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A pot of lasagne noodles, cooked and drained.

Making Lasagne Noodles Ahead of TimeSometimes it is more convenient to prepare portions of a meal in advance, but save the assembly until the day you are going to complete and serve it. This is a page about making lasagne noodles ahead of time.


A cup of cocoa surrounded by cocoa powder.

Finding the Expiration Date of Hershey's Cocoa?This is a page about finding the expiration date of Hershey's cocoa. It can be difficult to tell if your baking supplies are still good from year to year.


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Putting Stubborn Lids on TupperwareIf you are having a hard time putting a plastic lid on a tupperware type container, run the lid under hot water. It should fit much more easily.


Plate of food covered in gravy.

Gravy Making Tips and TricksThis page contains gravy making tips and tricks. Wonderful gravy can make any meal a big success.


Large Tray of Cheese and Crackers

Cheese and Crackers for a Large Group?Having a party or event with a large group of people and wondering how to serve cheese and crackers? This is a page about cheese and crackers for a large group.


Cake Frosting Tips and Tricks

Cake Frosting Tips and TricksThis page contains cake frosting tips and tricks. There are things you can do that can make icing cakes easier.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Making Cookies on an Electric GriddleThis page is about making cookies on an electric griddle. Energy can be saved by cooking on a griddle instead of heating up the oven.


Closeup of Shredded Potatoes.

How to Make Shredded PotatoesIt's easy to shred and precook raw potato rather than purchasing frozen prepared shredded potatoes. This is a page about how to make shredded potatoes.


pan for oil frying

Disposing of Cooking Oil and GreaseProperly discarding used cooking oil and grease will save your plumbing. There are a variety of ways to effectively discard these cooking products after usage. This is a page about disposing of cooking oil and grease.


A spray bottle with cooking oil.

Using a Spray Bottle for Cooking OilsYou can save money by purchasing a mister bottle or plastic spray bottle to use with your favorite cooking oil(s). Some suggestions follow for sources and use.


Close-up of many dried cloves

Grind Whole Cloves in a Coffee GrinderEven if you don't have a spice grinder you can grind whole cloves, if you do have a coffee grinder. This is a page about how to grind whole cloves in a coffee grinder.


salt shaker

Keeping Salt from Clumping in the ShakerThis is a page about keeping salt from clumping in the shaker. You can easily keep the salt from clumping in the shaker.



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Flour Tortilla NoodlesCut flour tortillas into strips with your pizza cutter. Use them instead of noodles when you make "Chicken and Noodles". Nobody will ever guess that they aren't homemade noodles.


A person removing the skin from a salmon filet.

How to Remove Salmon SkinRemoving the skin from cooked salmon is fairly easy to do. One creative method includes using a cheese slicer to do the job. Prior to cooking, the skin and be simply peeled off. This is a page about removing salmon skin.


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Refreshing Unpopped Popcorn?How do I refresh older popcorn, before popping?


A photo of stale crackers.

Uses for Stale CrackersThis page contains uses for stale crackers. When the package gets left open, you can end up with not so crisp crackers.


Make Ramen in a Bowl

Make Ramen in a BowlRamen noodles can easily be prepared in a bowl using boiling water, saving on cleaning up a pot. Add your own extra ingredients and make it a meal. This is a page about make ramen in a bowl.


Several containers of homemade salad dressings

Keeping Homemade Salad Dressing from...This is a page about keeping homemade salad dressing from separating. Most oil and vinegar based salad dressing tend to separate.


Dry spaghetti.

Use Spaghetti Instead of ToothpicksIf you find yourself out of toothpicks, uncooked spaghetti makes a great substitute. You can hold rolled foods together or even test a cake with a piece of spaghetti. This is a page about using uncooked spaghetti instead of toothpicks.


Sealing Tortilla Wraps

Sealing Tortilla WrapsAn unsealed tortilla wrap can be a mealtime mini-disaster. This is a page about sealing tortilla wraps.


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Kangaroo CookingAlways cook something for the next meal, with your current one: extra potatoes in broth, for cottage pie; extra stew, to chop up as pie fillings; extra rice, to make rice salad or tacos; extra fish, for patties; extra spaghetti, to cut up in soup; extra bolognese, to stuff baked aubergines or marrows, etc.


A cutting board with a knife, rubber band and a bunch of celery.

Free Hands ChoppingTake a cutting board, a heavy rubber band (I save the rubber bands that come on broccoli bunches), and something you want to cutup (celery, squash, carrots, you get the idea). Take the rubber band and stretch it over the short side - slide it to one side to the left if you are cutting right handed and to the right if you are using your left hand. Take the celery, slide it under the rubber band and begin chopping. So easy! And you can use both hands to chop. Always use caution when using a knife.


A cereal liner on a refrigerator door.

Cereal Liners Instead of Waxed PaperThere used to be a show called Extreme Cheapskates on TV. One featured person said the cereal liners are better than waxed paper. I wash them off and put them on my refrigerator to dry. I use them to separate hamburgers, pancakes and waffles for freezing. I also use them to keep my counter cleaner if I am flouring chicken cutlets or kneading dough.


Using tongs for your toaster.

Use Wooden Tongs on Your ToasterIf you have trouble getting toast out of your toaster because the toast doesn't pop up enough above the top or because you have sensitive fingers I highly recommend using wooden tongs.


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Muffin Tin MeatloafTry baking meatloaf in a muffin tin instead of the usual loaf pan. It will bake in half the time and you will have individual portions that are all ready to serve.


A box holding a watermelon in a trunk.

Box for Transporting WatermelonIt's that time of the year when those delicious watermelons are in season. When we know we are going to pick up one or two, we put a box or the clothes basket in the trunk of the car to put it in. This secures the watermelon and keeps it from rolling around loose.


Crushing Crackers or Corn Chips for Soup Easily

Crushing Crackers or Corn Chips for Soup EasilyI love crackers in my chili and corn chips in my soup. But crushing them leaves a big mess. So I figured out a way to accomplish the crushing without the messing. Put two matching bowls, one with the crackers or chips in it, and one to crush them between the two bowls. No muss, no fuss! N-JOY!!



A turkey carcass being cut into smaller pieces.

You Can Cut a Frozen TurkeyDue to the virus, it will just be my husband and me for Thanksgiving. I purchased the smallest turkey breast I could find, but even that is too much. Both of us prefer the taste of turkey the first day. Since the meat was already frozen, the butcher at the store was unable to cut it.


Kale in a soup.

Use That KaleI received a cut fruit arrangement and the greenery was kale - lots of kale! Instead of throwing it out to the wildlife, I decided to make Kale soup. Now, you may be thinking, it was just used for decoration in the arrangement, and you'd be correct. However, kale is food, and it was washed and used next to other foods so there is no reason on Earth not to use the kale from the arrangement also!


Using cardboard to reinforce an aluminum pan.

Reinforcing the Bottom of a Disposable PanI like to give baked goods as gifts in disposable containers. However, sometimes the bottoms are flimsy. To reinforce them I tape a cardboard cereal box or other thin cardboard box I have. It makes it easier to transport, and I don't have to worry that the bottom will bend out of shape.


Decorative stickers used to seal open food packaging.

Stickers to Reseal FoodsI constantly get too many address labels and stickers free in the mail and have lately been using them to reseal my no seal packages rather then use plastic bags or other packaging methods. Just a simple sticker will seal just fine, from cat food to cheese or my liverwurst.


Two boxes of oranges with different pack dates.

Check Produce Labels For DateAnyone having issues with produce spoiling much quicker than they should? I have made a few Costco trips and each visit I'm always left with something spoiling much sooner than they should (especially oranges).


Four jars of baby food on a counter.

Using Baby Food in RecipesWhen I can get baby food for free with coupons, I buy it even though my babies are all grown up. I buy the applesauce and use in my baking or for a snack. I also use it and other fruits to flavor plain yogurt. The puréed vegetables are excellent to add to soups or to add to yogurt or sour cream for a savory dip.


soup in bowl

Making Pea Soup from Braising LiquidThe next time you braise meat, don't throw the leftover braising liquid away. Use the braising liquid to make this pea soup recipe instead.


Butternut Squash Puree in blender

Butternut Squash PureeMicrowaving butternut squash first and then cleaning and peeling, leaves you with the flesh ready to puree. Use your food processor and then refrigerate or freeze for future use.


A beef patty made inside a ziploc bag.

Make Beef Patties Inside Ziploc BagOne way to shape your homemade beef patties is to place the seasoned meat in a ziplock bag and press and shape. They won't stick and it is definitely a less messy method.


A food scale weighing apricots.

Using a Food ScaleA food scale needs to be kept clean in order to work properly. You can use a wide plastic lid to catch drips on top, and tare the scale to zero before adding food.


A muffin tin holding taco shells for filling.

Using a Muffin Tin to Hold Taco ShellsA great way to keep crisp taco shells upright is to use an upside down muffin tin as a holder. It will make them easy to fill. This is a page about using a muffin tin to hold taco shells.


An onion stored with an avocado half.

Keeping Avocados and Guacamole FreshKeep a piece of cut onion in a container alongside your cut avocado or prepared guacamole to preserve its color and freshness. This is a page about keeping avocados and guacamole super fresh.


Soft brown dark sugar and unrefined sugar cane .

Keeping Brown Sugar SoftBrown sugar frequently turns into a hard lump in the container. Here are some great tips for keeping it soft. This is a page about keeping brown sugar soft.


Lemon, onion and kitchen knife on a wooden board

Using Lemon Juice to Reduce Onion TearsSquirting lemon juice before cutting onions is a good way to reduce tears. This page is about using lemon juice to reduce onion tears.


Cherry tomatoes cut in half.

Slicing Cherry TomatoesTake two shallow-rimmed plates, or two identical flat container lids. Place the tomatoes on one of them, cover with the other so the tomatoes are firmly sandwiched, then use a very sharp knife to cut across the tomatoes perfectly in half. If you don't have a super sharp knife, use a serrated knife. Time saver!



Pouring batter into a ring mold.

Homemade Ring MoldThis is a page about making a homemade ring mold. Ring mold are great for making round eggs, pancakes, etc. If you don't have a metal ring mold you can make as many as you need out of wax paper.


Cubed raw chicken on a white background

Cutting Chicken Into Uniform CubesWhen making stir fries or skillet meals, it can be important to have your chicken cubes be the same size. This is a page about cutting chicken into uniform cubes.


Flour in canvas bag with scoop

Saving Money on FlourWheat flour is used in large quantities when baking bread, cakes or other baked goods. This page has tips about saving money on flour.


Measuring Dry Pasta with a pasta spoon.

Measuring Dry Pasta?Spaghetti and other long pastas can be more difficult to measure than smaller pasta types. This is a page about measuring dry pasta.


Person holding a shopping basket in font of the produce section.

Shopping at Asian MarketsIf you are looking for an ingredient to use in an Asian recipe, like galangal or lemongrass, a good place to go is a local Asian market. This is a page about shopping at Asian markets.


A plastic hook and measuring cup attached to a container of rice.

Hanging Measuring Cups on Storage ContainersKeep your measuring cups exactly where you need them. This is a page about hanging measuring cups on storage containers.


Ingredients for making a soft salad.

Making a Soft SaladI have some dental issues right now that don't allow me to eat anything crunchy. Not having much in the way of fresh foods for over a week, I was going into my "Rabid Rabbit" stage. In other words, I needed a salad!


Woman Holding Turkey

Rookie Moves When Baking Your First TurkeyLearning from other people's mistakes can help make your first Thanksgiving turkey a success. This is a page about rookie moves when baking your first turkey.


A bag that contains a head of cauliflower from the grocery store, cut in quarters

Cut Up Cauliflower Without the MessIf you are like me, you process your food when you get it home. There's cleaning, chopping, bagging, etc. Well I find that cauliflower has the most "mess factor" of them all. Every time I cut it up, I end up chasing little pieces all over the cutting board. So today I got smart.


A freshly grilled glazed doughnut.

Grilled Glazed DoughnutReheat your doughnut using an electric grill to make an almost stale donut taste great. This is a page about making grilled glazed doughnut.


Sliced red onions close up.

Slicing Onions - Tips and TricksNot only can onions make you tear up, but they can be difficult to cut if you don't use the proper technique. Check out these slicing onions tips and tricks.


An oil bottle dispenser next to a lemon.

DIY Lemon Juice DispenserI like to use the dispenser from my oil/vinegar bottle pourer to help get lemon juice out of my lemons. First, I roll the lemon around on the table using my hand with firm pressure in order to loosen up all the juices. Then I poke it and insert the dispenser. Squeeze the lemon and all this juice will come out, minus the pulp and seeds.


A cooling rack made from 4 spoons

Impromptu Cooling Rack IdeasIf you need a quick cooling rack, you can easily use some spoons. This is a page about use spoons for an impromptu cooling rack.


Stocked Pantry Shelves

Organize Your Pantry With an Inventory ListKeeping a list of your pantry staples is a great way to know if you are low on anything. This is a page about organize your pantry with an inventory list.


A pile of chopped almonds on a white background.

Chopping NutsMany recipes call for chopped nuts. It is easy to chop your own in just the amount you need. Here are a few tips. This is a page about chopping nuts.


Honey being stored in a syrup dispenser.

Use a Syrup Dispenser for HoneyA syrup dispenser is a great way to store honey for use that helps reduce the sticky mess. This is a page about use a syrup dispenser for honey.


A bowl filled with food next to another empty bowl.

Second Bowl to Insulate Hot FoodI have two bowls that are metal and the same size and shape. The metal keeps my cereal hot but protects my hands from getting hurt. I just stack them inside each other. The top one conducts the heat from the cereal and the bottom one keeps the heat from my fingers.


A buffet line at a large gathering.

Easy Food Ideas for 70 People?Some recipes are easier to adapt tomcod for large groups than others. This is a page about easy food ideas for 70 people.


Food For Large Meal

Organizing and Cooking a Large Meal SuccessfullyWhen preparing a large meal, timing is critical so that everything is done in the proper order for serving. This is a page about organizing and cooking a large meal successfully.


Uses for Lemons

Uses for LemonsThere are many benefits to be gained from the use of lemons. You can cook with them, use lemons to clean the microwave, and use lemon juice on your face. Get more ideas for how to use lemons around the house in this page, uses for lemons.


A shopping list written on a chalkboard.

Using a Chalkboard for Your Shopping ListA small chalkboard in you pantry or kitchen can be an easy way to compile a shopping list. This is a page about using a chalkboard for your shopping list.


A casserole lid that works as a small pie plate.

Casserole Lid as Small Pie PlateI purchased two small casserole lids. These lids can be used to bake a pie. It is a perfect size for a single person or retired couple to enjoy a pie without baking a 9 inch pie.


Peeling Pickles

Peeling PicklesThis is a page about peeling pickles. Sometimes, cucumber skins can be undesirable after pickling and should be removed.


Mess-Free Kabob Assembly

Mess-Free Kabob AssemblyThis is a page about mess-free kabob assembly. With a little ingenuity you can make assemplying a kabob faster and less messy.


A cupcake with a birthday candle.

Last Minute Birthday Cake IdeasThis is a page about last minute birthday cake ideas. When you get caught without a birthday cake and don't need a lot, there are other ways to create a special occasion dessert.


Woman holding a fish at arms length while holding her nose with the other hand

Preventing Fish Odors on HandsThis is a page about preventing fish odors on hands. You can either wash your hands really well after handling raw fish or try to prevent the odor from clinging in the first place.


Peeling Ginger Guide

Peeling GingerThis is a page about peeling ginger. Prior to using fresh ginger root in a recipe you will need to peel it.


Salad with Ranch Dressing drizzled over it

Making a Salad Dressing PumpThis is a page about making a salad dressing pump. You can control the amount of dressing you put on your salad more easily by using a pump.


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Strain Crumbs from Last of CerealYou know how we hate to have all those little crumbs at the bottom of the cereal box to end up in our bowl all soggy? Take your colander, be sure it is dry and pour the last of the dry cereal in it ad give it a shake over the sink. No crumbs in the bowl!


Keeping Food Warm Until Served

Keeping Food Warm Until ServedOnce your meal is prepared you may need to keep it hot until it is served. This is a page about keeping food warm until served.


Olive Oil

Saving Money on Olive OilThis is a page about saving money on olive oil. This delicious oil can be expensive. There are ways you can save on the cost and still enjoy the wonderful flavor.


sheet cake with flower decorations

Cutting Sheet CakesThis is a page about cutting sheet cakes. Cutting nice equally sized portions from a sheet cake is not that hard, you just need to use a couple of helpful tricks.


cute roundish chocolate bunny

Uses for Leftover Holiday ChocolatesThis is a page about uses leftover holiday chocolates. Don't let those chocolate bunnies or Santas languish in the cupboard, use them in post holiday recipes.


Serving cold salads.

Keeping Food Cold OutdoorsThis is a page about keeping food cold outdoors. Barbecues and picnics require special attention to safely keep certain foods cold and others at the preferred serving temperature.


Recipes Using Maple Syrup

Recipes Using Maple SyrupThis page contains recipes using maple syrup. A different, tasty sweetener can liven up many recipes.


Roll of Plastic Wrap

Storing Plastic WrapThis is a page about storing plastic wrap. Finding the best way to store your wrap will make it easy to work with and help reduce waste.


Corn on the Cob with Lots of Butter

Buttering Corn On the CobThis is a page about buttering corn on the cob. Even common place activities, such as buttering corn on the cob have unique variations in their execution.


A pot with food stuck to the lid.

Preventing Food from StickingKeeping food from clinging to pans and molds can make it easier to serve, and make the pans much easier to clean. This page is about preventing food from sticking.


Fresh coconuts.

Using Fresh CoconutThe fruit of the coconut palm is a part of the everyday diets of many people. Coconuts are different from any other fruit because they contain a large quantity of "milk" that can be harvested for drinking. This page is about using fresh coconut.


Drying Lettuce Leaves

Drying Lettuce Leaves for SaladThis page is about drying lettuce leaves for salad. A salad is much more appealing when the lettuce leaves are not still wet from washing.


Storing Salad

Storing SaladThis is a page about storing salad. Salad, especially greens, can be a challenge to store for any length of time.


cover tea drink

Keep Bugs Out Of Your DrinkTrying to enjoy a drink outdoors sometimes turns into a battle with bugs and wasps that zoom in for a sip. This is a page about how to keep bugs out of your drink.


Serving Sour Cream

Serving Sour CreamThis is a page about serving sour cream. How you serve sour cream probably depends on how it is going to be used during the meal.


Cooking Oil Spray

Using Cooking Oil SprayThis page is about using cooking oil spray. This handy oil dispenser can help you control your fat intake and help keep foods from sticking.


Condiment Packets

Uses for Leftover Condiment PacketsA collection of left over fast food condiments can be useful for other occasions. This page is about uses for leftover condiment packets.


Wood Salad Bowl

Caring For Wood Salad BowlsThis is a page about caring for wood salad bowls. Wood bowls are popular for serving salad because they do not give the salad a bad or metallic taste. Maintaining your wooden salad bowls is easy to do.


Piece of quiche from a large quiche baked in a casserole dish.

Baking a Large Quiche?This page is about baking a large quiche. Determining how large you can make a particular dish and have it turn out like you want, can be a challenge.


A casserole at a potluck.

Potluck Tips and TricksSharing great food with others is fun and delicious. This page contains potluck tips and tricks.


crisp green salad

Keeping Salads CrispSalads containing lettuce and other vegetables such as tomatoes can get limp very quickly. This is a page about keeping salads crisp.


Pouring Ketchup

Tips for Pouring Ketchup FasterThis is a page about tips for pouring ketchup faster. Ketchup is notorious for being difficult to get out of the bottle, especially the glass ones still found at some restaurants.


opening a pickle jar

Opening Jars and BottlesThis is a page about opening jars and bottles. It can be very difficult to open some bottles and jars for the first time.


Using It All

Getting the Last Bit Out of a BottleThis is a page about getting the last bit out of a bottle. Don't you hate it when you can't get that every single bit of a product out of a bottle?


Homemade Sugar Cubes

Making Homemade Sugar CubesThis page is about making homemade sugar cubes. A fun way to have festive sugar for a party or gathering is to make your own cubes.


paper plate with a smiley face

Alternatives to Paper PlatesThis page contains alternatives to paper plates. To save money and reduce dirty dishes there are ways to avoid the use of paper plates.


Leftover Tortilla Chips

Using Leftover Tortilla ChipsThis page is about using leftover tortilla chips. When you have chips that are crumbled or gotten a little stale, there are ways to incorporate them into other foods.


Refilling Liquid Containers

Refilling Liquid ContainersThis page is about refilling liquid containers. When refilling containers you don't want to waste a drop or make a mess.


Keeping Ice Cream Fresh

Keeping Ice Cream FreshThis page is about keeping ice cream fresh. If your ice cream does not all get eaten when opened, there are ways to maintain the texture.


Cooking Ahead to Save Time

Cooking Ahead to Save TimeThis page is about cooking ahead to save time. Planning and preparing food in advance can make getting the food on the table much faster.


Making Chocolate Sprinkles

Making Chocolate SprinklesThis is a page about making homemade chocolate sprinkles. You are getting ready to add the chocolate sprinkles to the cake only to discover you are out.


Storing Bagged Salad Mixes

Storing Bagged Salad MixesThis page is about storing bagged salad mixes. Once you have opened the bag, you want to keep the salad as fresh as possible.


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frozen veggies.

Adjusting to a New LifeMy husband recently passed away and life has changed so much. One issue I have had was cooking for one. Buying things like celery and carrots was beginning to be a waste since I couldn't use up the fresh vegetables as fast.


Make Ramen in a Bowl

Make Ramen in a BowlThis is a quick tip on how to make ramen in a bowl. Ramen is already a quick and easy meal but by making it in a bowl, you don't even have to dirty a pot.


Mess-Free Kabob Assembly

Mess-Free Kabob AssemblyI caught my husband assembling kabobs in this ingenius way.


A yellow lemon cut in half, ready for use.

20 Uses for LemonsTips on keeping lemons fresh, uses for lemons and a few lemon recipes. I wash and dry fresh lemons. Cut them into wedges and de-seed them. Toss them into a freezer proof bag or container. Whenever I need a lemon in my drink, I add the frozen wedges.


A wok stir frying vegetables.

Making Stir Fry at HomeMy son recently moved away from home and has been asking me for cooking tips for some of his favorite foods. I have made stir fry about once a week for my family for many years. It's a great way to use up excess veggies. I figured that I would share my tips with you all.


Deviled Eggs

Different Way to Use Ziploc Bag for PipingWhen using a plastic Ziploc bag to pipe frosting, or as I've done in the photo filled deviled eggs, instead of cutting across the corner, cut into it and it will produce a star-like effect so you don't have to insert a decorator tip in the bag. Quick and easy!


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Make Ramen in a Bowl

Make Ramen in a BowlHere is a great tip for making ramen easier and with less mess.


Mess-Free Kabob Assembly

Mess-Free Kabob AssemblyThis is a great tip to use when you are putting together Kebabs.



Eating Crystallized Honey?Can we eat honey which was kept in fridge, it is crystallised now?


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Measuring Shortening?Any idea how to measure 1/2# of Crisco shortening? Or also how to measure it when using the shortening sticks?


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Softening Honey?How do I soften hardened honey?


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Melting Chocolate in the Microwave?How do I melt chocolate in the microwave?


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Crystallized and Hard Honey?I have a half-gallon container of honey that has solidified. Can it still be used? How do I liquefy it again?


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Make Powdered Sugar from Granulated Sugar?How do you measure homemade powdered sugar? That is, when you grind up one cup of granulated sugar does it equal one cup of powdered sugar?


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