March 11, 2020

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Roasted Radish portion on plate

Making Roasted RadishesHere is an alternative to adding sliced radishes to your salad. Roast them in olive oil, salt, pepper, and any other herb(s) you would like. They turn out very mild and tasty.


Valentine's Day Candy Jar - raffia glued around the neck and faux foliage and flowers added

Making a Valentine's Day Candy JarThis dimensionally decorated Valentine's Day jar is an excellent project for the recycle crafter. Save up those empty food jars and then refer to the project below to make a variety of them to give as gifts.


Heart Banner as Wall Decor - multiple hanging heart banners

Heart Banner as Wall DecorVertical strings of paper hearts attached to lengths of yarn can be used as a simple heart banner when decorating for Valentine's Day. Let us show you how.


chopped salad

Brussels Sprouts, Apple and Avocado SaladThis healthy and delicious salad is good served as a main dish or on the side. See how to combine Brussels sprouts, apples, avocado slices, and pumpkin seeds to prepare this nice light salad.


Transform any Vase into a One with a Valentine's Theme - red bottle with heart decoration with a rose bud,  in front of a red wood/paper heart

Transforming a Vase for Valentine's DayFor a quick, temporary Valentine's Day decoration, add hearts cut from paper doilies to some of your vases. Tie them in place with narrow ribbon or cord. They look cute and are extremely inexpensive to make.


Potato Tempura

Making Potato TempuraGrated potatoes and onion are combined with spices, breading, egg, and flour to make a dough that is dropped into boiling water and then fried. Serve with a soy sauce dip, included in the recipe, for a different potato dish.


Valentine's Day Spider Card - finished card

How to Make a Valentine's Day Spider CardFor a fun twist on traditional Valentine's Day cards, try this spider card. Use your child's artwork as the background for the web and add other embellishments as desired. This is the perfect card for family members, such as grandparents. See how to make your own below.


A bowl of Greek pasta salad with tomatoes, olives and feta cheese.

Greek Pasta Salad RecipesWhile the additional ingredients can vary the mainstay of Greek pasta salad in addition to the pasta is typically feta cheese, onion, garlic, herbs, and olives. Typically tomatoes, bell peppers, and cucumbers are also added. Finish with a red wine dressing and enjoy. Recipes can be found below.


Valentine's Day Candy & Gift Box - ready to gift

Valentine's Day Candy and Gift BoxDecorate a recycled box to create this pretty candy and gift box for your Valentine or change it up for other occasions. The steps and photos follow.


Bukayo on bread

Bukayo (Filipino Coconut Candy)Try out this popular dish from the Philippines, known as bukayo. It is made using young coconut meat that is shredded and combined with brown sugar and a bit of extra water as needed. Then cooked until soft and the liquid reduced. The resulting coconut candy is typically served with sliced bread.


Valentine's Day Hanging Flag Banner - ready to hang

Valentine's Day Hanging Flag BannerThis fun Valentine's Day banner is constructed from scrapbook paper, a branch, pink and red buttons, and ribbon. It is easy to make and you may even already have some of the necessary supplies.


Ruler Picture Frame - finished frame ready to hang

Making a Ruler Picture FrameUsing ruler paint sticks and a few supplies, that you may very well have on hand, you can create a cute picture frame. You can stain the wood with shoe polish.



baked Banana Oatmeal Muffins

Banana Oatmeal MuffinsMake these delicious banana oatmeal muffins. Perfect for a little treat after school or dessert for dinner especially paired with some vanilla ice cream!


Hot Glue Necklace - child wearing the necklace

Hot Glue NecklaceHere is a cute necklace my son made for his sister. This pendant is made from hot glue, in person it looks lab opal inspired (pictures didn't capture how pretty it really is.) The glittery hot glue stick is from Dollar Tree, it comes in an assortment of colors for $1.00 - the stick he used was clear with glitter.


Gender Reveal Door Sign - finished hanging

Gender Reveal Door SignHere is an inexpensive, simple, and quick gender reveal door sign I made for my friend's party.


Construction Themed Birthday Cake

Construction Themed Birthday CakeMy son recently celebrated his 6th birthday and really wanted to have a construction themed party. The cake was simply decorated with construction orange icing, had a caution tape border around the top, and was finished off with grass and a crushed Oreo cookie "dirt road". I then placed a brand new front loader toy on top and filled its bucket with more crushed up cookie.


Opposites Attract (Dog and Cat Friends) - Boxer and white cat laying next to each other

Opposites Attract (Dog and Cat Friends)When growing up an example of opposites was always cats and dogs. When there were fights theywould describe the two people being like cats and dogs. Can't we all just get along? I think that this picture proves yes we can if they can. Here are our dog Baby, a Boxer and Whitey, the cat.



Identifying a Tiny Bug - tiny bug next to a toothpick point

Identifying a Tiny Bug?It's no bigger than the head of a toothpick. Unfortunately I coughed this thing up. Does anybody know? I live in Central Texas.


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Headlights and Dashboard Lights Going Off and On?I have a 2006 Hyundai Elantra and 1 headlight, the turn signal/headlight switch, and dash lights act as if they have a short. When I turn my lights on, most of the time my driver light won't come on. I get out and smack it and it comes back on, but will sometimes or several times keep doing it as I drive. If I touch the switch, my dash lights go off and on too.


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Ford Ranger Heater and AC Not Working Properly?I have a '95 Ford Ranger. The fan speed controls work, but the AC only works on max air and I can't control the temperature (very cold). The heat works on all other settings and (very hot). The blend door has been replaced .


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Dashboard Lights Go Off and On?I have Mercedes Benz C180. My dashboard lights go on and off, especially when I accelerate on a high speed and sometimes when I press the car horn. I have taken it to several garages, but it could not be fixed.


Value of Collectible Thimbles - variety of thimbles, including two that are house shaped

Value of Collectible Thimbles?My dad traveled a lot for work when I was a kid. So, we had this thing where wherever he went in the world he would bring me back a thimble. There are no dates on them, but I know that we started the tradition around 1989 and stopped in 1997/98. They are all porcelain except the one from Israel. I was curious if these were even worth listing on eBay?


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Septic Safe Shampoos and Conditioners?What hair conditioner/shampoo should I use when on a septic tank?


Age and Value of Gunn Figurines

Age and Value of Gunn Figurines?I have an old man smoking a pipe wearing a green shirt, brown vest, and brown pants. It is signed Gunn 78 on the bottom. I am wondering how old it is and the value of both the man and woman. I also have the old woman wearing a brown dress, green shawl, and holding a purse. It is also signed Gunn 78. They are in perfect condition. I've had them 30 years and know they are older than that.


Identifying Vintage Figurines - girl with basket figurine

Identifying Vintage Figurines?I have these little farmer and shopping girl figurines. She has a basket and blue dress with a black vest, and a little white dog by her feet. She is wearing brown shoes, yellow socks, with a black band on top of her socks. The sign says, to town. The little boy has a yellow hat, grey shirt, what looks like


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Reasons for Excessive Fuel Consumption?I have Mercedes Benz C180. I just discovered of recent that the car is excessively consuming fuel.


Value of a Leonardo Collection Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a fur trimmed coat and holding a teddy bear

Value of a Leonardo Collection Porcelain Doll?I have this doll. It's 17 inches tall. What is her name? I would also like to know the value. The number on the box is lp8238.


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Intact Male Cat Mounting Other Male Cat?My male cat is 6 months old and not neutered. He is trying to mate with his brother. Is it good or bad? Why would he do so? What should I do? I am worried for his brother. Now he doesn't play like before because of this.


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Feeding a Parvo Survivor?A few weeks ago, we adopted a 2mo old Pit Mastiff puppy from a shelter. A couple of days after we got her, she was diagnosed with parvo. After vet treatment, she's completely recovered and is almost as good as new. We're having problems feeding her. She is ravenous and can eat a lot of food super fast if we let her, but she's quick to vomit if we feed her too much or if we let her eat too fast.


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Zebra Chicks Dying?My breeding pair hatched 4 eggs. All seemed fine, they grew out of their down. Then 3 died within days of each other (found dead in the nest). The survivor continued, but now is lethargic and not reacting to the parent's presence. It seems on it's way out. Any ideas on what is going on?


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