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succulent plant in coffee cup flowerpot

What Is This Plant?
Does the plant information stick in the pot identify it?


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Using Beans for Flowerpot Drainage?
I think youre talking about dried beans from the grocery store since seed beans would be an expensive way to go. I doubt beans for cooking would sprout. But they would soak up a lot of water. Then theyd rot. I doubt that would be healthy for your flowers, but...


salad serving

Dandelion Greens and Pomegranate...
I love dandelion greens! This salad with that dressing sounds so good! I have to try this soon. Dandelion greens are also really good chopped roughly and thrown in with rice, pasta, and soups.


Bread cooked in a cast iron skillet.

Skillet Bread
Ariela; your KitchenAide should be great for mixing this dough. Itll be a sticky dough that doesnt require any kneading by hand or machine. Read the instuctions to find out which beater/hook you need for mixing thick doughs.


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Homemade Yeast?
Look up sourdough starter on line. Its kind of like harvesting yeast from the air. Make some, and when you want to bake, you need recipes using the starter. You take part of the starter for your recipe, and replenish whats left with more of the ingredients...


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Individual Apple Crunch
In a hurry - have to go make this now!


Mama Bear Porridge

Mama Bear Porridge
Oh, yum! I love oatmeal and will even eat it for dessert with a little sugar and a splash of cream. I love the idea of adding sweentened condensed milk! I have to try your recipe!


pear tree

Too Many Pears?
Its a blessing! Free food! A lot of people swear by thinning the fruit when its just starting to form. Just snip off the excess blossoms or fruit. More energy for the remaining fruit. That can mean bigger, sweeter fruit. Thin it out more at the ends of the...


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Portabella Turkey Burgers
I dont know how I missed it, but I used 1/3 cup of the chopped cherry tomatoes. Sorry!


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Portabella Turkey Burgers
Oh boy, it also doesnt give the amount of turkey. I was sure I put the information in! Its 1 lb of turkey. Sorry! (b)Editors Note:(/b) Well get it added.


Sliced potatoes in skillet.

Spicy Candied Sweet Potatoes
Im so sorry! Somehow I forgot to list a very important thing in the ingredient list - Add 1 - 1/2 cup of water after the potatoes are lightly browned. Simmer until done and liquid is a little thickened! You might have to add a little more if it starts getting...


View of child's bookcase and storage bins.

Organizing a Kid's Room Inexpensively
This is a great idea! And if you have more than one child, you can buy 2 different colors!



Pretty Artwork for Pennies

Pretty Artwork for Pennies
This is a great idea! I am always seeing beautiful pictures in magazines, and calendars, too! Thank you.


White clouds in blue sky.

Afternoon Sky


Closeup of a Pom's face.

Chompers (Pomeranian)
He looks so happy!


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Creamed Peas Recipes Using Canned Peas?
My mother made a yummy version by making a medium white sauce, draining the peas, and mixing them. For the white sauce, make a roux with 2 T butter, 2 T flour. Stir in one cup milk, and salt and pepper to taste. Stir over medium-low heat until smooth and creamy...


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Creamy Cantaloupe Pie
Oh my goodness, this sounds so good! I have to try it. Thank you for posting it!


Tender Beef Roast

Tender Beef Roast
MMMM! All those veggies cooked in with the roast will taste so good! The tomatoes will help tenderize the roast, and add flavor. Sounds great!


Tender Beef Roast

Tender Beef Roast
Ladies, I tried this recipe. It is sooo good! Tomorrow we are having roast beef sandwiches with the leftovers.


A homemade pot pie on a table.

Quick and Easy Pot Pie
Suddenly I am starving! This looks and sounds so good!


Blonde Pomeranian sitting in the grass

Chompers (Pomeranian)
He is adorable!


Serenity (Cleveland, OH)

Serenity (Cleveland, OH)
Wow, this is beautiful! It looks like a wonderful place.



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Read Your Coupons!
great tip!


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What is Dark Brown Treacle Sugar?
Brown sugar is something you can make yourself, if you have molasses. I havent bought brown sugar in many years. I just take the amount of sugar needed, then add molasses, the mild kind, and mix it in thoroughly with a fork. Actually, I am lazy, and I dont...


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Delicious Homemade Flavored Coffee Creamer
Yikes! I made a big mistake in this recipe - you dont add 1 pint of hot water, you add 1 cup! Sorry about that!


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Delicious Homemade Flavored Coffee Creamer
Thank you for correcting the recipe!


Hamburger and Cabbage Soup Recipe?
Hi. I dont have a real recipe - I cook the old fashioned way, adding things and cooking it until it looks right, just a way of saying cooking to suit myself and my family. So no measurements here, just a guideline. I make it the way I make stuffed cabbage, without...


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Recipes Using Spaghetti Squash?
Spaghetti squash is so good! I use it as a substitute for pasta. Using a large knife, I stab a few holes to let off steam, and I microwave it until soft, turning it over every 10 minutes (or the bottom will be mushy by the time the top cooks. I dont like it...


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Using Pesticides on a Vegetable Garden?
You should never, ever use it, or any other pesticide on things you are going to eat. Some foods will absorb it through their flesh. Some will absorb it through their roots. If you wouldnt eat it, dont put it on your food. Sevin kills beneficial insects as...


Kitty laying upside down.

Tigger (Kitty)
Hes adorable!


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Citric Acid Solution for Aphids
Thank you for an all natural way to protect our plants!


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Child Acting Older Than Her Age?
First of all, you have to find out where she is getting the clothes and make-up, and where she is changing clothes and putting the make-up on. Either she is stealing, which means making her take the stuff back and pay the consequences, as well as ending any...


Bear Vase

Tiny Vases for Flowers
Bless you for sharing your beautiful flowers, especially for giving the children the opportunity to give to their parents.



Windchime for Path Garden gate.

Wind Chime for The Path Garden Gate
This is so sweet. It is so good of you to share this garden with the neighborhood. Some of the children, like these two, will get so much out of it. They sound like they have big hearts like you.


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Bluebarb Jam
I got 3 pints and 4 half pints for the canner, and nearly 1/2 pint for the fridge.


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Homemade Catalina Salad Dressing
I like the mix of herbs in this, it sounds really good. Thank you for another good recipe!


Fluffy Clouds (Strongsville, OH)

Fluffy Clouds (Strongsville, OH)
So pretty! It was a beautiful day.


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My Frugal Life: When Shortcuts Cost You Big Money
This is good advice. Insurance is too important to scrimp on.


Clay Pot Gal

Clay Pot Gal
Now that is nice! I just love your Clay Pot Gal! You could sell these at garden centers for a lot of money.


Freezing grated zest using wax paper

Freezing Zest in Wax Paper
Great ideas, and very frugal. Having some lovely zest in the freezer to use whenever I want is a great idea. Thank you!


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Parental Consistency?
You are right, and your husband is very, very wrong. He is teaching your son to lie, and to pit one parent against another. He probably does not realize it, but he might be trying to win your sons love, to be nice Daddy while you are mean Mommy. It probably...


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Delectable Biscuits
Kerly, it is so good you commented! I wrote this up wrong - you are supposed to add tsp of baking powder, not soda! I hope no one has made these and had a big failure. Im sorry, everyone. (b)Editors Note:(/b) We have edited the recipe to show the correct ingredients...


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Retirement Gift Ideas
Youre right - when you think about the persons hobbies and interests, you will find a great present for them.


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The Lowly Bread Machine
You are so right! Grocery store bread is outrageous - and not nearly as healthy as they want us to believe. We see loaves of dark brown bread there and think they must be whole wheat. But they are actually colored with molasses (if you are lucky) or with who...


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Saving Money on School Supplies and Clothing
This is really good advice. Often last years school supplies are lost by the time the new school year starts. Taking care of it now and putting things away will save you from looking for them in a few months, and also save a lot of money. Shopping a thrift...


Waterfall in rainforest exhibit.

Serenity (Cleveland Metroparks Zoo)
Wow, I cant wait to go see it in person! There is something so peaceful and calm about water. This is a really nice picture!


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Low Fat Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
I have always liked the idea of toasted cheese, but greasy bread fried in butter is unappetizing to me. This is a perfect solution for me. Without all the grease, I think I will be able to taste the cheese a lot better. It also sounds nice and crunchy. Crunchy...


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Whole Wheat Pancake Mix
This is a great recipe, thank you for sharing! Pancakes are great - healthier pancakes are even better!


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Lemon Basil Pasta Alla Checca
Lime basil is also very good, and Thai basil is great in Asian dishes. This pasta sounds really good. I will definitely have to try it. You always post great recipes!


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Sauteed Cilantro Lime Corn
This sounds really good!


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Homemade Syrup
This is exactly how my mother made syrup, and it is really good - lots better than store bought, and very easy.


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Chicken and Black Bean Chili
Oh my gosh, Im reading this recipe, and it just keeps getting better and better! This is a must try recipe, sounds very flavorful and colorful. This sounds like one I will want to can, and the salsa sounds like something I will serve with other meals. thank...


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Chicken and Black Bean Chili
This recipe is really outstanding! I tried it, and is delicious. The flavors are vibrant and wonderful. Spooning the salsa on top is just wonderful, but it is good without the salsa too. The salsa recipe is excellent - Ill make it for other meals too. I put...


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Measuring Margarine When Substituting for Butter?
If you have the soft margarine in a tub, dont use it, it will definitely turn out wrong. It has even more water in it than regular margarine.


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Frugal Ways to Clean and Pack Your Camper
Really good ideas, Beverly! I find that a lot of people give up on camping because they leave the cleaning until they are getting ready to go again, and because they have to move so many things into the camper. With the camper clean and ready to go, you can...


Recipe for a Happy Marriage

Recipe for a Happy Marriage
This is good advice. We choose how we react to life, and how we treat others. Life has to be happier if you choose to react with as much love and kindness as possible. Its a habit we should all foster. Thank you! I hope all the young people on TF read this...


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Chocolate Covered Oranges
Another yummy recipe! Just thinking about the taste contrasts makes my mouth water!


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Neighbor's Dogs Digging Into My Yard?
If you are handy with tools, or know someone who is, you could try fastening a piece of chicken wire to your side of the fence covering the hole and bury the wire so that when they dig, they just run into wire - they cant dig through that. You could line your...


Ham and Cheese Popovers in the pan

Ham and Cheese Popovers
Im sorry, these just arent popovers. Popovers are made from a thin batter. They rise very high and, when done, are hollow. Your recipe sounds delicious and super easy, definitely going to try it, but this is more like a muffin or turnover. This would be tastier...


A plate of oatmeal cookies

Vi's Oatmeal Plus Cookies
Oatmeal raisin cookies are my favorite. With chocolate chips? Heavenly! I am making these this week! Thank you for another great recipe.


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Remedy for Runny Nose?
Do you sleep on down/feather pillows or comforter? You might also be allergic or sensitive to your shaving cream or some product you are using first thing.


Raccoon on wood pile.

Ronnie (Raccoon)
Thank you for sharing this lovely story. There used to be a mother raccoon who would bring her babies to visit every night as I sat on my porch. They would come within touching distance, but I never tried to touch them. I liked having some treats to give them...


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Finding Heirloom Seeds
This is a great idea! It will work with heirlooms. Saving tomato seeds is a bit of a process, but its easy. There are many websites and books that will take you through it, step by step. Then next year you have lots of delicious, wonderful tomatoes! Thank you...


Chompers (Pomeranian) with a boy.

Chompers (Pomeranian)
They are adorable!


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Harry Potter Movie Cast?
Yes, Robert Pattinson did play Cedric.


Tipsy Flower Pots (The Path Garden) - close up

Tipsy Flower Pots (The Path Garden)
This is so nice! It is a lot of fun, too. People are going to wonder how you did it! Itll brighten a lot of days for you, and everyone who sees it. Thank you for another great pic!


Indian Flat Bread

Pudhina Paratha (Mint Flatbread)
Thank you so much for the recipe! I love making various kinds of flat breads, especially stuffed with spices and onions and such. They are so wonderful, especially hot off the grill. But I never thought of making them with mint! I can see that these would be...


humming bird bathing 2

Baby Hummer Takes a Bath (Our Back Yard)
These photos are amazing! You hardly ever see these little sweeties holding still. You must have had a wonderful time watching. I just had to vote for these pics! Thank you for sharing them.


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Difference Between Mint Tea and Green Tea?
Usually green tea means tea that hasnt been processed much, made from tea leaves. Mint tea is an herbal tea, and should be safe - but you cant know for sure without asking an expert. Your pharmacist should know, or at least know how to find out. Any kind of...


A stained glass window using cut wine bottle bottoms.

Use Wine Bottles In Stained Glass
Beautiful! And what a kind offer to help others. Kudos.


Mug Cake

3, 2, 1 Cake (Microwave)
This is just great when there are just 1 or 2 to cook for. What a great idea!


painting old windows

Painting Old Windows
This is really great! I just love this idea. Window is beautiful!


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4 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies
This is a real good recipe. Its fast, easy, and they are awesome.


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Italian Beef Sandwiches
I have never tried this technique before, but Ill bet the meat turns out very tender. Sounds soooo good!


Finished Pretzel Kisses

Pretzel Kisses
Oooh, I love this recipe! It really does sound addictive, and so easy!


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