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Moldy loaf of bread.

Preventing Mold on BreadIt isn't any fun to be making a sandwich and discover that your bread is moldy. There are a number of ways to prevent your bread from molding. This is a page about preventing mold on bread.


A container of moldy cheddar cheese.

Preventing Mold on CheeseIf it is not a variation of blue cheese you probably would prefer it not be moldy. This is a page about preventing mold on cheese.


Uncooked Macaroni

Converting Dry Macaroni Measurements?Some recipes call for a certain number of ounces of pasta, instead of the number of cups. It is important to be able to convert back and forth from ounces to cups properly, so that the recipe is made correctly. This is a page about how to convert dry macaroni measurements.


A perfectly cooked beef roast on a cutting board.

How to Cook a Frozen RoastEven less expensive cuts of meat can come out moist and tender when cooked properly. You can save time by cooking the roast right out of the freezer.


A bowl of well cooked chicken noodle soup.

Foods I Can Eat After Having My Teeth PulledAfter having your teeth pulled, you may have a very restricted diet until your gums heal. This is a page about foods I can eat after having my teeth pulled.


Substituting Half and Half for Milk in Recipes

Substituting Half and Half for Milk in RecipesThis is a page about substituting half and half for milk in recipes. If you are out of milk or just want a creamier flavor, try substituting half and half for the milk in a recipe.


Someone pouring chocolate syrup in a small glass bowl.

How Many Ounces in a Can of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup?Sometimes a recipe will list an ingredient as a can or box of this or than. If you purchase the ingredient in larger size containers you may not know how to measure correctly. This is a page about, "How many ounces in a can of Hershey's chocolate syrup?".


Spinach Quiche

Side Dishes That Go With Quiche?Finding the best complements to your main dish will make for a great meal. This page is about side dishes that go with quiche.


A woman tasting her homemade soup.

Remedies For Burnt SoupIt's easy to lose track of your soup and return to find it stuck to bottom of the pot. But don't despair, check out this page with remedies for burnt soup.


Leftover Biscuits

Uses for Leftover BiscuitsOften times a batch of biscuits may be more than your family can eat at one meal. Save the leftovers and use them in a new dish tomorrow. This is a page about uses for leftover biscuits.


1970s disco ball

1970's Weight Watchers PlansThis page is about 1970's Weight Watcher plans. Finding the older diet recipes that have worked for you is sometimes a challenge.


Peanut oil in 2 glass bottles with a plate of peanuts.

Using Peanut Oil Instead of Vegetable Oil?One major advantage to using peanut oil is that it can be used at higher temperatures than other oils. This is a page about using peanut oil instead of vegetable oil.



Sliced Pound Cake

Uses for Leftover Pound Cake?Often, there is no leftover pound cake. However, when there is, you can use the leftovers in a variety of other dessert dishes. This is a page about uses for leftover pound cake.


Gas from Beans

Reducing Gas from BeansThe complex sugars in beans contribute to the unfortunate side effect of dining on many types of beans - gas. This is a page about reducing gas from beans.


Fettucine Alfredo

Substitutes for Tomatoes in RecipesWhatever the reason you don't wish to include tomatoes in a recipe, there are ingredients that often be substituted and still result in a delicious dish. This is a page about substitutes for tomatoes in recipes.


1980's Weight Watchers Plans

1980s Weight Watchers PlansThis page is about 1980's Weight Watcher plans. Finding the older diet recipes that have worked for you is sometimes a challenge.


Food for a Large Group

Preparing Food for a Large GroupPreparing food for a large group can seem daunting, especially the first time. This is a page about preparing food for a large group.


A tall glass of tomato juice.

Making Juice With Frozen Tomatoes?Here is a recipe for making juice from some of those frozen tomatoes from your garden. This is a page about making juice with frozen tomatoes.


chicken broth

Substituting Bouillon Cubes with Bouillon Granules?This is a page about substituting bouillon cubes with bouillon granules. Bouillon granules can easily be substituted for the cubes in a recipe, you just need to have the conversion information.


Frozen Cabbage

Using Frozen Cabbage?This page is about using frozen cabbage. When frozen, the texture of all vegetables changes whether blanched or not.


Meatloaf with several slices ready to be served

Substitution for Eggs in MeatloafEggs are typically used as a binder in meatloaf. If you are eliminating eggs from your diet, there are ingredients you can substitute. This is a page about substitutes for egg in meatloaf.


Runny Jam

Fixing Runny Jam?This is a page about fixing runny jam. There are several methods you can use to fix jam that does not set up.


Raspberry Preserves

Getting the Scorched Taste Out of Preserves?This is a page about getting the scorched taste out of preserves. Don't throw out your preserves because they are a bit overcooked and have a scorched taste. There are some things you can try that may save them.


Softening Granulated Sugar

Softening Granulated SugarWhen sugar gets hard, there are ways to make it useful. This page is about softening granulated sugar.


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Using Pancake Mix Instead of Bisquick?I was wondering if you can sub regular pancake mix for Bisquick? I just finished the box, but I have a huge box of the pancake mix, which my boyfriend and I don't eat a whole lot of. Thanks for any info.


Large Tray of Cheese and Crackers

Cheese and Crackers for a Large Group?Having a party or event with a large group of people and wondering how to serve cheese and crackers? This is a page about cheese and crackers for a large group.



Using Frozen ZucchiniFreezing zucchini will make it more watery on thawing. This doesn't necessary cause a problem when adding it to a recipe. This is a page about using frozen zucchini.



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Can I Smoke Meat Using Sweet Gum?Has anyone ever used sweet gum wood to smoke meat with?


Corn cooked in the microwave.

Cooking Corn on the Cob in a MicrowaveThis is a page about cooking corn on the cob in a microwave. Corn on the cob can be prepared in a variety of ways.


Making Fudge

Fixing Fudge That Didn't SetSometimes fudge just doesn't set. Short of using it for a syrup or spread, you may want to try to fix it and successfully get it to set. This is a page about fixing fudge that didn't set.


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Canning Salt vs. Table Salt?What is the difference in canning salt and regular table salt? Can they be use interchangeably?


Whipped Cream Cheese

Making Whipped Cream CheeseYou don't have to buy whipped cream cheese for your recipes. It can be made cheaper, when needed, at home. This is a page about making whipped cream cheese.


Chicken on a Stick

Making Chicken on a Stick for a Large Crowd?Preparing large quantities of food for a group event presents many challenges. The first is to know how much food to prepare, to avoid waste and hungry guests. This page asks about how much to buy when making chicken on a stick for a large crowd.


Opened can of condensed milk.

Substituting Condensed Milk for Whole Milk?Condensed milk can be substituted for whole milk in some recipes. Since condensed milk contains a lot of added sugar it may not always be the best choice. Evaporated milk and water are another option. This is a page about substituting condensed milk for whole milk.


Kabobs on a serving plate.

Making Kabobs for a Large Group?Serving kabobs to a large group is a good idea. You will need to estimate ingredients, guest preferences for meats, seafood, and/or vegetables. One final consideration is who will prepare them. This is a page about making kabob for a large group.


Frozen prices of beef.

How to Cook Freezer Burned MeatFreezer burned meat can be safely eaten, as long as it was properly frozen and defrosted. If possible, trimming off the burned portions will help prevent the taste that develops in freezer burned meats. This is a page about how to cook freezer burned meat.


Very Easy Poached Egg

Making Easy Poached Eggs in the MicrowaveThere are several ways to make poached eggs, using the microwave is one option. This is a page about making easy poached eggs in the microwave.


A flight attendant talking at the airport.

Meal Ideas for a Flight Attendant?Flight attendants have access to the inflight meals but may need to pack their own food for dietary or preferential reasons. This page has meal ideas for a flight attendant.


Close up image of red pasta sauce cooking in pan

Fixing Burnt Flavor in Spaghetti SauceThis is a page about fixing a burnt flavor in spaghetti sauce. Spaghetti sauce is notorious for burning if not well tended to. Removing the burnt taste can save your sauce.



Substituting Marshmallows and...This is a page about substituting marshmallows and marshmallow creme. Finding the right amount of this cream to use in place of marshmallows, or vice versa, may be easier than you think.


A bamboo cutting board with a sharp knife.

Treat Bamboo Cutting Boards with Olive OilThis page is about treat bamboo cutting boards with olive oil. Bamboo is durable and safe for a cutting board. Clean and oil it before putting it away.


A bowl of homemade vanilla ice cream.

Making Ice Cream Without Heavy Whipping CreamIce cream can be made with other milk products, although it may not be quite as creamy. This is a page about making ice cream without heavy whipping cream.



Cream being poured into a cup of coffee.

Substituting Evaporated Milk for Coffee Creamer?Evaporated milk or canned milk can definitely be used in place of coffee creamer. The flavor will be different. Canned milk is higher than regular milk in fat and sugar so you could also use milk instead. This is a page about substituting evaporated milk for coffee creamer.


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Making Canned Chili Taste Homemade?How do you make canned chili taste like homemade?


Vadalia Chop Wizard

Replacement Parts for the Vadalia Chop Wizard?This page is about replacement parts for the Vadalia Chop Wizard. Finding parts for a kitchen tool can sometimes be a challenge.


opening microwave

Cooking Canned Biscuits in the...Baking refrigerated biscuit dough in a microwave may not give you the results that you are looking for. This is a page about cooking canned biscuits in the microwave.


A small bowl of evaporated milk.

Substituting Evaporated Milk for Whole Milk?When you find yourself out of milk for cooking, perhaps you have a can of evaporated milk on the shelf that can be substituted. This is a page about substituting evaporated milk for whole milk.


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Pasta Sauce Keeps Burning?No matter how low I cook it, my pasta sauce always scorches. Is it because I use a metal pot?


Breaking a Coffee Shop Addiction?I am hooked on going to a particular coffee shop 2 X per day, on my way to work and sometime in the day. I spend $3.60 daily, which is way too much over a year to spend.


Vanilla pudding.

Pudding Tips and TricksThis is a page about pudding tips and tricks. Pudding is a quick and easy dessert to make and there are some tips to ensure that it comes out right and tasty every time.


granulated and cube sugar

Fixing A Recipe with Too Much SugarThis is a page about fixing a recipe with too much sugar. When the directions you followed have made your recipe too sweet, there are a few ways to tone it down.


Cooked Pork Loin

Cooking a Frozen Boneless Pork Loin?It is time to cook that frozen pork loin, now you just need to decide how to prepare it. This is a page about cooking a frozen boneless pork loin.


Butter in Foil Wrapper

Reusing Butter WrappersThis is a page about reusing butter wrappers. Don't toss those butter wrappers, they generally have a bit of butter still on them.


Spreadable Cream Cheese in a Wooden Bowl

Making Spreadable Cream CheeseThis page is about making spreadable cream cheese.Cold cream cheese can be a challenge to spread, but you can easily change its consistency.


jug of milk

Substitutions for MilkThis is a page about substitutions for milk. If your are lactose intolerant or simply out of milk there are some substitutions your can use in recipes.


Peach Cobbler served in a glass dish.

Making Peach Cobbler for a Large Group?This is a page about making peach cobbler for a large group. Fruit cobblers are an excellent dessert choice if you are serving a large group.


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Homemade Ice Cream Leaves Waxy Film?When I make homemade ice cream, I get a waxy film on the spoons and even in my mouth. What is this and how can I keep it from happening?


a girl eating an apple

1990's Weight Watcher Plans?This page is about 1990's Weight Watcher plans. Finding the older diet recipes that have worked for you is sometimes a challenge.


Bread Machine Tips and Tricks

Bread Machine Tips and TricksThis page contains bread machines tips and tricks. Saving time and energy baking bread at home can be accomplished with a bread machine.


Uses for Sour Milk

Uses for Sour MilkThis page contains uses for sour milk. There are many wonderful recipes and other uses for soured milk.


Canned Beans

Using Canned Beans in a Crockpot?This is a page about using canned beans in a Crockpot. Some cooks are concerned about using canned beans in slow cooker recipes.


Deep Frying

Deep Frying Tips and TricksDeep frying is a popular method of preparing certain foods. Following a few simple tips can ensure positive results and help prevent greasy, unappetizing ones. This is a page about deep frying tips and tricks.


Frozen Corn

Frozen Corn for 60 People?When cooking for a large crowd, calculating the amount of food you need to buy and/or prepare is very important. This is a page about buying enough frozen corn for 60 people.


Frozen Red Potatoes pieces on plate

Using Frozen Raw PotatoesWhen raw potatoes have been frozen, they are soft when thawed. They can be cooked right away and used in some dishes without a change in flavor or texture.


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Keeping Soda from Going Flat?How do you keep Coke from going flat once it has been opened? I would like to be able to drink the whole bottle, instead of having to use the flat Coke as a toilet bowl cleaner (which is a great use for it!). Thanks guys!


Bag of flake breakfast cereal spilling out on counter

Uses for Cereal CrumbsThis is a page about uses for cereal crumbs. The crumbs at the bottom of your bag of cereal can be saved and used in baking recipes such as cookies.


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Fix for Salsa That Is Too Sweet?What to do when your salsa is way too sweet?


An uncooked beef brisket on a white background.

How Can I Tenderize Beef Brisket?This is a page about how can I tenderize beef brisket? Low temperature and wrapping your brisket for slow cooking, can help make it moist and tender.


One carton of eggs.

Using Eggs After Their "Sell By" DateYou can see if your eggs float when they are past their sell by date. If they float, they are not good and should be thrown out. This is a page about using eggs after their "sell by" date.


A coffee filter full of used coffee grounds.

Using Coffee Grounds More Than OnceIf you want to make more than one pot of coffee from you ground coffee, it is best to do it within the same day or the grounds can get moldy very quickly. This is a page about using coffee grounds more than once.


Apple slices.

Keeping Cut Fruit from BrowningThis is a page about keeping cut fruit from browning. Cutting fruit in advance saves time but also can result in unattractive, oxidized brown fruit.


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Placing Hot Pans on Glass Tops Stoves?I just purchased a glass top oven, but haven't used the stove top yet. With my traditional coil top I used to take my pot off the burner and transfer it to a cold burner to stop the cooking process. Will this crack the top? Can I place a hot pan from the oven onto the cold surface top?


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Substituting Bisquick for Jiffy Biscuit Mix?I am making a recipe that calls for 1 box of Jiffy biscuit mix, but I couldn't find it at the store. I do have Bisquick. What is the equivalency?


Substitute for Heavy Whipping Cream

Substitute for Heavy Whipping CreamSince many of us don't typically have or use heavy whipping cream, we may need to identify a substitute rather than run to the store. This is a page about substitute for heavy whipping cream.



Substitute for Cornstarch in the UK?Certain products are unavailable in some countries. Similarly, a specific item may be know by different names from one country to another. This is a page about substitute for cornstarch in the UK.


bacon frying

Preventing Bacon Grease SplattersThis is a page about preventing bacon grease splatters. It is a good thing bacon tastes so good, because the spatters are not so good. However, there are some ways to prevent the mess.


A bowl of imitation crab meat.

Shelf Life of Imitation Crab Meat?The shelf life of imitation crab varies depending on packaging and storage. Unopened vacuum sealed packages are typically good in the fridge for two months or the "use by" date. Once opened, use within 3 days. If frozen, use within 6 months is recommended. This is a page about the shelf life of imitation crab meat.


Plastic Food Containers

Keeping Bugs Out of Plastic Food ContainersMany consumers prevent the explosion of pantry moths and weevils, by freezing their dry goods when brought home from the store. There are other methods to try as well. This is a page about keeping bugs out of plastic food containers.


Hands holding potatoes, fresh from the garden.

Converting Two Pounds of Potatoes to Cups?If you are cutting up potatoes for a recipe you will most likely need to measure them in cups. This is a page about converting two pounds of potatoes to cups.


bottles of coffee syrups

Uses for Coffee SyrupsThis is a page about uses for coffee syrups. Flavored coffee syrups are not just for coffee, use them to flavor other foods as well.



Using Applesauce Instead of OilOne way to reduce the fats in our diet is to replace oil with applesauce in certain recipes. Keep in mind the the taste and texture of the finished recipe can be noticeably different. This page contains some thoughts on using applesauce instead of oil in recipes.


Powdered Milk

Using Powdered MilkThis is a page about using powdered milk. Powdered milk is a less expensive alternative to fresh milk and is sometimes called out specifically in recipes.


Measuring spoon spilling over with saffron threads

Substitute for SaffronSaffron can be very expensive. There are a few things you can use for the bright yellow color and a similar flavor of saffron. This is a page about substitute for saffron.


Close up of knife holder peanut butter over the top of a peanut butter jar

Who Makes Kroger Peanut Butter?This is a page about who makes Kroger peanut butter. Most grocery store brands are made by other companies.


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Making Pickles With Burpless Cucumbers?Can you use burpless cucumbers to make dill pickles? Thanks.


shortening in a bowl

Substituting Oil for Shortening in RecipesSubstituting oil for shortening in a recipe is a simple 1:1 ratio. The swap will change the texture of the finished product, making it more dense, less cake like. This is a page about substituting oil for shortening in recipes.


Light Supper Menus Ideas for a Home for the Elderly?Please can someone send me ideas and/or recipes for menus for light suppers for the elderly in an old age home. They already have homemade soup every night with toast, but we need another dish. They get hungry during the early evening.


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Rice Is Too Sticky?My rice always seems to come out sticky, almost like a glob. It doesn't matter what kind of rice I use, white or brown. Any suggestions? Thanks.


Fixing Salsa That is Too Vinegary

Fixing Salsa That is Too VinegaryWhen recipes come out wrong, there are often ways to fix the problems. This is a page about fixing salsa that is too vinegary.


Brown Bananas in a  Cream Pie

Bananas Turning Brown in Banana Cream Pie?This page contains several suggestions for ways to keep the bananas in your banana cream pie from turning brown. Think lemon juice or cool pudding. This is a page about bananas turning brown in banana cream pie.


How to Remove Shells
From Hard Boiled Eggs

How to Remove Shells From Hard Boiled EggsThere are a number of popular and less known methods for successfully removing the shells from hard boiled eggs without having them stick. This is a page about removing shells from hard boiled eggs.


Food Left Out Overnight

Food Left Out Overnight?Occasionally leftovers do not make it into the fridge, and you need to know if it's still safe to eat. This page is about food left out overnight.


White bowls of tomato paste, tomato sauce, and salsa setting on a background of tomatoes and red and green peppers

Substituting Tomato Paste for Tomato SauceIf you run out of tomato sauce you can substitute paste if you have that on hand. This is a page about substituting tomato paste for tomato sauce.


Convection Oven in New Kitchen

Convection Oven Tips and RecipesThis page contains convection oven tips and recipes. Convection ovens require an adjustment of temperature, and other considerations.


A frozen beef roast.

Cooking Frozen MeatMany people store meat in their freezers and forget to take it out in time for dinner. Cooking frozen meat is one option, as long as it is done safely.


Evaporated Milk

Substitutions for Milk in RecipesWhen using canned condensed or evaporated milk in place of regular milk, you may need to make some adjustments. This page is about substitutions for milk in recipes.


Chips in a white bowl.

How to Refresh Stale Chips and CrackersA short time in the microwave can help make stale chips taste better. This is a page about how to refresh stale chips and crackers.


Leftover food in containers in the fridge.

Freezing LeftoversThis is a page about freezing leftovers. One problem many people have is getting a chance to eat leftovers before they go bad. One option is to freeze them until you are ready to eat them.


Sandwich with a packed lunch.

Keeping Sandwiches From Getting SoggyThis is a page about keeping sandwiches from getting soggy. One major problem with preparing sandwiches ahead of time is that they may become soggy.


A ripe avocado cut in half.

Ripening an AvocadoWhen shopping for an avocado we often find that they are either too ripe or very hard. There are ways to easily ripen an avocado at home after you bring it back from the market. This is a page about ripening an avocado.


A buffet line at a large gathering.

Easy Food Ideas for 70 People?Some recipes are easier to adapt tomcod for large groups than others. This is a page about easy food ideas for 70 people.


Cooking Ground Beef in the Microwave

Cooking Ground Beef in the MicrowaveThis is a page about cooking ground beef in the microwave. Using your microwave oven is a convenient way to cook ground beef that will be used in a recipe.


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Decorative Baskets from Oranges - handled basket ready to serve

Decorative Baskets from OrangesThis is a fun food craft where you can turn oranges into baskets that hold your fruit. It's fun and easy and you can really get creative with your designs! I've added two styles in this how-to.


Couple being served a Salad

Eating Healthy While Eating OutThis is a page about eating healthy while eating out. Eating a healthy meal when eating out is possible as long as you know what to look for. By knowing which things to avoid you will be able to make better choices for a nutritious meal.


A box full of limes, lemons and oranges.

Using Up A Surplus of FoodI had an interesting problem recently in regards to food. In response to the coronavirus outbreak, Oregon closed all bars and restaurants in mid March. They could still provide take-out or delivery but many places shut down for the duration. Because this was relatively unexpected, the businesses had a great deal of produce and refrigerated food to get rid of before it went bad.


DIY Turntable Cake - finished cake

DIY Turntable CakeI'm not a professional baker or cake decorator, but I do love making personalized desserts for my friends and family. I made this cake for my band bassist who adores collecting vinyl records (and playing them on his turntable all day). I've made it so the tunearm can be moved on and off the record, while staying 100% edible.


UFO Cow Abduction Cake - finished cake photo shot against a black backdrop

UFO Cow Abduction CakeThis UFO cake is just out of this world! The saucer and grassy ground area are two different cakes, so there is plenty for a big party. I saved a couple hundred dollars making this cake from scratch instead of calling up the local cake artistry. Plus, it was super fun. Here are the steps on how to make your own!


A wok stir frying vegetables.

Making Stir Fry at HomeMy son recently moved away from home and has been asking me for cooking tips for some of his favorite foods. I have made stir fry about once a week for my family for many years. It's a great way to use up excess veggies. I figured that I would share my tips with you all.


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A foil lid being used as an impromptu spoon.

Making a Lid SpoonEver been stuck without a spoon when eating an individual serving of applesauce, pudding or yogurt? Just use the lid as a spoon! Learn how to make one in this short video.


Mess-Free Kabob Assembly

Mess-Free Kabob AssemblyThis is a great tip to use when you are putting together Kebabs.


Blue Ombre Smash Cake

Ombré Smash CakeHere is the perfect smash cake for a first birthday, in a beautiful ombré design. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Cleaning and Storing Romaine Hearts

Cleaning and Storing Romaine HeartsHearts of romaine lettuce are a favorite for salads. If they are cleaned and stored properly, they can last a long time. Learn how in this short video.


Easy Way to Shuck Corn

Easy Way to Shuck CornThis quick and easy tip will make shucking corn so much easier.


Make Ramen in a Bowl

Make Ramen in a BowlHere is a great tip for making ramen easier and with less mess.


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Scrambled eggs with beet greens.

Scrambled Eggs With Beet GreensFresh beets are the best, however, don't throw away those beet greens. They are good too and so good for you. I'm still experimenting with them and have found that they sauté well, much like spinach.


A squeeze bottle filled with mayonnaise.

Use Squeeze Bottles For CondimentsSandwiches are probably the most popular lunchtime staples. Who doesn't like a sandwich for a quick and easy lunch or snack? This tip applies to wraps too!


Cooking hash on a griddle.

Binding Agent For Making Corned Beef Hash PattiesI recently searched for something to bind corned beef hash to make patties. A series of blog answers came up via this website. Of the few I read, there were suggestions but many still seemed to have difficulty with crumbling. I want to share what I did that worked for me:


The sprouted lentils.

Sprouting BeansEveryone can do this. You only need a container with a cover. You may use many kinds of beans. I used lentils this time.


Placing the cut can over the full can.

Keeping Carbonated Drinks Fresh After OpeningKeeping your carbonated canned drinks fresh after opening sometimes is a daunting task. Usually if they're open no matter what you put on them, they're good for about a day and then all the fizz is gone. I experimented with many different things before I came up with one idea that will literally keep your carbonated canned drink carbonated and tasting like you just opened it for up to a week and, yes, you can use more of the drink and put this right back on and it'll still hold it fresh and carbonated for 6 to 7 days!


Hibiscus flowers made from gum paste.

Hibiscus GumpasteEverybody wants to have the best looking cake. Since it's summer season in my country, I get a few demands of tropical or summer themed cakes. Today I'm gonna show you how to make realistic hibiscus flower gumpaste, beginner level.


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Hamburger Patties Are Dry?Lately my hamburger patties fall apart and are very dry. I'm supposing the fat content has something to do with it but how can I keep them from falling apart? I am making large patties kind of like a hamburger steak. Thanks for any help.


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How Much Chicken For 100 Kabobs?I'm having a party. How many pounds of chicken, do I need to make 100 kabobs? How much red, yellow and green peppers do I need and how many fresh pineapple do I need for everything?


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Using Mini Marshmallows for Marshmallow Cream?My fudge recipe calls for one 7 oz. jar of fluff. How many cups of mini marshmallows should I use?


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Using an Oven Bag in Crockpot?Can I use oven roasting bag for my chicken thighs in the crockpot and adding cream of chicken soup on top?


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Finding 70s Weight Watcher Plan?I first joined WW in the 70s and thought it was the best. In my recent move my WW cookbook has disappeared and would love to find another. Also looking for a copy or image of the sheet that we kept track of what we ate. I remember it had a small check off of how many eggs, pork, etc. you ate per week. Can anyone help?


A jar of recalled peanut butter.

Recalled Jif Peanut Butter?Is it OK to make cookies with recalled Jif peanut butter?


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