the chuck roast was put with the marinade in a container and left over night. The next day it was take out and put on the grill.


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Manual for an Oster Bread Machine?Does anyone still have a copy of an Oster bread machine model 4812 manual?


Is This a GSD? - black and white dog with large stand up ears

Is This a GSD?Is this a GSD? Thoughts?


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Finding Free or Donated Building Materials?I'm in the process of remodeling a 61 year old military veteran's home and can't afford to pay for what I need to get started. I'm needing helping getting the right materials to remodel and fix up my client's home. He is in total need of repairs to his home that I am wanting to do. I am his in home health aid. So where can I go for help?


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Softening a Denim Jacket?How would I soften a denim jacket?


Value of Antique Ardsleigh Bedroom Furniture - tall chest of drawers with a floral decal on one of the lower drawers

Value of Ardsleigh Bedroom Furniture?Can you please let me know how much this is worth?


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Finding a Rice Bed Post?I am looking for a complete single rice bed post. My daughter is set on using set, but it is lacking one post. I have no idea where it went. I am located in mid Missouri, but travel thru southeast Kansas and northeast Oklahoma.


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Making Jelly Using Frozen Juice?I have never done this. I have frozen fruit juice made from fresh fruit. I have asked others and they all have a different way to make jelly. Or they make it for me. I don't want them to make it for me.


Identifying a Greek Porcelain Doll - red haired doll with a pink plaid and floral outfit

Identifying a Greek Porcelain Doll?My boyfriend got me this beauty for my b'day. Does anyone know any details?


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Child Support and Disability?If my child receives a disability check, but I get child support from his father how much does the state take from the child support since he gets the disability?


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Name of a Werewolf Movie?Does anyone remember a movie about werewolves where at the end it turns out that most of the town are vampires and when bitten become hybrids and start fighting. The town's people are catatonic at some point as well.


Value of an Antique RCA Victor Victrola - antique, crank Victrola

Value of an Antique RCA Victor Victrola?I am wondering what this family Victrola VV-XVI SN-100601(G) is worth and approximately when it was made. I tried to look it up, but came up empty handed.


What Breed Is My Puppy? - black puppy lying on a tile floor

What Breed Is My Puppy?I just adopted a rescue puppy. They said he is a Lab mix. I see Pit in him, but some say no. I am just wondering if he looks like anyone's puppy. He is 16 weeks, and weighs 18.5 pounds and is about 15 inches at his shoulder.


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Preschool Slogan Ideas?I am about to open a preschool. I want a catchy motto that reflect what will happen later. For instance I have this already, "every child is teachable". But I want to add something reflecting their future.


Identifying a Bug Found on My Bed  - small brown bug

Identifying a Bug Found on My Bed?It was found on my bed. Please help me identify it.


A porcelain doll in a black outfit.

Value of a William Tung Porcelain Doll?I have a William Tung porcelain doll and do not know it's value. It is in perfect condition. It has a stand and is stamped on the back of the neck.


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