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This page contains money saving food tips and information about meat.

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A perfectly cooked beef roast on a cutting board.

How to Cook a Frozen RoastEven less expensive cuts of meat can come out moist and tender when cooked properly. You can save time by cooking the roast right out of the freezer.


Cooking Salt Pork

Cooking Salt PorkThis is a page about cooking salt pork. Salt pork looks a lot like a thick slice of uncooked bacon. It is not as commonly used as it has been in the past.


Beef Roast

Cooking a RoastDepending on the type and size of your roast, there are a variety of ways to cook it to perfection. This is a page about cooking a roast.


Roast Beef

How to Roast a Cheap Cut of BeefLess expensive cuts of roast can be tender and delicious, when cooked at a low temperature. This is a page about how to roast a cheap cut of beef.


Tea Bags in a Row

How to Use Tea for Tenderizing MeatStrongly brewed tea works well as a marinade and a meat tenderized thanks to the tannins in tea. This is a page about using tea for tenderizing meat.


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Can I Smoke Meat Using Sweet Gum?Has anyone ever used sweet gum wood to smoke meat with?


Deboning Chicken Thighs  - first cut

Deboning Chicken ThighsYou can save money by removing the bones from chicken thighs yourself. This is a page about deboning chicken thighs.


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Butterflying a Whole Chicken?How do I butterfly a chicken?


Brined Turkey Ready to Cook

Using Large Ziploc Bags to Brine a Turkey?Depending on the size of your turkey, you may be able to substitute a large Ziploc type bag for the pricier brining bags when preparing your turkey for roasting. This is a page about using large Ziploc bags to brine a turkey.


Roasted Chicken with lemon and herbs.

Cooking Time and Temperature for Roasting Chickens?First cook the chicken at around 375 degrees F for about an hour, then raising the temperature up for a short amount of time to brown the skin. This will make a deliciously juicy chicken, that everyone will enjoy. This is a page about cooking time and temperature for roasting chickens.


Carping a delicious roast turkey.

Cook a Turkey Breast Side DownTo enjoy especially moist breast meat, you can cook your whole turkey upside down. This is a page about cook a turkey breast side down.


Brushing marinade on a piece of meat.

Tough Meat MarinadeYou can use a less expensive cut of meat with a tenderizing marinade, to create a delicious main dish. This is a page about tough meat marinade.



An uncooked beef brisket on a white background.

How Can I Tenderize Beef Brisket?This is a page about how can I tenderize beef brisket? Low temperature and wrapping your brisket for slow cooking, can help make it moist and tender.


A browned spiral sliced ham in a baking dish.

Heating a Fully Cooked Ham?The ham you purchase at the market is typically fully cooked. It can be served cold or easily heated up in your oven, following the instructions for temperature and time. This is a page about heating a fully cooked ham.


A row of beef sliders, with potato chips.

Making Slider PattiesThis is a page about making slider patties. These little sandwiches are best when the patties are a uniform size.


A deliscous spiral ham.

Shopping for Meat By the SeasonsThis is a page about shopping for meat by the seasons. You can save money on the meat portion of your grocery budget by shopping holiday meat specials, such as ham around Easter.


Homemade Sloppy Joes - sloppy joe with tots

Homemade Sloppy JoesA sloppy joe is a delicious and easy to make dinner that everyone will love. This is a page about homemade sloppy joes.


Mixing Ground Meat With Venison - glass bowl with filled with minced venison

Mixing Ground Meat With VenisonThis is a page about mixing ground meat with venison. Whether you have a family member who is a hunter or simply have access to venison, mixing it with ground meat makes it go further.


Raw Venison Loin isolated against a white background

Toning Down the Taste of Wild GameThis is a page about toning down the taste of wild game. Most of us are used to the flavor of store bought meat and may not completely enjoy the gamey flavor of wild meats.


rump steak with yellow plum sauce

Cooking Steak Tips and TricksThere is almost an art to cooking a perfect steak. This is a page about cooking steak tips and tricks.


Removing Bacon in One Piece

Removing Bacon in One PieceThis is a page about removing bacon in one piece. Removing bacon from the package without tearing a strip can be frustrating.


turley fryer

Frying a Turkey Breast?This is a page about frying a turkey breast. A popular alternative to cooking your turkey in the oven is frying.


Hands Shaping Meat Patties

Making Hamburger PattiesDepending on the food composition and your tools, there are a number of different techniques for shaping the perfect patties. This page contains tips for shaping meat patties.


Roast Beef and Potatoes

Cooking BeefThis is a page about cooking beef. Unless you're a gourmet chef, knowing the proper cooking times for different cuts of beef can be challenging.


A frying pan of browned ground beef.

Browning MeatThis page is about browning meat. Meat is browned to seal in juices and sometimes to help remove excess fat.


A cooked turkey that was soaked in a brine before cooking.

Making a Poultry Brine?This page is about making a poultry brine. Soaking a bird in brine before roasting can make the meat very moist.


Man choosing meat.

Using Cheaper Cuts of MeatInexpensive cuts of meat can be used to make delicious meals on a budget. This page is about using less expensive cuts when preparing meals.



Tenderizing a pork chop.

Tenderizing MeatTenderizing meat, either manually or with a solution, makes for a tasty dish. This page is about how to tenderize meats.


A meatloaf before it has been baked.

Freezing Raw Meatloaf?This page is about freezing raw meatloaf. Preparing meatloaf in advance can save you time when you need to make it.


Large roast turkey.

What Size Turkey Should I Cook?This is a page about "what size turkey should I cook?". Determining the correct size turkey to buy for the number of guests you are expecting can be confusing.


Meat Slicing

Meat Slicing TipsThis is a page about meat slicing tips. There are a few tricks that will help you slice meat as thick or thin as you like.


Spare Ribs

Cooking Spare RibsThis is a page about cooking spare ribs. Spare ribs can be prepared in a number of ways, the grill being only one.


Frozen Steak

Safely Defrosting MeatThis page is about safely defrosting meat. Keeping meat in the safe temperature zone is important to retain its freshness.


Baking Poultry

Baking PoultryThis page is about baking poultry. Depending what kind of bird you are roasting there are a few things to keep in mind to retain the moisture.


Ground Turkey Burgers on Grill

Cooking with Ground TurkeyThis is a page about cooking with ground turkey. Ground turkey is a lower fat alternative that you can substitute for ground beef in many of your favorite recipes.


Hamburger with Fries

Making HamburgersThis is a page about making hamburgers. Look no further for tips for making and seasoning your own homemade hamburger patties.


Hamburger Sliders

Making SlidersThese mini hamburgers are fun for any gathering or a game day. This page is about making sliders.


Sausage cooking.

Tips for Cooking SausageThis page contains tips for cooking sausage. There are often new to you ways to cook a staple such as sausage that make it easier or neater.


Uses for Bacon Grease

Uses for Bacon GreaseThis page contains uses for bacon grease. Frying bacon leaves you with extra fat that can be utilized for other things.


A stack of raw beef tenderloin.

Saving Money on MeatThis page is about saving money on meat. Whether buying in bulk or the reduced section at the grocery store, there are many ways to save when purchasing meat.


Double Cheese Burger

Saving Money on Ground BeefThis is a page about saving money on ground beef. Ground beef is so versatile and the basic ingredient of many inexpensive meals.


making a turkey breast

Cooking a Perfect Turkey BreastThis is a page about cooking a perfect turkey breast. Roasting a turkey breast so that it is moist and tasty can be tricky.



Bacon on a stone cookie sheet.

How to Cook BaconCooking bacon can be a very messy job. There are alternatives to cooking bacon in a frying pan that can help reduce the mess. This is a page about cooking bacon.


A steak being cooked on a grill.

Grilling a SteakThis is a page about grilling a steak. Steak is delicious but it can easily be ruined if not cooked properly.


$10 Dinners: Soft Tacos, Browning Ground Beef, Hamburger

Cooking Ground BeefThis is a page about cooking ground beef. Hamburger can be browned quickly, easily and goes with a wide range of dishes. Use these helpful tips to make cooking ground beef that much easier.


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Buying a Ham?What is the best kind of ham to buy? Last year I bought a shank ham (boneless) and it was very dry.


Large Baked Ham Sliced on Cutting Board

Cooking a HamThis is a page about cooking a ham. Whether it's for Christmas, Thanksgiving or just dinner in general a ham is a great way to feed the family. Cooking a ham can be very simple but there are many variations.


Large Turkey in Deep Fryer

Deep Frying a Turkey?This is a page about deep frying a turkey. Deep frying is becoming a very popular way to cook your Thanksgiving turkey. Keep a fire extinguisher handy and enjoy this tasty cooking option.


Meatballs cooking in sauce.

Using Frozen Meatballs?This is a page about using frozen meatballs. Depending on how you are using frozen meatballs, you may not need to defrost them ahead of time. It is important not over heat them to avoid making them too dry.


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Cooking Tender Corned Beef?Has anyone got a tip for speeding up cooking corned beef to have tender beef? I use meat tenderizers and Worcestershire sauce in my water to boil the meat to make my meat softer, faster. Does anyone have other ideas for faster, soft, cooked corned beef?


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Buying Wild Game Meat?I am looking to purchase beaver meat from a friend for a non-profit fundraiser wild game dinner. Any clue how much I should be willing to pay, or not pay, for such a thing?


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Cooking Lamb in a Slow Roaster?What is the best way to cook a leg of lamb in a slow cooker?


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Grinding Meat?I am finally going to try my hand at grinding my own hamburger in the food processor and am wondering if you could share some tips. I have read sirloin is good with a strip of bacon for the fat content, while using chuck is good, also.


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Cooking Instructions for Smoked Ham?Does anyone know how to cook a smoked ham roast? I need to know the amount of cooking time per pound and what temperature? Do I cover it with aluminum foil or does it need to be in a roasting pan? Thanks.


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Using a Brinkman Electric Smoker?I was given a used electric Brinkman smoker and would like instructions on smoking fresh pork.


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Cooking Beef Liver?Why does beef liver have gristle (tough chewy areas) in it? Is calf liver more tender and better for frying?


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How Much Fat is in a Pork Loin?How much fat is in a boneless pork loin?


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Think Like a Butcher When Buying MeatI am always on the lookout for a bargain or a way to make my own bargain. My gram taught me years ago how to save money on meat purchases. If they have pork loin on sale, buy it and cut your own pork chops.


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Bone Your Own Chicken BreastsOur family eats a lot of chicken. I was buying chicken breast only when it went on sale for 2.00 or less. Cooking it in large batches and freezing it for future 'fast food'.


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Buy Family Sized Meat PackagesBeing not so new at the grocery store shopping, I have found that instead of buying individual meats (for dinners), I buy the larger "family / super sized" meats and freeze them. I do this 1 time per month and usually end up saving like $25.00 to 30.00 per month that would have been wasted by purchasing individual serving sizes. Yes, I am shopping for 1 (me) and disability doesn't go far.


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Applying BBQ Sauce To Chicken?How do you apply BBQ sauce to your chicken? When I bake chicken I apply BBQ sauce 15 mins before its done. However, when I apply it on one said and try to turn it over the chicken sticks to the pan and some of the meat comes off the bone.


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Cider Vinegar for Flavoring MeatI have found that cider vinegar is fantastic for making meat more tender and tastier. I use it on every type of meat, except chicken. No matter how much vinegar you put on you, don't taste it.


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Vinaigrettes: A Secret Weapon When CookingI've found this to be very helpful when I've forgotten to add a needed item to my grocery list. Vinaigrettes are a secret weapon for fast flavor. Use them as a marinade for chicken or drizzle spoonfuls over simply baked fish and salads.


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Eating Less MeatWe have been cutting back, so one of my newest things is to cut down on meat by spreading it as much as possible. Instead of cooking five chicken breasts. . .


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Getting The Right Portion of MeatOne way to save money on meals is to incorporate less meat into your diet. Most supermarkets have butchers available who can provide you with specific amounts of beef, chicken or seafood.


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Cooking a Roast?Tips for cooking a perfect roast. Post your ideas.


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Flouring ChickenAfter flouring chicken, put it in the refrigerator for one hour. The flour will adhere better when frying.


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Saving Your Meat DrippingsWhen roasting, stewing or grilling meat of any kind I always pour the drippings into a freezer container and freeze them just as soon as they have cooled just a little. When they have frozen, I pry up the layer of frozen fat with a fork and discard it, leaving only the defatted, seasoned broth or drippings.


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Using Bacon EndsI buy bacon ends in 2 kg boxes (about 4 lbs.) and run them through my grinder. Then cook. Put in jars and keep in freezer. You have cooked bacon bits anytime you want. At a fraction of the cost to buy them...


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What is Hamburger?There are so many mouthwatering recipes on this site that use "hamburger". Is this just ground beef or is it a special mixture? We only know hamburger as a ready made frozen or fresh meat patty.


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Meat Tip: Planning More Than One MealTry to incorporate meat that you buy into more than one meal. For example, if you buy ham or roast, plan on making a large pot of soup with the leftovers.


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Pulling Skin Off of ChickensI use paper towels when pulling the skin off of chicken before cooking. It has a great grip, and you can throw the whole thing away.


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Cutting MeatLet your cooked meat set for 5 minutes before cutting so the juice will not run out of meat.


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Trimming Fat off MeatNever trim fat from meat before cooking. Fat helps give meat it's flavor. One can trim their meat before serving or eating.


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Buy Choice MeatsIf at all possible, always buy choice meats as there will be less waste & better flavor.


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Season Beef With Garlic SaltWhen cooking beef, garlic salt brings more of the meats natural flavor than any other seasoning.


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Venison Recipes and Tips?I'd like to know how everyone prepares vension, tips, recipes or however you use it. My son shot got 3 deer this past season and it's been processed into cube steaks, hamburger and tenderloin. Thanks in advance for any help. - Rebecca


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Slice Up SausageIt is easy to cut bulk sausage into slices with an electric knife. Even if it is partially frozen, the knife slices through the plastic packaging and the sausage with ease.


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Buy Big, Freeze SmallBuying meat in the "family packs" is almost always cheaper. I buy the small freezer bags so I can freeze in portions that I will use later. I wrap each chicken breast (for example) in plastic wrap and then put the pieces into one or two gallon freezer bags.


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Creative Burger IdeasTo give your family a diversion from "regular" hamburgers, roll meat into logs and pan-fry. Serve in hot-dog buns.


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Looking for Meatloaf Advice?Does anyone know how to make those dense meat loaves. I always end up with a crumbley slice. I use fresh onion, bread or cracker crumbs, and egg and ground beef as lean as I can get it. I would like to make one you can slice for a sandwich. Like at the store or on TV, right lol SusanfromHamilton


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Outrageous Meat Prices?We just moved to Florida and I noticed meat prices are very high here. I have searched high and low for somewhere to shop for discounted prices. Even the sale items are expensive. Does anyone know of a good website to buy meat or anywhere in central Florida. Our family is about to become vegetarians unless we can get a break on these meats. Danielle from Florida


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Help with cooking chicken?How can I keep chicken from bleeding while I am frying it? Blood seeps from the joints as it cooks. Not good!! Mary from Missouri


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Meat Cleaning TipBefore you cook any meat wash it off gently under slow stream of water. Then use a bowl, pot, or sink large enough to hold meat and cover it with water. Add a slight handful of salt and let "draw" for about 5-10 minutes.


Delicious cooked steak.

Turn Cheap Steak Into Amazing SteakI love a really good fillet mignon from time to time, but my purse never does! Here is a super easy way to make even the cheapest cuts of steak into a velvety delight, using just salt and sugar.


Bacon baking in the oven.

Can I Bake Bacon?A reader asked if you could bake bacon. Here are the responses we received from the ThriftyFun community.


countertop meat grinder and bowl of ground meat

Using the Butcher to SaveI love saving money, as I'm sure most of you do. You buy in bulk at the market when specials are on. Well, I look at what's on sale, make a menu, then have the butcher cut my meat up to my specs.


Pouring ground beef into a taco.

Browning Ground BeefTips from our readers for browning ground meat for a variety of uses.



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Finding a Book About Cooking Steak?I want to buy a book to help me improve my knowledge about how to cook steak. I do some research online and there is so many books out there. So I just want to ask can you guys give me some recommend that what book should I buy? Thanks a lot.


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Cooking a Frozen Roast?How large is the frozen roast that can be cooked for four hours?


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Cooking Time and Temperature for Roasting Chickens?How long do I need to roast two chickens (1.8KG) at the same time? What oven temperature?


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Cooking Spare Ribs?I want to cook some spareribs. How long do I bake them and what is a good simple dry rub for flavor?


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Marinating Meat in a Metal Pan?Can you marinade meat in a metal pan?


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Baking Thick Cut Pork Chops?What is the oven temp and how long for a convection oven?


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