April 7, 2020

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Zip Tie Fireworks Decor - three fireworks bursting decorating hanging in a cluster

How to Make Zip Tie Fireworks DecorationsInexpensive zip ties are used to make these colorful decorations for the Fourth of July. Let us show you how.


Crunchy Chicken Feet

Making Crunchy Chicken FeetFried chicken feet are a staple Asian street food, as well as savored in parts of the US, and many other countries. The following recipe, which comes to us from the Philippines, clearly explains how to prepare and serve them.


finished Strawberry Tart

Blooming French Strawberry TartThis beautiful French tart resembles a flower with strawberry slices as bright red petals. This is the perfect final touch after a special dinner. Great for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or as a birthday cake alternative.


A collection of lit pillar candles.

Selling Candles?Candles are popular for decorating and scenting your home. Some people hand craft their candles and others act as a salesman for a commercial candle company, or resell their own candles.


Happy Penguin Kids' Coloring Page - colored penguin, watercolors perhaps markers

Happy Penguin Kids Coloring PageIf your children enjoy coloring, why not print out this cute penguin coloring page. They can use crayons, watercolors, markers, or colored pencils. Perhaps print several for giving it different looks. A free PDF is included.


A roll of grey duct tape.

Using Duct Tape for RepairsDuct tape usage has migrated well beyond its original purpose. It can be used successfully for a variety of quick and somewhat long lasting temporary fixes, from plastic showers to vacuum hoses.


A collection of grommets with a tool.

Crafts Using GrommetsGrommets and smaller eyelets come in handy for use in many crafts and projects including curtains, plant pouches, and even a homemade poop bag holder. Check out the many ideas found below.


A tissue holder upside down to hold flowers.

Reusing a Tissue HolderTurn a plastic canvas tissue box holder into a pretty floral display. Yet another example of repurposing as an inexpensive decorating technique.


A collection of roses made from Styrofoam egg cartons.

Styrofoam Egg Carton RosesIf your eggs come in Styrofoam cartons, why not recycle the empty containers into pretty roses. Let us show you how.


Confetti Birthday Number Cake Topper - number28 covered in confetti

How to Make a Confetti Birthday Number Cake TopperHot glue numbers are covered with tissue paper confetti to make this fun cake topper. The easy to follow tutorial follows.


steak pinwheel on plate

Spinach Bacon Parmesan Steak PinwheelsRolled up steak filled with garlic, spinach, bacon, and Parmesan cheese. These pinwheels are a delicious main entree drizzled with a balsamic sauce.


Two pairs of orange ear plugs.

Using Earplugs to Block NoiseEarplugs are often used at loud events, like music show or car races. They can also be used around the home to block out unwanted noise, day or night.


A bag of cereal removed from its box.

Reusing Inner Lining from Cereal or CrackersThe inner lining found in many cereal and cracker boxes can be put to a wide variety of second uses, from crafts to food prep and storage. This page contains a selection of excellent ideas for reusing these liners.


A shelf unit built on the back of a bathroom door.

Making a Hidden Medicine CabinetBathroom medicine cabinets are often too small to hold all of your medical and first aid supplies. This hidden cabinet/shelf unit was constructed and hung on the back of a door. The design lends itself to other uses as well.


A graduation ceremony.

Saving Money on GraduationHigh school and college graduations are milestones in a person's life. However, the costs can add up with the graduation expenses and the expected party. This page has advice for saving money on graduation.


A man in a wheelchair doing the dishes.

Cleaning with a DisabilityLiving with a disability can make normal cleaning chores difficult. There are supportive devices that are designed for older and disabled people. Many regular household cleaning tools can be repurposed too.


A plate of salami rose appetizers.

Salami Rose AppetizersUse thin sliced salami and crescent roll dough to create these pretty roses. These make a perfect decoration for a cheese or antipasto platter for a party or special event.


Two finches in a cage.

Breeding FinchesFinches prefer to live with a companion and that will often lead to babies. If your pair has not started nesting yet, it could be that you don't have a mixed sex pair. This page contains tips and advice for breeding finches.


Tender Yogurt Spice Chicken on eggplant on plate

Tender Yogurt Spice ChickenYogurt and garam masala are used to flavor boneless chicken. The Indian flavors go well with a side of rice.


Chili in bowl with cheese & dollop of sour cream

Slow Cooker Chili with Black BeansThis easy chili is made with both black and red kidney beans in a savory mix of beef, peppers, onions and Mexican spices. Cook this while you are doing other things in a slow cooker for dinner whenever you want.


A gloved hand cleaning a tile surface.

Regrouting TilesIt is difficult to keep the grout between tiles looking clean and new. It can be painted over or new grout could be added to cracks.



baked Chocolate Banana Bread

Chocolate Banana BreadStandard banana bread takes much longer to bake, here's a delicious chocolate banana bread alternative ready in 30 minutes. Also, what's great is you don't need any butter for this recipe (which I'm still out of.)


Sour Gummy Sugar Cookies on tray

Sour Gummy Sugar CookiesThese cookies are soft and chewy, studded with a bunch of sour gummies. I came up with them because we were craving cookies, but were lacking a lot of usual ingredients like chocolate chips and nuts. I can tell you that everyone's initial raised eyebrow to these cookies quickly turned into absolute delight. These did not last long in our house. I think you'll enjoy them, too.


baked pie

How to Make a Chicken Go a Long WayI am trying to make what I cook go a long way. This roasting chicken, made 3-4 meals! And I bought it on sale for around $5.00.


Hansel-Milo Ref Cake on plate

Hansel-Milo Ref CakeIn times like this, I make myself busy with simple recipes while staying at home. I'm stuck in my boarding house with my family by the way. Being stranded in a place with almost nothing like books, computer, or internet literally feels like I'm in a dungeon. Good thing I still have this no bake recipe wherein I won't need my oven or my mixer.



Orchid Rock Rose (Southern CA) - three beautiful blooms

Orchid Rock Rose (Southern CA)I have seen some beautiful rock roses, but this orchid rock rose put me under its spell! The amazing colors and silky petals tremble in the mountain breezes. I hope they last a few more weeks!


Basketball Toss Game - ready to play

Basketball Toss GameHere is a fun basketball inspired toss game you could make with simple household supplies (empty tissue box, cup, & foil) for your kids to play with.


Homemade Paper Mask - man modeling the mask

Homemade Paper MaskRight now mask-wearing is in effect if you are to go outside, in some areas. Are you limited on resources at home? You can make a mask with a paper towel. It is not the same as N95 or surgical mask designed for healthcare employees, but we're trying to save those resources for those who need it most, plus it's literally impossible to find any available masks in general to buy right now.



Identifying a Stuffed Toy - tan and white stuffed dog with a red, white, and blue bone on its chest

Identifying a Stuffed Toy?Can you help find my toy? The only legible writing on the tag is P.O. MFG6227 and the year 1996. It plays music when you pull the legs/body out fully and the music slows down as the legs retract.


Information on a Robert Dunlap Painting - print on canvas of a landscape

Information on a Robert Dunlap Painting?I'm trying to find more information on this artist. Would someone know more about this particular painting? It is signed.


Identifying Tiny Black Biting Bugs - long thin black bug

Identifying Tiny Black Biting Bugs?I just need some advice, we've had small black bugs outside that jump, but don't fly the past week. We ain't sure what they are or if it's the weather? We've been bitten a few times and not sure if that's the bugs? Every time I or my dog goes outside they are attached to my trousers or socks and his fur. It seems to happen when we go in the garden.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Rescue Dog Not Peeing or Pooping?I adopted a 3 year old Pit/Collie mix from a friend of mine. He was/is house and crate trained. He is adapting very well so far. He eats and drinks normally and loves to go on walks and car rides and has grown very attached to me. The only problem is he hasn't urinated or pooped in nearly 3 whole days!


Value of Noritake China - plate

Value of Noritake China?Mine says "Made in occupied Japan". Any ideas? I found this in my house 20 years after I bought it. It was left by the previous owners. I'd love if it was worth something.


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John Deere Mower Won't Start?I have a L130 John Deere that will turn over, but not start. I've tested the fuel pump and it is working, fuel filter was replaced last year, it has a brand new battery, and I have spark. The air filter is also clean. Any suggestions?


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Searching for a Tire and Rim for a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica?Where can I find a tire and rim for a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica?


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