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This page contains money saving food tips and information about leftovers.

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Leftover Biscuits

Uses for Leftover BiscuitsOften times a batch of biscuits may be more than your family can eat at one meal. Save the leftovers and use them in a new dish tomorrow. This is a page about uses for leftover biscuits.


Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich

Using Thanksgiving LeftoversThe typical Thanksgiving feast often leaves us with a variety of leftovers that we look for ways to use in later meals. This is a page about using Thanksgiving leftovers.


A pan of hamburger being cooked.

Uses for Leftover Hamburger Fat?Like other forms of leftover animal fat hamburger fat can be saved in the fridge and used to season vegetables or other dishes. It can also be used to make suet cakes for wild birds. This page contains several uses for leftover hamburger fat.


Uses for Leftover Hotdog and Hamburger Buns

Uses for Leftover Hotdog and Hamburger BunsThis page contains uses for leftover hotdog and hamburger buns. There are a number of creative ways to use up leftover buns.


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What to do with Leftover Yellow Cake?I have left-over yellow cake, no icing on it and was wondering what I could use it for?


Cookies made with leftover crumbs.

Cooking and Baking with Substitute IngredientsI save all the crumbs from cereal in a bag in my freezer. I use these crumbs to supplement my flour in baking recipes. I also add them to a meatloaf, if the cereal was not pre-sweetened.


A hot dog bun made into French toast.

Hot Dog Bun French ToastAs I was cleaning out my freezer, I found one hot dog bun in the back. I usually make bread crumbs with it. Someone on one of my Facebook groups suggested making French toast with it. It was a great use of it.


A soup with lots of pasta.

Pasta Soup RecipesPasta is a common addition to many soups all across the world. You can find pasta e fagioli from Italy, ramen from Japan or a classic chicken noodle soup from many countries.


A dish of cocktail sauce surrounded by shrimp.

Alternative Uses for Shrimp Cocktail SauceCocktail sauce is traditionally served with shrimp but people often have sauce leftover. This spicy tomato based sauce is flavored with horseradish. It is good as a replacement for catsup or tomato paste in many recipes.


Labeled plastic containers of leftovers in the refrigerator.

Labeling LeftoversLabeling your leftovers can help organize you fridge and save on food costs and waste. There are some helpful tips below for marking your containers.


Pickles in a jar.

Make Pickles Using Leftover Olive BrineUsing leftover brine from olives you can flavor some cucumbers. This is a page about make pickles in leftover olive brine.


Leftover Turkey cut up into pieces on cutting board with knife

Leftover Turkey IdeasA roast turkey contains a lot of meat, usually too much to eat in one sitting. This is a page about leftover turkey ideas.



Turkey Sandwich on a white plate.

Turkey Sandwich IdeasLeftover holiday turkey can be the inspiration for a variety of hot or cold sandwiches. This page contains turkey sandwich ideas.


Leftovers stored in clear containers with lids.

Using Up Leftovers After an EventAfter large party or event like a potluck, there are often lots of leftovers to be eaten and used up. This is a page about using up leftovers after an event.


Slices of leftover pork loin

Shelf Life of Leftover Pork?This is a page about shelf life of left over pork. Leftover meat can be saved for future meals, but for how long? Its shelf life will depend on storage methods.


Meat Loaf

Using Leftover Meat LoafThis is a page about using leftover meat loaf. Leftover meatloaf can be served again in a new way.


Stale Donut

Uses for Stale Donuts and PastriesThis page contains uses for stale donuts and pastries. There are delicious recipes that can make good use of those past their prime sweet doughs.


Uses for Leftover Cereal

Uses for Leftover CerealThis is a page about uses for leftover cereal. Have just a little bit of leftover cereal that might even be getting stale, there are lots of ways to use it in cooking and snacks.


Leftover Jelly

Uses for Leftover Jelly or JamEver find the jam or jelly jar in the back of the fridge with only a little left and not know a good way to use it, be creative. This is a page about uses for leftover jelly or jam.


Uses for Leftover Spaghetti

Uses for Leftover SpaghettiThis is a page about uses for leftover spaghetti. Leftover spaghetti can be used to make a brand new meal.


Pudding Made With Leftover Rice

Making Rice Pudding With Leftover RiceThis page is about making rice pudding with leftover rice. A delicious use for leftover rice is making pudding.


Chili over spaghetti.

Using Leftover ChiliThere are many ways that extra chili can be used to create a delicious meal. This page is about using leftover chili.


Leftover Rice With Turkey Mushroom Sauce

Using Leftover RiceThis page is about using leftover rice. Having left over rice can be the start of another great meal.


Ham tortilla pinwheels

Using Leftover TortillasThis page is about using leftover tortillas. There are a number of delicious ways to use up those extra tortillas.


Slices of pizza in a frying pan

Reheating Leftover PizzaThis is a page about reheating leftover pizza. There are a number of ways to reheat leftover pizza.


A holiday ham cooked with a peach glaze.

Recipes Using Easter LeftoversHolidays with traditional family meals as part of the celebration often result in lots of leftovers. This page contains recipes using Easter leftovers.


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Freeze Leftover BrothSometimes a recipe calls for broth and you purchase a larger amount than needed. To avoid waste, you can pour the leftover amount into ice cube trays or a plastic container and freeze.



Take Out Containers in Refrigerator

Using LeftoversThis is a page about using leftovers. Everyone has leftovers to use up every once in a while. Finding a way to make use of leftovers in other meals is a great way to prevent food waste.


Refrigerator With Leftovers in Tupperware

Keeping Track of LeftoversThis is a page about keeping track of leftovers. Whether they are from a dinner out or a homemade meal, it is important to eat or use up leftovers soon. Knowing what is waiting to be used in your refrigerator is the best way to reduce spoilage.


Leftover food in containers in the fridge.

Freezing LeftoversThis is a page about freezing leftovers. One problem many people have is getting a chance to eat leftovers before they go bad. One option is to freeze them until you are ready to eat them.


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Reuse Jars for LeftoversI was washing an empty Miracle Whip plastic jar for recycling, when I decided the jar would hold a lot of left overs. I use the bowl containers from butter and cream whips, but I realized I can get more in the large Miracle Whip container.


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Recipes Using Leftover Scones?Would anyone know what to use left over scones for? I don't want to throw them away. They are going hard, but not off right now. I have heated them in the microwave for a couple of seconds, but they are not right. Many thanks. Helen xxx


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Dealing With LeftoversWhen preparing soups or anything with leftovers to be frozen for later use, I save the excess in ziploc freezer bags. When the food is cooled enough for freezing, lay the bags flat in a baking pan until they are frozen.


Storing Leftovers in Ziplock BagsWhen you have leftovers store them in a freezer bag in single size servings, then when you or someone wants one all they have to do is put one in boiling water until it is hot, pour it into a bowl, and enjoy it just as it was fresh.


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Quick Leftover LunchI had a few leftovers in the fridge and was not sure what I could have for a quick lunch. I took the bologna and placed it on a plate, then topped with the mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables that I heated in microwave and the fried up an egg for each.


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Homemade Pot Pie from Freezer LeftoversWhen we were growing up, my mother would take the leftovers at each meal and put in a big plastic ice cream bucket in the freezer. If we had pinto beans tonight and some were left over, she drained them and put them in freezer in the ice cream bucket.


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Use Leftover Meat on PizzaIf you have leftover burgers, sausage, etc. from grilling, slice or crumble them and use on a homemade pizza. If you don't want to make the pizza right away, slice or crumble the meats and freeze in a zip-lock bag.


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Cover Leftovers with a Paper PlateWhen you have leftovers, but you don't have anything to cover the container with, use a paper plate. They fit most plates and frying pans, and don't make a big mess.


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Reusing Dairy Containers For Tomato Based LeftoversI live alone, but often cook more then enough, when I make a meal, to give to others. I save all my margarine tubs, whipped topping tubs, etc. to be used specifically for that purpose.


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Grate and Use Parmesan RindWhen buying Parmesan cheese, do not throw away the rind. Just grate it and use in cheese sauce it tastes great. You won't know the difference as long as its cooked.


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Uses for Leftover Ambrosia Fruit Salad?What can I make with leftover ambrosia fruit salad? I have a large margarine tub full of it that has been lounging in my freezer and I'm getting tired of it taking up space. My husband doesn't like it and it's too much to eat by myself, so I need some ideas for something that both of us might like.


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Use Up Extra Milk By Making PuddingDon't let the milk spoil. I stock up on our favorite pudding when it's on sale at Walgreens (Usually 3/$1). If my milk is close to expiring I just make a batch of pudding for dessert.



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Viva la Frozen Leftovers!We had three meals from a crock pot roast. The first night we had sweet potatoes that were frozen (leftovers) from a previous meal 2 weeks ago.


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Little by Little Vegetable SoupBefore microwaves became so available, I started the habit of putting small amounts of leftover vegetables in the freezer, in a large plastic container with a snug fitting lid. It was amazing how quickly the container filled with leftovers which weren't enough to serve my family, and to see visually how much would have been wasted.


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Give Containers for Leftovers During the HolidaysEvery year for the Holidays, my family gatherings produce an abundance of great food. The problem is there are a lot of leftovers, and not enough mouths in the home we gathered at, to eat them. So for the past few years I have brought my own frugal gift to each of my relatives.


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Use Cereal For Crumb CrustsLeft over or stale sweetened cereals can be crushed and made into crusts for ice cream and other fruit flavored cream pies; also chocolate cereals for other flavors.


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TortizzasThe other night, after making tacos and the following night we made spaghetti, my husband and I had a great idea for the left overs - tortizzas!!


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Eat Your Potatoes, Peelings and AllWhen I peel potatoes, I leave a small amount of the potato on the peeling and place the pieces in a bowl of cold water. I then drain them and pat dry. I place the peelings on a greased pan in a single layer.


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When Should I Freeze Leftover Meatballs?How many days before I need to freeze cooked left over meatballs that were kept in the refrigerator?


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Fixing Leftovers Instead Of Throwing Them OutRecently, while running short on time, I prepared a boxed packaged meal for our dinner. None of us liked the flavoring of the sauce, but ate it anyway. We had quite a bit of the dish leftover for another meal.


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Bag Take Home Leftovers After A Holiday DinnerAfter a family dinner and you have lots of leftovers, sending food home with others can be real chore. You will need locate enough containers to put everything in.


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Biscuit Warming TipTo warm biscuits, pancakes, or muffins that were refrigerated, place them in a microwave with a cup of water. The increased moisture will keep the food moist and help it reheat faster.


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Use Lettuce To Reheat BeefThis tip is for reheating beef in the microwave, really great for prime rib! Wrap the meat in lettuce leaves and reheat as normal.


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Today's Entrées and Tomorrow's Sandwiches?Incorporate sandwiches into your weekly menu and one night's entrée can become tomorrow night's sandwiches. For example, have meat loaf one night and meat loaf sandwiches the next night.


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Hate to Cook? Hate leftovers?Hate to Cook? Hate leftovers?


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Freezing Leftover MealsFreezing Leftover Meals. When preparing a dish, always prepare more than you're going to need for this particular meal. After it's cool, package it in appropriate serving size containers. . .


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Olive Oil for PastaI use olive oil to keep my pasta from sticking together if I have leftovers. Learned this secret trick from my Italian in-laws years ago...


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Planning Enough Leftovers for LunchI was blessed with a husband who doesn't mind leftovers for lunch but found myself in a bind often with leftover meat but no veggies, or veggies but no meat.


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Using Up Leftover FruitSlice banana into bowl, cut up pieces of any other fruit you may have and pile on top of banana. Cover with yogurt. Top with dry cereal, sprinkles, nuts, cherries, anything you may have on hand.


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Make a Little ExtraWhen making dinner I try to make a small amount more than we would eat that night. I then freeze the extra and have lunch for the weekend. It's just enough that my husband can have one leftover and I eat the other night's leftover. I found this to be handy especially since we are now empty nesters after years of 5 kids at home. By RoseMary


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Using Plastic Butter Containers for LeftoversIf you save the empty plastic containers from butter, yogurt, etc, use a permanent marker to put an X or some other mark on the lid so you can tell at a glance what really is butter and what is probably leftovers. By Camilla


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Making Fluffy Reheated RiceWhen re-heating cooked rice in the microwave, put a small ice cube in the middle of the rice and then nuke away. The ice will turn to steam, and your re-heated rice will be fluffy! By Becki in Indiana


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Better Than Campbell's SoupKeep a large plastic container with a lid in your freezer. Into this, put excess juice (full of vitamins!) from canned vegetables; meat or poultry juices, diluted with hot water from fry pans or broiler pans.


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Combine Meat and Veggie LeftoversUse your meat leftovers by placing them in a pan with any leftover veggies. Saute until done.


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Making Something Out of Things That Some People Throw in the TrashSave butter wrappers instead of throwing them away. Just toss them in a Ziploc bag (you keep for that purpose) in the refrigerator or freezer and use them to grease pans in the future. Read more...


bowl of soup

Leftover Hamburger Pasta SoupAll you need to do to use some leftovers and make a different meal. Add a quart size carton of chicken broth to last night's leftovers and make a fabulous soup. Last night we had a hamburger, tomato & pasta dish, but you can use any casserole dish. Top it with shredded cheese and bread on the side.


Organizing and Using Leftovers

Organizing and Using LeftoversTips from our readers for organizing leftovers and ways to use them. It is possible to use every bit of leftovers in a different way so there is no waste.


Eat Leftovers And Be Grateful

Eat Leftovers And Be GratefulI've made reference in other posts to the fact that, when I was a child, we were quite poor. We didn't have a car. Few families in my neighborhood, did. I think we were the last to get a television.


Slices of pizza in a frying pan

Reheat Pizza in a Frying PanA great way to reheat leftover pizza is in a frying pan. Place the pizza in the frying pan over medium heat. Cover loosely with a piece of aluminum foil.


Eliminating Food Waste

Eliminating Leftovers and Food WasteIt seems I am the only person in my home that will eat leftovers. Would you throw cold hard cash in the garbage pail or down the garbage disposal?


Three different leftover cheese.

Using Up Leftovers from a PartyI hate wasting food. I just cleaned out my refrigerator last weekend and made sure that every bit of holiday food was used up or tossed. It can be a fun challenge to use everything up in creative new ways. Here are some of ideas I've heard about over the years.


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Use for Leftover Mashed Potatoes?I'd like a recipe (something other than Shepherd's Pie) to use up some leftover mashed potatoes.


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Recipes Using Leftover Chips?What do you do with the broken corn chips at the bottom of the bag? I'm sick of throwing them out into the compost. Sometimes half the bag seems to be crumbs. I've tried crushing them and adding them to my bread baking, but I don't like the final result.


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Uses for Leftover Red Wine?What can I do with leftover red wine?


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Using Ham Glaze?What can you do with the honey glaze that comes with a ham? I don't like it on a ham but hate to just throw it away. There has to be a good use for it.


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Leftover Steak Recipes?What to do with leftover steak? I'm clueless, and I definitely do not want to throw it away.


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Using Leftover Hot Dog Buns?I have been given a lot of hamburger and hot dog buns. I passed on as many as I could give away. I have made bread crumbs, croutons, cinnamon toast, and dried bread cubes for stuffing, as well as bread pudding, and I have used them for sandwiches of all kinds.


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