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This page contains food tips and information about making beverages.

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Keeping Soda Pop Fresh

Keeping Soda Pop FreshThis page is about keeping soda fresh. Once you have opened that can or bottle keeping it carbonated can be a challenge.


An empty coffee pod next to a container of ground coffee.

Using Coffee Pods Without a KuerigThe ground coffee that comes in Kuerig pods or K-cups can be used to brew coffee regularly if you remove the coffee form the pod. This is a page about using coffee pods without a Kuerig.


Roasted Coffee Beans

Saving Money on CoffeeThis page is about saving money on coffee. A daily beverage for many people, getting the most out of your coffee purchase is important.


A tall glass of tomato juice.

Making Juice With Frozen Tomatoes?Here is a recipe for making juice from some of those frozen tomatoes from your garden. This is a page about making juice with frozen tomatoes.


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Vanilla Pudding as Coffee Creamer?I was wondering if anyone had tried instant vanilla pudding and powdered milk as a coffee creamer?


Making Coffee Tips and TricksThis is a page about making coffee tips and tricks. Making the perfect cup of coffee can be an elusive task.


A cup of coffee in a white cup.

Making Single Serve Coffee Bags?If you only drink a cup or two of coffee a day, a single serve bag might be just the thing for you. Rather than buy them you can make some inexpensively at home. This is a page about making single serve coffee bags.


Softening Hard Powder Drink Mix

Softening Hard Powdered Drink Mix?This is a page about softening hard powdered drink mix. Breaking up hardened drink mix powder makes it easier to measure and prepare drinks.


Pleated paper coffee filter

Separating Paper Coffee FiltersThis is a page about separating paper coffee filters. Coffee filters can sometimes be frustrating to separate from the stack.


Silver Bars

Using 99.9% Silver to Keep Milk and Water FreshSilver has natural germ fighting qualities. Prior to refrigeration, silver coins were used to help keep milk and water fresh longer. Now you can obtain "silver rounds" at any coin shop, to achieve the same benefits. This is a page about 99.9% silver to keep milk and water fresh.


Making Coffee Without a Filter

Making Coffee Without a FilterThere is nothing more frustrating than going to make a pot of coffee and finding you have run out of filters. The is a page about making coffee without a filter.


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Keeping Soda from Going Flat?How do you keep Coke from going flat once it has been opened? I would like to be able to drink the whole bottle, instead of having to use the flat Coke as a toilet bowl cleaner (which is a great use for it!). Thanks guys!



Placing the cut can over the full can.

Keeping Carbonated Drinks Fresh After OpeningKeeping your carbonated canned drinks fresh after opening sometimes is a daunting task. Usually if they're open no matter what you put on them, they''re good for about a day and then all the fizz is gone. I experimented with many different things before I came up with one idea that will literally keep your carbonated canned drink carbonated and tasting like you just opened it for up to a week and, yes, you can use more of the drink and put this right back on and it''ll still hold it fresh and carbonated for 6 to 7 days!


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Paper Towel as Coffee Filter SubstituteWhile staying at my son's cottage in a remote area, I ran out of coffee filters this morning. It didn't take me long to try a basic (Bounty 1/2) sheet and it worked


A travel mug with a foam koozie at the bottom.

Coffee Travel Mug TipsSometimes, I just get in a hurry and don't think. When trying to take the top off my coffee mug, I all too often put the opening right next to my shirt on my chest for some 'leverage' and duh, coffee stain! I'm learning. Much better when you make sure the opening is to the side, when taking off the lid.


Start Instant Coffee with Cold Water

Start Instant Coffee with Cold WaterI've found this hack very useful in order to make instant coffee taste more like a freshly brewed cup. Just mix your instant coffee granules with a little bit of cold water, stir to dissolve, then add your hot water.


Finely ground espresso powder.

Making Espresso PowderInstead of buying expensive espresso powder, make it at home from regular ground coffee. Besides making a great cup of strong espresso, it will add flavor to your baking and recipes.


Ice cubes made in a metal muffin tin.

Use Muffin Tins to Make Large Ice CubesWhen larger than normal ice cubes are in order, using muffin tins can make the size you need. They will last longer in a pitcher, beverage cooler or punch bowl.


A straw placed under a ring tab.

Opening a Pop Can Without Breaking a NailA plastic drinking straw can facilitate pulling a ring tab to open a soda. This is a page about opening a pop can without breaking a nail.


A shaker for making powdered drink mixes.

Using Powdered Drink MixesShaker bottles have become very popular for all sorts of powdered protein or energy drinks that mix with water. This page has advice for using powdered drink mixes.


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Improving the Taste of Home Brewed Coffee?I don't like coffee. Or at least I don't like the taste of it. I'm trying to find ways to make it taste better that aren't so expensive like constantly buying liquid creamer. So far all I've found is using a Hersey's kiss in it. I use Folger's Classic or Columbian if that helps.


Juicing and Growing Your Own Pomegranates - pop it open

Juicing and Growing Your Own PomegranatesIf you grow your own pomegranates this is a fun way to juice them. All you need is the fruit and a hand held citrus squeezer. Plant the leftover seeds and grow more. Learn about juicing and growing your own pomegranates.


A bag of ground coffee beans and a refillable pod next to a box of Keurig coffee pods.

Kuerig K-Cups Vs. Ground CoffeeThe use of the plastic single-serving coffee pod has been adopted in many homes and offices due to the convenience and variety but they can be costly. Ground coffee is cheaper but it can be messy and can require brewing an entire pot. This is a page about using Kuerig K-cups vs. ground coffee.


Orange juice in a glass next to a small stack of oranges

Using Frozen Juice ConcentrateFrozen cans of juice concentrate are a popular way to have all variety of juice options at home. This is a page about using frozen juice concentrate.


Chia Seeds soaking in small glasses

Healthy Chia Bubble DrinkAdd softened chia seeds to your green tea or other drinks for a healthy alternative. This is a page about making a healthy chia bubble drink.


Glass of orange juice and a orange cut in half.

Orange Juice Tips and TricksOrange juice can be expensive, so it's best if you get your money's worth. This page contains orange juice tips and tricks.


Pouring French Press Coffee

Lowering the Acidity in CoffeeCertain coffee brands and roasts can be more acidic than others. You can reduce the acidity by adding a bit of baking soda to the grounds and mixing in well before brewing. This is a page about lowering the acidity in coffee.



Mortar and pestle tipped over, spilling coffee beans.

Grinding Coffee Beans Without a Coffee GrinderIn a pinch you can use other kitchen tools such as a ricer to grind coffee beans. This is a page about grinding coffee beans without a grinder.


Black and Tan drink.

How to Pour a Black and TanPouring a proper black and tan is a handy skill to have, especially around St. Patrick's Day. Read on to learn how to pour a black and tan.


A coffee filter full of used coffee grounds.

Using Coffee Grounds More Than OnceIf you want to make more than one pot of coffee from you ground coffee, it is best to do it within the same day or the grounds can get moldy very quickly. This is a page about using coffee grounds more than once.


A spoonful of frothed milk being added to coffee.

Frothed Milk in a JarMilk can be frothed by shaking it in a jar but this will not steam the milk. This is a page about frothed milk in a jar.


A cup of fresh coffee beans.

Keeping Coffee Fresh?Fresh grounds make a better cup. Coffee lovers have their own ideas about the best way to keep their coffee fresh. This is a page about keeping coffee fresh.


Banana Peel Sleepy Tea

Banana Peel Sleepy TeaHaving trouble falling asleep at night? Save your banana peels and make a night time tea with them to help you settle in to a restful sleep. This is a page about banana peel sleepy tea.


A pink colored milkshake in a cup.

Quick Morning MilkshakeI have found that mixing one scoop of vanilla flavored Slimfast and one half scoop of Super Greens mix in water or milk and then adding a handful of frozen blueberries makes an excellent shake. When it is all mixed in a hand shaker, it tastes like a strawberry milkshake, only with much more nutrition.


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Making a Paper K Cup Filter?How do I make a paper K cup filter?


Homemade Iced Tea

Making Iced Tea at HomeThis page is about making iced tea at home. Save money and create your favorite iced tea beverage in your own kitchen.


Red mug containing hot chocolate with mini marshmallows

Saving Money on Hot ChocolateFrom price shopping to making your own mix, there are ways you can save money on hot chocolate. This is a page about saving money on hot chocolate.


Steaming Tea Kettle on black

Toning Down a Whistling KettleThis is a page about toning down a whistling kettle. Some whistling tea kettles have a shrill sound, making them unpleasant to listen to.


French press containing coffee, two white coffee cups, and two spoons on a white counter top

Making Coffee in a French PressA delicious cup of coffee can be prepared using this method with the right amount of coffee ground coarsely. This is a page about making coffee in a French press.


Coffee being poured into a white coffee cup

Making a Good Cup of CoffeeThere is a bit of science included in making a good cup of coffee, along with the right blend and a well working coffee maker. This is a page about making a good cup of coffee.


Use Your Washer To Keep Drinks Cold

Using Your Washing Machine as Drink CoolerThis unique idea is great for keeping a large amount of drinks cold, if you don't have an ice chest handy. This is a page about use a washing machine as a drink cooler.


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Use Tea Towel as Cafetiere CosyIf you need to keep coffee warm in your cafetiere or French press, take a 20x30 inch linen tea towel. Fold it in half lengthwise to 10x15, and wrap around the cafetiere, starting at the handle. Position overlapping ends over handle and fasten large spring clothes peg over ends and handle.



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Making Raspberry TeaStrip all the leaves off your raspberry plants with a leather glove, slipping them into a brown paper bag. Hang away from light until dry, approximately one week.


cup of tea with bag in cup

Saving Money on TeaWhether you use loose tea or bags, there are a number of ways to reduce the cost. This is a page about saving money on tea.



Making Kool-Aid Tips and TricksThis is a page about making Kool Aid tips and tricks. This powdered beverage can be prepared in many tasty ways.


Frugal Summer Beverages

Frugal Summer Beverage IdeasThere are many ways to make inexpensive refreshing drinks for those hot summer days. This is a page about frugal summer beverage ideas.


red wine with food

Wine Serving Tips?Choosing the right wine to serve, knowing which ones are best served cold, are some of the questions a host may have about serving wine.


Summer drinks

Avoiding Watered Down Iced DrinksThis is a page about avoiding watered down iced drinks. Watery soda, tea, or other iced drinks don't taste as good as the undiluted beverage did before the ice melted.


Beverage Jar with spigot.

Catching Drips Under a Beverage DispenserThis is a page about catching drips under a beverage dispenser. It can be irritating when you have a variety of drink dispensers set up and no way to catch those last drips.


Fresh squeezed orange juice.

Removing Seeds and Pulp From Orange JuiceThis is a page about removing seeds and pulp from orange juice. You can easily remove the seeds and pulp from your freshly squeezed orange juice.


Stale Tea Bags

Uses for Stale TeaThis is a page about uses for stale tea. When tea no longer tastes fresh it can be useful for other things.


Red Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Water Bottle Tips and TricksThis is a page about water bottle tips and tricks. These bottles whether stainless or plastic can be convenient for a variety of things, as well as, keeping cool drinking water close at hand.


Japanese Matcha Tea

Health Benefits of Japanese Matcha TeaThis page is about health benefits of Japanese matcha tea. A powdered green tea that is delicious and beneficial for weight loss.


Making Soymilk

Making SoymilkA high protein beverage that can be made at home by soaking dry soy beans, grinding them with water, and straining the liquid for milk. This page is about making soymilk.


Homemade Apple Juice

Making Homemade Apple JuiceThis page is about making homemade apple juice. making your own fresh juices are delicious and nutritious. Having a juicer can make it easy.


Almond Milk

Making Almond MilkThis page is about making almond milk. You can avoid lactose by using raw almonds and making your own nut milk at home.


Pouring Sparkling Water

Making Sparkling Water?This page is about making sparkling water. Soda water, club soda, or seltzer can be made regularly at home with the addition of CO2 in a soda spout or seltzer bottle.


Chocolate Milk

Making Chocolate MilkThis page is about making chocolate milk. It is easy and delicious to make your own flavored milk at home.


Cherry Cola

Making Cherry ColaThis page is about making cherry cola. It is easy to make your own cherry flavored cola.


Insulated Drinking Glass

Using Insulated Drinking GlassesThis is a page about using insulated drinking glasses. Insulated drinking glasses are very useful for keeping drinks hot or cold.


cup of coffee

Making Coffee Without a Coffee MakerYou don't have to have a coffee maker to brew a great cup of coffee. This is a page about making coffee without a coffee maker.


cream and sugar

Saving Money on Flavored CreamersThis is a page about saving money on flavored creamers. Flavored coffee creamers can be pricey.


cup of coffee

Homemade Coffee Pods?This is a page about homemade coffee pods. Buying the pods for your single serving coffee maker can get quite expensive. You can save money by making your own.


Keeping Drinks Cold

Keeping Drinks ColdThis is a page about keeping drinks cold. Keeping your drink cold on a hot day can be challenging.


Leftover Coffee

Uses for Leftover CoffeeThis is a page about uses for leftover coffee. Don't pour that old leftover coffee down the drain, you can still use it.


Open Bottle of Wine

How Long Does an Open Bottle of Wine Last?This is a page about "how long does an open bottle of wine last?". Once a bottle of wine has been uncorked it begins to deteriorate due to exposure to oxygen.


Cappuccino with foamed milk.

Making Milk Foam for Coffee DrinksThis is a page about making milk foam for coffee drinks. You can have foam on your coffee drinks at home and save money by not having to go to a coffee shop.


Making Flavored Coffee

Making Flavored CoffeeThis is a page about making flavored coffee. Make your own flavored coffee at home for a special treat and an inexpensive alternative to the coffee shop.


tea mug

Tea Making TipsThis page contains tea making tips. It's great to make perfect tea and get the most flavor out of the leaves.


Fruit Juice Ice Cubes

Making Ice CubesThis page is about making ice cubes. Whether plain or decorative ice cubes can present some challenges.


Hot Chocolate With Cookies

Hot Chocolate (Cocoa) Tips And RecipesThis page contains hot chocolate tips and recipes. Cocoa is a wonderful beverage anytime for kids and adults alike.


Iced Tea Tips and Tricks

Iced Tea Tips and TricksWhether you like black, green or herbal teas iced, there are different ways of preparing and serving them. This page contains iced tea tips and tricks.


Pouring red wine into a glass.

Pairing Wine with FoodThis is a page about pairing wine and food. Certain wines can complement your meal more than others; don't be overwhelmed when choosing.


Hot Tea

Cooling Down Hot DrinksThis is a page about cooling down hot drinks. There are ways to cool down a hot drink that will not result in a watered down version of itself.


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Reusing Coffee GroundsCall me cheap or call me frugal but with my fixed income and the price of coffee going up, I wondered what will happen if I just put water in my coffee pot without adding anymore coffee.


Using Powder Chai Latte Mix in Froth Machine?I recently bought myself a Capresso froth machine to make my chai latte, but I was wondering how can I mix the powder mixture in the milk so stays foamy? At some point it gets foamy, but once the machine turns off it goes down :-(


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Cut Frozen OJ Containers in HalfI love freshly made orange juice. I purchase it in the frozen concentrated 12 fluid ounce size. Since I'm the only one that drinks it...


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Add Cardamom To Ground CoffeeAdd a cardamom pod while preparing coffee for a richer and more fragrant smell.


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Better Tasting IceWhen ice is used in a drink such as cola, rinse the ice under cold water before putting into glass. Rinsing the ice will remove frost from ice cubes for a better tasting drink. The frost instantly waters down the drink.


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Add Flavor to Your LemonadeA fun way to add some additional flavor to your glass of lemonade is to make flavored ice cubes. Fill an ice cube tray with your choice of juice, then place a piece of fruit into each ice cube well.


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Stretch Fruit JuiceI found that our family was drinking an excessive amount of fruit juice, which is both expensive and has more calories than we really need. I now make a large batch of naturally decaffeinated herbal tea and mix in fruit juice to taste.


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Stretch Juice With Cold WaterMy family, like most families out there, is always trying to save money on grocery bills. One way that we do that is by watering down our juice! You will cut back on empty calories and sugar, so it's good for the waistline and the pocketbook!


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Use Drink Mixes For SweeteningSweeten your tea by adding just a pinch of sugar-free ice tea or lemonade mix. It's much cheaper and more flavorful than adding sugar-free sweetener like Sweet n' Low or Splenda.


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Skinnygirl vs. Sinless Margarita Mix?Has anyone sampled both of these low calorie margarita mixes? How does the taste of stevia in Sinless Margarita compare to the taste of agave nectar in Skinnygirl?


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Keep Soda Can from SprayingIf you drop a soft drink can on the floor, tap the top a few times before opening. It won't spew when opened.


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What is the Best Wax for Sealing a Corked Bottle?Is there a wax that can be dripped on a corked bottle that isn't brittle like dinner candle wax? Thanks.


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Can I Make a Tea from Eucalyptus Leaves?Can eucalyptus leaves be boiled, strained, and consumed?


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Use Coffee Pot for Mulled CiderI knew I had a couple extra coffee makers on the very top shelf of one of the kitchen cabinets and thought I'd put them to good use for keeping my hot mulled cider hot for Christmas.


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Mix Coke with EspressoAfter making an espresso coffee one night, I let the rest get cold. Then my husband suggested adding Coke to my cold espresso and, VOILA, Copresso was born. It tastes surprisingly good and different. Is this new or does everyone else drink this?


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Make Coffee with Enough Flavor for TwoWhen having your morning coffee, I will flavor the first cup with vanilla, cinnamon, creamer and 2 packs Splenda. When it gets down to about 1/2 inch from the bottom of the cup, I refill it with fresh coffee and cream.


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Make Flavored Drinks with Soda WaterUse carbonated spring water, which is available cheaply from chains like Asda (Walmart in US), to make up orangeade, lemonade, etc.


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Mix Juice and TeaThis tip is frugal, but I started doing this because it was a healthy option. I brew fresh iced tea all summer long. I also buy Juicy Juice 100 percent juice in the raspberry and apple flavor. I mix a half glass of iced tea and half glass of the juice.


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Real Southern Iced TeaBoil a pan of water enough to fill a gallon pitcher. In the meantime, put enough sugar in the bottom of the pitcher to suit your taste. Use the same amount you would use if you were just pouring the sugar into the tea.


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Fast Brewed Iced TeaI make cold ice tea in no time flat by brewing the tea with the least amount of water possible. I make a gallon of tea by bringing 8 tea bags to a boil in 3 cups of water with a lid on, then remove from heat and let it steep for 5 minutes.


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Bottle Your Own BeveragesRecycle standard size, screw-cap soft drink bottles for your family. I have found using the screw-cap soft drink bottles are wonderful for taking drinks with me to work for my small office refrigerator. They freeze very well and are great for car trips.


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Make Your Own Take Along Coffee PacksI love fresh brewed coffee. To make my own take along packs, I place a teaspoon or maybe a tablespoon of ground coffee into a coffee filter along with aspartame sugar and powder creamer, and fold the filter in from the sides and down from the top.


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How Long Does Brewed Coffee Stay Fresh?After brewing coffee, how long does it stay fresh? My husband will drink it the next day and says it tastes fine.


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Costs of Making Your Own Juice?I have been considering buying a juicer for making our own fruit juice. But most of what I read online says that it is actually more expensive to make your own juice.


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Thrifty MochaHad a snack at a Mexican bistro without specialty coffee. So I order 1/2 coffee 1/2 Mexican hot chocolate, and voila! Specialty coffee without a surcharge!


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Coffee Liqueur Whipped CreamThis is for the coffee lovers. If you love to top your favorite coffee drink with whipped cream then add a splash of coffee flavored liqueur to the cream for an extra punch of flavor.


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Making Your Own Liquid Coffee Creamer?I am looking for a recipe for liquid coffee creamer.


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"Stir" with Pouring CoffeeDo you put cream and/or sugar in your coffee? If so, here's a tip: Put the cream and sugar in the empty cup. Then pour the coffee, using the coffee itself to "stir" it for you! Saves on dirtying a spoon!


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A glass of orange juice.

Saving Money on Juice When the juice bottle is sitting too long, I freeze them into ice cubes for the kid's water or I add enough juice to the water to flavor, especially Concord grape juice.


Saving Money on Tea

Saving Money on TeaTips for saving money on tea from the ThriftyFun community. If I go out in the evening, I often take chamomile tea in my travel mug rather than coffee. I find that buying a good quality tea is worth the cost.


A Cupcake Base as a Drinks Cover

Cupcake Liner as a Drinks CoverUse a cupcake paper case to cover your drinks in summer. Rip a small hole in the middle for the straw. No flies on me! :D


Juicing and Growing Your Own Pomegranates - container and glass of fresh juice

Juicing and Growing Your Own PomegranatesMy family and I are known as the Pomegranate People because we've been growing them ever since I was a little one. In fact, the first thing I ever grew on my own was a pomegranate tree at age four. This is one method of juicing pomegranates at home, then planting the leftover seeds in order to grow more of the fruit.


filling pod

Reusable Keurig PodsIf you like the convenience of using a Keurig machine but find the pods too pricey or you miss your favorite coffee, there is a solution. We recently found a 4-pack of reuseable pods for $9.99.



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Making Coffee Without a Coffeemaker?My husband likes the occasional cup of coffee, but not often enough to buy a coffee maker. My question is instead of having to strain the coffee could I use a tea diffuser in a cup of boiled water and come up with the same thing without having the additional work?


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Making Coffee in a Drip Machine?I have a 12 cup drip coffee maker. I buy Maxwell House coffee and it comes with a scoop. How many do I need for 12 cups?


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Selecting Coffee?The price of coffee has gone over the roof. I was drinking Folger's Black Silk before it went to nearly $11.00 at WalMart for a can weighing a little over 22 ounces.


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New Coffee Maker Leaves Film on Brewed Coffee?We just bought a cheap coffee maker like always and after it's brewed there is a film on top of the coffee right away, not after letting it sit. I use filtered water. What am I doing wrong?


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Mixing Carnation Instant Breakfast With Coffee?How do you mix the Carnation Instant Breakfast with coffee? Do you make 1/2 cup of black coffee and 1/2 glass of vanilla Carnation Instant Breakfast, and then mix them together? Can you please let me know how to mix the 2 together. Thank you for taking the time to help me.


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How To Make Your Own Coffee Single Bags?Folger's single serve coffee bags are the best for when a single cup of coffee is all you need. They're great for work or camping. The problem is that they are so outrageously expensive! Isn't there a cheap, convenient way to fashion your own, using ordinary materials?


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