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This page contains information and money saving food tips about breakfast.

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hand held Woven Bacon Shell Breakfast Taco

Woven Bacon Shell Breakfast TacoWeave some bacon together to make a crispy breakfast taco shell. This is a page about making a woven bacon shell breakfast taco.


Scrambled eggs with beet greens.

Scrambled Eggs With Beet GreensFresh beets are the best, however, don't throw away those beet greens. They are good too and so good for you. I'm still experimenting with them and have found that they sauté well, much like spinach.


Adding beaten egg whites as a leavening agent.

Pancake Without Leavening AgentLeavening agents are one of the most important ingredient in baking. Baking powder and baking soda are both leavening agents used to make your cake rise. Being a homebaker, I have discovered a simple technique to make cakes fluffy and well risen.


Use a Colander for Dust Free Final Serving of Cheerios - pour into a colander

Removing Cereal Dust Before ServingWhen you get to the bottom of a cereal bag, there can be fine meal that you may not want in your bowl. You can sift the cereal in a colander. This is about removing cereal dust before serving.


omelet on plate

Freezing Omelet FillingThis is a page about freezing omelet filling. Here is a great way to make quick and easy omelets in the morning.


A woman eating breakfast in her car.

Breakfast on the Go IdeasThis is a page about breakfast on the go ideas. When time is limited, taking a healthy morning meal with you can give you a good start to the day.



Reheating Pancakes

Reheating PancakesMaking extra pancakes and reheating them later can make grabbing breakfast quick and easy. Heating them up properly will prevent them from drying out or getting rubbery. This is a page about reheating pancakes.


Protein Powder

Low Carb Low Protein Powder for Breakfast...This is a page about low carb low protein powder for breakfast shakes. Find the best low carbohydrate and low protein base powder for your morning shake recipes.


An egg, sausage, bacon and hash brown breakfast.

Saving Money on BreakfastThis page is about saving money on breakfast. Finding low cost convenience foods and planning can help you save on this important morning meal.


Cereal With Fruit

Adding Fruit to CerealThis is a page about adding fruit to cereal. Enhance the taste of your breakfast cereal by adding fruit.


A stack of pancakes.

Pancake Tips and TricksMaking the perfect pancakes for your breakfast can be a hit with the whole family. This page contains pancakes tips and tricks.


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Use Colander To Cover PancakesPlace a colander over your cooked pancakes while waiting for everyone to sit down for breakfast or while waiting for seconds. The holes in the colander provide a vent so the pancakes don't get steamed and soggy and the cover keeps them warm.


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No Sinking Spoon Strategy for OatmealI always eat oatmeal with a spoon. By the time I add a tablespoon of condensed milk mixed in some hot water to make it milky, butter, and sugar free waffle/pancake syrup, it is very likely that at some point during my breakfast the spoon will fall in.


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Was Oatmeal Originally Soaked Prior to Cooking?I was told recently that the package directions for preparing oatmeal used to include soaking. Does anyone know if this is true? I've gotten information about how the soaking should work, but am really curious about the truth of oatmeal soaking directions from days gone by.


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Making Hot Granola?I have bought some homemade granola and wondered if anyone has ever made hot cereal with it? Do I do it just like oatmeal?


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Buying Cereal in Bulk at Closeout Prices?Can anyone tell me where I can buy large stocks of cereal at closeout or liquidation prices in my area or beyond?


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Homemade Instant OatmealWith my husband having experienced a recent lay-off and my kids liking instant oatmeal, I have discovered how to make it on my own.


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Oatmeal for a Healthy BreakfastOatmeal is a daily consumption around here. Watching calories is also a trend. If you use the 'quick' oats in the microwave, you will only add about 50 calories to that mix as it cooks by putting 7 little marshmallows on top. The Oatmeal is 150 calories and the marshmallows (7) are 50 calories.


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Fruit Flavored PancakesIf you like fruit flavored pancakes from a mix you can use orange juice or other fruit juices in place of milk.


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Instant Oatmeal AlternativeMy daughter likes oatmeal for breakfast but the packets are way too expensive so I have taught her to put the right amount of regular oatmeal into her bowl, microwave the right amount of water until it boils and pour the water into the bowl on the countertop. Stir, let rest a minute and add cinnamon, sugar, brown sugar, milk, fruit-whatever you like and stir.


George Forman Grill to Make Bear Paws

George Foreman Grill to Make Bear PawsI have little counter space so everything on it has to be a useful appliance! I regularly make grilled cheese or grilled vegetables on an open George Foreman grill or zucchini fritters on it. This weekend, I decided to try to make waffles!



Saving Money on CerealTips for saving money on breakfast cereal as suggested by the ThriftyFun community. Post your own ideas here!


Cake he decorated for my birthday.

Pumpkin Shaped Pancakes and Other...My grandson in particular, and sometimes his younger sister, likes to help cook. Sometimes adults have a sense of trepidation about allowing kids in the kitchen. They will invariably make a mess when they measure, flip, or stir.



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Homemade Instant Oatmeal?Is there a recipe for sugar-free instant oatmeal, plain or flavored?


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Freezing Prepared Oatmeal?I have high cholesterol and want to start eating oatmeal daily, but the instant is not effective in lowering it. Has anyone tried making oatmeal in a large batch and then freezing it in single serving sizes to reheat in the morning?


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Pancake Tips and Recipes?Tips and recipes for making good pancakes. Post your ideas.


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Changing the Texture of Cooked Oatmeal?I like the flavor of oatmeal and its health benefits, but I'm picky when it comes to textures and can't eat it prepared the traditional way with water. Does anyone have another way of cooking oatmeal so its texture is different?


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Kids Breakfast Ideas?We are all getting tired of cereal and oatmeal. Does anyone have any yummy, easy, and simple breakfast ideas to spice things up a bit?


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Making Dutch Baby Pancakes?I would like to know if these pancakes can be made ahead of time. I plan on making them for our fellowship time after church and will be cooking for about 35 people. I would like to make them before church and then warm them up when it is time to serve them.


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