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Pieces fudge with nuts

How to Fix Grainy FudgeThis is a page about fixing grainy fudge. Grainy fudge is a common issue. Some recipes are more finicky, while others are more fool proof. Here are some suggestions if your fudge has turned out grainy.


Fudge Making Tips

Fudge Making Tips and TricksThis page contains fudge making tips and tricks. This rich, chocolate confectionery is fun to make for any special day.


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Using Foil When Making Fudge?I made fudge but it did not set. I lined the pan with foil instead of wax paper. Should I have used waxed paper instead of foil?


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Peanut Butter Fudge Not Hardening?How can I salvage Peanut Butter Fudge that has not hardened?


A plate of pecan log balls served on white liners.

Making Pecan Log BallsAn alternative to serving a pecan log sliced is to take the slices and roll them into balls. Place the balls in paper cupcake pan liners and offer to your guests.


Wilton white chocolate candy melts.

Using Wilton's Candy MeltsWilton's candy melts are intended for use in making molded candies or as a dip to coat cookies, pretzels, etc. This page contains some suggestions for how to use Wilton's candy melts.


The end being cut off a hollow piece of red licorice.

Making Licorice StrawsCut the ends off of Red Vines or any hollow twisted licorice candy and use it to make a festive drink. This is a page about making licorice straws.


Stick of gum in wrapper

Saving Money on GumA surprisingly easy way to save money on gum is to tear a stick in half and only chew one half at a time. This is a page about saving money on gum.


Close up photo of homemade fudge.

Problems Making FudgeChefs will tell you that cooking is an art and a science. The science can come into play when making fudge. Not only do proper measurements play a role in the success of your batch of fudge, but so does the cookware used and believe it or not the weather. This is a page about problems making fudge.



Chocolate Covered Cherries

Making Chocolate Covered CherriesA delicious, rich candy can be made with maraschino cherries dipped in chocolate. This is a page about making chocolate covered cherries.


Leftover Christmas Candy

Uses for Leftover Christmas CandyThis is a page about uses for leftover Christmas candy. Wondering what to do with all of those leftover sugary treats lying around after the holidays?


Leftover Candy Canes

Uses for Leftover Candy CanesThis page is about uses for leftover candy canes. Once you have taken the Christmas decorations down, you can find yourself with extra candy canes.


Melting Chocolate on Wooden Spoon

Melting ChocolateThis page is about melting chocolate. When melting this roasted and ground cacao seeds block or paste, it is important to keep it from burning.


Homemade caramel candy.

Candy Making Tips and TricksThis page is contains candy making tips and tricks. Being aware of a few things helps when making confections.


Making Chocolate Bunny

Creating Candy With Molds?This is a page about creating candy with molds. There are candy molds that you can buy or make to use in creating your own sweet candy treats.


Melted Chocolate Bunny

Melt Down Big Chocolate Bunnies Into Smaller...I can't tell you how many times people have bought my children those big solid bunnies. I always find them wasted. This year I decided to melt them down in a make shift broiler.


homemade peanut butter cups

Homemade Peanut Butter CupsPeanut butter cups are a perennial favorite dessert snack. This is a page about homemade peanut butter cups.


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Using Almond Bark in Fudge?Greetings from Ireland. I would like to try the white fudge, but have no idea what almond bark is. Can anyone please help? Thanking you.


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Making Fudge Using Almond Bark?Can you use chocolate almond bark to make fudge, instead of using chocolate chips?


Pastel swirled marshmallows in various shapes.

Making Homemade MarshmallowsThis page is about making homemade marshmallows. Once you have made your own marshmallows you may never again want the store bought kind. They are easy and very tasty. You can use homemade marshmallows in any recipe calling for these light puffy treats.


Chocolate fudge with nuts on a white plate on red plaid tablecloth.

Preventing Grainy FudgeThis is a page about preventing grainy fudge. Homemade fudge is a delicious treat. However, on occasion rather that the smooth creamy texture you were hoping for it turns out grainy.


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Keeping Dipping Chocolate WarmI was making candy for the Red Hats Valentine party today and I needed to keep the chocolate hot. Once I heated the chocolate in the microwave, I put the cup with melted chocolate on a candle warmer to keep it soft and warm.


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Stock Up On Sale Christmas CandyNone of us need that Christmas candy that's on sale dirt cheap after Christmas, but be creative and think about the possible uses for it.


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Making Fudge Drops?Does anyone have a fudge recipe that calls for dropping by spoonfuls instead of pouring into a pan? I have seen fudge like this and it is so pretty. Happy Holidays!



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Using a Crockpot to Make Fudge?I started making fudge and am using a double boiler on my stove to melt the chocolate chips and butter. Does anyone use a crock pot or any other method for this? I am always looking for shortcuts! Thanks.


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Be Aware Where Your Christmas Goodies Are ManufacturedWhile shopping recently for peppermint candy canes to crush up and use in my holiday baking goodies. I searched several stores in my area, looking for U.S. made of these particular candies. Every candy cane, I found in Walgreens was made in Mexico.


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Molding Candy Melt Suckers and FavorsFor Easter, I molded candy melt suckers for my grandchildren. It was very simple and I painted the details on them by mixing food colors to the melted candy and painted them on with a fine tipped art brush.


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Chocolate Chips Turned White in Freezer?I had several packages of semi-sweet chocolate morsels (chocolate chips) that I put in the freezer. I took them out a few days ago hoping to make fudge. The chips had turned whitish. Can they still be used?


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Remedy For Melted Chocolate Candy BarRecently on vacation my husband had bought a package of mini candy bars; we were sight-seeing and when we returned to the car, the candy bars were melted.


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Problems Making White Chocolate Fudge?My white chocolate fudge always falls apart while trying to cut it and it's very grainy.


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Coloring White Melts?I would like to know what I have to use to color white melts? I need yellow. Any help will be appreciated.



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Semi Hard Cooked Fudge?I used 1 stick salted butter, 2 tablespoons cocoa, 2 cups sugar and a can of evaporated milk. I accidentally poured 12 oz evaporated milk in instead of 5 oz as called for. It was cooked long enough according to candy thermometer but not setting up properly. Can I fix it?


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How to Harden Chocolate Fudge?I had made fudge using chocolate and condensed milk and refrigerated it overnight but the next day, after keeping it out for more than three hours when I was cutting it, it was gooey and was not hard at all. How to harden fudge? And if I have to melt it again, how do I check the temperature without a candy thermometer?


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Fudge Did Not Set Up?When making a white fudge I put in too much evaporated milk (didn't read carefully) and now it is too loose. Can I do anything to save it? I thought about layering it with brownie mix and baking.


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Chocolate Fudge Dry and Grainy?I have been making my mom's fudge recipe for years, but the last few years I feel like it hasn't come out as it should. I have been blaming it on the fact that the chocolate (Hershey bars and Nestle semisweet chips) is not as smooth or creamy as it used to be.


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Fixing Fudge With Too Much Evaporated Milk?I accidentally added 12 oz of evaporated milk to my fudge recipe calling for 5 oz. evaporated milk. I believe I cooked it long enough with 2 cups sugar, a stick of salted butter and two tablespoons of cocoa. I even used a candy thermometer. When I added my vanilla, I stirred another 2 minutes off the heat. It's very creamy and delicious but not hard like candy. Can I do anything now to fix it?


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Fixing Grainy Peanut Butter Fudge?I have been reading past posts about gritty fudge. I have been making this fudge for over 50 years. Last year I started having big problems with it coming out gritty. I thought it was my burners, but I guess not. So far this year I have made 21 batches and only 7 have turned out non gritty.


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