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This page contains baking tips and advice to help you make wonderful things in your oven.

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Two different types of yeast on a cutting board.

How Much Yeast is in a Packet?If you have a recipe that calls for 1 package of yeast and you only have bulk dry yeast, this page will tell you how many teaspoons of yeast is in a packet.


Dough balls on a tray.

How to Let Dough Rise in Warm SunIf you are baking bread on a warm sunny day, use that heat to rise your dough. This is a page about how to let dough rise in warm sun.


Three pieces of cornbread on a plate.

Why Did My Cornbread Turn Out Dry?Dry crumbly cornbread is a disappointing result to the time spent preparing this tasty complement to many meals. This is a page about, "Why did my cornbread turn out dry?".


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Thickening Canned Fruit Juice?I have looked high and low, and can't find (or discover through trial and error) a method of cooking and thickening, the canned fruit juice to then use in a cobbler. If you do nothing, it's just too runny.


bread loaf in a bread machine pan

Keeping Bread From Sticking in a Bread Machine?This is a page about keeping bread from sticking in a bread machine. It is frustrating to have your loaf of bread stick to the interior of the bread machine.


Making Bread in a Can

Making Bread in a CanThis is a page about making bread in a can. You end up with a small, round loaf when a metal can is used for baking.



Bread in bread machine on wooden board

Bread Machine Bread is Hard and Dense?Bread machines are usually fool-proof but there can be some common problems to avoid. This page has advice if your bread machine bread is hard and dense.


Baking Bread, Loaf of baked white bread.

Baking BreadThis is a page about baking bread. Baking fresh bread at home is wonderful, whether you use a bread machine or not.


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Substitute Fruit Juice for Oil in BakingFor any baking recipe that calls for oil, use any fruit juice instead. The same amount that the oil should be. This is less fattening, healthier and makes for moister cakes, brownies, etc.


Bowl of vegetable shortening on a red polka dot napkin.

Measuring Shortening (Crisco)This is a page about measuring shortening. Measuring shortening can be difficult because it sticks to the measuring cup. Here are some great tips for making it easier to measure shortening.


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Do You Use Baking Powder With All Purpose Flour?When a recipe calls for flour, but does not say all-purpose or self-rising, do you have to add baking powder to the recipe when you're just using all-purpose flour?


Loaf of bread machine bread that has not risen on a cutting board.

Bread Machine Bread Not RisingThis page is about bread machine bread is not rising. Having your ingredients at the proper temperature can help you have success with your homemade bread.


cut brownies sitting on waxed paper onto of rest in pan

Cutting BrowniesThis is a page about cutting brownies. It helps to to let your brownies cool before cutting and there are easy ways to get create clean edged pieces.


An angel food cake made with cake flour.

Converting All Purpose Flour into Cake FlourThis is a page about converting all purpose flour into cake flour. The lightest cakes are made with this flour. You can turn all-purpose flour into cake flour with addition of corn starch and sifting.


Baking ingredients on a wood bread board.

Baking Tips and TricksThis page contains baking tips and tricks. Baking can be a fun, rewarding experience for the beginner and the expert.


Using a hand mixer to whip store bought frosting.

Whip Store Bought FrostingWhipping store bought frosting with your mixer will increase its volume and give you more frosting for the money. This is a page about whip store bought frosting.


Self Rising Flour

Baking With Self Rising FlourThis page is about baking with self rising flour. A flour that has leavening and salt already added to it.


Dome shaped cake decorated like a soccer ball with green frosting along the base to mimic grass

Making A Soccer CakeA soccer ball shaped cake may just what your want for an upcoming birthday or athletic banquet event. This is a page about making a soccer cake.


A batch of corn muffins.

Jiffy Corn Muffins Are Too Crumbly?Jiffy corn muffins are often come out pretty consistently but sometimes they might be a bit crumbly. This is a page about jiffy corn muffins too crumbly.


A sugar mill making powdered sugar.

How to Make Confectioners...This is a page about how to make confectioners (powdered) sugar. You don't need to run to the store to buy powdered sugar for the recipe you are making; make your own.


Banana Bread

Banana Bread Tips and TricksThere are many good recipes available for making banana bread. Sometimes the question is not about the recipe per se, but rather about things like preventing a split top, freezing it, or preventing it from baking up too dry. This a page containing banana bread tips and tricks.



Yeast for Baking

Buying and Using Yeast for BakingThis page is about buying and using yeast for baking. Active dry baking yeast comes in a variety of sizes. You want to be sure the amount you buy, retains its freshness and remains active.


Baking Pan

Flouring Baking PansThis is a page about flouring baking pans. Flouring your baking pans is one way to prevent sticking.


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Substituting Packets for a Cake of Yeast?I am making a recipe that calls for a cake of yeast and I only have packets. How much equals a cake of yeast?


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Soaking A Romertopf Clay Covered Casserole?My mother used to make the most delicious meals with a large Romertopf clay covered casserole. I've had it in a cabinet taking up a lot of space for years and not used it, because this method requires soaking for at least an hour and feel that the kitchen sink is not sanitary enough.


Cake batter being whisked in a bowl.

Using Expired Cake Mix?If a box of cake mix has been forgotten in the back of your pantry, it may still be usable if it's not too old. Sometimes, it's necessary to add new baking soda or powder to help it rise.


Man cleaning the oven.

Calibrating an Electric OvenThis page is about calibrating an electric oven. To make sure your foods cook and bake perfectly, it is important to check that the temperature of your oven matches what you set it at.


Photo of a pumpkin pie with small cracks in it and one slice being taken out.

Keeping Pumpkin Pies From Splitting?Baking pies that contain a lot of moisture can be a challenge to cook without any cracks. This is a page about keeping pumpkin pies from splitting.


Fondant Sushi Cupcake Toppers - place one piece of sushi on top of each cupcake

How to Make Fondant Sushi Cake ToppersMake your own fondant sushi cupcake toppers and save lots of money. If you can model with play dough, you can create your own decorative entrees with this pliable edible dough.


3 Ingredient Fondant ingredients

3 Ingredient Fondant RecipeFondant is used for detailed cake decorating. Make your own fondant with this quick and easy 3 ingredient fondant recipe.


House shaped cake with the end slice off.

Decorating a Cake Shaped Like a Building?Creating a building shaped cake and adding the details can be a challenge. Your choice of frosting and techniques can help achieve an exciting result. This is a page about decorating a cake shaped like a building.


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Pampered Chef Baking StonesPampered Chef makes the most wonderful baking stones. Trust me. I've thrown out all my baking sheets. No more hard-on-the-bottom biscuits! The one tip I would give is never put a really hard frozen item on them to bake as this will break them. Allow just a little thawing time before baking pizza.


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Repairing a Broken Frozen Pie Crust?The frozen pie crusts I bought are broken. How do I use them in making a pumpkin pie?


Baking Brownies in
Cupcake Liners

Baking Brownies in Cupcake LinersThis is a page about baking brownies in cupcake liners. Any easy way to make small portion brownies is to bake them in cupcake liners.


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Methods for Cutting Baking Time?Can I raise the oven temperature to shorten baking time?


Biscuits on White Background

Homemade Biscuit RecipesThis is a page about making homemade biscuits. Homemade biscuits are delicious and easy to make.



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Titanic CakeI am looking for a recipe for a titanic cake.


angel food cake on glass plate

Making Angel Food CakeThis delicious airy white cake is generally easy to make and will be a favorite with the family. This is a page about making angel food cake.


Frosted white cupcakes.

How Do I Prevent Cake Frosting From Melting?Your cake must be cool before you frost it so the icing does not melt. This is a page about how do I prevent cake frosting from melting?


Muffin Pan

Using Muffin Pans Without Paper Liners?Paper liners can make removing muffins easier. However, a layer of butter or shortening will also allow the muffins to come out just fine. This is a page about using muffin pans without paper liners.


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How Can I Protect a Plastic Handled Pan in the Oven?I have a good and seasoned frying pan (copper bottom), with a heavy plastic handle and I'd like to make fritatta in the oven! How can I protect the handle from the heat?


Self Rising Flour

Making Self Rising Flour?This is a page about making self rising flour. Your recipe calls for self rising flour, but you don't have any. You don't have to race out to the store. You can make it simply at home, with ingredients you probably already have.


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Baking Powder Leavening Substitute?Does anyone have a vinegar to baking soda ratio to use as leavening in biscuits or cake? I'm looking for a baking powder substitute, as it does not have a long storage life.


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Why Use Baking Soda In Cake Icing?Why use baking soda in cake icing?


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Reheating a Frozen Pre-cooked Pumpkin Pie?I would like to know if a cooked pumpkin pie can be frozen? If so how long would you reheat when ready to use? I over cooked for Thanksgiving and hate to throw it away if I can use at a later date.


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Adding Dry Fruit to Cake Batter?When adding dry fruits to my cake batter, do I mix it into the batter or do I pour on top right before I pop it into the oven? Thank you so much.


A bundt cake pan upside down on a soda bottle.

Bottle For Inverting Bundt PanI just insert the neck of the bottle into the hole in the center of the pan, and invert it onto the stove or counter and leave it for about an hour to cool. Then carefully loosen the cake at the top edges and remove it to a serving plate.


Hibiscus flowers made from gum paste.

Hibiscus GumpasteEverybody wants to have the best looking cake. Since it's summer season in my country, I get a few demands of tropical or summer themed cakes. Today I'm gonna show you how to make realistic hibiscus flower gumpaste, beginner level.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in a Bowl

Use Less Ingredients When BakingWhen making cookies and squares, I never find that I need as many chocolate chips or nuts as the recipe calls for. I have reduced the fat content of the sweets and have some ingredients left over for the next batch.


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Keeping Brownies from Getting Hard on the EdgesWhy are my brownies always hard around the edges? The center is fine. I use a glass baking dish and have tried a metal pan but same results. Several people I know have this same problem. Can you help me? Thanks in advance.


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Marie Callender's Frozen Pie Crusts Instructions?Could someone give me the directions for baking a Marie Callender's frozen pie crust?


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Apple Moist Cornbread MuffinsAt Walmart, while looking for a pastry blender (didn't find one), I saw a cheap ($1.89) 6 cup cupcake tin. I got one. And later, while using it, I made a nice discovery.


Pie Crust Protector

Pie Crust ProtectorThe outer rim of a disposable aluminum pie pan works well to keep pie crust from browning too much. Cut the rim of the pie pan and place it on top of the pie crust while baking.


How to Make Sushi Cakes - serving tray with sushi cakes and condiments

How to Make Sushi CakesYou don't have to be a professional baker to make professional looking decorative cakes. Sometimes you just have to find the right products to add to your cakes to make them shine. I made these sushi cakes using regular cake batter, frosting, and candies you can find at any shop. It cost me 1/10th of the price that I would have paid had I ordered them from a custom bakery and they were absolutely delicious!


Decorating cupcakes with a frosting bag.

Decorating CupcakesCupcakes are cooked in a muffin tin instead of a cake pan, for individual small cakes. They are often used for parties instead of a traditional birthday or wedding cake, and can be decorated in all sorts of different themes for any event.


tiered teal cake with pink gumpase flowers on a cake stand

Making Gumpaste FlowersLearn how to make lovely gumpaste flowers to decorate your next cake. Supplies list and directions follow.


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Using a Hitachi Home Bakery ll HB-B102?I have a Hitachi Home Bakery ll HB-B102 and no manual. I need to know how long to bake wheat bread. There is no setting for basic bread or wheat bread. Can you help?


finished cookies

Baking from the Discount Grocery ShelfBaking can get very expensive, especially if you are using unusual ingredients. You can often find many products in the markdown section of your local grocery store. Check after holidays for steep discounts on seasonal items.


A piece of zucchini bread on a plate, covered in plastic wrap.

Bread Made With Frozen Zucchini Not Rising?Frozen zucchini will need to not only be thawed and drained it is important to also blot it dry. Too much liquid can interfere with it rising properly. This is a page about bread made with frozen zucchini not rising.


Decorated cake with icing roses.

Making Roses for Decorated CakesFrosting can be piped into a variety of floral designs, including roses. This is a page about making roses for decorated cakes.


Round sponge cake on a white plate with a piece cut out.

Baking a Sponge Cake Advice?When making a sponge cake be sure your mixing bowl and baking pan are very clean. Fold the batter into the pan, and try not to shake it as you put it in the oven. This page contains baking a sponge cake advice.


A birthday cake that resembles a bowling alley.

Bowling Alley Birthday CakeMake this cute bowling alley themed cake for the bowler among your friends and family. This is a page about decorating a bowling alley birthday cake.


Chocolate cake in a spring form pan.

Why Does My Cake Rise Higher in the Middle?One of the most common causes of the dome in the center of a cake is too high a temperature. Try reducing the temperature to 325F rather than the typical 350F. This is a page about, "Why does my cake rise higher in the middle?".


Football Cake

Making a Football CakeIt is easy to make a football shaped cake if you have an oval baking pan. This is a page about making a football cake.


Shamrock cake surrounded by St. Patrick's Day decorations

Making a Shamrock CakeIf you are planning to make a shamrock cake for St. Patrick's day or someone that is Irish, here are a few ideas. This is a page about making a shamrock cake.


Smooth Whipped Frosting

Preventing Grainy FrostingEveryone likes a smooth deliciously sweet whipped frosting on their cakes and cookies. Use the tips for preventing grainy frosting when baking.


Cutting wax paper to fit in a round pan.

How to Cut Wax Paper for Round PansA bit of paper folding will help in cutting wax paper to fit inside your round baking pan. This is a page about how to cut wax paper for round pans.


Farewell Party Cake

Farewell Party Cake Ideas for an Irish PriestA farewell cake is a great way to show your priest how much you appreciated their service. Check out these farewell party cake ideas for an Irish priest.


Carob Cinnamon Cookies

Sugar Free Dessert Ideas for Easter Dinner?Dessert for Easter dinner is often a sweet treat, which can be difficult if on a low sugar diet. Here are some ideas about how to make a delicious sugar free dessert for Easter dinner.


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How to Make a Driver's License Cake TopperA wonderful idea for a 16 year olds cake topper is to make it a drivers license. This is a page about how to make a driver's license cake topper.


baked Blueberry Muffins in muffin tin

One-Bowl Blueberry MuffinsMaking delectable blueberry muffins doesn't require dirtying many dishes. This is a page about one-bowl blueberry muffins.


A batch of corn muffins in a bowl.

Making Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix More Cake Like?If you find packaged corn muffin mix too dry or crumbly try adding oil, sour cream, or creamed corn for a moist, more cake like muffin. This is a page about making Jiffy corn muffin mix more cake like.


Cupcakes that look like hamburgers with toppings.

Making Hamburger CupcakesCupcakes can be made to look like all sorts of things, even hamburgers! This is a page about hamburger party cupcakes.


Make Your Fruit Crumble Perfect

Fruit Crumble Tips and TricksFruit crumbles are a special treat you can enjoy anytime of year. This is a page about make your fruit crumble perfect.


Icing Cupcake

Icing Won't Stay on Cupcake?If your cupcake icing is running off your cupcakes, you may not have cooled the cupcake down enough. This is a page about icing too runny.


Sprinkle Hearts on a Cake - spreading sprinkles

Adding Sprinkle Hearts to a CakeA quick and easy way to decorate a cake is to use a cookie cutter and add sprinkles inside the shape. This is a page about adding sprinkle hearts to a cake.


Bark baking pan being filled with batter.

When to Use Dark or Light Baking PansAccording to some cooks the best way to remember the difference is that dark pans result in darker crusts, or cookie bottoms and lighter pans mean higher ones. This is a page about when to use dark or light baking pans.


Frosting in Ziploc bag.

Using a Ziploc Bag for FrostingIf you need to frost something but don't have a pastry bag, you can use a ziplock bag as a quick and easy substitute. This is a page about use ziploc bag for frosting.


Two vanilla wafer cookies

Making a Vanilla Wafer Pie CrustVanilla wafers can make a tasty substitute for a regular graham cracker pie crust. This is a page about making a vanilla wafer pie crust.


A woman kneading bread with a child.

Baking Bread With Your GrandchildrenThis is a page about baking bread with your grandchildren. Teaching your grandkids the basics of cooking can help prepare them for their future and be lots of fun.


Apple crisp made in a canning jar.

Making Apple Crisp in a JarUsing your favorite recipe you can make these single serving apple crisps in their own small glass jars. This is a page about making apple crisp in a jar.


Chocolate melting on top of a dessert.

Using Chocolate in Baked GoodsThis is a page about using chocolate in baked goods. There are quick, easy ways to add chocolate topping without mixing it up.


Flat chocolate chip cookies on a plate

Why Are My Cookies Flat?This is a page about, "Why are my cookies flat?". It can be frustrating to watch your lovely cookies bake up flat rather than lightly puffy.


Bag of flake breakfast cereal spilling out on counter

Uses for Cereal CrumbsThis is a page about uses for cereal crumbs. The crumbs at the bottom of your bag of cereal can be saved and used in baking recipes such as cookies.


Two chocolate cake layers in pans on a cooling rack

Preventing Cakes from Sticking to a Cake PanThis is a page about preventing cakes from sticking to a cake pan. It is extremely frustrating to spend the time baking a cake only to have it stick to the pan.


Dump Truck and Mountain Cake

Making a Dump Truck and Mountain CakeThis is a page about making a dump truck and mountain cake. Your little truck enthusiast will be delighted with the birthday cake.


Gingerbread Man Template

Making a Gingerbread Man Template?Even if you don't have a gingerbread man cooke cutter, you can still make these fun Christmas cookies. This is a page about making a gingerbread template.


What is Best Pan for Baking Brownies?

What is Best Pan for Baking Brownies?Selecting the right pan when baking brownies can make a big difference in achieving the perfect batch. This is a page about choosing the best pan for baking brownies.


Colored Cake Frosting

Painting Cake Frosting With Food Coloring?This is a page about painting cake frosting with food coloring. Decorating a cake can be done by using food color, and painting your design on the frosting.


bacon cheddar muffins

Muffin Making Tips and TricksKnowing the best way to combine your ingredients and the perfect baking environment can help you create the best muffins. This is a page about muffin making tips and tricks.


Butter Wrappers

Reuse Butter Wrappers for Baking PansI always reuse the paper that my butter or margarine is wrapped in to butter any pans I will use in my baking recipes. You can even fold them in half and leave them in the refridge after you take the margarine out and if you don't need them for that recipe.


macaroons on a stick

Making Cookies on a StickThis is a page about making cookies on a stick. Cookies on a stick are fun to make and can be used as a tasty gift for many occasions.


Cake Flour

Using Cake FlourThis is a page about using cake flour. Cake flour tends to yield a more tender, fluffier cake than other types of flour.


Multitasking Oven

Multitasking Your OvenThis is a page about multitasking your oven. Once your oven is hot, there may other foods you can bake to save time and energy.


piping on a cake

Food Decorating with Ziploc BagsThis is a page about food decorating with ziploc bags. You don't have to have special cake decorating tools to create unique icing decorations on your cake.


Making Frosting

Making FrostingThis is a page about making frosting. Finish a cake, cupcake or sweet roll with a creamy icing for a delicious treat.


cake baking in the oven

Cake Sinks in the Middle?This is a page about cake sinks in the middle. Determining the reason your cake sinks in the middle can help prevent this mishap in the future.


Woman Enjoying Cake Decorating

Simple Cake DecoratingThis is a page about simple cake decorating. You don't have to be a graduate of a cake decorating class to simply and beautifully decorate your next cake.


Crunchy Cookies

Keeping Cookies CrunchyThis is a page about keeping cookies crunchy. Some cookies are best soft, and some just have to be crisp.


Castle Cake

Making a Castle CakeThis is a page about making a castle cake. Fulfill your child's princess or knight fantasies with a delightful castle cake for their next birthday or other special occasion.


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UFO Cow Abduction Cake - finished cake photo shot against a black backdrop

UFO Cow Abduction CakeThis UFO cake is just out of this world! The saucer and grassy ground area are two different cakes, so there is plenty for a big party. I saved a couple hundred dollars making this cake from scratch instead of calling up the local cake artistry. Plus, it was super fun. Here are the steps on how to make your own!


Fixing a Failed Crumb Coat

Fixing a Failed Crumb CoatI recently made our daughter a red and blue velvet cake for her birthday. The cake was horribly crumbly and I had a really hard time crumb coating it. I was running low on frosting and decided that instead of making more to add a thicker coating to cover all of the crumbs, I would embrace my mess!


Hedgehog Cupcakes

Hedgehog CupcakesI made these adorable cupcakes for my mom's birthday!


'Sharky' Goldfish Birthday Cake - finished sharky goldfish cake

'Sharky' Goldfish Birthday CakeWe had a "sharky" goldfish themed birthday cake for our son's 3rd birthday. I made him this cake using fondant. He loved it!


Cookie Swap Party

Cookie Swap PartyI love cookies so when I heard about Cookie Swaps, I was in HEAVEN! There are many ways you can do your party. I set the date and just asked all my guest to bring a big batch of their favorite cookies.


Multi-Tasking When You Bake

Multi-Tasking When You BakeI always tried to bake multiple items in the oven when I need to use it. It's cost efficient and saves time and energy too! Today I am in the process of cooking down pumpkin for a pie and making appetizers for a party. I figured I would add two hamburger patties into the oven and have tonight's dinner ready as well!


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Blue Ombre Smash Cake

Ombré Smash CakeHere is the perfect smash cake for a first birthday, in a beautiful ombré' design. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Leprechaun Trap CakeMany kids have an opportunity to make a leprechaun trap at school when they are young.


Muffins decorated as alien faces with fruit and candy.

Decorating Alien MuffinsA fun way to decorate muffins with dried fruit!


Angry Birds Cake

Angry Birds CakeHere is an Angry Birds cake we made.


marshmallow skeleton

Marshmallow Skeleton CupcakeThis is a quick and easy cupcake to throw together at the last minute, yet still cute!


Candy Corn Vampire Teeth Cupcakes

Candy Corn Vampire Teeth CupcakesHere is a super simple decoration for Halloween cupcakes, using candy corn and marshmallows. Learn how to make them in this short video.



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Cornbread is Always Hard?My cornbread is hard. I add sour cream and oil, along with milk and an egg. But it is just awful. Please help. I have tried so many recipes, but it doesn't help. They aren't what I expect.


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Bread Sticking in Welbilt Loaf Pan?My Welbilt bread machine is older and the bread is sticking to the bottom and lower sides of the loaf pan when it is fully baked. Can I take the kneaded dough out of the loaf pan before the final rising and spray the loaf pan with cooking spray and then return it to the machine?


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Measuring Yeast When Making Bread?I am looking for some help in finding the amount, in kilograms, of yeast to add to 25 lbs of flour when making bread.


Bread and Coffee Cake Not Rising - coffee cake in a pan

Bread and Coffee Cake Not Rising?Do you whisk your flour, stir with a spoon, or do anything special to your flour before measuring? All of a sudden my bread and coffee cake isn't rising like it used to. I bought new yeast and new flour. I'm stuck. I done it for years and now all of a sudden I have flat coffee cake. It tastes good, but....


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Using Frozen Zucchini for Baking?If you freeze 2 cups of zucchini, is it still considered 2 cups after thawing when using it to bake bread due to the shrinkage in size?


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Freezing Boxed Cake Mix Batter?There are only two of us. When mixing up a boxed cake, can I freeze half the batter to bake later?


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