May 28, 2020

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A divorce decree on a judge's desk.

Getting a Copy of Divorce PapersLegal documents, such as divorce papers, should be available from the records office in your city or municipality. Try that if you never received copies from the court or have misplaced the original copies.


Loaded Chicken Nachos on plate

Loaded Chicken NachosThe recipe for these delicious chicken nachos also includes instructions for making the tortilla chips from flour tortillas. Add cooked onions and chicken to cheese covered chips and then add your favorite toppings.


Two girls chewing gum.

Chewing Gum Name SuggestionsLaunching a new product includes coming up with a great name that will help to sell it. This page offers some name suggestions for a new stick style chewing gum product.


hand held Avocado and Sweet Potato Brownies

Avocado and Sweet Potato BrowniesThese flourless brownies are made from cooked sweet potatoes, avocado, peanut butter, and cocoa. While the texture is more fudgelike, they are especially tasty if eaten when frozen. The recipe and a couple of ingredient variations can be found below.


A plate of pumpkin waffles.

Making Pumpkin WafflesMake delicious pumpkin waffles using canned puree, pie spices, and other additions such as chopped apples, or nuts. They are sure to be a hit, not only at breakfast.


Value of an 1858 Webster's Dictionary

Value of a 1858 Webster's DictionaryWhile older reference books and dictionaries do not necessarily hold their value, antique volumes are a different item. Books in excess of 100 years or so may be sought after by collectors. Their value is often determined by age, rarity, condition, and the market for the specific title. An antique bookseller is a good resource for helping to determine a book's value.


Silk scarf on white background.

Cleaning Permanent Ink From SilkPermanent ink stains on silk can sometimes be removed by using an alcohol based product, such as hairspray or rubbing alcohol itself. As with all stains and fabric types, test on a small spot first.


Folded Paper Photo Frame - insert photo

How to Make a Folded Paper Photo FrameLearn how to make a folded decorative paper frame for a photo. This inexpensive craft is fun to make and you have a pretty frame for home or office display. The folds on the back help it stand without an added frame stand.


Crispy Lemon Rosemary Chicken on plate with noodles & asparagus

Crispy Lemon Rosemary ChickenChicken thighs marinated in lemon juice, garlic, and rosemary are baked and then cooked under the broiler for a few minutes to create a wonderful crispy finish. The recipe can be found below.


Tuna Tartare with rice on plate

Making Tuna TartareFresh tuna is perfect for making this tasty dish. The addition of parsley and ginger add a nice flavor. The instructions for preparing this raw fish dish can be found below.


Upcycle a Kraft Paper Store Bag - finished bag with tissue paper inside

Upcycle a Kraft Paper Store BagUsing magazine clippings, or other decorative, colorful paper pieces you can upcycle a plain kraft paper shopping bag into a pretty gift bag. Let us show you how.


baked Walnut Potato Bread

Making Walnut Potato BreadThis delicious whole grain vegan bread uses mashed potatoes and oil to replace the dairy. Walnut pieces are added for additional flavor and a bit of nice nutty texture. The full recipe and easy to follow steps, with photos, follows.


pan of baked Banana Bread

Lower Calorie Banana BreadThis moist banana bread is prepared with less oil and sugar. Applesauce adds some sweetness and the addition of a small amount of chocolate chips fulfills the snack food desire with a somewhat healthier option.


A Sorta-Neat sorting tray.

Finding a Sorta-Neat Sorting TrayThe Sorta-Neat sorting tray was originally sold at Sears. It was designed to help sort nuts, bolts, etc. It appears to no longer be manufactured. Used ones are sometimes seen for sale on-line.



piled crepes with strawberries

Perfect CrepesKnowing how to make a good crepe comes in handy because you can fill them with whatever you like. They make a wonderful treat whether it's morning, noon, or night. I like to serve them with fresh fruit for breakfast, and tuck them with dark chocolate for dessert. They also make great wraps for things like smoked salmon and cream cheese. Enjoy!


cut Yellow Cake 7 plate of strawberry shortcake

Yellow Cake from ScratchWe picked strawberries and made jam. We can't have strawberries on hand and not have strawberry shortcake. I needed a cake so I pulled out my old recipe from the 1950's. Our neighbor, who would be over 110 years old, if she were living today, baked a lot of cakes for many occasions and this is her


Family Size Chicken Pot Pie

Family Size Chicken Pot PieI am still doing my COVID meals for 4 families in my neighborhood. I am just loving it. I have also received some resource help through church funding which has been a great blessing, and very rewarding! I tried a new recipe of my own to make square foil pan Chicken Pot pies 'Family Size' and they came out great.



My First Wreath - grapevine wreath with sunflowers and a tan burlap ribbon bow

My First WreathThis is the first wreath I have ever made. I just had to post it. I know it's not the best, but hey! I am pretty proud! The supplies that I used were: a grape vine wreath, burlap ribbon, faux flowers, and a hot glue gun.



Value of a Classic Treasures Porcelain Doll - blond haired doll wearing a red beret, red sweater vest over a long sleeve plaid dress

Value of a Classic Treasures Porcelain DollThis is a a special edition, genuine bisque porcelain doll. Is it worth anything?


Value of a Collector's Choice Musical Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a white faux fur trimmed coat and hat

Value of a Collector's Choice Musical Porcelain DollThis porcelain doll has wind-up music and dances. She is hand painted bisque. It is not a toy. Possible value?


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Making Corn Starch Stiffener for a Crocheted Doll's SkirtHow do I make a corn starch stiffener for a crocheted doll dress with a full skirt?


Identifying Insect Eggs on a Tomato Plant - cluster of tiny yellow eggs on tomato leaf

Identifying Insect Eggs on a Tomato PlantI found these on my tomato plant, any idea what kind of eggs they are?


Bugs Biting Me in My Sleep - red insect or spider bites

Bugs Biting Me in My SleepIt's been 2 weeks and these bites keep coming back. First there were 3 and now theres 2 more new fresh bites. It hurts when I touch around it and water-like fluid comes out every time to time. I can't sleep and now I'm 100% paranoid to sleep in my own bed. I have washed my sheets with hot water and bleach. I have even tried cleaning my mattress with Clorox hoping maybe itwill kill any bugs.


ceramic dish

Finding a Lady Figurine DishI have been looking everywhere for years for a figurine like the lady dish with the green dress on your site. Any idea where one could be found to purchase? I appreciate your help.


Value of a Craftsman Yard Man Reel Mower - old reel mower on driveway

Value of a Craftsman Yard Man Reel MowerI have an old Craftsman (Yard Man) reel mower, model # 123.81730. The tag says it was manufactured by Yard-Man, Inc. I cannot find any information on it online. Does anyone know where I can find any information on it, or what the value of it is?


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