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This page contains money saving food tips and information about food substitutions.



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Opened can of condensed milk.

Substituting Condensed Milk for Whole Milk?Condensed milk can be substituted for whole milk in some recipes. Since condensed milk contains a lot of added sugar it may not always be the best choice. Evaporated milk and water are another option. This is a page about substituting condensed milk for whole milk.


Substituting Half and Half for Milk in Recipes

Substituting Half and Half for Milk in RecipesThis is a page about substituting half and half for milk in recipes. If you are out of milk or just want a creamier flavor, try substituting half and half for the milk in a recipe.


A small bowl of evaporated milk.

Substituting Evaporated Milk for Whole Milk?When you find yourself out of milk for cooking, perhaps you have a can of evaporated milk on the shelf that can be substituted. This is a page about substituting evaporated milk for whole milk.


Substitute for Heavy Whipping Cream

Substitute for Heavy Whipping CreamSince many of us don't typically have or use heavy whipping cream, we may need to identify a substitute rather than run to the store. This is a page about substitute for heavy whipping cream.


shortening in a bowl

Substituting Oil for Shortening in RecipesSubstituting oil for shortening in a recipe is a simple 1:1 ratio. The swap will change the texture of the finished product, making it more dense, less cake like. This is a page about substituting oil for shortening in recipes.


Fettucine Alfredo

Substitutes for Tomatoes in RecipesWhatever the reason you don't wish to include tomatoes in a recipe, there are ingredients that often be substituted and still result in a delicious dish. This is a page about substitutes for tomatoes in recipes.


Meatloaf with several slices ready to be served

Substitution for Eggs in MeatloafEggs are typically used as a binder in meatloaf. If you are eliminating eggs from your diet, there are ingredients you can substitute. This is a page about substitutes for egg in meatloaf.


White bowls of tomato paste, tomato sauce, and salsa setting on a background of tomatoes and red and green peppers

Substituting Tomato Paste for Tomato SauceIf you run out of tomato sauce you can substitute paste if you have that on hand. This is a page about substituting tomato paste for tomato sauce.


Cream being poured into a cup of coffee.

Substituting Evaporated Milk for Coffee Creamer?Evaporated milk or canned milk can definitely be used in place of coffee creamer. The flavor will be different. Canned milk is higher than regular milk in fat and sugar so you could also use milk instead. This is a page about substituting evaporated milk for coffee creamer.



Two triangles of gouda cheese in red wax.

Substitutions for Gouda Cheese in a Recipe?This is a page about substitute for gouda cheese in a recipe. Gouda cheese is not a type of cheese many of us regularly have in the fridge.



Substitute for Cornstarch in the UK?Certain products are unavailable in some countries. Similarly, a specific item may be know by different names from one country to another. This is a page about substitute for cornstarch in the UK.


a woman cooking with sherry

Substituting Sherry in a RecipeThis page is about substituting sherry in a recipe. Wine and liqueur can be expensive to keep in the pantry for cooking.


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Substituting Bisquick for Jiffy Biscuit Mix?I am making a recipe that calls for 1 box of Jiffy biscuit mix, but I couldn't find it at the store. I do have Bisquick. What is the equivalency?



Substituting Marshmallows and...This is a page about substituting marshmallows and marshmallow creme. Finding the right amount of this cream to use in place of marshmallows, or vice versa, may be easier than you think.


Wheat Bran in Wooden Bowl

Substitutes for Wheat Bran in Recipes?Are you making a recipe that calls for bran, but want to use something else? Check out these alternatives, to see which one would work best in your recipe. This page contains substitutes for wheat bran in recipes.



Using Applesauce Instead of OilOne way to reduce the fats in our diet is to replace oil with applesauce in certain recipes. Keep in mind the the taste and texture of the finished recipe can be noticeably different. This page contains some thoughts on using applesauce instead of oil in recipes.


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Substitute for Sherry Vinegar?What can I substitute for sherry vinegar for making vinaigrette?


Whipped Butter

Substituting Whipped Butter in Recipes?A stick of butter, when whipped, will weigh the same (4 oz), but it's volume will be increased. Therefore, when you are substituting whipped butter in recipes it is important to measure by weight.


jug of milk

Substitutions for MilkThis is a page about substitutions for milk. If your are lactose intolerant or simply out of milk there are some substitutions your can use in recipes.


Evaporated Milk

Substitutions for Milk in RecipesWhen using canned condensed or evaporated milk in place of regular milk, you may need to make some adjustments. This page is about substitutions for milk in recipes.


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Can I Substitute Tomato Juice for Tomato Sauce in Recipes?I need a lot of tomato sauce for my OAMC (once a month cooking) sessions and I have tons of tomato juice and V8. Can I use this instead of tomato sauce (which I'd have to buy)? I know the V8 has more flavor and it's fine with me. I am thinking about the consistency.


A bowl of cream soup.

Healthy Substitutes for Cream of Mushroom SoupThis page contains healthy substitutes for cream of mushroom soup. This soup is listed in many recipes for casseroles, soups and sauces.


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Substitute for Candied Fruit Peel in Recipe?I am going to make green tomato mincemeat this year as I do most years, however the recipe calls for chopped candied fruit peel which I absolutely detest. In previous years I have just left it out.


Honey Substitute for Corn Syrup

Substitutes For Corn SyrupMany recipes call for corn syrup, which is not generally available outside the U.S. Honey, golden syrup and light molasses are a few suggested substitutions but there are many more. This page contains substitutes for corn syrup.



Unbleached Flour

Can I Use Unbleached Flour in Place of Regular All Purpose?Unbleached all purpose flour is interchangeable with regular all purpose flour. The only difference is that the unbleached flour hasn't gone through the chemical process to make it white.


Baking Pan

Baking Pan SubstitutionsThis is a page about baking pan substitutions. When you don't have the right size pan that a baking recipe calls for, you may be able to use something else that you do have.


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Using Vegetable Oil Instead of Corn Oil?Can you use vegetable oil if you have no corn oil?


buttermilk substitute in a bowl

Substitute for Buttermilk in RecipesMost of us don't keep a supply of buttermilk in the fridge, so if a recipe calls for it, you may want to use a substitute. This is a page about substitute for buttermilk in recipes.


A can of Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup.

Making Cream of Chicken Soup GravyFor a quick batch of gravy you can use cream of chicken soup. The condensed soup doesn't need much when poured over rice or potatoes.


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Substituting Bran Flakes for Bran Buds in a Recipe?I bought Bran Flakes not buds. Can I substitute bran flakes for Bran Buds and what is the measurement difference?


Tofu in a bowl.

Substitution for TofuThis is a page about substitution for tofu. If you are avoiding tofu for health reasons or because you don't like the taste, there are some other foods you can substitute for tofu in most recipes.


Bowls of tomato sauce, tomato sauce, and tomato puree' laying on top of fresh whole tomatoes and peppers on a white backgound

Seedless Substitute for Tomatoes in Recipes?This is a page about seedless substitutes for tomatoes in recipes. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from eating seeds, substitutions and alternative foods are a part of your daily eating habits.


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Using Small Marshmallows Instead of Large in a Recipe?How many miniature marshmallows does it take to equal 1 large marshmallow in a recipe?


Substitute Marshmallow Cream in Rice Krispy Treats

Substitute Marshmallow Cream in Rice Krispy Treats?If you are craving Rice Krispy treats but don't have any marshmallows, you can substitute marshmallow cream if you have some on the shelf. This is a page about substitute marshmallow cream in Rice Krispy treats.


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Substitution For Non-Dairy Creamer?Have you read the ingredient list for non-dairy powdered creamer? Kinda scary. I love the price and the way it tastes and flavors my coffee, though. I am looking for a replacement that is just as creamy.


Fat Free Cream Cheese

Substituting Fat Free Cream Cheese When Baking?This is a page abut substituting fat free cream cheese when baking. You can reduce the fat and caloric content of your favorite recipes that call for cream cheese by substituting the fat free version.


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Albumin Powder Instead of Egg Whites?When a recipe calls for only the EGG WHITES can Albumin powder be used instead. If so, how much water is added to the powder to reconstitute it? Can the powder be added to the dry ingredients and the water to the liquids? Any info about albumin powder will be appreciated.



Substitution for Almond Extract?This is a page about a substitution for almond extract. Almond extract is often used in baking. If your recipe calls for it, but you don't have any, perhaps you can use another flavoring.


Honey on a white background.

Substitute For HoneyI have an allergy to honey, what could I use instead? Thank you



The completed burger.

A Twist on Making HamburgersI love homemade hamburgers but I'm not partial to the thick, doughy store bought hamburger buns. To envelope my patty with all the fixings, I toast 2 slices of sandwich bread and cut them round using a 4 inch plate, bowl or most often my funnel.


Flax Egg Substitute

Flax Egg SubstituteWith the price of eggs soaring, a good substitute for cooking and baking is a flax egg. Use 1 Tbsp. of ground flaxseed meal and 2 1/2 Tbsp. of room temperature water for each egg. I refrigerate for 10 minutes or so.


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Pumpkin SubstitutionI used only half a can of pumpkin when making a mousse for Thanksgiving dessert, and the pumpkin bread recipe needed a full can. I substituted mashed yams for 1/2 the pumpkin, the bread came out perfectly!


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Using Pancake Mix Instead of Bisquick?I was wondering if you can sub regular pancake mix for Bisquick? I just finished the box, but I have a huge box of the pancake mix, which my boyfriend and I don't eat a whole lot of. Thanks for any info.


A container with aquafaba.

Aquafaba Substitute for EggsAquafaba is the liquid canned chickpeas come in. You can also make your own if you cook dried chickpeas. You can use aquafaba from other beans, but chickpeas have the mildest flavor.


Ramen noodles and seasoning packets.

Mock Chicken GravyI haven't bought a stewing hen since the middle of the last century. It goes without saying, I don't have a reserve of chicken stock for making gravy. I don't even have a stock pot. I do have a window, though...and I make do. (that's Southern talk for improvising).


A collection of sliced and whole mushrooms.

Substitutes for Mushrooms in Recipes?Some people just don't like the flavor or texture of mushrooms. If you are preparing a recipe calling for them you have several options. You can simply leave them out, but the dish may not taste the same especially if they are a major ingredient. Or you can substitute other veggies, such as eggplant, zucchini, carrots, etc.


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Substitute for Whole Milk?What can I use to substitute for whole milk if I don't have evaporated milk?


Jars of homemade jam.

Substitutes for Pectin in Jams and Jellies?This page offers some suggestions for substitutes for pectin in homemade jams and jellies. In fact some fruit is high enough in naturally occurring pectin that they don't require it at all.


A collection of different onions.

Substitute For Onion in Recipes?Not everyone can eat onions due to dietary restrictions. You may be out or just not like onions. There are recipe substitutions for onion or you can just omit it.


Condensed milk on a white background.

Substitutes for Condensed MilkWhen you need to use an alternative for condensed milk, there are recipes to make your own with sugar or sugar-free. This is a page about substitutes for condensed milk.


Lemons, lemon powder and a cup of lemonade

Uses for Lemonade MixPowered lemonade mix can be used in recipes in place of fresh lemon juice. This page contains uses for lemonade mix.


Bowl of lemon juice next to cut lemons.

Substituting Lemonade Powder for Lemon JuiceRather than running to the store in the midst of cooking or baking you can substitute powdered lemon drink mix for lemon juice in a recipe. The sugar free version may work best for some recipes. This is a page about substituting lemonade powder for lemon juice.


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Using Lipton Soup Mixes in Cooking?Can Lipton onion mushroom soup mix be used like beef broth?


bottles of cooking oil

Substituting Oil for Butter in RecipesMany cooks can substitute cooking oil in recipes that call for butter with little change to the original recipe. This is a page about substituting oil for butter in recipes.


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Substituting Condensed Milk for Sugar in a Pie?I have a chocolate pie recipe that contains no milk, but does call for 1 3/4 cups of sugar. Can I substitute Eagle brand milk for the sugar?


A pile of chocolate fudge squares.

Substituting Marshmallow Cream for Fondant in Fudge?Here is a yummy fudge recipe to try that uses marshmallow creme. This is a page about substituting marshmallow cream for fondant in fudge.


A pile of cinnamon sticks on a white background.

Use Cinnamon Chips in BakingIf you have some cinnamon chips on hand consider substituting them for chocolate chips or even nuts in a recipe. The different flavor is a nice treat. This is a page about using cinnamon chips in baking.


Oat Bran in Scoop

Alternatives to Wheat Flour?Finding a substitute for wheat flour is often best with a gluten free flours. This is a page about alternatives to wheat flour.


Butter Being Used in Baking

Using Butter Instead of Shortening?In many recipes, you can substitute butter for shortening. Here is some advice if you are wanting to try this substitution. This is a page about using butter instead of shortening.


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Making Pizza Sauce from Pasta Sauce?What do I add to pasta sauce to make it pizza sauce or can this be done?


Ketchup Being Poured From Bottle

Substitutes for Ketchup in Recipes?When you are out of ketchup you may be able to use cocktail sauce or even another sauce in its place. This is a page about substitutes for ketchup in recipes.


Powdered sugar being sifted using a screen.

Substitute for Powdered SugarIf you need powdered sugar for baking and have run out, you can make your own by grinding regular granulated sugar. This is a page about substitute for powdered sugar.



Substitutions for Evaporated Milk in Recipes?Many of us do not typically keep cans of evaporated milk on the shelf. Many recipes will successfully tolerate a substitution. This is a page about substitutions for evaporated milk in recipes.


A golden syrup in a clear glass.

Light Corn Syrup Substitute RecipeSometimes when getting ready to prepare a recipe you may find that your are missing a specific ingredient and need to find a substitute. This is a page about light corn syrup substitute recipe.


Stack of butter sticks.

Substituting Butter for ShorteningFor many recipes, shortening and butter can be used relatively interchangeably. This is a page about substituting butter for shortening.


Bulbs and cloves of garlic on a white background.

Substitute for Garlic in Recipes?Garlic is a very specific flavor but there some options you can use as a substitute. This is a page about substitute for garlic in recipes.


A bowl of leftover turkey meat.

Replacing Turkey for Chicken in RecipesThere are so many delicious chicken recipes that can be made using another popular poultry turkey. This is a page about replacing turkey with chicken in recipes.


Agave Syrup

Substituting Agave Syrup for Karo Syrup in Recipes?Agave syrup is recommended for used by people trying to eat foods with a lower glycemic index. This is a page about substituting agave syrup for Karo syrup in recipes.


A pile of allspice berries.

Substitutes for AllspiceThis is a page about substitutes for allspice. Allspice is a cured, unripe berry from a tropical evergreen tree, the Pimenta dioica. Its aroma when ground is reminiscent of clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg, although it has its own unique flavor.


Pancake mix in mixing bowl

Substitute for Bisquick?This is a page about substitute for Bisquick. When a recipe calls for Bisquick you can make a substitute, if you have none on the shelf.


A spoon containing MSG for use in cooking.

Substitutes for MSGMSG is a flavor enhancer that is found in some processed foods and Chinese cuisine. If you are trying to avoid this sodium product there are some potential substitutes you can consider. This is a page about substitutes for MSG.


Jar of Dijon Mustard with spoon in front of a jar with black mustard

Substitute for Dijon MustardSome recipes call for Dijon mustard. Even if you have none in the house, you can make an acceptable substitute. This is a page about substitute for Dijon mustard.


Liquid eggs in a bowl

Using an Egg SubstituteSome recipes call for using an egg substitute rather than whole eggs. This is a page about using an egg substitute.


empty egg carton

Substitution For Eggs in RecipesThis is a page about substitution for eggs in recipes. Whether cooking vegan or are simply out of eggs there are some ingredients you can substitute for eggs in your recipe.


spoon with drizzling agave syrup

Using Agave NectarThis is a page about agave nectar as a sugar substitute. Agave nectar or syrup is sold as a substitute for sugar.


butter on cutting board

Substitutes for Butter in RecipesWhen you need to avoid using butter, there are a variety of foods or oils you can use depending on what you are making. This is a page about substitutes for butter in recipes.


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Using Frozen Bananas?I prefer not to defrost more then the recipe requires, so I am wondering how many frozen bananas equal a half cup of thawed bananas mashed?


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Using Liquid Flavored Dairy Creamers in CookingThis comes in many flavors, sizes, and sweetened, sugar- free and fat-free. I use this in all cake recipes to replace milk or water.


molasses being poured on slice of butter bread

Substitute for Molasses?A sweet flavor that can be substituted with a variety of other syrup flavors. This is a page about substitute for molasses.


Walnut Oil

Substitution for Walnut Oil in Cooking?This is a page about replacement for walnut oil in cooking. Many of us don't keep walnut oil in the pantry. Finding a substitute for a recipe may be an option.


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Soy Sauce SubstituteWe avoid soy at our house as much as possible for health and allergy issues. This replacement soy sauce can be used as a marinade, or a dipping sauce, or cooked into the recipe.


Making Diabetic Powdered Sugar (Sugar Free)

Making Diabetic Powdered Sugar (Sugar Free)This is a page about making diabetic powdered sugar (sugar free). A diabetic diet does not preclude the use of a tasty substitute for traditional powdered sugar in your recipes.


Woman Looking For Substitute Foods in the Fridge

Substituting Foods in RecipesThis is a page about substituting foods in recipes. Sometimes when cooking you either don't have an ingredient that is called for or you prefer not to use it and need a substitute.


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Substitute for Grape Nuts in a Recipe?I don't have any Grape Nuts but need them for a recipe. What else can I use? I only need 1/4 cup.


Powdered Milk with Baking Ingredients

Substitute For Powdered Milk?This page is about substitutes for powdered milk. It may be a challenge to find a good replacement for dry milk solids in a recipe.


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Substituting All Purpose for Bread Flour?Can I use all purpose flour instead of bread flour?


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Substitute for Half and Half?I'm making cheese and broccoli soup and the recipe calls for half and half. But I live in Australia and they don't have that. What else could I use?


cans of soup

Substitutes for Canned Cream SoupsThis page is about substitutes for canned cream soups. Adding a can of cream soup to recipes is a common shortcut, but can add unwanted fat and sodium.


Mixing bowl with chocolate chips.

Substitutes for Chocolate in RecipesThis page is about substitutes for chocolate in recipes. Many recipes call for chocolate bars, chunks or chips. If you are out of them, there are other ingredients that you can substitute.


A bowl of stevia crystals.

Cooking and Baking with SteviaThis is a page about cooking and baking with stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener that many people use in place of other artificial zero or low calorie sweeteners. Some sugar replacement products can be used successfully in cooking and baking.


Baking Ingredients

Substitution for Cream of Tartar When Baking?This is a page about substitution for cream of tartar when baking. Not all of us keep cream of tartar in with our baking supplies. Depending on what you are baking there are some substitutes that you might have on hand.



Substitute for NutmegThis is a page about using a substitute for nutmeg. Many recipes call for nutmeg. There are a number of spices that can be successfully substituted for nutmeg.


Sandwich with mayonnaise alternative.

Alternatives to MayonnaiseThis is a page about alternatives to mayonnaise. If you are looking to reduce the fat in your diet, one place to start is to find an alternative to mayonnaise.



Substitutions for Fennel in Recipes?This is a page about substitutions for fennel in recipes. If you do not like the licorice flavor of fennel then you will want to find a suitable substitute to use when preparing recipes calling for it's use.


Ingredient Substitutions

Common Ingredient SubstitutionsThis page is about common recipe substitutions. There are times that without a trip to the store, a missing recipe ingredient can be replaced.


Fresh Garlic

Substitutions for Fresh GarlicWhen fresh garlic is not available, there are ways to get the flavor you want. This page is about substitutions for fresh garlic.


Substitution for Baking Powder

Substitution for Baking PowderThis is a page about a substitution for baking powder. If you are planning some baking, but find that you are out of baking powder, you may have the ingredients to make a substitute.


Canned Pumpkin

Uses for Canned PumpkinThis is a page about uses for canned pumpkin. Canned pumpkin can be used in a variety of recipes in its own right or as a substitute for other ingredients such as oil.


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Substitution for Baking Soda?If a recipe calls for baking soda can I use baking powder instead?


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Alternative for Unsweetened Kool-Aid Powder in Recipes?I am trying to find a dry powder flavor replacement for unsweetened Kool Aid in my recipe mixes. They need to have a dry powder flavor component like the Kool Aid flavors because I make these mixes and then store them in the pantry.


Eating pancakes with applesauce.

Syrup Alternatives for PancakesThere are a variety of delicious ways to top pancakes or waffles. This page contains syrup alternatives for pancakes.


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Substituting Splenda for Sugar?I have a microwave recipe for cashew brittle and was wondering if I can use Splenda instead of sugar.


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Substitutions for Almond Extract?I'm allergic to nuts and there's a recipe that calls for vanilla extract and almond extract. What are good substitutions for the almond. Maybe extra vanilla?


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Substitute for Butter in a Recipe?I have a recipe that calls for 9 tablespoons of butter. I don't have any butter. What can I use in place of butter?


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Baking Pan Substitutions?I'm making brownies that call for a 10×15 jelly roll pan, but I don't have one. Can I use a 9×13 instead?


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Honey Substitute?I have an allergy to honey, what could I use instead? Thank you


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Making Pound Cake from a Boxed Cake Mix?Can I use self rising flour when it calls for all purpose flour when making a diur cream pound cake from a box cake mix?


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Using Cornstarch Instead of Pectin When Making Jam?If I use cornstarch in my jam recipes instead of pectin, will it change the shelf life of my jams? Is there any reason I shouldn't use cornstarch?


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