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This page contains money saving food tips and information about kitchen tools.

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Vadalia Chop Wizard

Replacement Parts for the Vadalia Chop Wizard?This page is about replacement parts for the Vadalia Chop Wizard. Finding parts for a kitchen tool can sometimes be a challenge.


A large head of cabbage.

Can I Make Cole Slaw With a Ninja Master Prep?The Ninja tends to very finely chop, thus it may not be the best tool for making cole slaw unless you like the cabbage quite small, rather than shredded. This is a page about, "Can I make cole slaw with my Ninja Master Prep?".


Bread Machine Tips and Tricks

Bread Machine Tips and TricksThis page contains bread machines tips and tricks. Saving time and energy baking bread at home can be accomplished with a bread machine.


An empty ziptop plastic bag

Use Ziplock Bags With Your Handi-VacDon't get rid of your Handi-Vac just because Reynolds has discontinued the bags. You can use Ziplock brand vacuum bags with your Handi-Vac, learn more in this page.


Stack of three cheese metal cheese graters with different hole sizes

Other Uses for a Cheese GraterMany kitchen tools can be put to multiple uses. This is a page about other uses for a cheese grater.


Cast Iron Pan
on a Glass stove top.

Using Cast Iron Pan on Glass Top StovesThere are some restrictions noted for the types of cookware you can safely use on your glass top stove. This is a page about using cast iron pan on glass top stoves.



Bread Machine

Use Your Bread Machine as a Rice CookerThis is a page about use your bread machine as a rice cooker. This kitchen appliance can also work for cooking rice and other foods.


Buying a
Horseradish Grater

Buying a Horseradish Grater?This is a page about buying a horseradish grater. One way to prepare fresh horseradish for use in cooking is by using a specialized horseradish grater.


old knife

Replacing Knife Handles?This is a page about replacing knife handles. Often the blade on a good knife will still be just fine, but the wooden handle may be deteriorating due to age and frequent usage.


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Instructions for Vintage White Mountain Apple Peeler?I just got a vintage White Mountain Apple peeler, however it did not come with instructions. Anyone have instructions on how to use the peeler?


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Where Can I Find A Round Rubber Jar Opener?Hi, I am trying to find a jar opener. It's usually round, rubbery with a slight texture to it. It's usually given as a give-a-way from businesses. You hold it in your hand as you are attempting to open a tight jar lid.


Two forks connected with a rubber band to use as tongs.

Use Forks to Make Kitchen TongsIf you forget your tongs when picnicking or simply don't own any this easy to assemble, temporary, set will work just fine. This is a page about how to use forks to make kitchen tongs.


A red kitchen timer.

Kitchen Timer Tips and TricksUsing a kitchen timer is a good way to ensure consistency when preparing your recipes. This is a page about kitchen timer tips and tricks.


Pizza Cutter

Other Uses for a Pizza CutterThis is a page about other uses for a pizza cutter. If you find that you don't really use your pizza cutter very much, consider the many other uses it can be put to.


pastry cutter set

Substitute for a Biscuit CutterThis is a page about substitute for a biscuit cutter. Depending on the size you want your biscuits to be, there are a few easy to find things you can use to cut them.


Measuring spoons next to caps that measure the same.

Substitutes for Measuring SpoonsSometimes you can't get to your measuring spoons, perhaps they are still packed after a move. This page offers some interesting alternatives to consider, they are plastic caps from commonly used products.


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Using a George Forman Grill?How do you release George Forman grill top if button does not release it?


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Silicone Turkey Lifter for Removing PansI have an 18 quart roaster which I use because I don't have a functioning oven. I generally use a 9x13 Pyrex dish when making lasagna and other casseroles and cakes but it's almost impossible to get out without tilting it or burning my hands.


Using a bagel tool to thinly slice meat.

Bagel Tool to Thinly Slice MeatAfter hurting one hand, I decided to try using my bagel slicing tool to hold my somewhat frozen chicken breast firmly (and SAFELY) vertically, allowing me to cut it thinly for a meal. I think I will try it to slice ham for lunches in the future as well.


Makeshift Steamer - perforated pizza pan on top of skillet

Makeshift Vegetable SteamerI used my pizza pan that has holes in it as a lid for my large frying pan to steam vegetables. It worked perfectly!


An electric skillet on a white background.

Using an Electric SkilletElectric skillets are an easy way to expand your kitchen cooking surfaces. It's great for any dish that would use a frying pan.



A food mill with cooked vegetables.

Using a Squeezo StrainerThe Squeezo strainer is used for canning and pureeing fruits and veggies. Usage tips can be found lower on this page.


An electric air fryer with French fries.

Using an Air FryerReducing the use of fryer oil in food preparation is possible with an air fryer. Hot air flows around the food to cook a crispy entree.


A crockpot full of beef stew.

Using Crockpot Insert in the OvenSometimes you may want to use your crockpot ceramic insert in the oven. This is generally possible, but it is best to check with the manufacturer to determine if their's is oven safe. You will also need to determine the range of temperature settings for your pot.


Pastry Blender on white background.

Use a Pastry Blender for Cutting EggsA pastry cutter is great kitchen tool to chop up eggs for egg salad, potato salad or even deviled eggs. This page is about use a pastry blender for cutting eggs.


Stainless steel zester on a white background

Using a ZesterA zester can be used in different ways and for more foods than just citrus peel. This is a page about using a zester.


Aluminum pot on white background.

Using Aluminum CookwareAn anodizing process produces a hard, dark gray finish on professional aluminum cookware. Acidic ingredients cooked in some aluminum pans can change the color of the food due to a chemical reaction. This page is about using aluminum cookware.


Placing rubber bands on the sides of a cutting board.

Rubber Bands to Prevent Cutting Board from ShiftingTry this thrifty fix for a cutting board that slips around on your kitchen counter while you are trying to prepare food. This is a page about using rubber bands to prevent a cutting board from shifting.


A collection of wooden spoons.

Using Wooden SpoonsWooden spoons are an excellent choice for cooking. They do not react with acidic foods, get too hot, or scratch pots and pans. There are many other reasons to have a set of wooden spoons in the kitchen. This is a page about using wooden spoons.


Smoothie ingredients in blender

Best Blender for Making Smoothies?Smoothies are a wonderful breakfast alternative but some blenders cannot handle the ingredients and ice and will get jammed. This page has advice about what is the best blender for making smoothies.


A wooden serving bowl that has been oiled with mineral oil to preserve it.

Preserving Wooden Bowls with Mineral OilThis is a page about preserve wooden bowls with mineral oil. Food-grade mineral oil is a great way to keep a wooden bowl looking nice. It keeps the wood from drying out, preventing it from cracking and splintering.


Yellow Kitchen Shears

Uses for Kitchen ShearsThis is a page about uses for kitchen shears. Kitchen shears are a great alternative to using a knife. You can cut everything from pizza and sandwiches, to herbs and veggies. Its also a safer way to allow children to help prepare food with you.


Glass Bowl

Preventing Glass Dishes from BreakingGlass dishes are handy to have in the kitchen for many reasons but unless they are very well heat tempered, can be a breaking hazard. This is a page about preventing glass dishes from breaking.


A bamboo cutting board with a sharp knife.

Treat Bamboo Cutting Boards with Olive OilThis page is about treat bamboo cutting boards with olive oil. Bamboo is durable and safe for a cutting board. Clean and oil it before putting it away.


A silicone kitchen mitt on a hand.

Using Silicone Kitchen MittsSilicon oven mitts are a great way to protect your hands from the heat of the oven and other hot item in your kitchen. This is a page about silicone kitchen mitt.


A grilled panini sandwich.

How to Make a Panini Without a Panini MakerEven without a panini grill, you can still make a delicious grilled panini sandwich. This is a page about using bacon press as a panini weight.



A chicken being cooked in a home rotisserie.

George Foreman Contact Roasting Machine Information?This page contains information about the George Foreman contact roasting machine. Check here if you are looking for parts, recipes or information about this popular rotisserie.


A stack of metal pots and pans

Caring for Metal CookwareThis is a page about caring for metal cookware. Taking care of your pots and pans will help you produce excellent food.


can lid with a peach and knife

Alternatives to Wood Cutting BoardsThis is a page about alternatives to wood cutting boards. There are many alternatives to using a wooden cutting board for preparing food.


rolling cookie dough

Using a Baker's RollerThis is a page about using a baker's roller. This easy to use kitchen tool can help shape cookies and roll pastry dough in smaller pans.


Turbo Oven

Using a Turbo OvenThis is a page about using a turbo oven. Convection ovens with infrared heat can make quick cooking of many foods. They are easy to use, relatively easy to clean, and can save you energy.


grating carrot

Using a GraterThere are numerous tasks you can complete in the kitchen and elsewhere in you home using a grater. It is not just for cheese. This is a page about using a grater.


Colorful Funnels

Using Funnels in the KitchenThis is a page about using funnels in the kitchen. There are many times when having a funnel or something to use as one is helpful in the kitchen. They are useful in cooking and organizing cooking supplies.


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Funnel from Empty Juice BottleCut top third off an empty juice bottle, usually about where the top of the bottle forms the "funnel". I usually place a ziplock bag into the bottom part and the funnel part into the bag.


spatula, spoon, and fork

Using Bamboo Cooking UtensilsItems made of bamboo are very popular because they are made using a renewable resource. This is a page about using bamboo cooking utensils.


cherry pitter on plate with cherries and pits

Buying an Olive or Cherry Pitter?This is a page about buying an olive or cherry pitter. A pitter is a very useful kitchen tool for the home gardener, frequenter of the farmer's market, or canner.


Using a Blender

Using a BlenderThis is a page about using a blender. A versatile kitchen tool that can be used for a wide variety of food processing.


Egg Beater

Egg Beater TipsThis is a page about egg beater tips. A kitchen tool that can make quick work of beating eggs, but can be a challenge to clean.


Rasp Grater

Storing a Rasp GraterThis is a page about storing a rasp grater. This kitchen tool, also known as a microplane, is typically used for grating citrus fruit zest, hard cheeses, and spices such as nutmeg. Its extremely sharp grating edges require proper storage to prevent nicks and cuts.


Christmas cookies made with a cookie press.

Using a Cookie PressUsing a cookie press is a great way to make cute little cookies in lots of shapes. This is a page about using a cookie press.


Fruit in a Blender

Choosing a BlenderThis page is about choosing a blender. Blenders can be an essential kitchen tool. Selecting the right one for your needs is an important decision to ensure it works well and lasts a long time.


grated butter

Using a Grater for ButterThis kitchen tool can be helpful for getting cold butter into small pieces. This page is about using a grater for butter.


Sugar Shaker

Making a Sugar ShakerThis page is about making a sugar shaker. There are a few frugal ways you can fashion a shaker for your sugar.



Repairing a Foodsaver?This page is about repairing a foodsaver. A handy kitchen tool that can help to preserve food better when it is working correctly.


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Repairing a Foodsaver?This page is about repairing a foodsaver. A handy kitchen tool that can help to preserve food better if working correctly.


Pastry Blender

Uses for a Pastry BlenderThis page contains uses for a pastry blender. There are other food tasks that this cutting tool can be helpful with.



Crushing Ice With a Blender?Smashing ice with your blender isn't always easy even when you follow the instructions. This page is about crushing ice with a blender.


Potato Masher

Uses for Potato MasherThat potato masher in your kitchen tool drawer can be put to use in a variety of ways in addition to mashing up some spuds. This is a page about uses for potato masher.


metal toaster

Most Useful Small Kitchen Appliances?This page is about most useful small kitchen appliances. When you want to give a helpful gift to someone without much kitchen space, find a useful appliance.


Potato Peeler

Other Uses for Potato PeelersThis page contains other uses for potato peeler. A vegetable peeler can be helpful for other things in the kitchen.


Teflon Pan

Cooking With Teflon Cookware?This page is about cooking with Teflon cookware. There are a number of things to keep in mind when using this nonstick cookware.


Ninja Master Prep

Using a Ninja Master PrepThis is a page about using a Ninja Master Prep. Your Ninja Master Prep can be used to dice, chop, blend, and puree making it a great kitchen tool for food and beverage prep.


Tomato based stew in cast iron.

Cooking Acidic Foods in Cast Iron Pans?This page is about cooking acidic foods in cast iron pans. Maintaining your pan's seasoning is important when using this kind of cookware.


Electric Knife

Using an Electric KnifeThis is a page about using an electric knife. An electric knife can be a very useful kitchen tool, one that you may use daily.


Coffee Percolator

Making Coffee in a PercolatorThis page is about making coffee in a percolator. Whether using the pot on the stove or an electric appliance, this was the most common way to make coffee for a long time.


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Using "La Salute E Nella Cotta" Terracotta Cookware?This is a page about using "La Salute E Nella Cotta" terracotta cookware. Terra cotta cookware is an excellent choice for many baking needs. It does require some special treatment, unlike typical glass and metal cookware.


Coffee Maker

Other Uses for a Coffee MakerThis page is about other uses for a coffee maker. There are ways to use your drip coffee brewer like making hot water and brewing loose tea.


Kitchen Utensils

Using Kitchen Utensils in Unusual WaysThis is a page about using kitchen utensils in unusual ways. Many of us have grabbed a kitchen tool and used it successfully in ways other than the one for which it was intended.


Electric Mixer

Electric Mixer TipsThis page contains electric mixer tips. Using an electric mixer can save you time and help you create delicious meals and desserts.


Electric Hand Mixer

Electric Hand Mixer TipsThis is a page about electric hand mixer tips. An electric hand mixer is a great tool to add to your collection of small kitchen appliances.


Cutting tomatoes on a cutting board.

Keeping Cutting Boards From SlidingThis is a page about keeping cutting boards from sliding. Having your cutting board sliding around on your countertop is not only irritating but potentially dangerous.


Egg Slicer

Uses for Egg SlicersThis is a page about uses for egg slicers. Egg slicers can be put to use in preparing other foods.


Using a NutriBullet

Using a NutriBullet?This page is about using a NutriBullet. Some say that liquifying fresh foods can make the nutrients easier for your body to absorb.


Smoke in Kitchen

Broiler Creates Too Much Smoke in Kitchen?This page is about broiler creates too much smoke in kitchen. Having adequate ventilation when broiling is important.


Baking a pizza on a baking stone.

Using a Baking StoneA stone sheet placed on an oven rack can ensure even baking and crisper crust on pizza and breads. This page is about using a baking stone.


Stainless Steel Pot

Using Stainless Steel Cookware?This is a page about using stainless steel cookware. There are some cooking tips you can try, to make using your stainless steel cookware easier.


Non-Stick Frying Pan

Using Non-Stick CookwareThis is a page about using non-stick cookware. Many cooks have some type of non-stick cookware in their kitchen.


Cooking Thermometer

Calibrating a Cooking Thermometer?This page is about calibrating a cooking thermometer. Make sure your food thermometer is giving you accurate readings.


Using a Meat Grinder

Using a Meat GrinderThis is a page about using a meat grinder. If you have never used a meat grinder before, a few tips will make using it a more positive experience.


Foodsaver on Kitchen Counter

FoodSaver ReviewsThis page contains FoodSaver reviews. This kitchen appliance can help you vacuum pack all kinds of foods.


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Difference Between Polished Cast Iron Pan and Unpolished?Does anyone know what the difference is between a polished cast iron pan and one that is not? I was interested in buying some fry pans and the site I was looking at said some were polished fry pans and some weren't.


A cooling rack for baked goods

Uses for Cooling RacksThis is a page about uses for cooking racks. It is always fun to discover additional uses for kitchen tools, especially ones that are not used that often for their intended use.


Muffin tin.

Alternative Uses for Muffin TinsThis page is about alternative uses for muffin tins. These baking pans can be helpful in other ways.


Potato Peeler With Potatoes

Peeling VegetablesThis page is about peeling vegetables. Using the best tool to remove the skin makes this job easier.


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Vacuum on Seal and Save Stopped Working?The vacuum on my Kenmore Seal and Save is not working. Does anyone have any suggestions? It's a very old model.


can opener

Choosing a Can OpenerThis is a page about choosing a can opener. Choosing the right can opener for your kitchen will depend on budget and usage.


straining can 2

Straining Canned GoodsThis is a page about straining canned goods. Often when you are cooking the recipe will call for pouring the liquid off of the contents of the canned foods you are using.


Blue Toaster Oven

Using A Toaster OvenThis page is about using a toaster oven. Electricity can be saved by using a smaller oven.


Woman Using a Juicer

Using a JuicerThis page is about using a juicer. Juicing can be a fun way to consume more fruit and vegetables.


Kitchen Uses for Chopsticks

Kitchen Uses for ChopsticksThis page is about kitchen uses for chopsticks. Used by many people as eating utensils, chopsticks have a variety of other uses when working with food.


Foodsaver on Kitchen Counter

Foodsaver Tips and TricksThis page contains foodsaver tips and tricks. Food savers can help you vacuum pack all kinds of foods and other things.


Kitchen knives in storage blocks.

Storing Kitchen KnivesThis is a page about storing kitchen knives. Storing kitchen knives properly will not only prevent accidents, but also extend the life of these tools.


Quick Shake container taken apart.

Quick Shake Gravy Container Lid for FunnelIf you have a Quick Shake gravy container lid, you can use it as a funnel. It fits neatly inside an empty milk container and some soda bottles. It's wide enough and deep enough to easily fill with liquid or seed, etc.


Homemade yogurt in jars.

Using an EasiYo Yogurt MakerThis is a page about using an EasiYo yogurt maker. Yogurt is a healthy snack. Making your own yogurt is easy with an EasiYo yogurt maker.


A zester being used on an orange.

Cleaning a ZesterLemon, lime or orange zest is useful in many recipes but the kitchen tool can be difficult to clean when done. This is a page about cleaning a zester.


Chef Sharpening a Knife

Sharpening a KnifeThis is a page about sharpening a knife. Having sharp knives around is an essential part of every chef's tool kit. Sharp knives are easier to use and much safer as well.


Unseasoned Dutch Oven

Seasoning a Dutch OvenThis is a page about seasoning a Dutch oven. Dutch ovens are a perfect way to cook some dishes. A well seasoned Dutch oven will help the meal you are cooking come out perfectly.


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Choosing the Best Kitchen Knives?I need to know what brand of kitchen knife would be the best to buy. I need a sharp knife for cutting meats, one for vegetables, and one for bread.


Seasoning a Cast Iron Pan

Seasoning a Cast Iron PanThis is a page for seasoning a cast iron pan. Cast iron pans are durable and versatile for cooking. Proper seasoning and care of cast iron cookware makes your pans resistant to food sticking.


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Make Paninis Using Foreman GrillWhen we don't have any leftovers for lunch, we have a sandwich. I got tired of a cold sandwiches, so I thought why not make a panini? Not having a panini press or sandwich maker, I thought I would try my George Foreman Grill.


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Use and Care of Cast Iron Skillets?How do you care for your cast iron skillets?


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Make Sure Dish is Oven SafeBefore you decide to use a dish to bake an item in the oven, make sure it is oven safe for that temperature. Using a dish in the oven at higher temperature than what it has been rated for will cause it to explode.


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straining can 1

Using a Can StrainerI recently was wandering around the Dollar Tree and came across a plastic can strainer. I don't know how I never knew about this little kitchen tool.


Cast Iron Pan

Cooking With Cast Iron PansEasy, excellent nonstick way to clean and care for cast iron! For years I washed my cast iron skillet with water, thinking that was the only way to get off stuck-on egg.


can opener

Invest in a Safe Edge Can OpenerWe purchased an awesome safe edge can opener and we love it. It removes can lids without leaving a sharp edge. Not only will this help avoid getting cut by the can we cook, it also makes it easier to use the cans for crafts later.



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Requesting Air Fryer InformationI have interest in buying an air fryer. Being a popular small appliance, I have read how great they are for cooking. But are they for cooking or reheating? Can they replace a toaster oven? How easy is to clean an air fryer? Does it require cleaning after each use? I rarely read anything about how easy or difficult is to clean certain small appliances or gadgets. For me, that is important.


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Using a Ninja Master Prep Professional?How do I shred carrots in my Ninja Master Prep Professional chopper/blender?


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Cleaning and Refurbishing a Squeezo Strainer?I have an old Squeezo strainer that belonged to my grandfather, so it is old. I want to say more than 60 years. It is looking tarnished and worn and I would like to use and refurbish if possible, but I don't want to get sick if there is anything contaminating on the grinder or the strainer. I cleaned it with a steel wool pad, but still do not feel safe.


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Using Crockpot Insert in the Oven?If I use a ceramic pot that was in my crockpot and wanna cook a pork shoulder for pulled pork, low and slow, what temp should the oven be? I wanna cook it like it's in an actual crockpot, but in the oven.


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Problems Removing Loaf from a Sunbeam Bread Maker?I have just been given a Sunbeam bread maker. When making my first loaf today the dough wrapped around the paddle and when it finished baking I couldn't get the loaf out without destroying it. How is this prevented? The paddles do not seem to be removable.


Two cake pans stuck together.

Cake Pan Bottom Stuck in Another Cake Pan?I have a 9 inch cake bottom stuck a little more than halfway in another 9 inch cake pan, it's jammed really good. Any suggestions?


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