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A frozen beef roast.

Cooking Frozen MeatMany people store meat in their freezers and forget to take it out in time for dinner. Cooking frozen meat is one option, as long as it is done safely.


Cooked Pork Loin

Cooking a Frozen Boneless Pork Loin?It is time to cook that frozen pork loin, now you just need to decide how to prepare it. This is a page about cooking a frozen boneless pork loin.


Funnel cake, made by deep drying cake batter.

Deep Frying Cake Batter?You can deep fry cake batter to make funnel cakes or something similar. This page is about deep frying cake batter.


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Placing Hot Pans on Glass Tops Stoves?I just purchased a glass top oven, but haven't used the stove top yet. With my traditional coil top I used to take my pot off the burner and transfer it to a cold burner to stop the cooking process. Will this crack the top? Can I place a hot pan from the oven onto the cold surface top?


Rice in a cast iron pan.

Cooking Rice at High Altitudes?This is a page about cooking rice at high altitudes. Cooking at high altitudes can be tricky. Because the air is dryer and the pressure lower, water boils at a lower temperature and moisture evaporates into the air more quickly. This makes cooking even basic items such as rice a challenge.


A serving of dried egg noodles, ready to be cooked.

Cooking Time for Dried Egg Noodles?This is a page about cooking time for dried egg noodles. Dried egg noodles should be placed in boiling water and cooked for 8-10 minutes. Cooking times can vary based on the width of the noodles and personal preference.


Gas from Beans

Reducing Gas from BeansThe complex sugars in beans contribute to the unfortunate side effect of dining on many types of beans - gas. This is a page about reducing gas from beans.


Several pieces of backing laying flat while sizzling in frying pan

Keeping Bacon From CurlingThe shrinking of the fat on a strip of bacon causes it to curl as it cooks. This is a page about keeping bacon from curling.


Battered chicken right out of the fryer

Helping Batter Stick When Frying Food?This is a page about helping batter stick when frying food. What you choose to bread your food with, and the type and temperature of the oil can make a difference in getting the coating to stick.



Substitute White Sauce in Stuffed Tomatoes

Substitutes For White SauceFinding something to use when you can't make a white sauce can be a challenge. This page is about substitutes for white sauce.


Washing a burnt pot in a sink.

Why Do Pots Keep Burning After They Have Burned Once?If you have ever burned a cooking pot you may notice that it seems to continue to burn when used later. One possible reason for this could be that the pot has been warped creating an uneven heating surface. This is a page about, "Why do pots keep burning after they have burned once?".


Corn cooked in the microwave.

Cooking Corn on the Cob in a MicrowaveThis is a page about cooking corn on the cob in a microwave. Corn on the cob can be prepared in a variety of ways.


Opening a can of condensed soup.

Cooking With Canned Condensed SoupThis page is about cooking with canned condensed soup. A concentrated soup that can be used to create many quick recipes.


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Soaking Up Bacon Grease?For years when I cook bacon, I have always placed the bacon on paper towels to soak up the bacon grease. I do this for hamburgers too. Instead of buying paper towels all the time, I am looking for another way to do this. What do you do?


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Why Do Recipes Call for Draining and Rinsing Canned Beans?In a lot of recipes, it says to drain and rinse canned beans. What is the purpose of this?


Rotisserie style chicken being made on a home BBQ

How to Make Grocery Store Rotisserie ChickenRecreating the tasty flavor and tender texture of a rotisserie chicken, like you can buy at the grocery, is possible to do in your own kitchen.


deep fried bacon

Deep Frying BaconIf everything tastes better deep fried, imagine what it will do to bacon. If you have access to a deep fryer and love crispy bacon, try deep frying it.


Pot With Boiling Water

Preventing a Pot From Boiling OverThis is a page about preventing a pot from boiling over. It is very frustrating and messy when your cooking pot boils over onto the stovetop.


Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf Tips and TricksThis is a page about meat loaf tips and tricks. There are a few tried and true, as well as, fresh new tips and tricks that will help you prepare the perfect meatloaf.


Cooking Ground Beef in the Microwave

Cooking Ground Beef in the MicrowaveThis is a page about cooking ground beef in the microwave. Using your microwave oven is a convenient way to cook ground beef that will be used in a recipe.


pan lined with foil

Lining Pans With Aluminum FoilLining a baking pan with aluminum foil can help with cleanup. This is a page about lining pans with aluminum foil.


Cut Red and green cabbage on a table, outside.

Reducing Cabbage OdorThere are several ways to reduce the odor of cooking cabbage. Try, adding a celery stick or lemon wedge to the pot. Some cooks use vinegar and a walnut in the shell is also suggested. This is a page about reducing cabbage odor.


A pan of baked scalloped potatoes.

Stretching a Box of Scalloped PotatoesThis is a page about stretching a box of scalloped potatoes. When you don't have quite enough to feed everyone, there are ways to increase the finished scalloped potatoes dish.


Roast Chicken

Cooking a Turkey in an Electric Roaster OvenThis is a page about cooking a turkey in an electric roaster oven. Rather than using your oven to roast the turkey you can prepare the perfect bird in an electric roasting pan.



Deep Frying

Deep Frying Tips and TricksDeep frying is a popular method of preparing certain foods. Following a few simple tips can ensure positive results and help prevent greasy, unappetizing ones. This is a page about deep frying tips and tricks.


bacon frying

Preventing Bacon Grease SplattersThis is a page about preventing bacon grease splatters. It is a good thing bacon tastes so good, because the spatters are not so good. However, there are some ways to prevent the mess.


Bottle of olive oil with olives and leaves in the foreground.

Cooking Oil TipsThis is a page containing cooking oil tips. We use cooking oil for many recipes. Some are better for cooking at high temperatures such as when making stir fry. Others add a nice flavor to your dish.


Cooking with cast iron pans.

Cooking With Cast Iron PansThis is a page about cooking with cast iron pans. Cast iron pans are a safer alternative to non-stick pans. For the best results, it is important to know how to season and clean them.


Save Fuel When Cooking PastaUse a heat proof sieve or colander to cook pasta in the same pan as your vegetables


Chicken breasts being pounded flat in a recycled cake mix bag.

Cake Mix Inner Bags For Freezing ChickenWhen it comes to fried chicken breast tenders, I like mine thin. My intent here was to use the cake mix bag just for pounding the tenders. Then it occurred to me that the bag itself would be ideal for freezing as well, and I have accumulated several over time.


Peeled and halved potatoes in a pot of water.

How Long Does A Potato Take To Boil?Potatoes are a common root vegetable used in recipes all over the world. These starchy tubers must be cooked before being eaten. Boiling potatoes is an easy way to ensure they are ready for your table or to add to another dish. When boiling potatoes, there are several factors to consider.


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Let Meat Rest Before ServingWhen roasting a whole chicken in the oven, set it out on top of oven to cool for 15 minutes before serving. This will let the juices flow to the middle of your chicken, which will make it taste better.


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Cutting Time When Making PuddingInstead of heating cold milk in the pan with the packaged pudding mix, I heat the milk in the microwave first. It certainly cuts down on time spent stirring until the mixture boils!


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Substitute For Pork Chop FatIn years past, I have made some very good pork chops and gravy. Today, they're pretty good but not as I remember them.


A measuring cup of peanut butter.

Measuring Sticky IngredientsIt can be difficult to remove sticky ingredients such as peanut butter, lard, or molasses from the measuring cups. Here are a few methods to have the ingredients slide right out.


Making Pancakes On a Tin Can - pancake on can top

Making Pancakes On a Tin CanMaking a simple cook stove from an empty food can provides a great way to make pancakes while on a camping trip. The tutorial below describes how to prepare your can, lists the materials needed, and offers a simple pancake recipe.


A pan of turkey bacon cooked in the oven.

Cooking Turkey Bacon in the OvenAlthough turkey bacon is a lot less messy to cook than pork bacon, you can still save time and avoid any stovetop messes by preparing it in the oven. Learn how to easily and quickly cook turkey bacon in the oven.


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Measuring Dry Macaroni?I need to know how to measure the correct amount in cups to fill a 1 1/2 qt dish when prepared.


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Using a Slow Cooker Liner in the Oven?I want to make candied yams in my crockpot, using a liner. But I will need to toast the marshmallows on top in the oven. Is it okay to do this with a liner for the crockpot?



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Cooking a Frozen Stuffed Turkey?Can you cook a stuffed Butterball frozen turkey in a oven roaster?


Bowl of creamy mashed potatoes.

Using Mayonnaise for Creamy Mashed PotatoesAdding some mayonnaise to your mashed potatoes can make them creamy and delicious. This is a page about creamier mashed potatoes with mayo.


Peanut oil in 2 glass bottles with a plate of peanuts.

Using Peanut Oil Instead of Vegetable Oil?One major advantage to using peanut oil is that it can be used at higher temperatures than other oils. This is a page about using peanut oil instead of vegetable oil.


Cooked pasta fresh from the pot

Saving Energy Cooking PastaThis is a page about saving energy cooking pasta. You can save energy when cooking pasta by trying these simple tricks.


Woman in Kitchen with soup on a stove

Preventing Burned SoupIf you have a stock pot that includes a steaming basket add the ingredients to the basket to prevent them sticking to the bottom of the pot. This is a page about preventing burned soup.


Tri-colored sweet peppers placed in a muffin tin, ready for stuffing.

Using Muffin Tins for Stuffed PeppersKeep your stuffed bell peppers upright by placing them in muffin pans prior to baking. This is a page about using muffin tins for stuffed peppers.


A scoopful of salt on a white surface.

Should I Salt Meat Before or After Cooking?There are conflicting views on whether to salt meat before or after cooking. Unfortunately you will probably need to test both methods and see which works best for you.


Frozen Green Beans in a Skillet

Cooking Frozen Green Beans?Frozen green beans can be prepared in many ways. Choose the method and seasonings you like. This is a page about cooking frozen green beans.


Turkey in an Oven Bag in Oven

Cooking Turkey in an Oven BagMany cooks like to use oven bags when baking their holiday turkey. It is easy and saves time on cleanup. This is a page about baking turkey in an oven bag.


potato casserole

Make Two Meals at OnceYou can save time and money by making two or more meals at once. Large cuts of meat can be divided and used for several recipes. This is a page about make two meals at once.


Potatoes boiling in water.

Uses for Potato WaterPotato water can be used in making potato bread, gravy, and even enjoyed as a beverage. It can also be added to your pet's food and used to water plants (if unsalted). This is a page about uses for potato water.


Improvised double boiler.

Substitute Double BoilerIf you don't own a proper double boiler there are some simple ways to improvise if you have a couple sauce pans or a sauce pan and a skillet. This is a page about using a substitute double boiler.


Vertical Roast Chicken - roast chicken

Roasting a Chicken Using a Vertical Roasting RackA vertical roasting rack is a nice alternative to the traditional type when making roast chicken. This way the entire outside is nice and brown and crispy. This is a page about roasting a chicken using a vertical roasting rack.


A small serving sized container of applesauce.

Using Small Containers of ApplesauceEven the small jars of applesauce go bad before I can use all of it. I like to use it in baking as a substitute for part of the oil. Whenever I can stack my coupons with a sale, I will buy the individually packed cups of applesauce. Each one is 1/4 cup, so it is easy to use just what I need.


A worried woman in the kitchen.

Sharing Cooking DisastersPaying close attention when cooking is not always easy. Please share your mistakes with us, so maybe others can avoid them. This is a page about sharing cooking disasters.


Reusing Disposable Hair Nets

Reusing Disposable Hair NetsMy mama always wore a hair net while she cooked. I admit, I am sometimes lax about that, but if I am preparing food which will be eaten by others, I always wear a net. I got an excellent deal on disposable hair nets from eBay.


Pan frying duck legs.

Pan Frying Tips and TricksThis is a page about pan frying tips and tricks. Many recipes are prepared by pan frying some of the ingredients.


Bowl of bread crumbs surrounded by old bread

Making Dry Bread CrumbsThis is a page about making dry bread crumbs. You can quickly and easily make dry bread crumbs at home to use in any recipe.


Bacon Strips straight from package on white background

Separating Bacon Strips Without TearingThis is a page about separating bacon strips without tearing. Separating bacon slices, especially thin ones can result in torn strips.


Barbecue grill with a variety of meats, shish kabobs, corn and veggies with a family in the background

Keep Cool By Cooking OutsideCooking inside during the heat of the summer not only heats up the kitchen but the entire house. This is a page about keep cool by cooking outside.


Removing Fat from Ground Beef

Removing Fat from Ground BeefThis is a page about removing fat from ground beef. Removing the fat from ground beef will help cut the calories from fat and is good for your overall health.


Several pieces of grilled chicken on a black plate against a white background

Preventing Dry ChickenThis is a page about preventing dry chicken. Chicken, especially the white meat. can get dry during cooking.


Close up image of diced bacon

Making Crumbled BaconMake your own crumbled bacon to use as a garnish or in recipes. This is a page about making crumbled bacon.


Two BLTs (Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwiches) against a white background

Cooking Bacon for BLTs?This page is about cooking bacon for BLTs. There are a few tricks to preparing bacon for sandwiches. You want your meat flat, crisp and free of excess fat.


Oven cooked bacon on cookie sheet.

Cooking Bacon in the OvenBacon may be delicious, but it is generally agreed that cooking it on the stovetop is messy. This is a page about cooking bacon in the oven.


The Key to Great Homemade Gravy

The Key to Great Homemade GravyI learned how to make homemade gravy from my Mom & Grandmother, and their gravy is what made the "Dinner." Whatever meat you have roasted, braised, browned and has some residue or drippings can be a base for gravy.


A plate of cooked turkey.

Keeping Cooked Turkey MoistCooked turkey has a tendency to dry out, but that can be prevented if cooked properly. This is a page about keeping cooked turkey moist.


Man Shopping for Oil

Using Vegetable Oil Instead of Olive OilThis is a page about using vegetable oil instead of olive oil. Choosing what type of oil to use for cooking is a personal choice based on various considerations.


pouring white wine over simmering clams

Using Wine in Cooking?This is a page about using wine in cooking. Many recipes call for the addition of wine when preparing the dish.


Frozen Vegetables

Cooking Frozen VegetablesFrozen vegetables are a convenient way to include this important food group in most meals. Cooking them so that they are served up tasty and not overdone is the trick to enjoying them year round. This is a page about cooking frozen vegetables.


Hot Weather Cooking

Hot Weather Cooking TipsThis is a page about hot weather cooking tips. When the weather gets really hot many of us look for alternatives to cooking in a hot kitchen.


fresh salmon with lemon and herbs

Cooking SalmonSalmon can be a quick and delicious meal option but can be a challenge to cook properly. This is a page about cooking salmon.


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Adjusting Cooking Times for Smaller Recipe?How do you adjust the cooking time when the recipe is cut in half?


raw tofu

Preparing Chewy TofuThis is a page about preparing chewy tofu. Overcome your hesitancy to trying tofu, by beginning with chewy tofu. The texture is very appealing and, better yet, it is easy to make this variation.


Cooking over a Campfire

Cooking over a CampfireThis is a page about cooking over a campfire. Cooking over a campfire is quite a bit different than when using your range.


Slow Cooked Steak

Slowing Cooking a Steak in the Oven?This is a page about slowing cooking a steak in the oven. One method of cooking a steak that produces a tender flavorful result, is slow cooking in the oven.


Homemade Gravy

Thickening Homemade GravyThis is a page about thickening homemade gravy. There are a number of ways to thicken up gravy that is too thin or watery.


Holiday Turkey Ready for Freezing

Storing Holiday FoodThere are a number of ways you can save money and time when preparing and storing food for a holiday feast. This page is about storing holiday food.


Broiling in the Oven

Broiling Food in the OvenThis page is about broiling food in the oven. A broiler is very hot and can make quick work of cooking meat, vegetables and sandwiches. It is important to keep the oven ajar and pay close attention.


A woman cutting vegetables.

Reducing Fats When CookingLooking to lower your cholesterol or maybe just reduce the amount of fat you consume? Cooking with less fat can be a healthy way towards a better diet. This is guide about reducing fats when cooking.


A stick of hard butter.

Softening Cold ButterThis is a page about softening cold butter. Have you ever come to the portion of your recipe that says "softened butter" only to realize all of your butter is cold?


Thrifty Chef's Tools

Thrifty Chef's ToolsThis is a page about thrifty chef's tools. Many of the tools needs to be a successful chef may be lying around right in front of you or can be had very inexpensively.


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Cooking Chicken Wings?What level do I cook chicken wings on?


Cauliflower cooking in a stainless steel pot.

Reducing the Smell When Cooking Cauliflower?This page is about reducing the smell when cooking cauliflower. You may love to eat this vegetable, but it does make a strong odor when cooking that you may not like.


Macaroni Salad

Macaroni Salad TipsThis page contains macaroni salad tips. A delicious cold dish for all times of year that can be made ahead of your meal.


Pumpkin Seeds

Using Pumpkin SeedsEasy to make and fun to eat, pumpkin seeds are a tasty fall treat. This page is about using pumpkin seeds.



Cooking With CrackersThis is a page about cooking with crackers. Crackers can be used in many ways in your favorite recipes.



Making EnchiladasThe process of making enchiladas can be learned very quickly. Then you are ready to prepare these delicious rolled, stuffed tortillas. This is a page about making enchiladas.


Tender rib eye steak on a grill.

Using Meat Tenderizer Seasoning?This is a page about using meat tenderizer seasoning. Tenderizing meat can either be done manually with a mallet or by using any number of products, available in various flavors.


Removing Seeds from Chili Peppers

Removing Seeds from Chili PeppersThis is a page about removing seeds from chili peppers. Many cooks prefer to remove the seeds from chili peppers before adding them to a recipe.


Sifting Flower

Sifting Flour Without a SifterThis is a page about sifting flour without a sifter. Some recipes call for sifting the flour, but you don't own a sifter. There are other ways to sift flour using things you may already own.


Mini Meat Loaf - cooked min meat loafs, still in the cupcake pan

Muffin Tin Meatloaf RecipesThese cute single serving meatloaves are great for kids, parties and freezing. This page contains muffin tin meatloaf recipes.


Rice and chicken on a plate.

Making Rice for a Large Group?This is a page about making rice for a large group. There are some easy ways to prepare rice for a large group, restaurants do it all the time.


An unstuffed roasted turkey.

Preparing an Unstuffed TurkeyYou don't have to stuff a turkey to have a deliciously roasted bird. This is a page about preparing an unstuffed turkey.


Popcorn in a Pan

Making Popcorn in a PanWe are so used to microwave popcorn, making it in a pan may require a refresher course. This is a page about making popcorn in a pan.



Using ArrowrootThis is a page about using arrowroot. This herb, a tropical American plant, native to the rain forests of the West Indies, has culinary uses.


fried okra

Cooking OkraThis is a page about cooking okra. Okra is not a commonly eaten vegetable. It is one of those foods that you either love or hate, but if you have never tried it, it might be time.


All Purpose Flour

What is All Purpose Flour?This is a page about "what is all purpose flour?". Of the several types of flour used for cooking and baking, all purpose flour is the type used most frequently.


Draining Fried Foods

Draining Fried FoodsThis is a page about draining fried foods. There are several typical ways to drain the excess oil from your fried foods.


Delicious Stuffing

Tips for Making Delicious StuffingGet creative the next time you make stuffing, whether you doctor boxed stuffing mix or make it from scratch. This is a page about tips for making delicious stuffing.


Making Oatmeal With Raspberries and Apples

Making OatmealThis is a page about making oatmeal. Oatmeal is a popular breakfast meal for many of us, each with our own favorite way to prepare it.


Cooking Tips and Tricks

Cooking Tips and TricksThis page contains cooking tips and tricks. There are many ways to improve your recipes and save yourself time in the kitchen.


Cooking With Sherry

Cooking With SherryThis is a page about cooking with sherry. Many recipes contain sherry as one of the ingredients.


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Cooking a Frozen Pork Loin?How can I cook a frozen pork loin that's 4 pounds? Any recipes?


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Keeping Grilled Chicken Warm After Cooking?What is the best way to cover grilled chicken to keep it warm? Whenever my husband grills chicken, once it is taken off the grill, he covers it with a aluminum foil or a lid from a pan. I notice that after a length of time, the skin on the chicken becomes soft, and loses some of its grilled flavor.


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Cooking Dried Noodles?How much water should I use for the best possible outcome?


Cooking Frozen Chicken Breasts - bag of sliced chicken breasts

Cooking Frozen Chicken Breasts?How long do you bake frozen chicken breasts for and at what temperature?


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Roasting a Frozen Pork Loin?How long do I cook 2 pork loins from frozen state in an electric roaster pan?


Uses For Colored Aluminum Foil - gold colored aluminum foil

Uses For Colored Aluminium Foil?After Christmas 2015, my local grocer put a lot of holiday items on sale. One was colored aluminum foil. The original price was around 4 dollars. They were marked down to 50 cents. I bought a couple rolls of the silver and a couple rolls of the gold.


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