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This page contains tips about making your own snacks and saving money on purchasing snacks.

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Fresh Crackers

Keeping Crackers FreshThis page is about keeping crackers fresh. Once you have opened those snacks, you want to be sure they maintain their crispness for another time.


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Adding Color to Popped Popcorn?I have popped popcorn and would like to color it with food coloring. How do I do it?


Nacho Cheese

Serving Nacho Cheese?Nachos and cheese are a favorite snack for home and local events. However, serving the soft cheese can be very messy. This is a page about serving nacho cheese.


Nutritious Snacks for Kids

Nutritious Snacks for KidsThis is a page about nutritious snacks for kids. Sometimes getting kids to healthy snacks can be difficult, but given the right tasty options they will eat them up.


Rice Crispy Treats on a plate

Tips for Making Rice Krispie TreatsYou can get creative with different shapes, textures and flavors of your puffed cereal treats. This page contains tips for making rice krispie treats.


Hand holding a bag of trail mix.

100 Calorie Snack PacksGrab and go 100 calorie snack packs are great to have on hand for when you are hungry between meals. You don't need to spend a lot of money on prepackaged ones though. Larger packages of your favorite snacks can be broken down into 100 calorie packs. This is a page about 100 calorie snack packs.


A jar full of pickles and pickle juice.

How to Make Pickle PopsiclesThe left over juice from a pickle jar can be frozen to make some tasty popsicles. This is a page about how to make pickle popsicles.


Homemade funnel cakes with powdered sugar and strawberries on top.

Making Funnel Cakes With Pancake Mix?This is a page about making funnel cakes with pancake mix. You don't have to wait for the fair to enjoy delicious funnel cakes at home.


Two strips of bacon threaded on skewer and coated in chocolate displayed on a plate

Homemade Chocolate Covered Bacon TreatsThis is a page about making homemade chocolate covered bacon treats. Chocolate and bacon may sound like an unusually combination but it is really very delicious.


Red, white and blue colored popcorn spilled out onto white surface

Making Colored Popcorn?This is a page about making colored popcorn. Making popcorn in an array of fun colors can be done at home.


Had in Popcorn Bowl

Saving Money on PopcornThis is a page about saving money on popcorn. Corn for popping is generally inexpensive when you buy it in bulk, even when you want to microwave it.


Girl Having After School Snack

After School Snack IdeasThis is a page about after school snack ideas. Its good to a healthy light meal after school that won't spoil an appetite for dinner.



Serving water melon outside.

Serving Snacks Outside?This page is about serving snacks outside. Keep your food at proper temperatures and safe from insects and animals when eating outside.


A stack of graham crackers.

Making Chocolate Covered Graham CrackersThis page is about making chocolate covered graham crackers. By melting some chocolate you can make your own dipped graham crackers at home.


A grade school age girl eating lunch.

Nut Free Lunch Snacks Ideas?This page contains nut free lunch snacks ideas. Although these foods are high in protein, there are people who can not eat them.


Rice Krispies Treats

Rice Krispies Treat Tips and TricksThis page contains rice crispie treat tips and tricks. A ready made cereal that can be used for some quick, inexpensive treats.


Homemade Pudding Cups

Make Your Own Pudding CupsThis is a page about how to make your own pudding cups. Individually packaged pudding is very convenient, but also pricey.


Popcorn in Blue Bowl

Making Popcorn Tips and TricksThis page is making popcorn tips and tricks. Popcorn is a excellent, nutritious snack and can be even better when you know how.


toasted walnuts

Toasting NutsThis page is about toasting nuts. Toasting nuts can save you money, and you can have your own fresh, custom flavor.


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Buy Snacks in BulkBuying sodas, water and snacks at the office quickly adds up. Buy those items in bulk, bag 'em, and bring to work. You'll save about $2.00 a day or $520 annually. Who couldn't use extra money!


An energy bar with chocolate, dried fruit, and nuts.

Homemade Energy BarsThis is a page about homemade energy bars. Energy bars contain high energy foods. They are intended to provide a quick boost, by delivering carbohydrates when you don't have time for a meal.


ganola bars

Making Homemade Granola BarsThis is a page about making homemade granola bars. Homemade granola bars are simple and fun to make. Making them yourself allows you to decide what ingredients to put in them, so the flavor options are endless.


An apple, granola bar, nuts and dark chocolate squares.

Healthy Snack IdeasThis is a page about healthy snacks. It is important to eat healthy snacks. Buying and preparing healthy snacks so that they are available when you are hungry is key.


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Roasting Sunflower Seeds?I grew some mammoth sunflowers and have seeds. Can I eat some? If so, I need recipes for cooking them.


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Healthy Midnight Snack Ideas?I have a habit of getting up in the middle of the night and snacking. Any suggestions on foods that would be considered "lite" and not too heavy on the stomach?


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Healthy Snacks for Fishing Trips?I have a friend looking for healthy snacks to take on fishing trips. They'll be camping so there will be a cooler and camp stove handy, but they are looking for snacks that won't keep them away from the water for very long.


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Snacks for Kids While Shopping?I want a few super easy snack ideas I can take to the store when I'm shopping with my two kids, ages 4 yrs and 3 yrs so they can eat a bit and keep them happy.



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Improving the Flavor of Hummus?I've had all sorts of store bought hummus from homemade organic to commercially prepared and would like to know if there's anything you might suggest that would improve the flavor.


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Snack Cup Of PotatoesI wanted to do something similar to the twice baked potatoes. I found some seasonal paper drinking cups ($0.25 on clearance) for containers. These cups are the stiff paper ones, not waxy. They are from a party supply store.


Add Cartoon Characters To Children's ProductsDo your children beg for products emblazoned with their favorite characters? I know my children do, and it makes me crazy! The same yogurt can cost up to two dollars more because it has some kind of cartoon character on it.


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Don't Buy Candy From Vending MachinesStop buying candy out of the vending machines. Stock up on your favorite candy bars at the store when they go on sale for 3 for $1 or 4 for $1 - much cheaper than $.75 a piece in the vending machine.


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For A Healthy Snack, Buy Granola-type Cereal Bars In BulkBuying a box of 48 Quaker Chewy Granola Bars at the discount warehouse stores, is much cheaper than smaller packages at the grocery store. They can last a long time on the shelf. Keep several in your car for a quick snack when you may be running late.


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Fried Biscuits Instead of DonutsMy family likes donuts for breakfast sometimes. Because it is rather expensive for a family of 5, I fry biscuits. I buy the store brands for about $1.09 for 4 cans. I fry 2 cans, roll in powder sugar and enjoy.


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Tasty Prunes in the MorningDo you like prunes for breakfast? Before retiring for bed, boil a cup of water and place 2 teabags (any flavor will do) along with 8 prunes in a cup. Cover the cup with a plate until morning. Then remove the plate and serve 4 prunes with some of the "tea juice" for 2 people.


Popped corn in aluminum foil.

A Simple Trick For Better PopcornI learned something a couple of weeks ago and wanted to share with you. I bought a bag of popcorn at Dollar Tree. It was the stovetop type. Back home, I popped a pot full. Except for a couple kernels, every one popped. I thought, 'Gosh, this is nice'! And unusual, too.


The classic Chex Party Mix with nuts and pretzels.

Chex Party MixThis is the original chex mix recipe off the box of General Mills Chex Cereal. This is a great snack mix to put out during the holidays or to even give as gifts!


removing a watermelon stick 2

Cutting Watermelon SticksThis is an easy way to prepare a watermelon and is a kid friendly way to serve it.


granola bar

Saving Money on SnacksShare your tips for saving money on snacks below.Here are some ideas on how to save money on snack food from the ThriftyFun community. Share your own snack tips.


healthy snacks

Ideas for Healthy SnacksNot only are these snacks healthy, most of them make great "grab and" go snacks for the whole family.


A bowl of popcorn.

Healthy Microwave PopcornAll you need for some perfect fresh popcorn is some popcorn kernels, a microwaveable bowl, a microwaveable plate that fits on top of it, and, if you so desire, a pat of butter or coconut oil.



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Buying or Making Pink Popcorn?Can anyone tell me where I can buy pink popcorn or the easiest way to make it? I am after some for my lolly buffet that I will be having for my wedding. Hope you's can help.


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Homemade Energy Bars Crumbly?Before I cut into bars it appears they may crumble. Used 6 tablespoons of agave, I don't want more sugar. How about peanut butter? Any suggestions?


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Healthy School Easter Treat?My son's class is having a bunny brunch. The teacher has asked that healthy snacks be sent ie., fruits, veggies, or pretzels. Any suggestions for anything else? I imagine that everyone will send those things and then they'll have 20 of the same thing.



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Finding an Inexpensive Dispenser for Nacho Cheese?Our organization runs a food stand once a year as a fundraiser at a Rough Truck event. A big seller is nachos and cheese. Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep the cheese hot and how we can "pump" it onto the nachos. Using a spoon is so messy.


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Popping Fresh Corn from the Field?I gleaned a popcorn field, but the popcorn will not hardly pop. Does it have to cure first or something?


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Homemade Freeze Dried Snacks?How can you freeze dry fruit or vegetables for snacks without buying still another gadget?


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