January 12, 2020

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Peanut Butter Stuffed Cookie on plate

Peanut Butter Stuffed CookiesMake these cookies with a gooey peanut butter surprise stuffed inside. Using a cookie packaged mix, you can swap out the peanut butter cookie exterior with any type of cookie dough you like.


Homemade Pork Back Ribs

Homemade Pork Back RibsMaking pork back ribs ribs at home will give you control of the seasoning, marinading and cooking time. A delicious recipe here with Asian influenced seasoning.


Cheese and Crackers Mini Pies on plate

Cheese and Crackers Mini PiesThese mini pies are made with cheese and crackers for a very cute savory appetizer. They look like little pumpkin pie slices.


Apple Plum Cake on plate

Making Rustic Apple Plum CakeWhen you have an a lot of fresh fruit this rustic apple plum cake is a great way to use it. The fruit is placed on top of a old German cake recipe.


Gigantic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gigantic Chocolate Chip CookiesIt can be fun to make huge chocolate chip cookies to share. These gigantic cookies can also be a good item for a fund raising bake sale.


S'mores Cookies on plate

Making S'mores CookiesA favorite treat when around the fireplace or campfire are s'mores made with graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. Here's some bit size cookies very reminiscent of s'mores.



baked Purple Cookie Bars dusted with powdered sugar

Purple Cookie BarsEverything gets purple in my kitchen after a good harvest of this sweet root crop called ube. Today, I'm putting a purple treat to my son's lunch box. So this is how I trick him with healthy foods he doesn't like. Turn them in to cookies and he would be proudly telling everyone in school "his mom's a kitchen magician".


Crispy Cheesy Potato on plate with sour cream on top

Air Fryer Crispy Cheesy PotatoThis is a take on a baked potato, made in an air fryer. Giving the top of the potato very thin slits and brushing it with butter causes the potato edges to crisp up nicely. This way, you have a soft baked potato bottom, and crispy french-fry-like texture on top. Sprinkling shredded cheese between the ridges makes it creamy, too. So yummy!



Wall Shell Decoration for Valentine's Day - hanging on a brick fireplace

Wall Shell Decoration for Valentine's DayMake this little wall shell decoration for Valentine's Day. My son made this all by himself and I thought it was really cute and had to post it up, plus it's perfect to hang on the wall for Valentine's Day! This would also be a nice gift to make for grandma or as a Mother's Day gift.


Making A Beading Loom - handmade beading loom

Making A Beading LoomI have loved using a beading loom since I was young. In the past, I use to make them for my friends. They are great for making bracelets out of beads or even thread. My goddaughter wanted to make beaded bracelets for her friends at school and we could not find a loom here in Tahiti. We decided to make our own. This is a simple project and anyone can make one to use at home.



What Breed of Husky Is My Dog? - gray and white Husky looking dog

What Breed of Husky Is My Dog?What kind is he? They said he is a Husky, but I don't know what sort? Supposedly he is 8 months old, but my friend's is the same age and taller with a longer snout. Mine is smaller, looks younger, and has a short nose.


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Value of Vintage CorningWare?What is highest value in demand pattern as far as CorningWare goes?


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Cleaning a Gas Oven with Ammonia?Can I not clean my gas oven with ammonia with the gas valve off?


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Permed Hair Not Curly Enough?I got a perm. The perm was not at all spirals and looks like I had braided my hair. My ends are ripping off and I must now get a haircut. It has now been a day since the perm. Will putting in curlers while it continues to set help it get curlier?


Getting Rid of Tiny Biting Bugs

Getting Rid of Tiny Biting Bugs?On December 3rd I got back from the beach and started to get the worst itchy painful welts all over. I assumed they were sand flea bites. The welts kept appearing for several weeks. I went to the ER one night at 4 am because I was covered with them. I noticed odd looking brown flaky spots around my home, then black dots, then white ones.


Repairing a Silver Reed 2600 Typewriter  - electric typewriter

Repairing a Silver Reed 2600 Typewriter?We have a Silver Reed 2600. It worked fine when I bought it on eBay a year ago, but now although it still turns on, when you press the letters/numbers the keys don't move so it doesn't type.


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Name Ideas for a Bath and Body Products Business?I am starting a body cream, bath, soap business, etc. I need a company name.


Value of a Murphy Chair - upholstered chair with wooden arms and legs

Value of a Murphy Chair?I am looking for information on a chair marked - (Murphy 892) Unincorporated Owensboro, KY.


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Making Lasagna for 70?I am making lasagna for 70 people in a 10×13 pans. How many pans should I make?


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Repairing an Intex Air Mattress Pump?So I have an Intex air mattress with a built in air pump and I was deflating it. Then I left to go take care of some things around the house. When I came back, my mattress was deflated, but my pump was off and when I tried to reinflate it, it won't turn on. What do I do?


Value of a 1945 Worldwind Toro Riding Mower - old mower with a seat in tandem with the mower

Value of a 1945 Worldwind Toro Riding Mower?Would you know the value of something like this? It's all original and shouldn't take much to get going. I recently found it in an old barn I purchased.


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Designing Patterns Using Plastic Canvas?I'm trying to make up my own patterns for photo frames and gift bags and for some reason can never get the right ratio of stitches. I end up short at the end of a row with not enough stitches to complete the design. I use the 7 mesh canvas. For some reason I just can't figure out how many stitches to use!


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I need party ideas for my 14th birthday. My mum doesn't want a house party or to spend a lot of money. I need some ideas quick because my birthday is on the 7th of February.


Is My Dog a Red Nose Pit Bull?

Is My Dog a Red Nose Pit Bull?I was told he is purebred red nose.


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Name for a Paparazzi Jewelry Business?My name is Sue and now I'm starting a business selling Paparazzi jewelry $5 bling. I was trying to come up with a name that is catchy for my business.


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Repairing a Brother Sewing Machine?I replaced my needle and now my sewing machine won't thread the needle. What am I doing wrong?


Value of a 1996 Lane Cedar Chest

Value of a 1996 Lane Cedar Chest?How much would this chest be worth?


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Value of Vintage CorningWare?I have three pieces, with lids, of the l'echalote pattern pattern with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and avocado done in brown, gold, and red. Are they of any value?


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Keeping a Cat Off the Counter?We have a 9 year old cat that seems to like to go up on the counter tops at night when we are sleeping. I personally haven't seen her do it, but my husband has woken up early in the a.m. and seen her on top of the counter. What can we use to stop her from going up on the counter? Or at least scare her off of it?


Identifying a Landscape Print - fall trees along a stream or small river

Identifying a Landscape Print?We have a painting, but do not know anything about it. We were told it might be a Thomas Kincaid.


Identifying a Figurine - little boy cowboy figurine

Identifying a Figurine?This was my father's and probably from the 1940s. There are no markings on the bottom.


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Cat Pooping in Bathtub and Litter Box?I have an 11 year old male cat who has been blind since he was about 6 years old. He gets plenty of love and attention. He has started pooping both in the bathtub and in the litter box in the past few months. The cat litter box is about twice the size that he is and has always been located in the bathroom, near the bathtub. He has always pooped and peed in his litter box without fail.


Value of a Vintage CorningWare Covered Dish - covered casserole dish

Value of a Vintage CorningWare Covered Dish?I have a 5 qt A-5-B, CorningWare dish. It has the lid and there are no chips. It is from a set of 3 with the spice sayings on front: L' Echolote, La Marjolaine, and Le Romarin. I have only one of these. What is this dish worth?


My Dog Passed Away Suddenly - shaved dog on couch

My Dog Passed Away Suddenly?I had a 10 old Shih Tzu and she was healthy. She just passed a few hours ago and I can't understand why. She didn't have any signs of being sick she played outside, ate, her normal stuff. Went out one more time before bed. A few hours later I heard her cry out twice and went to check on her. I found her on the floor not breathing with her tongue out.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - small blonde doll wearing a long white nightgown with pink smocking

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I bought this doll because I thought it was interesting. Any ideas on the name or brand? It has "09" on the neck.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll  - sitting doll wearing a brown and cream satin coat carrying a brocade shoulder bag

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I picked up a doll at a local thrift store. The only marking on the doll is on the back of the neck. It says, "A&O, 1999". It is a beautiful doll with a life-like face. I would love to know who made it.


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