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Care must be taken not to damage your jewelry when cleaning it. This page contains tips and ideas on how to keep your jewelry clean.



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A gold chain.

Removing Tangled Hair from JewelryThis is a page about removing tangled hair from jewelry. When your hair gets tangled up in your necklace or earrings, it can be difficult to remove.


Coiled silver bead necklace with large silver ball.

Cleaning Silver JewelrySilver jewelry is very beautiful and complements your attire, whether formal or jeans casual. However, silver has a dark side, tarnish. This is a page about cleaning silver jewelry.


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Cleaning Sticky Oily Residue Off of Jewelry?I put any jewelry I was wearing into a dish next to my laptop. I'd forgotten that earlier this month I'd bought a salad and it came with single serve packets of dressing. I didn't use one packet so I left it on my desk on top of the jewelry.


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How To Clean 18K Gold Chain?Cleaning your 18K Chain gold is easy and can be done at home. Here are some steps you can follow:


A pair of rhinestone earrings.

Fix for Fake Diamonds Turning Black?I have these earrings where several of the stones in the bottom earring have turned dark in color, which may be the metal, not the stones. I have tried to fix this by doing the following things:


A pair of clean silver earrings.

Baking Soda Will Clean SilverThe earrings I got were completely black with tarnish. I made a thick paste of baking soda and water, covered the earrings, and let them sit for an hour or so. I then rinsed them well, dried them completely, and enjoyed the sparkle.


Silver Necklaces

Cleaning a Silver NecklaceThis is a page about cleaning a silver necklace. Special polish and cloths are available to clean tarnish from silver or you can use a few common household items.


Polymer Clay Jewelry

Cleaning Polymer Clay JewelryIf you wear jewelry made from polymer clay there will be times when you need to clean the items. This is a page about cleaning polymer clay jewelry.


A diamond solitaire ring on a hand.

Cleaning a Diamond RingThis is a page about cleaning a diamond ring. A diamond ring can become dull looking as a result of constant wear.



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Cleaning Gorilla Glue Off Jewelry?How can I get Gorilla glue out of my jewelry?


Silver bangle bracelet against white background

Cleaning a Silver BraceletThis is a page about cleaning a silver bracelet. Polish your silver jewelry to keep it beautiful and free of tarnish.


A pair of diamond stud earrings isolated against a white background

Cleaning Diamond Earrings?This is a page about cleaning diamond earrings. Keeping your diamond earrings brilliant and sparkly can be done at home.


Strands of pearl necklace against a white background

Cleaning Pearl Jewelry?This is a page about cleaning pearl jewelry. Natural pearls are somewhat delicate and need to be treated carefully when they are being cleaned.


Wrist Watch

Cleaning a Wrist WatchThis is a page about cleaning a wrist watch. Your wrist watch can get quite dirty from daily wear.


Cleaning Costume Jewelry

Cleaning Costume Jewelry?This is a page about cleaning costume jewelry. Cleaning costume jewelry sometimes requires a different approach than that used for fine jewelry.


A box of pearls.

Cleaning Pearls?This page is about cleaning pearls. These soft, beautiful ornaments can get dirty and are easily damaged by chemicals.


Tarnished Jewelry

Preventing Jewelry from TarnishingThis is a page about preventing jewelry from tarnishing. It is very disappointing to reach into your jewelry box for your favorite silver earrings or necklace to find them gray with tarnish.


Cleaning Jewelry

Cleaning JewelryThis is a page about cleaning jewelry. Having a jewelry store clean your jewelry can get expensive. With some care and the right cleaners, many jewelry items can be safely cleaned at home.


A shiny pile of gold chains, rings and other jewelry

Cleaning Gold JewelryThis is a page about cleaning gold jewelry. One reason that gold rings, bracelets, watches and chains retain their value is because they clean up easily and beautifully.


Photo of a diamond ring set.

Homemade Jewelry CleanerThis is a page about making homemade jewelery cleaners. Homemade jewelry cleaners are a great way to keep your jewelry looking like new, without using expensive professional cleaning solutions.


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Cleaning Diamonds at Home?Can you use white vinegar to clean diamonds?


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Jewelry Cleaning?I have some good costume jewelry that needs cleaning and would like to know how to accomplish this in an economical way. Also, how do I clean my good jewelry that is also economical.


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Removing Skunk Odor From Jewelry?How do I safely clean skunk smell off of my jewelry?


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Cleaning Celluloid Jewelry?How do you clean celluloid jewelry?



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Cleaning Inexpensive Jewelry?I am looking for a way to clean my dollar store bought jewelry. I know it is cheap stuff, but I would like it to look good. Any tips would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


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Cleaning A Tanzanite Ring?What's the best way to clean a tanzanite and diamond white gold ring?


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Advice On Using Gold Jewelry Cleaner?How do you use jewelry cleaner on gold? Can you recommend any brands?


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Cleaning Necklaces With Rocks and Gems?I recently inherited several necklaces from my mother-in-law. She was a smoker. I wanted to know how to clean some of them. The ones I don't know about are made out of different rocks, gems. Some tiger eye, some onyx, etc.



Cleaning a Silver Necklace - badly discolored necklace

Cleaning a Silver Necklace?I bought this detailed Egyptian style silver necklace. Well I found I can't wear plated or cheaper jewelry lately cuz I've gained weight and sweat so much. Well this summer I wore this piece a lot and it turned this black color along the top with lines through it. It says 926 made in Italy on it, but I can not get this black off. It seems to be in the metal not just a tarnish on the metal.


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Cleaning Silver Jewelry?I left my silver jewelry in silver jewelry cleaner too long and now it's a dull, whitish color. I've tried to use a soft cloth and polish them, trying to bring back the shine, but nothing has helped. Can anyone help?


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Cleaning Silver and Opal Jewelry?I have a silver necklace with opals in silver settings. Is it saft to use the salt, soda, and water with the aluminum foil. Will it damage the opals?


Cleaning Silver Rings After a House Fire - blackened silver rings

Cleaning Silver Rings After a House Fire?How do I clean silver rings with diamonds and gemstones in them that were in a house fire?


discolored silver jewelry

Silver Jewelry Left in Cleaner Too Long?I forgot my silver jewelry in a jar of Connoisseurs Cleaner and it came out all discolored. I found the composition online. It is thiourea, sulfuric acid, and alcohol ethoxylates. Is there any hope to salvage it?


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Removing Tarnish from Silver Jewelry?I want to know the acid used on silver jewelry for whitening?


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