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What are Graham Crackers?I am from Australia and find lots of recipes that call for graham crackers or crumbs. I can not figure out what I can substitute with.


Frozen Cabbage

Using Frozen Cabbage?This page is about using frozen cabbage. When frozen, the texture of all vegetables changes whether blanched or not.


Chicken on a Stick

Making Chicken on a Stick for a Large Crowd?Preparing large quantities of food for a group event presents many challenges. The first is to know how much food to prepare, to avoid waste and hungry guests. This page asks about how much to buy when making chicken on a stick for a large crowd.


A tin of canned sardines.

Recipes Using SardinesSardines are small fish usually of the herring family, commonly sold in rectangular tins. These are high in Omega 3 and add an umami flavor to all sorts of recipes.


The potatoes on a white background

Uses for PotatoesPotatoes are a favorite ingredient for many cultures but what else can it be used for? This is a page about uses for potatoes.


How To Make Fresh Shredded Coconut

How To Make Fresh Shredded CoconutThis is a page about how to make fresh shredded coconut. Why buy dried coconut from the store when you can shred your own?


rose hip tea in a glass cup

Using Rose HipsThis is a page about using rose hips. Purchase or pick your rose hips in the fall from plants free of pesticides and herbicides.


black truffle

Using TrufflesThis is a page about using truffles. These highly prized fungi can be difficult to locate at the grocery store.


Woman Eating Strawberries

Health Benefits of StrawberriesEating lots of these delicious fresh berries definitely taste good, and may lower cholesterol and reduce risk of heart attacks. This is a page about health benefits of strawberries.


Fermenting Vegetables in Jars

Fermenting Vegetables?This page is about fermenting vegetables. Sauerkraut and pickles are common vegetables preserved by fermentation. Foods preserved this way are known for producing health benefiting bacteria.


Large bag of sugar.

Sugar Tips and TricksA pantry staple sweetener that is used in many ways and recipes. This page contains sugar tips and tricks.


Brown Sugar

How to Make Brown SugarThis page tells how to make your own brown sugar at home. You can easily make your own brown sugar by adding 2 tablespoons of molasses to 1 cup of granulated sugar.



sunflower oil and seeds

Uses for Sunflower OilSunflower oil has many uses other than in cooking. It can be used for beauty and cleaning. This is a page about uses for sunflower oil.


nutrition label

Calculating Nutritional Information at HomeThis page is about calculating nutritional information at home. Making sure your family gets all the nutrients that they need is important.


Kosher Salt

What is Kosher Salt?This is a page about "what is kosher salt?". Some recipes will specifically call for kosher salt.


nutrition facts label

Understanding Food AdditivesThis page is about understanding food additives. With so many ingredients listed on products, you need to learn what some of the things really are.


Bamboo Shoots

Using Bamboo ShootsThis page is about using bamboo shoots. These young shoots are great when prepared and added to stir fry or egg rolls.


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The History of MarshmallowsI found this not so earth shaking information in Readers Digest and then did some further research about them and thought it interesting enough to share as food for thought (pun intended LOL).


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What is Shortening?What is shortening? It is listed in a waffle recipe.


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Help Identifying Pastry From Wedding Reception?When I was younger, I attended my Uncle's wedding, and at the reception there were these wonderful "treats", they were like a pastry, only they were very thin (like a chip, only larger in size),and were sprinkled with powdered sugar.


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What is The Difference Between Apple Cider and Apple Juice?What is the difference between apple cider and apple juice?


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What Is Graham Flour?Can anyone tell me what graham flour is?


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What Is "French Style" Rice?A recipe for beans made a small mention of "French style rice". I can't find it on the internet.


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What is Powdered Dextrose?What is Powdered Dextrose? Could someone tell me what powdered dextrose is? We have a family project this weekend of making homemade sausage (various kinds), and one of the recipes calls for powdered dextrose.


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Potato InformationMany years ago while taking a nutrition class at the same time as a computer programming class I worked on a program to find what foods would give you the recommended daily allowances. My first run though I had limited it to one food.


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Looking for Information About Pesto?What is pesto? Where would you find it in a grocery store? Can it be made at home? I find this in several recipes and it's totally new to me. Thanks, Betty



Using AlmondsAlmonds have been praised for many health benefits, such as, cancer prevention. If eaten daily can help lower cholesterol, and boost the immune system.


Nutrition facts label on food package.

Understanding Food AdditivesKnowing what is really in the food we eat can sometimes be a mystery, and so with this article I hope that I can give you some information that you can use and be a more informed consumer. If you know what some of the additives are and why they are put into your food than you can decide for yourself if this is something that was needed or if it was an additive that you would rather do without.


50's soda fountain

Old Fashioned Soda Fountain TreatsClose your eyes and come with me, a trip down memory lane to the place where red and white checked dreams come true. Many of us from the older generation can remember going to the local soda fountain for a burger and a shake or to have an egg cream or homemade French fries.


Using Arrowroot

Using ArrowrootArrowroot is used as a thickening agent for gravies and sauces. Will give a nice gloss to the food you add it to.



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Potato Gratin Question?When cooking potato gratin, usually we use mixture of milk and cream. But I never know what does milk and cream do here? So I just want to ask what is milk and cream function here? Thanks.


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What Chemicals Are in Unsalted Butter?What chemical elements are present in unsalted butter?


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Non-brewed Condiment?Can anyone please tell me the difference between vinegar and non-brewed condiment? i.e. when asked to use vinegar in a recipe - will non-brewed condiment (as bought in fish and chip shops) be a suitable alternative? - Jeanne G.



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What is Cool Whip?I would like to make a recipe, but am at a loss. What is Cool Whip please?


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Using Frozen Cabbage?I went to get my cabbage out of the fridge and it's frozen! I'm making pan fried cabbage and noodles. Will this still cook up? I don't care if it soaks up the butter, just want to be able to use it.


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How Much Molasses Is Needed to Turn Sugar Into Dark Brown Sugar?How much molasses do I add to make light brown sugar into dark brown sugar? I have an over abundance of the light. I use more dark brown sugar than light. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.


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