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A cardboard tube with a print.

Finding the Value of a Thomas Kinkade Print?This is a page about finding the value of a Thomas Kinkade print. Thomas Kincade prints have been a very popular collector's piece of artwork.


Identifying a Painting and Artist  - corner shop painting - possibly

Identifying a Painting?Does any one recognize the signature on this painting? Can any one make-out the letters of the signature? Does any one recognize the painting?


Value of a Signed Elizabeth Ritter Frog Figurine - tan frog/toad on a rock

Value of a Signed Elizabeth Ritter Frog Figurine?Can anyone tell me if this has any value please?


Identifying a Carved Wood Mask

Identifying a Carved Wood Mask?This is a page about identifying a carved wood mask. Pieces of artwork that we acquire at yard sales, receive as gifts, etc. are often unmarked as to maker or origin.


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Cole Bowman Oil Painting?I am looking for the value of an original Cole Bowman oil painting. I can't find much info about him online.


Identifying Wooden Masks?

Identifying Wooden Masks?My mom gave these to me they had been stored in her garage for a unknown time. She got them from her family in Arkansas 20-30 years ago. I would like to display them but know nothing about them. Any information is appreciated


Identifying Decorative Wooden Masks?

Identifying Decorative Wooden Masks?Anyone know how to look it up


A framed Thomas Kincaid print.

Value of Thomas Kincaid Library Print?I need to sell this Thomas Kinkade library print. It is Hometown Lake and it is in excellent condition. I am uncertain how to go about selling it or what the value of the picture is. Could you please give me some information to help me?


A print of the painting a lighthouse during a storm.

Value of Jesse Barnes "Lighting the Way" Print?I have several Jesse Barnes prints s/n lithographs with coa's. Can I get help with value on these or is it specific to just Thomas Kinkade's artwork. The one shown is Lighting the Way. It's an lithograph AP.



A carved wooden mask with horns.

Information on Wooden Mask?I have a mask that i would love some answers on! If anybody can maybe even give me a price, that would be great!


A old painting of a Native American man.

Value of Chief Red Cloud Painting?This is Chief Red Cloud. Looking for an appraisal. I'd also like to identify the signature at the bottom right.


A picture of Scott Joplin.

Value of Susan Dysinger Prints?I have 2 separate signed and numbered Susan Dysinger's etchings. I'd like to know their value, but don't really know how to go about it. #1 Apparently while in storage, a rat (or something) decided to chew on the Scott Joplin A.P. VII/XX Certificate! #2 Then there is "At The Club Zangibar" 48/80 July 9th, 1979. Who could tell with the hungry critter's appetite?


A painting of a country boy.

Value of Country Boy and Country Girl Paintings?Just curious if these painting are worth anything. Both got put on eBay and immediately had offers for $400 for Country Girl and then $380 for Country Boy. Now I'm starting to wonder if these are worth a lot more. Any help would be great! Thanks.


A watercolor painting of Key West.

Value of Watercolor Print?Wanting to sell this print. I found a set of 4 on Worth Point that say "'custom art prints key west artist originals signed #441564174"'and "set of 4 original art prints done in ink and watercolor." The one print I have is ALMOST identical to picture in Worth Point.


A canvas painting of people, trees and huts.

Value of Canvas Painting?I was wondering if anyone knew or recognized this artist's signature. Looking to find a little bit of history on this.


Value of Dennis Thomson Copper Art Piece? - copper art piece of tribal dancer with drum

Value of Dennis Thomson Copper Art Piece?This is a Dennis Thomson tribal dancer copper art piece. I have been able to find other work or art that he has done, but as for this tribal dancer I'm definitely having a difficult time finding any other ones so I cannot place a value on it. It is an item 18 that's what it says on the back label. I believe it might be from 1970s. I'm assuming it is from Africa.


Identifying a Piece of Metal Relief Art - bronze or copper colored relief of musicians

Identifying a Piece of Metal Relief Art?I have been given this picture. I must admit I have never seen this type before. What kind of craft picture is this? I am not sure if it is copper or brass. It has a hanging chain. Has anyone seen this or something similar? The picture itself seems to be of the olden times with minstrels.


Asian design decorative plate

Value of Unidentified and Unique Art Pieces?I know nothing about the painting though it is an enormous original oil painting. The plate I know is 75-100 years old, approximately 15'inches in diameter.


Information on a Robert Dunlap Painting - print on canvas of a landscape

Information on a Robert Dunlap Painting?Attempting to find information on a signed painting by an unknown or obscure artist may be difficult. An internet search might yield some clues.


Identifying Thrift Store Asian Paintings - houses on lake shore with stylized mountains in the background

Identifying Thrift Store Asian Paintings?We found these at a local thrift store and we are trying to find out what medium they are done in, approximately when they were painted, and possible value. Any help will do. We are including a close up of the signature stamp.


Identifying Framed Paper Cutout Silhouettes - woman playing a piano and others bowing and dancing

Identifying Framed Paper Cutout Silhouettes?I came across these two paper cutouts, they are pictures that are in the frame. They seem pretty old and the back of one says 1711, but I don't think that's a date, but it could be. What do any of y'all know anything about this? I would really appreciate it. I don't even know where to go.


Vintage Jesus Shadowbox - black and white photo with 3-D symbols in foreground

Vintage Jesus Shadowbox?I bought this item, with no knowledge of what, where, or when this originated. it is a very vintage shadow box with Jesus and different meaningful symbols. If you know about this piece, I'll be simply amazed! It's almost kinda scary, but super cool in the same sense.


Value of a Regency Fine Arts Figurine - woman in a purple evening gown

Value of a Regency Fine Arts Figurine?I have a figurine that states it is a Regency Fine Arts figurine. It has the name of Christina 2001 on it as well. Is it a collectable and if so, do you know the value?


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Value of My Thomas Kinkaid Painting?I have a limited edition, #68/105 large gilce print of "Snow White Discovers The Cottage." The physical dimensions are 27" X 17" with the beautiful frame the overall dimensions are 34" X 24". I'd like to get a value for insurance purposes.



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Value of Thomas Kinkade Print?My parents left me a 18 x 27 offset lithograph on canvas print 15/1250 with a antique gold frame. I have paperwork. The picture is called, Main Street Trolley. I have done some research and see they are still producing it and it sells for $995 plus shipping. I'm thinking I will try Craigslist for $700.


Information on a G Armani Eagle - eagle figurine

Information on a G Armani Eagle?Can you tell me which eagle this is and approximately when it was made?


Many Stained Glass Windows leaning against each other at flea market.

Finding the Value of Vintage Stained Glass Windows?There are many factors that can determine the value of art such as stained glass windows. You might find some help on-line, but may need to seek professional help. This is a page about finding the value of stained glass windows.


Information and Value of a Mary Jo Gimber Print - print of irises and other flowers

Information and Value of a Mary Jo Gimber Print?I am trying to find info and value of this.


cover page and opposing page with photo

Finding the Value of The New Educator Encyclopedias?Most Encyclopaedias are not worth much as they were mass produced and distributed. However, if you have a particularly old or rare set on Encyclopaedias, they may have some value for a collector. This is a page about value of the New Educator Encyclopaedia 1948.


red wooden Buddha shrine

Identifying a Buddha Shrine or Altar?I found this Buddha at an estate sale. I couldn't resist. I would like to know more about it. Also what can I put as offerings?


photo of Notre Dame

Finding the Value of a Louis Orr Etching?This is a page about finding the value of a Louis Orr etching. Louis Orr is an American etcher known for his etchings of famous Paris buildings as well as other notable structures.


two painting of California wildflowers

Value of Nicholson Oil Paintings?Do you know the value of these paintings? They are of wild flowers by Chas. W. Nicholson.


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Value of Harry Mann Prints?I have 2 prints by Harry Man or Harry Mann, I am not able to find much info in them. Is there anyone out there who can help me?


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Protecting Old Art Prints?We have some large old prints that I want to be able to preserve but also put them in our garage. I don't want them in my home. LOL! They are my husband's grandfather's. Any ideas of what I can do?


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Looking for Old Photos?I am looking for an old time photo of oxen pulling a wagon or other equipment. Can anyone help me?


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Shopping for Angel Figurine by Tom Rubel Titled "Heaven's Retired Angel"?I am looking for a angel by Tom Rubel. It is a grandmother with white hair and is called Heaven's Retired Angel by Tom Rubel. I am not looking for retired angels as I get when I put this in to search. Does anyone have any suggestions where to look?


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Selling a Narnia Poster?I have an original Chronicles of Narnia poster map without a boarder in awesome condition. It is from 1971, by Pauline Baynes. I would love to sell it and know its worth.


Finding Out the Value of a Print?I'm trying to get an approximate value on this antique print of "Daybreak" by Robert Parish. It looks like an original frame. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.



Worth of Thomas Kinkade Print?

Worth of Thomas Kinkade Print?Hello! I have this Thomas Kinkade print I custom framed! Need to resell!


A Thomas Kinkade landscape print.

Value of Thomas Kinkade "Remember Me"?Hi, I was wondering if this beautiful print on canvas has any value. It measures approximately 30'x15 inches' (not measuring the frame). I acquired this beautiful piece years ago, from an estate sale. I have a family emergency right now. So I don't know if this is worth anything. Thank you in advance


An unframed print in a portfolio.

Value of Thomas Kinkade "'Light of Peace"Wondering what the value of this signed and numbered offset lithograph print is. It' is in mint condition and it's in in the original portfolio. A/P number 207/335. 'Light of Peace' S/N A/P on lithograph paper. Size is 25.5'x 34'


Thomas Kinkade Print?

Thomas Kinkade Print?Just wondered if it was worth selling.


A painting of a tree in a yard.

Identifying an Artist?This painting was given away at my work, an assisted living community. I'd love to know who the artist is and if it's a person related to the previous resident or if it was just bought. I love this painting and will lovingly keep it but I'd like to more about the artist if possible.


The framed print.

Thomas Kinkade "Glory of the Morning" and "Glory of the Evening"Glory of the Morning and Glory of the Evening. Matching numbered set with coa. I'm looking for the secondary market value for the matching set. They are s/n limited edition in canvas. Gorgeous frames.


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