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This page contains tips and advice for identifying and dealing with insects in your garden

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Butterfly Eggs

Identifying Insect Eggs?Identifying insect eggs, whether in your home or garden, can help you decide whether they are harmful or beneficial. This is a page about identifying insect eggs.


Two garden ants on a rock.

Identifying Garden AntsThis is a page about identifying garden ants. There are reportedly over 12,000 species of ants. Some of them are actually beneficial to your garden.


A cocoon of an insect.

Identifying Egg Casings or CocoonsIdentifying what kind of insect is about to hatch in your yard can be hard to determine. There are many fascinating cocoons to be investigated.


A black widow spider in the garden.

Black Widow (Latrodectus) Spider PhotosThe female black widow spider is easily recognizable by the hourglass marking on her abdomen. The males are often lighter in color and exhibit a series of red spots on their abdomen rather than the hourglass shape. This page contains photos of black widow spiders.


A ladybug on a brown leaf.

Allowing Ladybird Beetles to Hibernate for WinterIf you are lucky enough to have some ladybird beetles, aka lady bugs, decide to overwinter in your home this page contains some very helpful tips for making them welcome.


Identifying Insect Eggs - rows of eggs on a piece of wood

Identifying Insect EggsFound these eggs on a piece of sleeper wood lying in the yard. Anyone know what they might be? When rubbing one a turquoise colour liquid came out. The eggs are copper metallic in colour.


Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly PhotosSpicebush swallowtail, or Papilio troilus, are mostly in the Eastern US, with some venturing to the Midwest area. These large butterflies have black upper wings. The lower wings are beautiful with distinctive markings. This page contains spicebush swallowtail photos.


Spiny oakworm moth caterpillar

Spiny Oakworm Moth InformationThe spiny oakworm moth, or anisota stigma is large, rusty brown in color. They feed on oaks and other trees but any damage is generally cosmetic. This page contains information about the spiny oakworm moth.


Monarch butterfly on a flower

How Gardeners Can Help Monarch ButterfliesBeautiful orange and black Monarch butterflies depend on milkweed as a home for their larvae. This is a page about how gardeners can help Monarch butterflies.


Man Holding Cicada

Cicada Photos and InformationMany of us are familiar with the distinctive sound of the cicada. Some varieties can live underground for up to 17 years feeding on roots. This page contains cicada photos and information.


damage to chard leaf

Leaf Miner Beetle Damage to Garden...This is a page about leaf miner beetle damage to garden vegetables. The leaf miner larva can do noticeable damage to your leafy green garden veggies.


wasp on bright green foliage

Wasp and Hornet PhotosThis is a page about wasp and hornet photos. Despite their negative reputation, wasps and hornets can be quite beautiful and make an excellent photo subject.



Harlequin Bug

Garden Insects: Harlequin BugsThis is a page about garden insects: harlequin bugs. These beetles cause plants to wilt, turn brown and die by literally "sucking the juices right out of them."


A grasshopper in the garden.

Photos of Garden InsectsIf you have a garden you probably have a lot of insects. This page contains photos of garden insects.


Honeybee on a strawberry blossom.

Honeybee Information and PhotosThis page contains honeybee information and photos. Bees are a very important insect for the pollination of all kinds of flowers.


Bumblebee on a flower.

Bumblebee Information and PhotosThis page contains bumblebee information and photos. These flying insects are very valuable in the garden as they help pollinate many kinds of flowers.


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Information and...This is a page about eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly information and photos. The most common swallowtail east of the Mississippi, the eastern tiger swallowtail is noted for its tiger stripe markings.


Bee Hive Photos

Bee Hive PhotosThis page contains bee hive photos. Although most of us don't want to find a bee hive too close to our home, the hives can be very interesting to photograph.


Monarch Butterfly on Flower

Monarch Butterfly PhotosThis page contains Monarch butterfly photos. These beautiful black and orange butterflies are possibly the best known North American species.


Closeup of Hummingbird Moth by a Purple Flower

Hummingbird Moth PhotosThis page contains hummingbird moth photos. On first glance you might mistake this nectar sipping moth for a baby hummingbird, except for the antennae.


Swallowtail Butterfly

Swallowtail Butterfly Information and PhotosThis is a page about Swallowtail Butterflies - Information and Photos. The swallowtail is a common garden visitor.


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Identifying Black Hairy CaterpillarsI have hundreds of black hairy caterpillars all over my yard. How do I find out what kind they are?


Blue Marine butterfly landed on a geranium bud

Wildlife: A Blue Marine ButterflyThe Blue Marine is a small butterfly that flits about our back garden and enjoys landing on the geranium lavender plants. It is quite small, about the size of your thumbnail.


Lady Bug on a Green Leaf

Identifying Beneficial Garden InsectsThis is a page about identifying beneficial garden insects. With the multitude of bugs flying and crawling around your garden, it can be difficult to know which are best to have near or on your plants. Knowing which insects to keep can be very helpful.


Bee on a red and yellow flower

Garden: My Little Garden Friend (Robinson, IL)I was doing some weeding last year, and came across this busy little honeybee. I watched him for quite a while. It made my day!


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Is Arnold's Grub Killer Safe Around Birds and Pets?I have Arnold grub killer here, what about the birds and my little dog? Having poisoned soil sounds horrible, what a worry!


A black and yellow argiope spider.

Black and Yellow Argiope (Garden Spider)This "beautiful" specimen was hanging outside our living room window. This is as close as I wanted to get! I had never seen this type of web either, the zigzag pattern.



closeup of bumble bee

Bumble Bee On FlowerA close up pic of a bumble bee on my bee balm flowers. He was so busy collecting pollen he didn't notice me, I didn't get stung anyway!


Wildlife: Cucumber BeetleI couldn't help but notice that this tiny bug resembled that of the place he was "nesting", the flower. The similarities seems to match perfectly and I knew, instantly, that I must document the phenomenon.


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When Do Grasshoppers Chirp?Do grasshoppers chirp in the day or night?


Wildlife: ButterfliesThis spring my daughter and I had a fun time catching butterflies! We were quite excited they were landing on us. I love her smile in this picture!


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Copper Colored Bug with White "Flowers" All OverI do not have a picture of it, but at work I came across a beautiful bug, went to lots of identify a bug sites, but there are zillions. Wondered if I describe it maybe someone will know, or maybe saw one before.


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Pests That Attack SunflowersI am a very amateur gardener, and I decided to take a stab at growing sunflowers. My only problem is there are these tiny yellow-black larvae-worms that are tunneling in the leaves of my sunflowers and eating the leaves from the inside out.


Butterfly and MarigoldsI snapped this little guy checking out my flowers on the deck, a sure sign of spring in this area!


Busy Butterfly (Monarch Butterfly) - butterfly on flower

Busy Butterfly (Monarch Butterfly)I came across this beautiful Monarch butterfly on an early morning walk this September. Intensely feeding on nectar, and pollinating the flower, he did not seem to notice me at all! Quietly, I leaned in closer and closer until I captured him on film. Then I left him unbothered and continued on.


black and white bug

What is This Insect?I came out to my car to find this on my windshield! It was huge...about 4 inches long including it's antennae. I have never seen anything like it before!


striped beetle

What Kind of Beetle is This?My son found this beetle on the wall at the library and insisted that I take a photo of it. Does anyone know what kind of beetle it is?


How Honeybees Make Honey

How Honeybees Make HoneyWithout these remarkable insects, as many as two-thirds of the plant species in the world and roughly a third of the average U.S. diet would simply disappear.


Know Your Beneficial Insects - lady bug larva

Know Your Beneficial InsectsMost of us know ladybugs are just one of a group of insects that are beneficial to the garden. But what about the ladybug in other than the adult stage? I discovered something very interesting.


A large argiope spider on a wood fence.

Argiope ~ The Writing SpiderWe, and most of our neighbors, had gardens. They were always home to several writing spiders. With this spider being very active during the day, it was not uncommon to encounter a few during any visit to the garden.


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What Kind of Eggs Are These? - cluster of eggs on siding

What Kind of Eggs Are These?These egg clusters are all over the outside of my house. Any idea what they are?


Identifying Insect Eggs on a Tomato Plant - cluster of tiny yellow eggs on tomato leaf

Identifying Insect Eggs on a Tomato Plant?I found these on my tomato plant, any idea what kind of eggs they are?


Identifying Insect Eggs Found on Wood Deck?

Identifying Insect Eggs Found on Wood Deck?Yesterday I saw about 30 of these on the railing of my wood deck. At first I thought they were ants carrying crumbs, but after looking closer I only see a small black dot on the bottom. They seemed to be wiggling some. Today I found even more on the back deck and some on my wood front railing. I am not sure what they are or where they came from!



What Are These in My Potted Flowers?

What Are These in My Potted Flowers?What are these in my potted flowers? They are more brownish color, the flash made them look whiter. Also what's the best way to get rid of them?


What Insect Laid These Eggs? - cluster of eggs on pepper plant leaf

What Insect Laid These Eggs?I found them on a leaf of my pepper plant. They are very very small and they came up all together (none separated) when I peeled it off the leaf.


Identifying Small Brown Bugs - bug on light wood looking background

Identifying Small Brown Bugs?What is this house bug? I found them in my house by all the entrance doors.


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