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This page contains money saving food tips and information about dairy products.



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A container of moldy cheddar cheese.

Preventing Mold on CheeseIf it is not a variation of blue cheese you probably would prefer it not be moldy. This is a page about preventing mold on cheese.


A bowl of homemade vanilla ice cream.

Making Ice Cream Without Heavy Whipping CreamIce cream can be made with other milk products, although it may not be quite as creamy. This is a page about making ice cream without heavy whipping cream.


Whipped Cream Cheese

Making Whipped Cream CheeseYou don't have to buy whipped cream cheese for your recipes. It can be made cheaper, when needed, at home. This is a page about making whipped cream cheese.


grated cheese

Storing Grated CheeseThis page is about storing grated cheese. When you buy cheese in bulk whether already grated or grated by you, to store it properly will maintain the freshness.


Spreadable Cream Cheese in a Wooden Bowl

Making Spreadable Cream CheeseThis page is about making spreadable cream cheese.Cold cream cheese can be a challenge to spread, but you can easily change its consistency.


Uses for Sour Milk

Uses for Sour MilkThis page contains uses for sour milk. There are many wonderful recipes and other uses for soured milk.


A cup of coffee being stirred with a spoon.

Homemade Powdered Coffee CreamerInstead of buying powdered creamer for your coffee, make it at home! This is a page about homemade powdered coffee creamer.


Freezing Whipped Cream. Making Whipped Cream

Making Whipped CreamThis is a page about making whipped cream. From pie to ice cream, whipped cream is a perfect topping to many desserts.


Cottage Cheese

Storing Cottage Cheese Upside DownStoring your cottage upside down in the fridge can help to extend its shelf life. This is a page about storing cottage cheese upside down.



Plastic bottles of white drinkable yogurt.

Making Drinkable YogurtThis is a page about making drinkable yogurt. Drinkable yogurt is a popular, healthy snack for kids and adults alike. While there are commercial brands available, you can make your own inexpensive version at home.


Making Sour Milk

Making Sour MilkThis page is about making sour milk. You may have a recipe that calls for soured milk, that you don't have on hand.


Pouring a glass of milk.

Making Your Own 2% Milk At HomeReducing the amount of fat in your milk can be accomplished by diluting your milk with water. This page is about make your own 2% milk at home.


Straining Goats Milk

Straining Goats MilkThis is a page about straining goat's milk. You don't need to buy expensive equipment to strain fresh goat's milk.


Powdered Milk

Using Powdered MilkThis is a page about using powdered milk. Powdered milk is a less expensive alternative to fresh milk and is sometimes called out specifically in recipes.


Straining Yogurt Through Cheesecloth

Easiest Homemade Greek YogurtGreek yogurt is easy to make, all you need is some cheesecloth and a sieve. This is a page about easiest homemade greek yogurt.


Collection of dried and canned foods including box of powdered milk.

Making Powdered Milk Taste BetterThis is a page about making powdered milk taste better. Using powdered milk can help you save money. It is also a good backup when you run out of regular milk. But powdered milk does not always taste as good to most of us.


A glass of milk being poured.

What Is Sweet Milk?Sweet milk is fresh milk as opposed to sour milk which people used to make cakes with, and buttermilk. It has no added sugar and is what you buy to drink every day. It is just called milk today.


Several different kinds of cheese.

Using CheeseThis page contains tips for using, storing, and substituting types of cheese in recipes.


Yogurt being strained in a Greek yogurt strainer basket.

Using a Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt MakerThis is a page about using a Euro Cuisine greek yogurt maker. Greek yogurt can be quite expensive at the grocery store. Using the Euro Cuisine greek yogurt maker is easy to use and will save you money.


Whey In Yogurt Container

Uses for WheyWhen you have whey leftover after making homemade cheese or yogurt, don't throw it out. Whey has numerous uses, here are just a few ideas. This is a page about uses for whey.


Fresh Milk

Making Sour Cream Butter From Fresh MilkOld fashioned milk with cream on top an be used to make many homemade treats. This is a page about making sour cream butter from fresh milk.


A bottle of fresh milk.

Stretching Fresh MilkThis is a page about stretching fresh milk. Sometimes, you have less milk left than you need for a specific recipe or purpose.


The finished lump of clarified butter.

Making Clarified ButterHeat is generally used to separate the milk solids and water from the butterfat to make clarified butter. This is a page about making clarified butter.


Liquid measuring cup containing cream

What is Heavy Cream?A rich thick cream that whips up for a wonderful dessert topping. This is a page about what is heavy cream?



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Use Unsalted ButterI like the taste of salted butter, but it recently occurred to me that a lot of the things that I have with it contain a fair amount of salt themselves. So I experimented with spreading bread or toast with unsalted butter when using these fillings, and found that I didn't miss the salt.


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Using Evaporated Milk in a Recipe?If recipie calls for evaporated milk, do I dilute it with water?


Glass jar of ghee.

Making GheeThis is a page about making ghee. Ghee is expensive to buy but you can make your own by separating the oil from the milky solids, to enhance many recipes.


A bowl of whipped cream.

Keeping Whipped Cream from SeparatingThis is a page about keeping whipping cream from separating. If your whipped cream needs to keep for awhile, there are ways to keep it stiff.


Macaroni and Cheese

Cooking with Dairy ProductsMilk, half and half, heavy cream, cheeses and butter are all dairy products used in preparation of all kinds of foods. This page is about cooking with dairy products.


Leftover Shredded Cheese

Using Leftover CheeseThis page is about ways to use leftover cheese. When cooking you can end up with leftover grated or pieces of different kinds of cheese.


Cheeses with Less Fat

Choosing Cheeses with Less FatThis page is about choosing cheeses with less fat. When looking to reduce your calorie intake, it helps to know what kinds of cheese contain less fat.


corn with real butter

Benefits of Using Real ButterMany people believe that butter is a very unhealthy food and choose margarine instead. In truth there are some documented reasons that butter, in moderation, can be good for you.


Whipped butter on a waffle.

Making Whipped Butter?This is a page about making whipped butter. You don't need to pay extra for whipped butter when it is easily made at home.


cooking oil

Stretching Butter With OilThis is a page about stretching butter with oil. There are butter spreads on the market that combine butter with various types of oil, such as olive oil. You can save some money by making your own blended spread.


Homemade Butter

Making Homemade ButterThis page is about making homemade butter. This delicious spread can be made at home with heavy cream.


Woman with Glass of Sour Milk

Determining if Milk is GoodThis is a page about determining if milk is good. There are a couple of tests you can conduct to determine if the milk in your frig is still good to drink.


Salted vs. Unsalted Butter

Salted vs. Unsalted ButterThis page is about salted vs. unsalted butter. Reducing our salt intake can be helped by using unsalted butter.


Ice Cream Cone

Ice Cream Cone TipsThis page contains ice cream cone tips. Enjoying ice cream in a cone can be a delightful experience.


Keeping Milk Fresh

Keeping Milk FreshThis is a page about keeping milk fresh. There are ways to keep your milk fresh longer.



Storing Cottage Cheese

Storing Cottage CheeseThis page is about storing cottage cheese. This fresh cheese is perishable, and keeps well refrigerated for a limited time.


Dairy Products on White Background

Saving Money on DairyThis page is about saving money on dairy. Whatever dairy products you may need, there are ways to save money on what you purchase.


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Uses for Spoiled Milk?All too often my milk spoils before I can use the entire gallon. Can anything useful be done with spoiled milk? It is so wasteful to throw it out. Buying less than a gallon at a time is not a suitable solution.


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Homemade Herb ButtersHerb butters can be quite expensive if purchased at a deli or market. A frugal way to enjoy delicious flavored butter is to make your own. It's this simple.


Plain frozen yogurt with raspberries and blackberries.

Making Frozen YogurtThis is a page about making frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt can be a great low fat and low sugar alternative to ice cream and popsicles. Making your own can save you money and allow you to create any number of flavors.


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What Can I Do With Heated Spoiled Milk?What can I do with heated spoiled milk?


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Tips for Yogurt Production Process?What is the production process of yogurt?


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Is the Taste of Evaporated Milk Noticeable When Used in Cooking?From years ago I've never liked the taste of evaporated milk. I find so many recipes that call for it, and I wonder if it still tastes like evaporated milk if used in a recipe?


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Preventing Cream from Curdling When Using in Cooking?What can I do to prevent cream curdling when using it to cook certain dishes?


Two sticks of butter in different sizes.

Use Measurement Instead of "Stick" For ButterI've seen a few people over the past couple of years ask how many ounces or cups a stick of butter is.


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Cut the "Milk Ring" and Save Our WildlifeNever leave the ring/collar from your gallon of milk or juice whole. When you discard it, cut it open first. That ring is just the right size to strangle some of our smaller wildlife.


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Buy Single Servings of MilkI used to buy gallons and gallons of milk when my kids were little. It was always gone in a couple of days. They used to tell me "mom! we're out of milk"!


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The Wonders of Fresh YoghurtPlain, fresh unsweetened yoghurt may be a base for ice-cream, dips and low-cal substitute for fresh cream; it will, when applied to skin and/or eaten, clear thrush and zits and smooth rough skin and rehydrate dry skin; it will remove some stains from clothing; it will condition hair and give you stronger nails and hair. Make your own for even greater savings; all you need is a starter pot and heat.


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Keeping Cheese FreshTo keep cheeses fresh, dampen a piece of paper towel with vinegar and place it in the container with the cheese. This works with shredded cheeses as well as blocks.


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Shredding Soft CheeseShred soft cheese with ease, put the block of cheese in the freezer for 20 minutes before shredding. Your cheese will shred much easier!



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Making Homemade Butter?I tried to make butter with whipping cream and it just turned to whipped cream what do I do?


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What is Sour Milk?What is considered sour milk in an old recipe?


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Preventing Cheese from going Mouldy?Can you use white vinegar instead of cider vinegar to stop moulding?


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Using Vinegar to Prevent Mold on Cheese?I buy 5 lb bags of shredded mozzarella cheese because my family makes pizza on a regular basis. However, once the bag is opened it tends to begin to mold fairly quickly. Has anyone used a variation of this vinegar method with shredded cheese? If this doesn't work, does anyone have a suggestion?


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Sour Cream Flavored Yogurt?How can I get my yogurt to taste like sour cream without adding more dairy products, like cottage cheese, to it? I am using non-fat yogurt. I have also tried to make my own yogurt, which is still a work-in-progress [grin].


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Using Unsalted Butter?Why do so many recipes call for unsalted butter then add butter into the recipe or batter. I can usually find salted butter much cheaper than unsalted?


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