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Information about raising and caring for pet ducks.

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Making a Duck Pond

Making a Duck PondThis is a page about making a duck pond. Raising backyard fowl is becoming quite popular. If you choose to have ducks they will need a some type of pond.


Mallard Duck Tending Nest of Eggs

Mallard Duck Laid EggsThis page is about Mallard duck laid eggs. Wild ducks often will lay their eggs in your yard, on a deck, or other places in close proximity to human activity.


Raising Runner Ducks

Raising Runner DucksThis is a page about raising runner ducks. These upright domestic ducks are known for being quieter than most other breeds. They are excellent egg layers, and love foraging for bugs and slugs.


Clipping a Duck's Wings

Clipping a Duck's WingsThis is a page about clipping a duck's wings. To keep your pet ducks at home when they are grazing in the yard, you will need to clip or have their wings clipped.


Baby ducks hatching in an incubator

Incubating Duck Eggs?This page is about incubating duck eggs. If you don't have a broody mother duck, an incubator can help you hatch poultry eggs.


Muscovy Ducks in grass.

Muscovy Duck Information and PhotosThe Muscovy duck is native to Mexico, Central, and South America. This duck breed is characterized by its large size, heavy body, warty lumpy red facial skin, and long neck. This page contains Muscovy duck information and photos.


Khaki Campbell Duck

Khaki Campbell Duck Information and Photos?This variation of the domesticated Campbell duck was introduced in England in 1901. They are a cross between the Mallard, Rouen, and Runner ducks. This breed is known for its prolific egg laying. This page contains Khaki Campbell duck information and photos.


Pekin/Runner Duck Babies - ducklings in the sink for a swim

Pekin/Runner Duck BabiesWe got them when they were a week old. These new little ones will be joining our lone runner duck. He recently lost both of his pen mates and is very lonely!


Pekin Ducks Photos

Pekin Ducks PhotosThis is a page about Pekin ducks. The Pekin duck is a breed of domestic duck used primarily for egg and meat production. It originated in China and was brought to the US in the 1800's. They make great pets and are highly intelligent.


Making a Duck Pond

Stock Tank Duck PondMy husband finally had a chance to make our ducks a permanent pond. It has an awesome gravel ramp and a faucet drain to make water changes super easy!


Runner Ducks Weeks 4 and 5

Our Runner Ducks (Weeks 4 and 5)Our ducks are getting bigger and stinkier by the day! They are definitely outgrowing the pen in the garage and will be moving outside very soon. They really need more space and a bigger pool of water to play in.


Muscovy Duckling - baby in blanket

Muscovy DucklingThis baby came from mama duck, whose name is Wings. She is a very good mama ;) This is one of our 9 Muscovy babies. This baby is so pretty, and sweet. She (or he) needed a bath and some cuddles. I had to share ;)


Runner Ducks in the Snow

Runner Ducks in the SnowOur runner ducks don't shy away from any type of weather. I always worry about them when the weather gets yucky. We had a surprised snow storm this week and I wanted to see what they were up to. As I walked into the yard, they ran up to greet me and tell me all about the snow. :) They loved it!


Our Runner Ducks (Weeks 7 and 8)

Our Runner Ducks (Weeks 7 and 8)We officially have grown up ducks. There are little to no baby feathers on any of them, although the dark one has a funny little mohawk of baby feathers running down its neck still. They seem to have settled into their new home.


Our Runner Ducks (Week 6)

Our Runner Ducks (Week 6)The main event this week was moving day! We purchased a large dog run at Costco and are working on modifying it so that it protects them from predators. We placed the placed the dog run on pavers, in part to level the area and to help with predators.


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Ducks Laying Their Eggs in the Pond?I have 3 female ducks and 2 males. The males have been mounting the females. The problems is that they lay all their eggs in the pond. We can see them laying on the bottom. Is there a way to stop this?


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Pekin Ducks Not Sitting on Eggs?I have 3 female pekin ducks and 1 male. The three ladies have all been laying eggs for many weeks, but will only sit at night. They are also using the same nest and up to 25 eggs will be clumped together, but since there are so many a lot will start breaking.


Moving Pekin Duck Eggs - duck pen near the lake shore

Moving Pekin Duck Eggs?We live on a hill on a lake. We have 3 hens & 3 drakes. They have been mating when I let them out every day to go in the lake. I have 2 dog houses in the pen as nesting areas. After I saw our first egg broken since it was not laid in the dog house I put some hay and wood chips in the houses hoping she would make nest.



Female Duck Doesn't Stay on Her Eggs

Female Duck Doesn't Stay on Her Eggs?We have 1 male and 2 female ducks that we got from a friend. One of the females laid a nest of at least 15 eggs. She doesn't sit on the nest all the time, but she does every few hours.


Duck Not Sitting on Eggs - eggs in a wood chip filled container

Duck Not Sitting on Eggs?My magpie duck has laid 16 eggs one every day since January 1st, but she doesn't sit on them. She is only a year old. Will she sit or should I collect them?


Duck Won't Sit On Her Fertile Eggs - ducklings and nest of eggs

Duck Won't Sit On Her Fertile Eggs?I have 2 ducks; 1 male and 1 female. She laid a total of 16 eggs and then sat on them as well. After a period of 15 to 18 days, 3 of her eggs finally hatched! :) Today is the 3rd day since all 3 eggs hatched, but she won't sit on the rest of her eggs. And if she does sit on them, she doesn't cover all of them like she used to and did before.


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