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This page contains food tips and advice to save you time and money in the kitchen.

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Spinach Quiche

Side Dishes That Go With Quiche?Finding the best complements to your main dish will make for a great meal. This page is about side dishes that go with quiche.


Bottle labelled Sherry next to a class containing sherry

Dry Sherry vs. Cooking Sherry?Many recipes call for sherry. There are pros and cons to using either dry sherry or cooking sherry in their preparation. This is a page about dry sherry vs. cooking sherry.


Light Supper Menus Ideas for a Home for the Elderly?Please can someone send me ideas and/or recipes for menus for light suppers for the elderly in an old age home. They already have homemade soup every night with toast, but we need another dish. They get hungry during the early evening.


Hickory Nuts

Roasting Hickory Nuts?Roasted hickory nuts are a healthy and delicious treat just about everyone will love. This is a page about roasting hickory nuts.


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Canning Salt vs. Table Salt?What is the difference in canning salt and regular table salt? Can they be use interchangeably?


Spaghetti Supper

Spaghetti Supper for 300 to 400 People?Determine the size of your servings and multiply by the number of people, to figure out how much food you will need to make. This is a page about spaghetti supper for 300 to 400 people.



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Calculating Servings Based on Pan Size?How many servings of lasagna will I get from a pan 20 3/4 inches x 12 13/16 inches x 3 3/8 inches, if I want a 4 inch serving?


Plastic Food Containers

Keeping Bugs Out of Plastic Food ContainersMany consumers prevent the explosion of pantry moths and weevils, by freezing their dry goods when brought home from the store. There are other methods to try as well. This is a page about keeping bugs out of plastic food containers.


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Finding Hershey's Chocolate Syrup Expiration Date?I'm unsure how to find the expiration date on a bottle of Hershey's syrup. All I can find is a code on the bottom of it, saying #98N52 7J. I'm not sure what that means. Do those numbers indicate the expiration date? If so, how do I interpret it? I don't want to eat something that's expired.


Tomato Paste

Is Canned Tomato Sauce or Paste Gluten Free?If you are trying to avoid gluten in your diet, then you know that gluten can turn up in unsuspecting places. Here is some information if you are worried about it being canned tomato sauce and paste. This is a page about whether canned tomato sauce or paste is gluten free.


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Cutting Frozen Meat?I was given a 10 lb. package of turkey breast from a deli. A great gift, but it is frozen solid. What can I use to cut it into smaller size portions? I can't slice it this way and if I thaw it out whole I can't possibly eat it all before it spoils.


Terra Cotta Disk for Keeping Brown Sugar Soft and Fluffy

Use a Terra Cotta Disk to Keep Brown Sugar SoftA small piece of moistened terra cotta can make a difference in your brown sugar by not allowing it to harden in your cannister. This is a page about use a terra cotta disk to keep brown sugar soft.


Turkey dinner on a plate.

Keeping Turkey Hot and Juicy After Cooking?Some foods, such as turkey, tend to dry out if not served quickly. This is a page about keeping turkey hot and juicy after cooking.


A bowl of well cooked chicken noodle soup.

Foods I Can Eat After Having My Teeth PulledAfter having your teeth pulled, you may have a very restricted diet until your gums heal. This is a page about foods I can eat after having my teeth pulled.


Woman Cooking for an Elderly Person

Cooking for an Elderly Person?This is a page about cooking for an elderly person. When cooking for an elderly parent or friend there are some considerations to keep in mind when planning the meals.


Flour, milk, eggs, butter, rolling pin and whisk on a counter top.

What Is Bisquick?This is a page about "What is Bisquick?". Bisquick is a ready made convenience mix that can be used for baking, making pancakes, and more.


Frozen Corn

Frozen Corn for 60 People?When cooking for a large crowd, calculating the amount of food you need to buy and/or prepare is very important. This is a page about buying enough frozen corn for 60 people.


Frozen Red Potatoes pieces on plate

Using Frozen Raw PotatoesWhen raw potatoes have been frozen, they are soft when thawed. They can be cooked right away and used in some dishes without a change in flavor or texture.


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Canned Tomatoes Have a Metallic Taste?I make salsa using store-bought tomatoes in a can. The salsa has a "can" taste that I don't like. Does anyone know of a trick to cut that taste out? Thanks.


Vanilla pudding.

Pudding Tips and TricksThis is a page about pudding tips and tricks. Pudding is a quick and easy dessert to make and there are some tips to ensure that it comes out right and tasty every time.


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How to Tell if Flour is Self Rising?My flour is in a canister. I have no idea if it is self rising or not. Is there a way to test it to tell which it is?



Banana Pudding

Banana Pudding for a Large Group?Banana pudding is a great dessert treat to make for large groups. This is a page about banana pudding for 150 people.


A woman with an upset stomach.

Beano Substitute?If you are gassy after eating beans, it might be helpful to try using Beano or a Beano substitute before eating beans. This is a page about Beano substitute.


Gloved Hand Holding Mug of Hot Chocolate

Making Hot Chocolate for a Large Group Inexpensively?This is a page about making hot chocolate for a large group inexpensively. Hot chocolate is an easy drink to prepare for a large group of people. Here are some tips for keeping the cost down.


A pile of fresh hyacinth beans.

Cooking Hyacinth Beans?This is a page about cooking hyacinth beans. The hyacinth bean vine (lablab purpureus) is edible. It produces beans that are found in markets and cooked or ground for porridge meal in Africa.


Kabobs on a serving plate.

Making Kabobs for a Large Group?Serving kabobs to a large group is a good idea. You will need to estimate ingredients, guest preferences for meats, seafood, and/or vegetables. One final consideration is who will prepare them. This is a page about making kabob for a large group.


Close up of knife holder peanut butter over the top of a peanut butter jar

Who Makes Kroger Peanut Butter?This is a page about who makes Kroger peanut butter. Most grocery store brands are made by other companies.


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Pasta Sauce Keeps Burning?No matter how low I cook it, my pasta sauce always scorches. Is it because I use a metal pot?


Canned frosting being spooned into a bowl.

Thinning Canned Frosting?Canned frosting is convenient, but it may be too thick for the decorating application you desire. Thinning it is an option. This is a page about thinning canned frosting.


Codes on Food Packaging

Codes on Food PackagingThis is a page about codes on food packaging. Understanding how to read label codes can help you purchase the freshest products.


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Distilling Water at Home?If I put some water in a jug and let it sit, is that like distilled water?


Sloppy joes for a large group.

Making Sloppy Joes for a Large GroupThis page is about making sloppy joes for a large group. Making sloppy joes is simple and can easily be adapted for a large group. Sloppy joes have limited ingredients making them an inexpensive meal.


A flight attendant talking at the airport.

Meal Ideas for a Flight Attendant?Flight attendants have access to the inflight meals but may need to pack their own food for dietary or preferential reasons. This page has meal ideas for a flight attendant.


A chunk of stuck together ice cubes.

Keeping Ice Cubes from StickingIce cubes are notorious for sticking to the ice cube trays and to each other. This is a page about keeping ice cubes from sticking.


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Softening MarshmallowsIf you have marshmallows that have gotten old, stale, and hard all you have to do to make them soft again is to place them in a resealable plastic bag with a slice of bread. Let them stand until soft, which usually takes 1 or 2 days. Then you can remove the bread and the marshmallows should be soft again. By Robin


Food for a Large Group

Preparing Food for a Large GroupPreparing food for a large group can seem daunting, especially the first time. This is a page about preparing food for a large group.



A pan of tomato sauce for spaghetti.

Should I Saute Onions for Spaghetti Sauce?Many think that saute'ing the onion, will bring out more flavor in your sauce. This is a page about should I saute onions for spaghetti sauce?


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Frost Damaged Jalepeno Peppers?We had 6 jalepeno plants that were doing really good well. We had some very cold unexpected weather last night and this morning everything was dead. So we took off tons of jalepenos that covered the plants. They are all kind of soft, from the frost I guess. I'm wondering if they would still be ok to chop and freeze for stews and soups and stuff? Are they safe to eat still? Can we get sick?


party food

Keeping Food Warm at PartiesThis is a page about keeping food warm at parties. You don't need expensive warming trays and steam tables to keep food warm at your next party.


3 sticks of butter.

Saving Money on ButterThis is a page about saving money on butter. Many shoppers are always on the lookout for ways to save on their food costs.


Leftover Cookies

Using Leftover CookiesThis is a page about using leftover cookies. Extra, stale, or overdone cookies can be given new life with a little creativity.


Mac and Cheese

Recipe Ideas That are Easy to Transport?This is a page about recipe ideas that are easy to transport. When attending a potluck or contributing to a family dinner, you want to make a dish that will maintain its flavor and consistency.


Open can of tuna.

Draining Canned TunaThis page is about draining canned tuna. Removing the oil or water from canned fish is usually done before using it in recipes.


A pot on a ceramic stovetop.

Safe Pots and Pans for Ceramic Stovetops?This is a page about safe pots and pans for ceramic stovetops. Manufacturers of ceramic stovetops do not recommend the use of all types of cookware on their stoves.


Plate of Tacos

Making Tacos for a Large Group?This is a page about making tacos for a large group. Trying to decide what to serve a large group can be a challenge. Tacos are a good option and easily done when set up as a taco bar.


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Looking for Graham Crackers in South Africa?What are graham crackers? This product is unknown in South Africa.


Convection Oven in New Kitchen

Convection Oven Tips and RecipesThis page contains convection oven tips and recipes. Convection ovens require an adjustment of temperature, and other considerations.


Sliced Pound Cake

Uses for Leftover Pound Cake?Often, there is no leftover pound cake. However, when there is, you can use the leftovers in a variety of other dessert dishes. This is a page about uses for leftover pound cake.


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Keeping Parmesan Cheese from Getting Lumpy?I buy the generic Parmesan cheese and according to the label you should refrigerate after opening the container. The problem is it gets very lumpy. Is there a way to prevent this? Thanks for your wisdom!



Making Spaghetti for 100 People?Calculating the amount of ingredients you will need to feed 100 people, starts with the amount you expect to serve per person. This is a page about making spaghetti for 100 people.


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Using Dehydrated Apples?What does one do with dehydrated apples? How do you rehydrate them?


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Cooking Lasagna For 70?I am making lasagna for 70 people in 19 x 11 inch pans. How many pans should I make?


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Mashed Potatoes for 40 People?How many pounds of potatoes would be needed to feed 40 people mashed potatoes?


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Product Review: Butterball Fully Cooked Smoked Turkey?Has anyone tried the Butterball fully cooked smoked turkey? Is it good enough to serve to guests for Thanksgiving?


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Chicken Salad for 20 People?How much chicken salad do I need to feed 20 people?


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Watch Labels for MSGI recently discovered an insidious additive that almost all manufacturers are putting into foods, and I hope you all begin to watch for it. It is MSG (monosodium glutamate), and of course, we expect it to be in Asian foods.


A pile of potato chips.

Using Potato ChipsWhen I have those little "crumb" chips left in the bag, I grind them up in my "buzz" blender. Store in a container in the refrigerator, adding more as available. I add these crumbs to my mix a Tbsp. at a time when breading something.


Corn that has been dried on the cob, ready for parching.

Parching Corn?My mother made parched corn with popcorn. Where do I buy corn on the cob (she shucked it off cob)?


Combining the two boxes into one.

Combining Snacks to Save SpaceI recently went to the dollar tree and found these snack breakfast bars. When I got them home, I realized that each one had 5 packettes in them. But they were taking up almost no room. So, I opened them both and saw I could fit all 10 in one package. I saved room in the pantry and they didn't flop around in the box and get broken.


shrimp paste meal

Using Shrimp PasteShrimp paste is small fermented shrimp used in many South East Asian cuisines. The smell is quite strong and can be unappetizing to those who are not used to it, but is cherished by many Asian countries.


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Making Really Smooth Sweet Potato Purée?I have been freezing sweet potato purée for later use, but need some advice on getting the purée really smooth.


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Sifting Flour for a Recipe?Why do I have left over sifted flour when I sift 3 cups? Are you supposed to use all of the sifted flour when making a recipe?


A collection of lemons on a wooden surface.

When Life Gives You LemonsWhen at first it appears that life is giving you lemons, you may find a blessing in the final results.


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Can Under Cabinet Lighting Affect Shelf Life of Food?I keep my loaf of bread in an air tight plastic bag, as well a my fruit in a bowl, on my kitchen counter. I think that the kitchen cabinet lightening, which is under all of my cabinets, causes these foods to go bad because of the light and the heat. My husband says I'm crazy.


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Recipe for Beef Tacos for 40 + Sides?I need a beef taco bar for 40 recipe. Also, what would be good for sides?


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Reducing the Smell of Raw Cabbage?I like to hollow out a red cabbage and serve with a dijon dip in the hollow. How can I keep the cabbage/sulphur smell from running off my guests?


sprinkling powdered sugar on a loaf cake

What Is 10X Sugar?In many instances the term 10x sugar is used interchangeably with confectioner's or powdered sugar. There is a difference however, not all powdered sugar is the same. Confectioner's sugar contains a bit of corn starch, while some powdered sugars do not. Usage determines the best choice. This is a page about, "What is 10x sugar?".


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Making Toast for a Crowd?How do I make toast or English muffins for a bunch at a brunch?


Disgusted man doesn't want to eat.

Cooking Advice for Feeding Picky HusbandsSometimes, our spouses are more particular than we are in regards to flavors and new ingredients. It can be a challenge when planning healthy and inexpensive dinners. This page contains cooking advice for picky husbands.


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Using Wilting Leftover Salad Fixings?I have a bag of leftover salad which includes the usual salad fixings (tomatoes, croutons, different types of lettuce, onions, etc). It is starting to wilt, any ideas of what I can do with it. I don't want to throw it away.


Ball of dough on a tortilla press.

Uses for an Electric Tortilla Press?An electric tortilla press not only forms the tortillas, but also cooks them. Here are a few other recipes and suggestions to try with your electric tortilla press.


Cloves on a wooded spoon.

Uses for ClovesWhether you are cooking with them or using them as a natural remedy, cloves have numerous uses. Here are just a few. This is a page about uses for cloves.


Stick of butter on a table with pat sliced off

Using ButterThis is a page about using butter. Butter is often used in cooking or as a spread on baked goods. Here are some tips for making it easier to spread, when to use in baking and how, as well as how to measure a stick or block.


Buffet table full of food.

Cooking for 300 People?Here are lots of frugal ideas for cooking for a large party or event. This is a page about cooking for 300 people.


Woman adding things to a stock pot, man prepping food.

Cooking Chicken Stew for 1000 People?It can be difficult to scale recipes for large crowds. This is a page about cooking chicken stew for 1000 people.


A butternut squash being cut in half.

Cutting SquashWinter squash, such as acorn squash, have a very tough skin making them a bit difficult to cut. One thought is to use a pumpkin carving tool. Of course a very sharp knife will also do the job. This is a page about cutting squash.


Ham hocks and beans in pot

Cooking Ham Hocks and Dry Beans in a Pressure Cooker?It will be best to soak your beans first before cooking them, and even your ham hock to remove excess salt. This is a page about cooking ham hocks and dry beans in a pressure cooker.


Woman Buying Organic

Why Are Organic Products So Expensive?Consumers are sometimes confused by the higher cost of organic produce and other products. While there is no money spent on herbicides and pesticides there are costs involved in growing foods organically and protecting them from pests and weed invasion. Likewise, untreated products do not have the same shelf life as produce sprayed with antifungals. This is a page about, "Why are organic products so expensive?".


Organic Produce

How to Prioritize Organic Produce PurchasesSome produce has more pesticides than others. Where organic isn't always available, it is good to know which produce is safest. This is a page about how to prioritize organic produce purchases.


A winter squash with the seeds still inside.

Tips for Using SquashWhen preparing any type of squash, save the seeds for roasting or planting. This is a page about tips for using squash.


Organic Produce in Supermarket

FAQ's About Organic FoodOrganic foods are often the better choice when purchasing food, especially produce. Here are some helpful FAQ's about organic food.


A collection of eggplants.

How to Buy EggplantDetermine whether an eggplant or aubergine is male or female. A male will give you a fruit that is less bitter with less seeds. This is a page about how to buy eggplant.


Bowl of Mixed Nuts

Freezing NutsA great way to maintain the quality of stored nuts is by freezing. This is a page about freezing nuts.


A jar filled with chewing gum packets.

Storing Chewing GumStore your excess gum in an air tight container in a cool location to retain freshness. This is a page about storing chewing gum.


Green olives smashed to remove the pit.

How to Pit Olives Without a PitterIt is easy to save the flavor inside the olive and pit the olives when you are ready to eat them. This is a page about how to pit olives without a pitter.


Fresh Cauliflower

Fresh Cauliflower for 60 People?Figure how many ounces your servings will be to determine how much cauliflower you will need. This is a page about fresh cauliflower for 60 people.


Raw Hamburger

Amount of Hamburger Needed for 100 People?Depending on how you plan to prepare the ground meat, you will need to calculate the proper amount for a reasonable serving, when feeding a large crowd. This is a page about the amount of hamburger needed for 100 people.


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Health Benefits of Ghee?Is ghee good or bad for your health?


Woman Chopping Vegetables

Finding Inspiration for New FoodsTo avoid getting bored with the same flavors, you may find some thing new to make in a restaurant, or the grocery's prepared salad section and deli. This is a page about finding inspiration for new foods.


Spice Grinder

Using a Spice GrinderA spice grinder is great to have for salt and pepper and other spices. Here's some helpful tips about using a spice grinder.


Binder For Corned Beef Hash - bowl of corned beef hash

What is a Good Binder for Corned Beef Hash?Canned corned beef hash can be somewhat crumbly, making it difficult to shape into patties that stay together when cooked. There are several possible additions suggested on this page. This is a page about, "What is a good binder for corned beef hash?".


An Oreo cookie placed on a fork, being dipped into a glass of milk.

Use a Fork to Dunk Oreos in MilkYou can prevent dipping your fingertips in the milk while dunking Oreos by using a fork. Use a fork to dunk Oreos in milk by poking the tines into the center frosting.


Glad Press'n Seal Wrap

Uses for Glad Press'n Seal WrapPress'n Seal can be very a very useful variation of regular Saran Wrap. Once you start using it, it is easy to find many uses for glad Press'n Seal wrap.


Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake - slice of cake 2

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake RecipeWhether it's for a birthday party or other celebration, a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake is sure to get gobbled up by your guests. This cake is easy to make and can be decorated and customized for any occasion.


Homemade strawberry ice cream.

Using an Electric Ice Cream Maker?Make delicious ice cream with an easy to use electric ice cream maker. That way you can enjoy this frozen treat faster than with a hand crank ice cream maker. This is a page about using an electric ice cream maker.


Using a juicer to juice several lemons.

How to Get More Juice Out Of LemonsIf you are juicing lemons, limes or other citrus fruit, warming the fruit up a little before juicing will increase your yield. This page includes tips about how to get more juice out of your lemon.


Gluten Free Flour Mix ingredients in bowl

Gluten Free Flour MixIf you need to bake with gluten free flour regularly, it may be helpful to remake the flour mixture ahead of time. This is a page about gluten free flour mix.


Kanten Jelly

Using Agar-agar (Kanten)Agar-agar can be used as a substitute for gelatin. It is made from seaweed and thus is a good choice for preparing a vegetarian dish or in many Asian recipes. This is a page about using agar-agar (kanten).


A bowl of coleslaw.

Coleslaw Tips and TricksMaking coleslaw doesn't have to be a time consuming chore. This is a page about coleslaw tips and tricks.


Sifting flour using a metal strainer.

Flour Sifting Tips and TricksFor baking purposes, it is always best to sift your flour prior measuring. This is a page about flour sifting tips and tricks.


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A ham sliced into slices.

Turning One Meal Into SixWhether you're short on time or money, preparing one large meal on the weekend and stretching it all week long is a cost and time efficient way of meal planning.


A box full of limes, lemons and oranges.

Using Up A Surplus of FoodI had an interesting problem recently in regards to food. In response to the coronavirus outbreak, Oregon closed all bars and restaurants in mid March. They could still provide take-out or delivery but many places shut down for the duration. Because this was relatively unexpected, the businesses had a great deal of produce and refrigerated food to get rid of before it went bad.


unripe tomatoes

Ripening Green Tomatoes InsideA few weeks ago, I was concerned about an impending frosty night and decided to pull up all my tomatoes. There were tons of green ones that hadn't ripened yet. I read through a lot of feedback to look for the easiest way to ripen them inside and came up with this.


Father and Son Cooking Dinner Together

Saturday Meal IdeasCooking a meal at home for Saturday is a great activity to bring the whole family together. This is a page about Saturday meal ideas.


A bouquet of wildflowers

Tribute to My MomWhen I think of my mother, the first thing to come to mind is, believe it or not, food! Crazy as it may sound, you have to understand that my mom was a top notch cook during my childhood years.


cut dragon fruit

Using Dragon FruitThe Dragon fruit is simply an amazing fruit, like no other. On the outside the fruit is bright fuchsia with lime green on the tips of the long leathery leaves that spurt off the entire fruit. When cut open the fruit reveals its stunning white pulp speckled with tiny black seeds...


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Pickling Vegetables

Pickling VegetablesThis video by the Alaska Cooperative Extension Service gives a thorough explanation of the process and benefits of preserving your vegetables by pickling them.


Clothespin Cup MarkersThis video shows you a quick solution to having less dirty dishes.


Cleaning and Storing Romaine Hearts

Cleaning and Storing Romaine HeartsHearts of romaine lettuce are a favorite for salads. If they are cleaned and stored properly, they can last a long time. Learn how in this short video.


Lucky Charms ShamrocksMake your Lucky Charms treats even better by cutting them into shamrock shapes.



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Information About 10 x Confectioner's Sugar?Is 10x sugar one of the purest forms of sucrose?


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Making Smaller Traditional Meals for the Holidays?With COVID-19 limiting the size of our gatherings - what are some thrifty tips for making smaller size traditional meals and saving money to do so?


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Using Pimento?Are pimentos spicy hot? And how long can you keep a jar in your cupboard?


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Baking Canned Biscuits in an Air Fryer?We have the InstaPot Vortex air fryer that has 2 slotted type shelves & a bottom solid shelf. Does anyone have a recipe to cook canned biscuits in it? I've tried, but don't want to continue to waste food that isn't cooked and not worth eating.


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Cooking Lasagna For 70?I am making lasagna for 70 people in 19 x 11 inch pans. How many pans should I make?


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Banana Pudding too Firm and Thick?I have been following the recipe on the Nilla waffer box and my pudding doesn't stay creamy once cooled. It becomes thick like a cheese cake. What am I doing wrong?


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