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This page contains money saving food tips and information about vegetables.

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Using Frozen ZucchiniFreezing zucchini will make it more watery on thawing. This doesn't necessary cause a problem when adding it to a recipe. This is a page about using frozen zucchini.


Cooking with Tomatoes

Cooking with TomatoesWhether fresh, canned, or dried tomatoes are a delicious in many different kinds of recipes. This is a page about cooking with tomatoes.


Bowl of mashed potatoes with potatoes in background.

Mashed Potato TipsMashed potatoes can easily be varied with a little creative ingredient adjustment. Whether you use different potato varieties or add other vegetables or flavorings, mashed potatoes can be enhanced to complement many dishes. This page contains mashed potato tips.


collard greens

Cooking Greens in the Oven?This page is about cooking greens in the oven. When the oven is already on cooking food, you may want to cook other dishes in it.


veggie plate

Making a Vegetable Party TrayAlways a hit for at parties and holiday gatherings, a fresh, colorful veggie tray is easy to arrange and very nutritious. This is a page about making a vegetable party tray.


Wild Onions

Eating Wild OnionThis is a page about eating wild onions. Although somewhat different in flavor from their garden cousins, wild onions can be used in your kitchen in place of garden varieties.


A canning jar with cut up carrots and celery with a lid.

Storing Vegetables in WaterSome prepared vegetables can be stored in cold water to maintain their freshness. This is a page about keep celery and carrots fresh for weeks.



Cleaning Rhubarb?This is a page about cleaning rhubarb. Before cooking rhubarb there are a few steps you will need to take to clean and prepare it.


Head of green leaf lettuce.

Washing LettuceThis is a page about washing lettuce. You can easily wash your freshly purchased lettuce. There a few steps to keep in mind to have clean and undamaged leaves when you are done.


Limp Celery

Reviving Limp CeleryThis is a page about reviving limp celery. That once nice crunchy stalk of celery is now limp and unappealing. Luckily there are ways to revive it.


Sprouting potatoes in a bowl.

Keep Potatoes from SproutingThis is a page about keep potatoes from sprouting. As potatoes ripen they will begin to sprout. There are some things you can do to slow down this process, such as storing in a dry, dark, cool place.


vegetables in small container

Lightly Salting VegetablesI do not like frozen veggies without any salt. When I take spinach or broccoli out of the freezer, I put it into a small plastic container with a tiny bit of water. I then salt it and put the cover on, and shake it about to coat with the salted water. This way I don't need and butter or anything else. Microwave it and it is done in a jiffy and tastes great.



A soup being served inside a baked pumpkin shell.

Using Pumpkin as Serving BowlsYou can make decorative, creative serving bowls using a pumpkins. The hard skin and dense meat allow the pumpkin to contain even a soup.


A halved and cleaned out pumpking, ready for roasting.

Roasting a PumpkinTo roast a pumpkin, you will need to cut it in half and remove the seeds. Lay those halves on foil and bake.


Vidalia onion on white background

Using Vidalia OnionsThe Vidalia onion is the state vegetable of Georgia. This remarkably sweet onion has none of the bite of other onions making it a good choice for certain dishes or if you simply don't like the intensity of other varieties. This is a page about using Vidalia onions.


Head of broccoli on white.

Using Broccoli StemsThe stems of a broccoli are often avoided, but contain the same wonderful flavor, and can be used in a variety of ways. This is a page about using broccoli stems.


A potato cut into slices.

Slicing PotatoesMany recipes call for even, consistent slices of potatoes, which can be difficult due to their round shape. This is a page about slicing potatoes.


Budding Potatoes on a white background

Keeping Potatoes From BuddingPotatoes want to grow when they are stored. There are a few things you can do to discourage the sprouting. This is a page about keeping potatoes from budding.


Orange Aji Amarillo peppers.

Using Aji AmarilloThis is a page about using aji amarillo. These chili peppers are typically used in preparing Peruvian dishes. They have a mild to medium heat level, a fruity flavor, and a citrusy aroma.


Pickled beets in a jar with a halved beet on the side

Instant Pickled BeetsPickled beets will be ready in minutes with this quick and easy recipe. This is a page about instant pickled beets.


Green Leaf Lettuce

Store Salad Greens With a Paper TowelThis is a page about storing salad greens with a paper towel. A buildup of moisture in the container will make lettuce wilt more quickly. Keep your lettuce crisp longer, by adding some paper towels to the storage container, to help absorb excessive moisture.


Fresh Broccoli

Fresh Broccoli for 60 People?Determining how much broccoli you want per serving will help you figure the number of pounds you will need to prepare for your meal. This is a page about fresh broccoli for 60 people.


Sweet Potatoes on a cutting board.

Peeling and Cutting Sweet Potatoes and Yams?Partially cooking your sweet potatoes or yams can help help make peeling them easier. A potato peeler is another easy way to remove the peels, prior to cutting them up. This is a page about easy peeling and cutting of sweet potatoes and yams.


Two yellow-orange tomatoes on a blue background.

Determining Organic from Commercially Grown TomatoesThese are tomatoes freshly picked from the garden. Sometimes when vegetables and fruits are grown commercially, the products come out to the market in larger sizes, improved color and with smooth, shiny skin which indicates that they are being sprayed with chemicals to improve the physical appearance.


A dish of mashed potatoes with ranch dressing.

Making Mashed Potatoes with Ranch DressingThis is a page about making mashed potatoes with ranch dressing. A delicious addition to mashed potatoes can be a creamy ranch dressing.


Heart Shaped Tomato

Making Heart Shaped TomatoesThis is a page about making heart shaped tomatoes. For a Valentine meal or just a special touch for someone you love, you can make heart shapes with grape tomatoes.



slice carrot

Making Heart Shaped CarrotsYou can liven up any recipe calling for sliced carrots by making them in the shape of a heart. This is a page about making heart shaped carrots.


carving a pumpkin

Uses for Jack-o'-lantern PumpkinsThis is a page about uses for jack-o'-lantern pumpkins. Even if you carve your pumpkins there may still be other ways to use them after Halloween



Using Frozen HashbrownsThis is a page about using frozen hashbrowns. These frozen grated potatoes are great with breakfast and can be used in a variety of recipes.


Frozen Onion

Using Frozen OnionsThis is a page about using frozen onions. Getting your fresh, garden or market onions chopped and frozen can save you waste, time and teary eyes.


Steamed Mixed Vegetables

Making Steamed Mixed VeggiesThis is a page about making steamed mixed veggies. Making steamed mixed veggies is quick and easy.


Frozen Veggies

Thawing Frozen VeggiesThis is a page about thawing frozen veggies. Frozen veggies are best thawed before adding to your favorite recipe.



Using AsparagusThe "grass of the gods" is delicious prepared in a variety of ways. This is a page about using asparagus.


Steamed Vegetables

Steaming VegetablesThis page is about steaming vegetables. Steaming is an excellent way to cook vegetables while preserving nutrients and flavor.


Butternut Squash in wooden box.

Storing Butternut Squash?This page is about storing butternut squash. A winter squash that will keep for a number of months.


Fresh ginger root.

Using GingerThis page is about using ginger. Whether preparing fresh or cooked this root is very good for you and very versatile.


Washing Root Vegetables

Washing Root VegetablesThis is a page about washing root vegetables. Prior to cooking or serving, raw root vegetables need to be cleaned.


Anaheim Chile Peppers

Using Anaheim Chile Peppers (New Mexican...This is a page about using Anaheim chili peppers (New Mexican chilies). These chilies can be purchased at the market either fresh or canned. They are great to use in recipes and for decorations.



Preserving Radishes?This page is about preserving radishes. These fresh, spicy roots don't keep long, but there are a few ways to preserve them.


Collard Greens

Preserving Collard Greens?This is a page about preserving collard greens. In addition to canning there or other ways of preserving collard greens.


Oven roasted vegetables in a blow.

Roasting VegetablesThis is a page about roasting vegetables. Roasted vegetables are delicious and very easy to make.



Dicing Vegetables

Dicing VegetablesThis page is about dicing vegetables. There are other tools you can use to cut your vegetables besides a knife.


Preserving Okra

Storing and Preserving OkraThis page is about storing and preserving okra. This southern vegetable does not keep for long, so you need to have a good way to preserve it.



Use Every Bit of VegetablesThis is a page about how to use every bit of vegetables. When preparing fresh vegetables, save those stalks and leaves to use in soups or as a side of greens. Some stumps such as that of the celery can be planted to grow a new plant.


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Eating Fresh Peas That Have Sprouted?I had some podded fresh peas in the fridge for a few days and when I went to cook them, I noticed that most had sprouted small roots. I was wondering if it's safe to leave them to sprout further and eat them raw in salad. Or do they need to be cooked first?


Peeling Tomatoes

Peeling TomatoesThis is a page about peeling tomatoes. Although tomatoes are generally eaten with their skin, certain situations or recipes called for peeled tomatoes.



Selecting Good CucumbersCucumbers are a favorite addition to green salads. This is a page about selecting good cucumbers.


Shucking Corn

Shucking Corn on the CobShucking corn is not everyone's favorite food prep activity. This is a page about shucking corn on the cob.


Peeling a potato.

Uses for Potato PeelsThis is a page about uses for potato peels. Don't toss those potato peels. They can be used as a tasty snack or in your garden.



Preparing ArtichokesThis is a page about preparing artichokes. Despite their prickly appearance, artichokes are easy to prepare and delicious.


Removing Corn From the Cob

Removing Corn From the CobThis page is about removing corn from the cob. Knowing how best to get the corn off the cob reduces waste and saves time.


Cooking Onions

Cooking OnionsThis page is about cooking onions. There are a variety of ways to cook onions for your dish.


Cutting Carrots

Cutting CarrotsThis page is about cutting carrots. There are creative ways to prepare your carrots for your dish.


Cutting Radishes

Using RadishesThis is a page about using radishes. Tangy and crunchy radishes are a great addition to salads and other dishes.


Baked Potato With Ham and Cheese

Baked Potato Tips And TricksEnjoying potatoes baked can be done in a variety of ways. This page contains baked potatoes tips and tricks.


Uses for Celery Leaves

Uses for Celery LeavesThis page contains uses for celery leaves. There are a number of ways these leaves can be used for additional flavor.


Basket of tomatoes from garden.

Using Extra Food From Your GardenThis page is about using extra food from your garden. It can be too much to process and use up everything in your garden.


Chopping the end off an onion

Chopping OnionsThis page is about chopping onions. Cutting onions can be a challenge for many people.


Frozen Green Beans

Freezing ProduceThis is a page about freezing produce. Different kinds of produce need to be prepared for freezing in a variety of ways.


Vegetables canned at home.

Using Canned VegetablesThis is a page about using canned vegetables. Canned vegetables can be a convenient side dish, or addition to soups and stews.


A head of lettuce.

Coring LettuceThis is a page about coring lettuce. Coring a head of lettuce makes salad prep much quicker. If you do it right, the whole middle will be removed leaving the more tender parts of the leaves.


Using Leftover Vegetables, Freezing Green BeansPhoto of green beans with frost on them.

Using Leftover VegetablesThis is a page about using leftover vegetables. If you have vegetables left over from other meal prep or you just have extra, find other meals to use them up to minimize food waste.


Asparagus in a Bamboo Steamer

Selecting Good AsparagusThis is a page about selecting good asparagus. Asparagus is low in calories and full of nutrients. Knowing which stocks are the best will ensure that you will have a delicious dish.


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Fast Microwave BroccoliThis is a trick for people who microwave a lot of food. I keep a bag of frozen broccoli in the refrigerator freezer. People pour out a little serving with each meal. It takes only a minute in the microwave to come out perfectly hot and steaming.


Vegatables being washed in a sink.

Homemade Vegetable Wash RecipesIt is important to wash your vegetables and remove any pesticides and dirt form their skin. Making your own vegetable wash is simple and affordable. This page contains homemade vegetable wash recipes.


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Preserving Onions?What is the best way to preserve onions?


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Cook Vegetables With KetchupI recommend you use ketchup when cooking dishes with vegetables, with or without meat, because dishes become more delicious and take on a good color of red. If you are a vegetarian or you like dishes with vegetables, you will enjoy it.


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Why Do Tomatoes Have a Hard Core in Them?Why do the tomatoes have a core in them? They never use to be like that.


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Cleaning ProduceUse a clean micro-cloth moistened with water to clean/scrub fruit and vegetables before using. You can also use a bit of vinegar for an extra cleaning boost.


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Difference Between Yellow and White Onions?I am embarrassed asking this at my age but I have never known this. What is the difference, other than color, in yellow and white onions? Does it may a difference in which one you use?


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Keep Peas GreenAdd three or four drops of vinegar while cooking green peas if you want them to retain their natural green color. You can also use lemon juice. Mom only did the fresh, home grown, peas. I do not think it would work for the store bought cans!


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Firming Up Overripe TomatoesOverripe Tomatoes? Make them firm by dipping them in cold water, add some salt and leave overnight.


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Removing Seeds From ChilisIf you like the flavor of green chillies, but hate the pungency, you can remove the seeds and use the green part. To de-seed chillies, cut into half lengthwise and hold under a running faucet, the seeds will flow out.


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Keeping Corn Fresh?What is the best way to preserve fresh corn on the cob?


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Are There Tomatoes That are Green When Ripe?While on holiday in Rome, we bought sandwiches containing slices of green tomatoes. Are these a special tomato or just any old unripe fruit? Thanks.


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Removing Corn Silk?How do you take off the beautiful golden threads on white corn after you take the husk off?


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How Do I Vacuum Fry Okra?How do I vacuum fry okra?


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What is the Difference Between a Yam and a Sweet Potato?What is the difference between a yam and a sweet potato?


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Get Two Uses From Your CeleryYou've all seen the tip about celery? Well, last year I cut off the sticks, put the base in water. When it grew more roots. I planted it in the garden. All I got was a few spindly sticks, but it set seed.


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Keep Cauliflower WhiteAdd a little milk to the water when cooking cauliflower and it will remain white.


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Removing Skins From Tomatoes?What is the best way to strip skins from tomatoes?


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Seeding Green PeppersSlice through each indentation along the length of the pepper. Grip the rounded end at the bottom side of the pepper and peel back toward the stem. It should automatically tear off along the stem.


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Cooking "Salad Beans"Oh my goodness, since discovering salad beans just a week ago and having used up my packet, I am now craving them again. Next time I'll get two or three bags. (1 pound each in Asda supermarket). I bought them because they looked nice.


Ripening TomatoesRipen homegrown tomatoes on a rubber shelf liner. We bought our house 2 years ago and the woman that lived here before me left her rubber shelf liners. I hated the stuff, but also hated to throw it away. I came up with this idea.


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Preserve Vegetable Nutrients by BakingIf you boil vegetables in water, and you drain it all the nutrients comes out in the water. So your solution is to bake them without water.


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Yukon Vs. White Potatoes?Is there a difference between Yukon and regular white potatoes? I baked a whole white potato and it seemed like it took forever to cook. I wasn't sure if I bought the wrong kind. Please advise.


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Which Artichokes Taste the Best?What kind of artichokes do they sell in grocery stores? Globe, Jerusalem, other? I would like to try to grow some, but don't know the best kind for eating. Thank you.


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Cook Acorn Squash WholeMy family loves acorn squash, but I found it so difficult to cut it to scoop the seeds that one day I decided to cook it WHOLE and then cut and scoop later. It is wonderful. Cuts easily, doesn't blow up, and now we enjoy it so often. Also, I found an incredible taste difference between regular vs organic.


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Cut and Place Wilted Celery in Cold WaterIf your celery is wilting, cut a thin slice off the bottom stalk and place in cold water, like you do for flowers. The next day, your celery will stand tall again.


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Eating The Greens On Broccoli?Can you eat broccoli greens, cauliflower greens, and the outer large leaves of cabbage? Has anyone done this and lived to tell?


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Freezer Cucumber Recipe?I am looking for a recipe for cucumbers, onions in a small amount of dice bell peppers with vinegar in sugar water. This recipe is one you can freeze and eat all year.


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Harvesting Cattail As FoodCattail is wonderful as a fresh vegetable! To harvest, pull straight up and out of its sheath as you would a blade of grass to chew - only with more muscle! The white bit at the bottom is your prize. It tastes like a cross of cucumber/asparagus. Cut or snap it off where it starts getting woody.


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Make Fresh Vegetables Last By FreezingI buy fresh onions, celery, garlic, green pepper, ginger, once bi-monthly. My secret is that the moment I return from the market with them, I peel them clean them, chop them coarsely in my chopper, place them in freezer bags and freeze them for whenever I need to use them.


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Fried Eggplant Was Too Oily?I just fried-up some eggplants for the 1st time. They soaked-up the oil like sponges. I put down some newspaper, on top of that a whole bunch of Scott towels, then the eggplants. They drenched everything with oil, and were still so greasy, they were not edible. I also made sure to drain the water out of my eggplants overnight.


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Seasoning Veggies and Beans?Trying to change my eating habits. Would like to know what you season veggies and beans (collard greens, turnips, cabbage, black-eyed peas) with. I would normally use ham but I am trying to eat healthier this year. Any suggestions?


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Broccoli and Brussel Sprout Leaves?Are the leaves of the brussel sprout plant and the broccoli plant edible?


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Can You Tell How Hot a Jalapeño Is?Can you figure out how hot a jalapeno is just by its appearance?


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Tips For An Abundance Of Squash?What can I do with an abundance of squash that has gotten big (maybe too ripe)?


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Preparing LettuceInstead of cutting lettuce with a knife, tear it with your fingers. It will help prevent the edges from browning.


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Choosing Good Potatoes?Is there a way to tell if the potato I purchase at a grocery store is good to eat? I ask because I recently purchased a red skinned potato that was green just underneath the skin and it wasn't that good.


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Using All Parts of VeggiesUsing All Parts of Veggies. Broccoli stems can be sliced and used in coleslaw, a stir fry, or even in a salad. . .


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A pile of potatoes freshly dug up.

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potatoes and...How many times have you stood in front of the potatoes in the store and wondered what the difference was in all those different varieties of potatoes?


Bamboo Shoots

Using Bamboo ShootsBamboo shoots are great when added to stir fry or egg rolls. Tips for storing, cooking with and using bamboo shoots. The fresh variety can be found in many Southeast Asian dishes.


heart shaped carrot slices

Making Heart Shaped CarrotsHeart shaped carrots are a fun addition to any recipe calling for sliced carrots. Here is how to make them:


pull back husk

Easy Way to Shuck CornI recently saw a video on Facebook showing someone shucking corn that looked really easy and eliminated all of the silk being stuck to the corn cob. I thought I would give it a try.


Heart Shaped Carrots

Making Heart Shaped CarrotsHeart shaped carrots are a fun addition to any recipe calling for sliced carrots. Watch this video and learn how to make them...



Make Use of Whatever Comes My WayYes it is the time of year we long for during long, dark winter nights, the time of warmth and plenty. Trouble for some of us is that plenty can quickly become a bit too much as the glut of produce arrives.


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Uses for Frozen Raw Potatoes?What can I do with raw potatoes that have accidentally been frozen for about four months?


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Getting Rid of the Rust on Cut Lettuce?I worked in a small deli for a few years, about 1970. They had a solution, that sliced lettuce that had rust on the cut edges was soaked in and it removed almost all the rust. Anyone know or heard what this solution could be?


Eating Previously Frozen Vegetables Raw?After you freeze vegetables can you thaw them and eat them as a raw vegetables?


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Fermenting Vegetables?Do any of you ferment your vegetables? I have been doing lots of reading and I would love to hear your comments.


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Using Frozen Peas & Carrots?Can you eat frozen peas and carrots raw when you get them from store?


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Making Juice With Frozen Tomatoes?How can I make tomato juice out of frozen whole tomatoes with skins on?


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