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This page contains tips and advice for saving money on meals.

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Fork wound with spaghetti and ketsup meal.

Cheap Meal IdeasDo you need help learning how to stretch your meal budget? This page has tips on what is both nutritious and cheap when money is tight.


A woman looking in the refrigerator.

What Can I Make With These Ingredients?This is a page about "What can I make with these ingredients?". Have you ever had a bunch of random ingredients and wondered if there was anything you could make with them? Luckily, it is possible to create a variety of delicious meals with items you may already have on hand.


Creamed tuna on slices of toast garnished with herbs and red onion

Making Creamed Tuna on ToastSave food dollars with your basic white sauce, a can of tuna and toast. It makes a quick, inexpensive meal.


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Half The Meat in Hamburger Helper for Kids and FriendsAlthough I'm not usually crazy about Hamburger Helper, I sometimes use it when I know I'm going to have my kid's friends over for dinner. Feeding teenaged boys can break the bank so I use two boxes of mix to only one pound of meat.


Ingredients for ramen stir fry.

Spicing Up Your Ramen NoodlesAre you tired of eating the same old ramen noodles? Well then I have a tip for you. These cheap noodles can be made into more interesting meals with just a few extra ingredients.


Ham and beans in a bowl.

Dollar Tree Country HamIn the cooler at Dollar Tree, I saw some packages of cured ham for $1.00. It looked like a bargain to me and I thought it sure would make some good seasoning for a pot of navy beans.



Close-up of hamburger helper with macaroni noodles

Stretching Prepared MealsOne method of stretching prepared foods, such as boxed noodle dishes, is to add more plain pasta and water. Or more vegetables can be added to give it a fresher flavor. This is a page about stretching prepared meals.


Canned soup in a bowl on a striped tablecloth

Stretching Canned SoupsOne way to stretch canned soups is to add canned or frozen vegetables, which are often less costly than the soup. This is a page about stretching canned soups.


Rotisserie chicken in a plastic to go box

Using a Rotisserie Chicken for Several...This is a page about using rotisserie chicken for several meals. With planning you can stretch a small chicken into several meals.


Boy Eating a Burger

Inexpensive Kids Meal Ideas?This is a page about inexpensive kids meal ideas. Feeding your kids healthy yet inexpensive meals can be a challenge.


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Cheap Prepared Food Ideas for a Large Group?I need to purchase already prepared food items, ex. hot dogs or chili for 500 people for a company event. Any suggestions?


A paper bag of groceries.

Saving Money on MealsFood is a constant weekly expense for all families. There are ways to cut costs with smart shopping techniques, frugal meal ideas, using leftovers, and more. This is a page for saving money on meals.


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Thrifty Food Tips For 1-2 PeopleI, like a lot of people, have lots of food leftovers, usually they go to waste. I have noted a few ideas I will share that I have found useful!


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Virtually Free Broth From TrimmingsSave and freeze all meat trimmings and bones. Also save the celery tops, onion skins, pepper seeds, tomato skins, etc. When you have enough bones and meat trimmings of the same kind, add them to a pot with a bay leaf and some of the celery tops and onion skins.


Inexpensive Pasta DishesDo you have any family tested, inexpensive pasta dishes to share? Feel free to post your ideas.


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Use Inexpensive Condiment Brands for CookingIf you have a specific brand of condiment that you prefer, use the brand that's cheapest for cooking. For example with ketchup, go ahead and buy Heinz for putting on sandwiches, but use the cheaper brand of ketchup for making meatloaf and other dishes that require it.


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Save Pepperoni from Sale PizzasWhen pizzas go on sale and I stock up, I always buy pepperoni. The kids only like cheese pizza though, so I've started plucking off the pepperonis and saving them.


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Three Meals for $4.00Three meals for $4.00. My tip is to be ready to adapt and succeed. If you find yourself in unexpected circumstances, allow for it.


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Stretch Your Meals To Save Time And MoneyIf you're wondering what to fix for a meal, with or without meat, prepare the dish that will produce the most servings. Stretch your food dollars. You could fry up 4 hamburgers from a 1 pound package of ground meat such as beef, turkey or chicken, for exactly 1 meal.


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Homemade Pizza SubstituteI raised a very large family on very little and believe I am very thrifty. Now there is only my daughter and I and neither of us eat very much so it's hard to adjust my cooking habits.


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Save Money With Meatless MealsAnyone who has been to my website knows that I almost had a heart attack when I realized that my family was spending nearly $1000 a month on groceries, eating out, baby formula and hot school lunches. Our goal for 2006 is to cut that amount to $300.



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Learn to Make SoupIf you don't already know how, learn to make soup. It is a healthy, nutritious and economical budget stretcher. You can use up a lot of your leftover veggies and a large pot often lasts for more than one meal.


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Frugal Tips For a Convenience Food Addict?My fiancee is the pickiest eater ever! He really only likes convenience foods which are costing me a small fortune! He likes chips and dip, frozen waffles, pizza and french fries. He won't eat any vegetables, except potatoes or un-cooked celery and carrots.


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Meatless Recipes under $1.50

As part of my ongoing research to find more money saving tips for the Simple Debt Free Living plan, I came across these super low cost recipes at Easy Veggie Meals Under $1.50 - Cheryl Johnson


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My Frugal Life: Cooking for Work and Busy TimesWhen we were busy or had to work all at the same time, we had to prep for how we would all eat. There was no going to a drive-thru, because there was no extra money.


$10 Dinners: Chicken Stir Fry - cooking stir fry

Looking For A Quick And Affordable Meal...You are tired after spending the day working. But, the age old question is, "What's for dinner?" Do you have an option for dinner tonight? Here is a quick dinner that you can make that is satisfying and easy to do.


Scattering of dried pinto beans with red peppers and cilantro. Cooking Dried Beans

Going Back to My Mama's WaysMy mom grew up in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains with six brothers and sisters. Her father died before she was a teenager, leaving her mother with no income to feed a large family. Meat was a rare and precious commodity in their home - they mostly ate meals made from their garden harvest.



Inexpensive Meal Ideas?Anyone have any meal ideas that could stretch my £6.00 for 4 days please?


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What Can I Make with These Ingredients?What can I make with chicken breast, onion, mushrooms, runner beans, and natural yoghurt?


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Recipes for Feeding a Family Inexpensively?I am looking for cheap recipes that will feed a family of 5. Thanks.


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What Can I Make With These Ingredients?I have small cans of potted meat, mashed potatoes, frozen mixed veggies, and Bisquick.


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Inexpensive Kids' Lunch Ideas?My children and I are getting pretty tired of PBJ or frozen pizza for lunch. Any simple, but tasty ideas to make lunch more appealing?


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What Can I Make with These Ingredients?I have baking mix, oatmeal, and peaches. What can I make?


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