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This page contains money saving food tips and information about fruit.

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A ripe avocado cut in half.

Ripening an AvocadoWhen shopping for an avocado we often find that they are either too ripe or very hard. There are ways to easily ripen an avocado at home after you bring it back from the market. This is a page about ripening an avocado.


Cutting Fresh Pineapple

Tips for Cutting Fresh PineappleThere are a few ways to make preparing pineapple easier, and get the most of your fruit. This page contains tips for cutting pineapple.


Honeydew melon sliced in half, stem to blossom end.

Storing Honeydew MelonsThis a page about storing honeydew melons. Now that you have either grown your own or selected a delicious honeydew melon at the market, you probably need to store it. Depending on whether it is already ripe or needing a few days there are some options for storage.


Watermelon Shark Fruit Bowl

Making a Watermelon Shark Fruit BowlThis is a page about making a shark fruit bowl. A fun themed serving container can be fashioned with a watermelon.



Use Whole Frozen Lemons for JuiceFrozen lemons are amazing for juicing. When defrosted they are soft, and just bursting with high quality juice. This is a page about use whole frozen lemons for juice.


Peeled banana partially cut into slices

Preventing Banana Slices From Turning BrownLike apples and some other types of fresh fruit exposure to air turns bananas brown. This is a page about preventing banana slices from turning brown.


Apple slices.

Keeping Cut Fruit from BrowningThis is a page about keeping cut fruit from browning. Cutting fruit in advance saves time but also can result in unattractive, oxidized brown fruit.


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Recipes for Tart Grapes?I bought some grapes recently and they are very tart. Is there anything I can do to them to make them sweeter? Or is there a good recipe that uses tart grapes? I hate to waste them and I know my kids won't eat them this tart. Thanks.


Canned Peaches in a Jar

Uses for Juice from Canned FruitThis page is about uses for juice from canned fruit. Instead of discarding the juice from canned fruit, it can be used in creative ways.


2 overripe bananas on white background.

Keeping Bananas from Turning BlackSometimes, bananas can ripen too fast, with the yellow skins turning spotted then dark. This page has tips for keeping bananas from turning black.


An orange being peeled.

Peeling OrangesThis is a page about peeling oranges. Peeling the rind and pith from a juicy orange can be messy. Here are some tips to make it easier to get to the orange sections underneath.


A container of salt next to cut apples in water.

Using Salt to Keep Apples from BrowningThere are at least a couple of common methods used to keep apples and other fruit from turning brown after peeling. One is lemon juice and the other is a salt water bath. This is a page about using salt to keep apples from browning.



Three slices of red apple

Prevent Apples Slices from Turning BrownWhen you need to store cut apples for later use, there are a few ways to keep them looking fresh. This is a page about prevent apples slices from turning brown.


Decorative Baskets from Oranges - handled basket ready to serve

Making Decorative Carved Baskets from OrangesCutting an orange in the shape of a basket can be a fun way to serve something special. This is a page about making decorative baskets from oranges.


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Slow Banana RipeningYou can slow down the ripening process of bananas if you put them in the refrigerator in both a brown and a clear or white plastic bag. Two bags. Don't know why this works but it does. I noticed this when comparing the life the fruit in one bag or the other compared to two.


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Ripening Fresh BananasIf you buy fresh bananas, and wand then to ripen fast, all you have to do is put them in the freezer for at least two hours. They turn immediately black and sweeter and even get bruised! It's like magic


A cut banana next to a lid to fit.

Banana SaverYou just need a banana, a knife and a lid that fits the size of the banana from your bag of lids that everyone saves, a cutting board and that's it. First, you cut the banana in half. Eat 1/2 and save the other half for later or tomorrow.


The end of a pomegranate.

Cut Pomegranates So They Don't Lose Their JuicesCut a cap off the top of your pomegranates then cut along the ridges on the pom. Look closely, they aren't perfectly round. You may need to FEEL the pomegranate to determine the ridges. There's usually between 5 and 6.


Slices of watermelon.

Recipes Using WatermelonWatermelon is a favorite summer treat. It is often served alone but can be combined with other ingredients for delicious salads, sauces or desserts.


A container with lids in the bottom for drainage.

Drip Drain for WatermelonThese two stackable containers come in handy for many things. I pulled out four plastic lids and they fit perfectly. They are deep enough to keep the watermelon out of the juice which keeps it crisp and fresh. If needed, I can punch holes in them for more drainage.


A drawing showing an avocado pear assembled on a plate.

Avocado PearHere is a receipt with only (for 2 persons) an avocado, a pear, a little bit of peppercorns and vinegar. Pepper and vinegar have to be a bit sophisticated, like pink or green or black pepper, raspberry vinegar or balsamic vinegar for example.


A container full of watermelon chunks.

Cutting Whole WatermelonFresh watermelon is so delicious this time of year; with a little planning and these easy tips, it'll be faster, with less mess.


Wrap Banana Stems in Plastic - stem of bananas wrapped in plastic

Wrap Banana Stems in PlasticMany people like to wrap the stems of their banana with plastic wrap to slow down the ripening process. It can give you more days before bananas turn brown and overripe.


Green Apple Monsters - 4 apple monsters including two with jam instead of peanut butter

Making Green Apple MonstersThese fun little monsters are made from green apples with sunflower seed teeth and a strawberry tongue. They are perfect for parties or for a special treat for lunch.


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Using Canned Peach Juice in Making a Pie?The first person said to use 2/3 teaspoons of cornstarch mixed into enough of the peach juice to make a paste and stir over heat then pour into peaches. Can I use plain flour if I haven't got cornstarch and what effect will it have in the pie?


A tangerine on a white background.

Using Tangerines?This citrus fruit is not as available as they once were around Christmas time. Tangerines have a unique flavor and the canned fruit is a great addition to a fruit salad.


A strawberry with a straw used for removing the tops.

Use a Straw to Hull StrawberriesRather than using a small knife to remove the hulls from strawberries, try this tip using a plastic straw. This is a page about using a straw to hull strawberries.



Wooden lemon juicer surrounded by lemons.

How to Juice LemonsMany people enjoy juicing lemons for recipes or just to add to water. This page has tips on how to juice lemons.


Peaches being grilled on a BBQ.

Broiled or Grilled PeachesThe broiler or grill is not just for meats and veggies, fruit cooked in this way is delicious. This is a page about making broiled or grilled peaches.


Ripes peaches on a white background

Using Ripe Peaches?If you have a peach tree in your yard, you might be flooded with peaches at harvest time. This is a page about using ripe peaches.


Slicing Strawberries

Slicing StrawberriesIf you are looking for a quick and easy way to slice up a basket of strawberries, consider using an egg slicer. This is a page about slicing strawberries.


Bunch of Bananas

Softening BananasYou don't have to let bananas sit on your counter, turning brown, until they are soft enough to make pancakes or banana bread. Here is a great tip to quickly soften bananas for your next recipe. This is a page about softening bananas.


Washing Blueberries in Glass Bowl

Washing BlueberriesThis is a page about washing blueberries. Here is a great tip about washing blueberries and preventing them from becoming mushy in the process.


A Red Delicious apple on a white cloth.

Washington State Red Delicious AppleThis is a page about Washington state Red Delicious apple. Whether you love Red Delicious apples or have never tried one, you may enjoy reading about the origin of this yummy apple!


Fresh Fruit Infused Water

Fresh Fruit Infused WaterAdding a little citrus or other fruit to your water can give it a wonderfully light refreshing flavor. This is a page about fresh fruit infused water.


Pomegranate Deseeding- A bowl of pomegranate seeds, ready for eating.

Deseeding a PomegranateThis is a page about deseeding a pomegranate. Pomegranate is a delicious treat but it can be difficult to deseed.


My Fruit Prep for a week

Fruit Prep for a WeekThis is a page about fruit prep for a week. Cut up melons and refrigerate servings to have them ready to add to your lunch.


A pile of exotic durian fruits from Southeast Asia

Using DurianThis is a page about using durian. Durian is a prickly skinned Asian fruit. It is considered a delicacy by some and reviled by others for its strong unpleasant odor.


Hand removing seed from jackfruit

Using JackfruitLong a favorite in Asian markets, these strange looking, delicious fruit are finding new fans and being enjoyed for their flavor and nutritional value more each year. Many people compare the flavor to JuicyFruit gum, it is sweet and firm. It is also commonly used as a vegetarian meat substitute.Many people compare the flavor to JuicyFruit gum, it is sweet and firm.


Close-up of a watermelon carved to look like a flower

Watermelon Centerpiece IdeasThe bright red and green colors of watermelon and its delicious sweet flavor make it a natural choice for seasonal centerpieces. This is a page about watermelon centerpiece ideas.


Cleaning Grapes

Cleaning GrapesBefore you eat a bunch of grapes or add some to a salad, you probably want to clean them. This is a page about cleaning grapes.


Three green pairs against a white background

Ripening PearsOften pears that you buy at the market are not fully ripe. Similarly, you may have fruit trees in the garden that are dropping green fruit. This is a page about ripening pears.



removing a watermelon stick 1

Cutting Watermelon SticksThis is a page about cutting watermelon sticks. Cutting your watermelon into sticks makes it easier to serve to family or guests.


Christmas fruit tray

Christmas Fruit Tray IdeasThis is a page about Christmas fruit tray ideas. Festive holiday appetizers can be created using fresh fruits in fun and colorful ways.


Woman Cutting a Watermelon

Tips for Cutting a WatermelonDepending on how you plan to serve your melon will determine how you plan to cut it. This page contains tips for cutting a watermelon.


watermelon fruit salad basket

Making Watermelon Fruit BowlsA fun way to contain and present your fruit salad for a party, is by carving a unique bowl using the watermelon rind. This is a page about making watermelon fruit bowls.


Simple But Fancy Fruit Desserts

Simple But Fancy Fruit DessertsI like to freeze bananas or put apple slices or any other fruit into the freezer then take them out after dinner and pour some Magic Shell Ice Cream topping over the fruit.


Acai Berries

Using Acai BerryA berry that contains more calcium than comparable amounts of milk, and more antioxidants than blueberries. This is a page about using acai berry.


strawberries and blueberries

Tips for Buying Fresh FruitFresh fruit is a tasty, healthy addition to any meal or as a snack instead of sugary treats. Finding a good source of fresh seasonal fruit is worth the effort. This is a page about tips for buying fresh fruit.


Dragon Fruit

Using Dragon FruitThese unique looking cactus fruit have a delicious taste, often described as a mix of kiwi and pear. It can be eaten right from the skin, added to fruit salads, or other recipes. This is a page about using dragon fruit.


A swan made from a cut apple.

Making an Apple SwanThis is a creative way to decorate for holidays using an apple. This is a page about making an apple swan.


peeled banana

Peeling a BananaThis page is about peeling a banana. This popular fruit can be peeled from the top or the bottom.


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Packing Green Tomatoes?We want to take green tomatoes to our daughter in Montana, we live in Indiana. Will putting them in a cooler with newspaper around them be a good way? We are driving.


ripe peaches

Getting Peaches to RipenThis is a page about getting peaches to ripen. Fresh fruit is usually not completely ripe when you buy it at the grocery or even at a local farmers' market.


Avocados cut in half.

Using AvocadosThis is a page about using avocados. Avocados are not just for guacamole, there are many other culinary and beauty uses for this delicious fruit with the big seed.


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Book About Carving Watermelon Centerpieces?What is the name of the book for watermelon carvings? I would like the stencil of the watermelon bridal shower lighted centerpiece, as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.


Three varieties of pears.

Preventing Pear Blemishes?Why and how do pears get blemishes. How do I prevent this happening?


serving fruit kabobs

Serving Fruit at a PartyThis is a page about serving fruit at a party. Fruit is a delicious healthy food to serve at a party. There are many creative ways you can arrange fresh fruit for serving.


Dried Fruit

Storing Dried FruitThis is a page about storing dried fruit. Proper storage of dried fruit will help retain color and increase its shelf life.


overripe bananas

Using Overripe BananasThis is a page about using overripe bananas. Even when they get too ripe to eat there are still many recipes that call for overripe bananas.


Apples at Market

Saving Money on ApplesThis page is about saving money on apples. Depending on how you plan to use your fruit, there are a number of ways to get the most for your money.


Coring or Hulling Strawberries

Tips for Coring or Hulling StrawberriesThis is a page about tips for coring and hulling strawberries. Removing the stems and cores from a basket of strawberries takes time. There are ways to speed this process up a bit.


Baking With Dried Fruit

Baking With Dried FruitThis page is about baking with dried fruit. Many kinds of dried fruit are used in breads and baked desserts.


Uses for Overripe Fruit

Uses for Overripe FruitThis page is about uses for overripe fruits. If you have fruit that is very ripe, consider these delicious ways it can be enjoyed.


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Making Chocolate Covered FruitThis page is about making chocolate covered fruit. A easy to make, wonderful taste treat for all occasions.


Pictures of strawberry cocktail.

Tips and Tricks for Using StrawberriesThis page contains tips and tricks for using strawberries. Fresh or frozen strawberries are a favorite whether eaten alone or included in your favorite recipe.


microwaved baked apples

Making Baked Apples in the MicrowaveThis page is about making baked apples in the microwave. A delicious, healthy treat for breakfast or dessert.


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Preventing Fruit from Browning?What other fruits turn brown and how long before they start to turn brown (except apples)? How do you stop fruit from turning brown? What chemicals or other materials can I use to stop the fruit from turning brown?


Selecting Good Strawberries. Storing Strawberries.Bunch of Ripe Red Streawberries

Selecting Good Strawberries? This is a page about selecting good strawberries. Selecting the best ripe strawberries will ensure they are eaten up quickly.


Peeling Pears

Peeling Pears?This is a page about peeling pears. Many different recipes call for pears to be peeled.


Freshly Cut Pears

Selecting Good PearsThis is a page about selecting good pears. Pears are a tasty and healthy on salads, to cook with or even just by themselves. Make sure most flavorful pears by selecting good ones.


Storing Pineapples, Canning Pineapples. Sliced fresh mini pineapple.

Selecting Good PineapplesThis is a page about selecting good pineapples. Choosing a good fresh pineapple is often intimidating. The delicious rewards make it worth finding out how to choose a sweet, tasty pineapple.


Grapes, bananas, apples, kiwis, and oranges.

Ripening Fresh FruitThis is a page about ripening fresh fruit. It is not uncommon for the fruit that you buy to not be ripe yet. Many fruits will just ripen on the counter but there are tricks and tips for many specific fruits too.


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Making Dabino (Date) Fruit Juice?How can I use dabino (date) fruit for fruit juice?


Peeled Pineapple

Peeling a PineappleThis is a page about peeling a pineapple. Pineapples can be difficult to peel, due to their prickly exterior. It is ideal to remove all the rough bits without wasting too much of the fruit.


Several nectarines from the farmer's market.

Storing NectarinesThis is a page about storing nectarines. Nectarines are the smooth skinned cousin to the peach and are a popular summer fruit but they don't last long unless stored properly.


Storing Oranges, Canning Oranges, A bunch of bright round oranges.

Storing OrangesThis is a page about storing oranges. Oranges can keep a long time if stored properly but can get soft or rotten spots otherwise.


Someone peeling a a peach.

Peeling PeachesThis is a page about peeling peaches. While the skin on a peach is edible, you may prefer to remove it. Many peach recipes also call for peeled peaches. When peeling peaches you want to limit waste and avoid bruising the fruit.


Small stack of nectarines against white background.

Peeling NectarinesThis is a page about peeling nectarines. Mid to late summer is stone fruit season. Nectarines are are a delicious variation on the peach and oh so sweet. When peeling fruit you want to remove only the skin and retain as much fruit as possible.


Peeled Green Mango

Peeling a MangoThis is a page about peeling a mango. Mangoes are great green, ripe, and dried. Knowing how to peel a mango will insure that you get the most of this delicious fruit with out wasting one precious bit.


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Shelf Life of Fresh Fruit Mixed with Citrus Juice?How long is fresh fruit, once mixed with lemon or orange juice, good for?


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Using Green Concord Grapes?My friend picked all my grapes, he did not know to wait till October. What can I do with them? I have them in a paper bag. Please help me.


Bunch of Red Grapes

Selecting Good GrapesThis is a page to selecting good grapes. Grapes are a delectable and healthy snack that both kids and adults love to munch on. However, there are times when you get a bunch that just wasn't ready to be eaten.


A partially peeled kiwi.

Peeling KiwifruitThis is a page about peeling kiwifruit. Generally you don't eat the peel on a kiwi. When peeling it you want to lose as little of the fruit as possible.


A kiwi cut in half on top of a pile of whole kiwifruit.

Selecting Good KiwifruitThis is a page about selecting good kiwifruit. Kiwifruit, that fuzzy green fruit, is certainly a unique. It is important to find a good kiwifruit to ensure a delicious flavor.


Slice of cantaloupe with other cantaloupes in the background.

Peeling and Slicing MelonThis is a page about peeling and slicing melon. Melons are a refreshing fruit to eat in the summer. Peeling and slicing melons allows you to eat it more easily or add it to a fruit salad.


An apricot cut in half.

Peeling ApricotsThis is a page about peeling apricots. Some of us prefer to remove the skin from fruit before we eat it. With it's thin skin, it can be hard to remove it without losing some of the fruit too.


Two avocados, one cut in half with the seed inside.

Peeling an AvocadoThis is a page about peeling an avocado. You are holding a nice ripe avocado, with a seed too big for the fruit according to George Burns in the movie "Oh God", now to peel it. It can be hard to peel it without damaging the tender fruit.


A pile of banana bunches.

Selecting Good BananasBananas are a great snack and a valuable source of potassium. Picking the right bananas help ensure a good flavor.


Pile of green apples.

Selecting Good ApplesThis is a page about selecting good apples. Apples make a great snack. Picking good apples at the store will ensure great flavor and texture.


Blueberries in a berry basket.

Selecting Good BlueberriesThis is a page about selecting good blueberries. Blueberries are best when they are plump and sweet. For the best flavor it is important to pick good blueberries. This can be difficult since they are generally sold in a container.


Sliced Grapefruit

Selecting Good GrapefruitGrapefruit is a wonderful tasty and healthy treat. Knowing how to pick the best ripe grapefruits at the market can be very helpful. This is a page to selecting a good grapefruit.


Selecting Cantaloupe at a farmers market

Selecting a Good CantaloupeThis is a page to selecting a good cantaloupe. When purchasing a cantaloupe you often want to be able to eat it with in a few days of buying it. Picking a ripe cantaloupe will make that possible.


A whole avocado, half avocado, and some diced avocado against a white background

Selecting a Good AvocadoThis is a page about selecting a good avocado. Avocado can add a different dimension to sandwiches, salads, dips and more. Finding an avocado that is ready to use doesn't have to be a chore.


A lemon with the zest removed.

Lemon Zest Tips And TricksLemon zest is a great way to naturally add more lemon flavor to your recipes. There are many tools and techniques for getting all the yellow zest without the bitter white pith beneath. This is a page for lemon zest tips and tricks.


Photo of a green apple.

Using Apples in CookingThis is a page about using apples. Apples can be eaten many ways, baked, pureed, juiced, in desserts and even in some soups such as mulligatawny.


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How To Eat a Fig?How do I eat a fig? Can you eat all of it?


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Long Term Storage of Dried Fruit?I like to buy dried apricots in bulk food stores to keep on hand. I have tried to keep them too long, I guess, because they darken almost to black if not used within a few months. I even tried vacuum packing, but that doesn't work. Does anyone have any other ideas?


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Refresh Apples with Salt Water SoakIf your winter store of apples starts looking a little wrinkled, you can try washing and soaking them in brine made by adding one handful of salt to every three gallons of water. Change the solution each six hours until the fruit perks up.


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What Can I Make With Immature Pears?One of my pear branches broke. I waited as long as I could and now that the leaves have started to turn brown, I picked the small immature fruit. They have a good taste to them, but are grainy. What can I make with them? Thanks.


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What is the Best Way to Core Pears?What is the easiest way to core pears from your tree? I feel I had a lot of waste.


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Finding the Calorie Counts for Fruit?Where can I find the amount of calories found in every fruit?


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Using Durian

Using DurianDurian often referred to 'that stinky fruit' to those who are not accustomed to the smell, but cherished by many who grew up around it. Known as 'The King of Fruits' throughout Asia.


buying apples

Saving Money on FruitTips from the ThriftyFun community. Here in L.A. we have orange vendors and that's the best place to get nice, juicy, ripe oranges! And we also go to farmer's markets to get the best deals in seasonal fruit - so we can splurge on things like nectarines, peaches and strawberries!


adding lemon juice

Freezing Mashed BananasThose browning bananas on your counter don't need to get thrown away, even if you aren't ready to use them right now. Freezing them is a great way to use them later in banana bread or any recipe that uses mashed banana.


Decorative Baskets from Oranges - handled basket ready to serve

Decorative Baskets from OrangesThis is a fun food craft where you can turn oranges into baskets that hold your fruit. It's fun and easy and you can really get creative with your designs! I've added two styles in this how-to.


Cut Pineapple

How to Peel a PineappleThis is a great way to peel a pineapple. By doing it this way you save more of the fruit, rather then wasting it by cutting in too deep, it also looks nice cut into slices.



Freezing Mashed BananasSave money on bananas! Those browning bananas on your counter don't need to get thrown away, even if you aren't ready to use them right now.


Peeling a PineappleHere is a video on a great way to peel a pineapple.



A pile of banana bunches.

Selecting Good BananasBananas slowly change color as they ripen. They start out hard and bright green, changing to yellow when they are ripe and then developing brown spots on the peel. When picking your bunch of bananas at the store, consider how quickly you are going to eat them.


A drawing showing an avocado pear assembled on a plate.

Avocado PearHere is a receipt with only (for 2 persons) an avocado, a pear, a little bit of peppercorns and vinegar. Pepper and vinegar have to be a bit sophisticated, like pink or green or black pepper, raspberry vinegar or balsamic vinegar for example.


A container with lids in the bottom for drainage.

Drip Drain for WatermelonThese two stackable containers come in handy for many things. I pulled out four plastic lids and they fit perfectly. They are deep enough to keep the watermelon out of the juice which keeps it crisp and fresh. If needed, I can punch holes in them for more drainage.



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Keeping Bananas From Turning Black?Why do bananas turn black and how can we stop it from turning black?


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Buying Ripe Strawberries?I'm tired of wasting my money on strawberries that are not sweet. But how can you tell if they're ripe? Someone told me if they smell sweet they are sweet. Is this true?


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Ripening a Pear?I did an experiment by putting a pear with 1 apple and a pear with 2 apples. I know that fruits produce ethylene when they ripen, but why did the pear with just 1 apple ripen faster than the pear with 2 apples?


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Finger Fruit Ideas for "May Day" Birthday?I need ideas of foods for a May Day themed birthday celebration. It is an everybody seniors birthday celebration to be held in an inside auditorium. I am interested in finger fruits or a fruit cup. Thanks for your suggestions.


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Keeping Cut Bananas From Turning Dark?When slicing bananas to put in a gelatin salad, how do I keep them from turning dark?


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Pealing Pears?I was given a box of "cooking" pears. They are small and very hard. Is it necessary to peel then before canning? I do plant to core them.


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