September 17, 2019

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You Are TEA-riffic Card - finished card

Making a 'You Are TEA-riffic' Greeting CardThis adorable little 'You Are TEA-riffic' greeting card is perfect for a tea-loving special someone. Its easy to make and you can even customize it with their favorite tea.


Making Rainbow Lollipops - lollies on sticks stuck into a piece of white foam packaging

Making Rainbow LollipopsA fun edible craft that uses crushed, melted hard candies to make beautiful suckers. The rainbow lollipops are gorgeous when held up to the light.



bowl of Lomi

LomiLet's talk about comfort food. Lomi is another Filipino favorite comfort food. The unique thing about it is that it's made of thick, fresh egg noodles and a thick, delicious soup. It is mostly served during afternoon snacks, breakfast or even almost all meal times.


Special Lentils in bowl

Special LentilsYou get a lot of protein for the money in this recipe. I did not have frozen peas, so I used the frozen vegetables I did have. This is delicious and healthy. It makes a lot, and freezes well. I made brown rice to go with it.


Spanish Style Shrimp and Rice on plate

Spanish Style Shrimp and RiceThis is a twist on traditional Spanish rice made with shrimp. It's almost like a Paella, but with several steps pulled out, making it a very easy to put together meal. I love to make this when I have cooked rice to use up.


Watermelon Salad n bowl

Watermelon SaladA very nice, refreshing salad that pairs perfectly with a meat entree or at a BBQ party! Feel free to alter this recipe with your preferred tomatoes, greens, herbs, choice of cheese.



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Use WD40 for Removing Hard Water Line in Toilet BowlFor years, I and other women have been tackling 'the hard water ring' build up in the bowl of our toilets using Comet or a pumice stone to clear away the build up from the bowl itself.


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Solution for Ants in Pet Food BowlsIf you get ants in your pet's food bowls, try this. Set your pet's food bowl in a larger shallow bowl, like a pie pan. Fill half full with water (like a mote ), no more ants. It is simple, but it works. I have been doing this for 40yrs +. I change the mote water every day.


Gaia (Tabby) - kitten in a beer glass

Gaia (Tabby)I am kitten-sitting for my son. He got her and her brother from a friend who rescues strays. She likes to play, sleep, eat, play with her brother and sister dogs, and twin brother kitten, Atlas.


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Household Bleach ReviewI've read labels all my life. One of the first I remember reading was on a brown glass Clorox bottle. A lot of accidents occurred with that thin glass container. Here, plastic is definitely an advantage. My focus in this review will be on the percentage of sodium hypochlorite in the cleaner.



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Male Cat Attacks Other Cats?My male Scottish fold cat keeps attacking other cats. Every cat that it sees it literally attacks them and I do not know what to do. The only cat it does not attack is my female Scottish Fold/British shorthair however she hisses at him all the time even when I put them in a cage together. It has been a year plus now so I have to keep him locked up, but I don't want to do this.


Healthy Older Dog Always Marking - Corgi curled up on a sheet

Healthy Older Dog Always Marking?I have asked the vet and pet store employees about this. Everything I try doesn't work! My 10 year old male Corgi is fixed. He is 100% healthy, well taken care of, and loved. He has always been a "marker", but why? I don't have the heart to put him in a cage while I am at work. He has two other dogs in the house. He has a huge yard and is let out often.


What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With? - white puppy in a blue and white dress

What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With?I adopted this gorgeous baby girl two weeks ago. We think she may be 3 months old and for sure a Chihuahua mix, but what mix. Can you help?


Treating a Dog with an Infected Tooth - tan and black terrier

Treating a Dog with an Infected Tooth?My 3 year old dog has an infected tooth. I cannot afford $500.00 to have the tooth extracted. Does anyone know of a lower cost solution?


Finding Someone to Remove Bamboo for Free - bamboo in backyard

Finding Someone to Remove Bamboo for Free?Where would you advertise free bamboo if a person is prepared to dig it up and take it?


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Asking Parents to Let You Shave Your Legs?I want to shave. I'm 14, my legs are hairy, and I'm an athlete. I don't think it looks nice if a girl has hair on her legs. I do! I asked my mom if I can shave my legs and she said no. The reason is because when she was my age she also had hair on her legs, she didn't shave because I think that her mom didn't let her. So I went and asked my dad if I can shave it and he said yes.


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Inexpensive Pet Vaccinations in Brooklyn?I need to give my dog her rabies shot and the bordetella shots, but where I used to go is too expensive. I live in Brooklyn, area code 11221.


Repairing Tear in a Polyester Tote Bag - worn or torn spot on bag

Repairing Tear in a Polyester Tote Bag?My mother bought me a cute Hello Kitty tote bag. And just today I realized that it had a little tear on a corner. And I wasn't sure of material inside, it says polyester. I don't know how to fix it. Any tips?


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Selling a Porcelain Doll Collection?I live in Sacramento and I have a collection of Ashton Drake, Georgetown Collection, Rachel Williams, Children of the World, and other porcelain dolls with their certificates of authenticity that I am looking to sell. I have approximately 30 or more. Can you advise me on how to to sell them most effectively and expeditiously?


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Craftsman Riding Mower Won't Start After Hitting a Rope?I hit a rope with my Sears Craftsman riding lawn mower. I got the rope out, but now it is dead it won't start it does nothing.


Selling a Michelangelo Brass Bed - photo of the bed

Selling a Michelangelo Brass Bed?I live in AZ and I have a queen size Michelangelo brass bed. It is 30 years old; the headboard and tops and feet of the legs are solid brass I believe. It is super heavy and very ornate and beautiful. I would like to sell it, any idea how or where?


Identifying Tiny Black Flying Bugs - black bugs on fabric

Identifying Tiny Black Flying Bugs?These black bugs only come to my house in the night and there are so many that we can't sit on the sofa or sleep on the bed. Everything is contaminated with these bugs. They are the size of cumin. They can fly a little bit.


Leaves on Potted Avocado Plant Turning Brown - closeup of avocado with some leaf browning

Leaves on Potted Avocado Plant Turning Brown?I have an avocado plant that is one and half years old. It is growing in an open garden in a medium sized pot. I am located in Melbourne, Australia. I had grown it from a seed. It was doing well, but now it has stopped growing and the leaves have started to turn brown. I don't want it to die. What should I do?


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Treating a Pond Goldfish with Dropsy?Can anyone enlighten me as to whether there is a cure for dropsy in a pond goldfish, it has not gotten to the stage of the scales lifting as yet.


Repairing Foot Pedal on a Baycrest Sewing Machine - old foot pedal

Repairing Foot Pedal on a Baycrest Sewing Machine?I have an old Baycrest sewing machine and there are 2 wires leading to the foot pedal that are supposed to be attached in little black electrical box but one of them is off and I can't tell where it should reattach. Can you send a picture of where the 4 wires attach in the electrical box leading to the power and the foot petal please?


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Christian Daycare Name Ideas?I need help looking for a name for a daycare. I would love a Christian name, but if anyone has any other ideas to share please let me know.


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Childcare Service Name Ideas?I am starting a home based childcare service and struggling for a memorable name. I live in a beautiful alpine setting, with lakes and mountains. I would like a name that reflects natural childcare, connecting to nature, and child led play.


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Bread Pan Stuck in Bread Maker?I recently purchased a second hand Kambrook bread maker from a friend. The bread pan is stuck inside the machine and cannot be removed, even with force. It looks to be in relatively good, clean condition. I am not sure how long since it has been used. Is this a common problem and what is the best way to remove it?


Identifying Insect Eggs - white egg sac, long and somewhat cylindrical

Identifying Insect Eggs?Does anyone know what insect this is from? A number of these were found in towels stored in our patio in alcove.


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Cost of Having a Plumber Snake a Sewer Drain?How much will it cost for a plumber to run a snake down my sewage drain?


Identifying Porcelain Dolls - doll with ringlets wearing a plum colored dress with white lace trim

Identifying Porcelain Dolls?Which porcelain dolls are these? They were given to me with zero information about them. So I am just trying to look into it more. The one in the black dress says 9658 on the back of the neck and the one in the red/purple dress has nothing to identify it.


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Two Cats Mounting Each Other?I've only been able to find information online about one cat dominantly humping another, but I have two neutered male cats who hump each other in equal amounts! They're from the same litter, and are a bonded pair. One is dominant over the other, but they both take turns mounting each other just for about a minute at a time. Neither cat seems to mind much.


Tongue Piercing Hurts When Eating - piercing

Tongue Piercing Hurts When Eating?The bottom of my tongue near the piercing hurts every time I eat. I've had it for a year now so you'd think the pain would be gone?


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