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Glass can be frustrating to clean. This page contains tips and ideas on how to keep glass dishes, containers, and other items clean.



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Apple shaped and stemmed glass dishes after cleaning.

Removing Cloudy Film on GlassMineral deposits and detergents can build up on glass and result in an ugly white film. This is a page about removing cloudy film on glass.


Two clear cut crystal decanters on a white background.  One is upright with stopper inserted.  The other is on it's side with it's stopper laying next to it.

Cleaning an Antique Crystal Decanter?This is a page about cleaning an antique crystal decanter. Cleaning the inside of a crystal decanter can be tricky.


Bathroom Mirror

Removing Stains From Cleaner on a Bathroom MirrorSome cleaning products are not intended for use on a mirror and can actually leave stains. This is a page about removing stains from cleaner on a bathroom mirror.


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Removing Sap from Windows?Our office windows are covered in small tar or tree sap spots. The spots are all over the windows along the side the parking lot. How can I remove them without spending hours with a razer?


Clean glass coffee carafe in dish strainer

Cleaning Hard Water Stains on Glass Coffee...This is a page about cleaning hard water stains on glass coffee pot. The minerals in your drinking water can leave hard water stains on the inside of your coffee pot.


A lit jar candle.

Removing Soot From Candle JarsSometimes candles can burn quite sooty. The black soot sticks to the inside of the candle jar, looking unattractive. This page contains ideas for removing soot from candle jars.


Spaghetti Sauce Jar with Torn Label

Removing Labels from Glass JarsGlass jars can be reused in a wide variety of ways from storage to crafts, but first, you will want to remove the label. This is a page about how to remove labels and sticky residue from glass jars.


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Removing TSP from Glass?How do you remove TSP from glass? It was used to clean bugs off of the car and it got on the windshield. We've tried glass cleaners, Mr. Clean, Softscrub, razor blade, etc.


Cleaning Shower Door

Bleach Cleaner Left Shower Door Cloudy?Sometimes a household cleaner can leave a streaky, cloudy residue or appearance on the area cleaned. You may need to go back and clean it again using a different method or product. This is a page about bleach cleaner left shower door cloudy.



Hand squeegying cleaner from a glass window by a tree

Cleaning Tree Sap From Glass?This is a page about cleaning tree sap from glass. Removing tree sap from windows and car windshields can be a recurring job.


applying adhesive on a window

Removing Adhesive from Glass?This is a page about removing adhesive from glass. Tape, sticker, and other types of adhesive can be difficult to remove from glass.


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Removing Baked On Soap From Car Window?How can you get baked on soap off car windows? I have tried acetone, Windex, mineral spirits, and Spic n Span. None of them have worked. Where we used "elbow grease" there is still a residue that won't come off.


A set of glass cookware with lids.

Cleaning Burnt Food on Glass CookwareCleaning burnt on food off of glass cookware, such as Pyrex baking dishes, does require products that will clean but not scratch. This is a page about cleaning burnt food on glass cookware.


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Degreaser On Windows?My son put degreaser on my windows and glass door. Now they are very badly smeared. I tried vinegar, baking soda and dawn dish detergent. It didn't help. Any ideas?


Glass Doors on Wood Stove

Cleaning Glass Doors on a Wood Stove?This page is about cleaning glass doors on a wood stove. A contained fire creates soot and grimy film on the window of a stove.


Pink and red daisies in a clear glass vase.

Cleaning Buildup Inside a VaseThis is a page about removing buildup inside a vase. Buildup on your vase can be an unsightly part of your floral arrangement. Depending on what caused the buildup it can be tough to remove it, especially if the vase has a small opening.



Cleaning Sticky Residue from a Mirror?This is a page about cleaning sticky residue from a mirror. Cleaning sticky residue from a mirror can be trying.


Some wine glasses in a dishwasher.

Removing Hard Water Deposits from GlasswareThis is a page about removing hard water deposits from glassware. The minerals in your water supply can leave hard water spots on your glasses.


Cleaning a mirror with rubbing alcohol.

Clean an Old Mirror With Rubbing AlcoholAn old fashion way of cleaning may help you clean an old mirror. This is a page about clean an old mirror with rubbing alcohol.


Glass Vase

Cleaning Stains From Glass VasesThis is a page about cleaning stains from glass vases. Cleaning stains on glass vases can be challenging, especially if they are inside the vase.


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Removing Cooking Grease Spatters from Window Glass?Does anyone know how to remove deep fryer fat from off a window? I tried Windex, but it just smudges and does not remove it. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.


A wood stove with blackened windows.

Removing Black Soot from a Wood Stove WindowSoot can collect on the door glass of your wood stove. This page contains several suggestions for removing black soot from a wood stove window.


A pair of hand painted wine glasses.

Removing Paint from GlassAlthough paint can adhere to glass surfaces, it can usually be removed easily. Isopropyl alcohol, scrubbing pads and razor blades can all be effective in removing unwanted paint.


Cleaning a glass with a sponge in the sink.

Cleaning Glass?Cleaning various types of glass can present differing challenges. So whether you are cleaning a mirror, window, or the inside of a bottle this page offers some helpful suggestions.



Glass milk bottle pouring a glass of milk.

Cleaning a Borden's Milk Bottle?Milk can leave a difficult to remove haze inside a glass bottle. Vinegar or denture tablets are two methods you might try at home. This is a page about cleaning a Borden's milk bottle.


Shower Doors

Use Dryer Sheets to Clean Shower DoorsThe texture of dryer sheets is helpful in cleaning shower doors; used ones work as well as new. This is a page about use dryer sheets to clean shower doors.


Clear Glass Christmas Ornament

Cleaning the Inside of Clear Glass Christmas Ornaments?This is a page about cleaning the inside of clear glass Christmas ornaments. Over time the inside of your clear glass ornaments can become dusty or cloudy.


Image of wine glass on it's side with a small amount of wine, cork screw, and cork on a brown paper background with wine stains.

Cleaning Wine Stains from CrystalThis is a page about cleaning wine stains from crystal. It can be difficult to remove wine stains on a crystal glass, decanter, or other piece.


clean bathroom mirror

Keeping Mirrors from Streaking?This is a page about keeping mirrors from streaking. Cleaning mirrors can be frustrating, as they often tend to streak.


Glass Chandelier

Cleaning a Glass ChandelierThis page is about cleaning a glass chandelier. It doesn't have to be difficult to clean these lovely light fixtures.


Broken Glass

Cleaning Up Broken GlassThis page is about cleaning up broken glass. A mess of broken glass can be a challenge to clean without hurting yourself or leaving some behind.


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Oil Spatter on Cabinet Etched Glass Door?I chose white etched glass for my new kitchen cabinets, hanging to the sides of the exhaust fan. Although I use splatter screens splatter happens. Windex is a no go. I've tried using a wet sponge and Dawn and water . That worked OK, but it is not all the way clean.


Bungalow style kitchen cabinet with glass paned doors.

Cleaning Glass Doors on Wood FurnitureThis is a page about cleaning glass doors on wood furniture. Whether you are cleaning an antique china cabinet or the glass doors on a kitchen cabinet, care must be taken not to damage the surrounding wood.


A collection of antique glass bottles.

Cleaning Delicate Glass?This is a page about cleaning delicate glass. Glass sculptures, knicknacks and stemware can be ornate and difficult to clean without risking breakage.


Star shaped glass candle holder.

Cleaning Candle Wax from GlassThis is a page about cleaning candle wax from glass. Candle wax can get on your glass candle holder or drip onto a glass surface. When removing it you want to be sure to not damage the glass.


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Easy-Off to Remove Stubborn Glass StainClean a stubborn stain from a window by spraying the glass with Easy-Off Oven Cleaner. Wait several minutes, then wipe clean.


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How Do I Remove Tape from Glass?How do I get tape off glass?


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Hard Water Stains on Glass Blocks?How do you remove hard water marks from shower doors and glass block?


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Removing Film from Mason Jars?How can I get the film off old Mason jars? They have been in my father-in-laws cellar for several years. I have tried soaking them in Lime Away for a week. I scrubbed them with Comet. I even soaked them in soapy water. They still have a film on them.



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Streak-Free Windows?How can I get streak-free windows? I have tried newspaper and paper towels, nothing seems to work? Help!


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Cleaning a Glass Pipe?How do you clean a glass pipe?


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Cleaning a Glass Table Top?How do I get my glass table top to sparkle?


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Removing Lime Deposits on Windows?How do I clean lime deposits off of windows caused by sprinklers?


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Getting Paint Off Glass?I have these two side tables that have these little glass patterns on them, but the paint is chipping off. How do you remove the paint without scratching the glass?


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Removing Glue from Glass?How can I remove nail glue from glass?


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Washing Windows with VinegarLet's go back in time...and make a great window cleaner like Grandma used to make!


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Removing Super Glue From Glass?How could I take super glue off glass without scratching the glass?


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White Spots On Frosted Glass Desk?We bought an inexpensive green frosted glass desk and I made the mistake of cleaning it one day with rubbing alcohol. Now it has white spots all over it that I cannot get off. Does anyone have a solution for this problem?


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Grease on Frosted Glass?How can I clean the grease and spots of grease from the frosted glass?


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Safe Way to Clean Possum Urine from Glass?Just wondering if anyone has any 'Green' tips for cleaning possum urine off glass pool fence which the possums run over at night? Thanks.


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Removing Ring Marks From Glass Table?How do you remove ring marks from glass tables?


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Calcium Deposits on Glass?How do you clean calcium deposits on glass shower doors?


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Cleaning Silicone Off Glass?What can I use to clean silicone on glass?


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Removing Rust From Glass?How can I remove rust from glass?


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Cleaning a Glass Cruet?I have a small glass cruet that has a film on the inside of it. I've run it through the dishwasher and the film will not come off. Any ideas on what I can do to clean the inside of it?


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Tips For Cleaning GlasswareTips for cleaning glassware. Post your ideas.


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Scratched Glass?I have a glass table top with a few minor light scratches and would like to know if I can do something to minimize them, camouflage etc. and how to protect it from now on.


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Cleaning Hard to Clean GlassDo you have a glass product you cant get clean? Try soaking it in vinegar. I work on the altar guild at church. I regularly soak a glass bowl that we have water sitting in. The water sits and creates a icky crust. I just soak the bowl and the icky crust is gone. By Sandy


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Cleaning Glass for LessUse regular rubbing alcohol. Just a couple drops on a cotton ball, paper towel, or rag will clean any glass squeaky clean with no streaks for less than pennies per use.


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Removing Burn From Glass?How can I clean a burn mark on glass (a roll of kitchen paper fell against a light covered by a piece of glass)? Gill from London



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How Do You Clean Hazy Antique Bottles?I have many antique bottles and they are no longer clear. What is the best time to clean them?


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Cause of a Smokey Haze on Bathroom Mirrors?Any idea on how this would be happening in a bathroom? The right side of my mirror and the medicine cabinet on the adjacent wall keep developing a light brown haze. The sink is below this area and there is a light bar above the mirror and an outlet and a switch under the medicine cabinet. I've turned off the electric, covered the air vent, but it still comes back.


A dirty aquarium for turtles.

Cleaning the Glass on a Turtle Tank?I've used vinegar and dish detergent plus baking soda to get rid of cloudy glass and nothing works. What else can I do?


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Tilex Left Drip Marks on Glass Shower Doors?Tilex has left drip lines down my glass shower doors. I have tried Dawn and vinegar, glass stovetop cleaner, and Windex all to no avail. The lines are like a gray shadow running straight down.


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Cleaning Old Glass That Was Buried?How do I clean glass that has been buried in the ground? I found a pile of old stained glass that has been buried for idk how long. After cleaning the dirt off, there is still a film on it that I can't get off.


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Removing Soap Scum from Glass Shower Doors?What are some good ways to get rid of shower scum on the glass doors? I have tried everything and anything I could possibly find, but they're still just ugly. I'm about to throw them at the front door.


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