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Gluing into heart.

Button and Scarf Heart Shaped Wall Hanging
Poor But Proud - Thanks and yes, I so agree. TF is such a great site and it's wonderful to share creativity and ideas with others. Hope this finds you well.


Acrylic Frame Note Holders

Acrylic Frame Note Holder
Very clever idea! These would make nice little gifts also. Bravo!


Paint Roller Snowmen

Paint Roller Snowmen
Thanks for the kind feedback everyone. These are a great and simple craft and I hope you all will try them. Let me know how the string worked. Maybe a cotton type so that it won't cut through the foam? Would love to see them!


Sock Cupcake with Cherry on top

Cupcake Socks
Cute, cute, cute! Great job and thanks for sharing! These would even make great party favors. I like giving my grandkids little gifts from time to time and I will sure use your project. Great instructions!


Pumpkin pin

Autumn Pins
Thanks Robyn!


A blue expandable file box for important paperwork.

Be Prepared For An Emergency
Hi kerly87, What I meant by "overshopping", which may not have been the best word to use, pertained to fresh meats and such. During the heavy months of hurricane season, I just buy less "fresh" foods and more types that can keep in the pantry and last indefinitely...


A blank grocery list ready to be filled out.

Thrifty Grocery Shopping
Thanks for the feedback ladies along with some good tips also! I too, jot down my meals on the back of that list. I put a number next to each meal and then jot the corresponding number next to any items that I'm buying special for any of those meals. So, if...


Homemade Piggy Bank

Prissy Pig Bank
Adorable and I bet it holds a lot of change!


finished blue and yellow bootie

Felt Baby Booties
Great Job and sooooo darn cute. Sure will be soft for baby feet!


Group photo of several sock creatures.

Zik the Zinosaur
Thank you both for your kind feedback and I'm glad you like the aliens. They are so colorful and bright, one can't help but smile. I hope the kids have as much fun playing with them as I had creating them! The great thing about making them, is that anything...


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Planning a 20th Nursing Reunion?
Hi Jeanna, What fun for you all! I would surely go with the medical theme. How about snacks or favors tied up in surgical masks or in gloves? Put salt and pepper for the tables in empty aspirin bottles with holes punched in the top. Invitations can be made...


snowman door wreath wearing sweater, knit cap, gloves, and scarf

Snowman Wreath
Thanks for the feedback and glad that you like my snow buddy. I'm tickled that you are going to make one and if you have any questions or need help in any way, please feel free to shoot me a message! Going to try my hand at a Santa next. Good luck and happy...



Refill and spray bottles of Awesome cleaner

Product Review: Awesome Cleaner
Also have to jump on the band wagon! Someone suggested I try it years ago and I still use it. Best cleaner ever! A lot of people write in asking how to get rid of nicotine and I highly suggest using Awesome. Just spray it on and you will see the nicotine just...


A blue silk flower pin with a pearl center

Synthetic Silk Flower Pins
Really cute! Thanks for sharing!


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Need Help Organizing Personal Belongings?
Heather, I do agree with both other feedbacks. People have a tendency to feel attached to items but really, that is what they are. Just stuff. You will have to eventually go through your things. Keep only the things that hold a very special bond for you such...


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Dawn Dish Soap for Fleas on Dogs?
Connie, Dawn is the most awesome flea killer. My daughter in law turned me onto it and I've used it ever since. It has to be the "blue" dawn. Just soap up the dog with it and you will actually see those critters rise to the top and fall off. Not only does it...


The sun centered perfectly behind a large tree on a foggy morning.

Sun Through the Fog (Colfax, LA)
Breathtaking...glad you didn't miss this one and hope you have many more!


Magnetic arm band finished.

Dad's Magnetic Helper
Thanks and what a great idea you have. Think I'll make a smaller one for my purse! Thanks for the idea.



Mountain Landscape
Absolutely stunning and what a beautiful memory you are able to look at every day! Thanks for sharing that with us all.


Photo of a Super Doll

Dapper Dad Doll
Thank you latrtatr! Hope you're working on something crafty!


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Organizing a Small Bedroom?
Hi Michaela! When you can't go "out", go "UP"! It's a great way to take advantage of your space and give you a chance for more storage. How about cabinets painted a pretty color to match your bedroom stuff? You can even make the front of one a cork board, photo...


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Transplanting Wild Roadside Ferns?
Ron, Hang in there with them. In my experience, I've had good luck with ferns. They may look bad at first and you may lose some. On others the main fern leaves may die but you will probably see new shoots coming out from the base. Curly new babies that will...


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Transplanting Wild Roadside Ferns?
One more suggestion I forgot. My neighbors use to let me take as many as I wanted from their yard. They grew wild everywhere. I dug deep enough so as not to break the roots any more than necessary. Once I got them home, I filled a bucket with water and let...


Bell pepper with brwon spot on side

Brown Areas on My Green Bell Peppers?
Hi Steven, Mine also did that one time so I had to do some homework. Some causes are sunburn and if this is the case, you won't be able to cure the ones already affected but in the next batch, give them plenty of nitrogen fertilizer in the beginning. This will...



A black swallowtail butterfly on Sweet William.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly and Black...
I have to second that one! Awesome pictures and I too, have never seen a dragon fly such as that one so thank you for sharing. Isn't it wonderful what gifts nature gives to us!?!


Interior view of doll house

Ideas for Making a Fairy House From a Doll House?
Think woodland. I would use a lot of things from nature. Use a good bonding glue that works well on plastic and wood. You can cover the entire house in twigs and moss. How a bout a path coming out from the front? Use a heavy cardboard base and cover it with...


Photo of Blue Plastic Bag Wreath

Memorial Day Wreaths
What a great way to use plastic bags and the result is stunning! Great job!


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Ideas for Working After Retirement?
If you enjoy being around people, places like Goodwill and Salvation Army are always looking for good help. I know Goodwill hires a lot of retired folks on a part time basis. Libraries are another place you might want to check into.


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Inexpensive Party Locations for Teens and Adults?
I have to agree with fletc3her. I would have posted the same suggestion, especially at this nice time of year. Usually the outside areas with picnic tables are free and the shelter covered ones are a minimal amount, at least in my experience. They work out...


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Recycling Used Tea Bags and Loose Tea?
Here's a few. Wrap in cheese cloth and add to hot bath (Green and herbals) Green tea absorbs odors- place some in fridge. I agree with PookaRina on the ferns. Add brewed leaves to potting soil. Makes good plant food. Poach some pears in brewed tea. Yum!


fish tank bank with orange and purple fish cutouts on front

Fish Tank Bank
So Cute and Clever!


Seasonal Refrigerator Magnets

Seasonal Refrigerator Magnets
Great way to recycle those magnets and keep the kids busy at the same time. Good idea!


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Why Don't My Dogwoods Bloom?
Hi Sue, Here's a few things I know that can cause dogwood not to bloom, I hope it may help. Too much nitrogen: most trees are planted in middle of lawn and lawn fertilizers are very high in nitrogen. This is good for the leaves but can stop tree from blossoming...


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Getting Rid of Spider Mites?
Hi Judy, If you still need a fix for mites, try this. In a clean spray bottle, mix 5ozs. of isopropyl rubbing alcohol with 5ozs. of water. Add 1/8 tsp. of liquid soap (not detergent). Spray all leaves, stems, soil and underside of foliage. Reapply if necessary...


circus tent card

Circus Birthday Card
Cute, cute, cute! Any child would love it! Great job!


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Use Banana Peels When Transplanting Roses?
Hi LeLonnie, I don't know about prior to planting but yes, yes, yes on the banana peels for roses. They are high in nutrients and roses love them. Just pull back some dirt around them, drop a peel or two and put dirt back over. Your neighbors will be asking...



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Can I Get Seeds from a Clematis Vine?
Hi Carol, Propagation for this plant is accomplished 3 ways. Root division, stem cutting and planting seed which you can get from an existing vine or from a nursery. Seed takes the longest and can be started indoors during the fall. Check out this site for...


Recycled Frisbee Bird Feeder feeder made from plastic container and two Frisbees

Recycled Frisbee Bird Feeder
Very neat idea and those FL. birds are gonna love you!


Mother's Day Card - Remembering Mother

Mother's Day Card - Remembering Mother
What a beautiful way to share memories... you brought tears to my eyes. My mother's been gone for years and I still miss her. I wish every Mom a wonderful Mother's Day.


Spaghetti strap top

Altered Dress Shirt Into a Summer Top
Simply adorable and you did a great job! Bet lots of gals will be searching their closets for long sleeve shirts, including me. Bravo!


Rainbow Bracelet

Rainbow Soda Pop Tab Bracelet
Awesome, funky and fun...great job!


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Decorating Luggage?
Decoupage! if you haven't done it, try it. you'll have a lot of fun and you can make it look any way you'd like. When done, do a coat of varnish and it will survive anything. I have done several, including a cosmetic case that I keep in my bathroom to store...


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Removing Dog Urine from Carpet and Hardwood?
Try a product called Spot Shot. A lot of the dollar tree stores have a smaller can of it so you won't spend much if it doesn't work. It's a great product. Just spray it on and it's almost like it raises the stain to the top and then you dab at it with a sponge...


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Dried Paint On Jeans?
Not sure you can especially if the paint is not water based. It has probably soaked itself into the jean fabric. I think the only good chance you had was washing them right after it happened but not sure that would have removed it all even then. Someone may...


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Unique Ways to Give Money as a Gift to a Teenage Boy?
Hi Betty, I know how you feel! My oldest grandson turned 14 and it's a challenge coming up with gift ideas for teen boys. This year for his birthday, we decided to give him money so he could buy something for himself but we didn't want to just stick cash in...


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Homemade Cleaner for Nicotine Stains on Walls?
Marilyn, I don't know about home made solutions but I use a product called Awesome and you can buy it at Dollar Tree. I was told of this cleaner years ago and have used it faithfully since. It cuts through nicotine the second you spray it on and lives up to...


Recycled Cardboard Tube Bunnies

Cardboard Tube Bunnies
So cute, makes me smile just looking at them! They would be adorable in the center of a dining room table in some Easter grass with eggs laying around. Great job!


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Is Peanut Butter Okay for Dogs?
Hi Millie, Recently my son sent me a story that a vet wrote to aware people of foods that are toxic to dogs. He tried saving a dog who had got into a box of raisins. Unfortunately the dog died and the vet wanted pet owners to know that grapes and raisins are...


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Determining Fair Market Value for Donations?
Hi kb, I use to work for donations at a Goodwill. This was the most asked question. These places are not allowed to put a price on your items but make sure that you do get a reciept on every visit. It is up to the person donating to keep a $ value on the items...


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Blood Stain on Carpet?
Linda, I had the same problem and used a product called Spot Shot. You can find it at WalMart and I see small cans of it in Dollar stores. This stuff is really good and now I always keep a can around. Spray some on and dab the spot. It's almost like the stain...


Round t-shirt rag rug.

T-Shirt Rag Rug
Great idea suzy! I bet it's soft also and what a good way to use unwanted t-shirts. Bravo!


Puppies sleeping in a dog bed made from old socks.

Recycled Pet Bed
I'm with the rest of the crowd! what a great idea, soft and cozy. Adorable pups! Great job!


What is This Plant?

What is This Plant?
Stephanie, yellow leaves is often a sign of watering problems, usually over watering and/or drainage. It's hard to see from your picture but does the pot have drainage holes? If it were me, I would transplant it, giving it all new soil. Put "identify plants...


Finished wreath.

Diaper Wreath
Adorable, simply adorable! Great idea!


finished bracelets

Wrap-n-Snap Bracelet
Thanks Suzy, they really are fun to make!


finished bracelets

Wrap-n-Snap Bracelet
Thanks a bunch latrtatr!!! They take so little materials to make and they would be a great craft for kids to help make. You can even do them in school colors. Maybe a foam letter of the school or team?


Bunny bean bag game or Easter basket.

Tisket Tasket Bean Bag Basket
Note: I apologize but forgot one step in making basket.When you cut a base for the inside of the box, also cut 4 sides for the inside, using the kleenex box for a template. On step 5, after inserting the fasteners for the handle, lay a piece of tape over them...


My Frugal Life: Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!
I love how a creative mind works! Now I know some ideas of how to use the last bits of candles. Great suggestions! Way to go!


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Removing Nicotine Stains from Window Frames?
Lora, Just one word, Awesome. I came across this cleaner several years ago while working in retail and have not bought a different cleaner since. I use it for just about everything but it's fantastic for getting nicotine off anything. Just spray and you will...


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Thrifty Easter Ideas?
Marcia,You can make baskets from any plastic container by cutting the portion you want off or from any empty box. Just cover with papers or even drawings that the kids make. They can decorate their own for a great craft. You can make chicks from their hand...


Button pin with red background.

Floral Button Pins
Beautiful! Love it!


Wildlife: Crab
It's not easy getting a picture of one of those guys. they move fast but you did it and a great picture at that! Good job!


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What is the Scientific Name for the Black Mold on My Cotton Fabric?
Hi Rakhi, I believe the scientific name for black mold is "STACHYBOTYS CHARTARUM. Very dangerous mold so be careful. You didn't mention if you have any in your home or where the mold on your cotton fabrics came from but you should rid yourself of the problem...


Pink and blue onesie invitations.

Onesie or Dress Baby Shower Invitations
Adorable, truly adorable! Great idea!


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Removing Stickers from Plastic?
I too, suggest Goo Gone. You can buy it at Dollar Tree. Works great on a lot of things and always good to have around. A bottle will last quite awhile.


paper covered boxes made into three drawer bureau

Greeting Card Box Bureau
It's amazing what one can do with empty boxes and how the creative mind works to come up with an idea like this. Adorable! Great job!


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Inexpensive Baby Shower Ideas?
Becca, I helped with the decoration for my daughter-in-law's shower. There are many decorations that that will look super, but cost little. How about the cake being a diaper? Just bake a 13x9 cake and cut bottom 2 corners off at angle. Spread with white frosting...


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Vinegar and Aluminum Foil To Replace Fabric Softener
Well done! You got my vote! Awesome tip and I will be using it starting with my very next laundry trek! Thanks for sharing!


My frugal Life Mural

Going Public After Cosmetic Surgery (For...
Thank you so much Erin813. I was halfway okay once my hands stopped shaking and better once I started painting. I just peeked in their garage from time to time to make sure the extra house was still there just in case, but they loved the end result! Whew!


My frugal Life Mural

Going Public After Cosmetic Surgery (For...
Thank you so much for your kind words. I have always loved to paint and sometimes think I may have had a paintbrush in my hand when I was born. I, like you, enjoy greatly the town's such as your husbands, who give personality and character to their surroundings...


My frugal Life Mural

Going Public After Cosmetic Surgery (For...
redhatterb, thank you much and I agree with you. I'm sure there are towns somewhere that would not allow this but if it's done in good taste, I think it gives a special character to the neighborhood. Luckily, I live in such a town and all the neighbors love...


My frugal Life Mural

Going Public After Cosmetic Surgery (For...
I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful feedback and taking time to post comments. It is people like you that inspire people like me to continue on to new adventures! I truly appreciate it and I, with paintbrush in hand, am off to give some areas some...


Examples of artwork hanging on wall.

Squished Paint Artwork
Jenn, What a cool idea! With "wow" results. Gotta try this one. Thanks for posting it.


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Making Gray Hair More Vibrant?
Hi Ann, I'm in my 50's and grey hair set in when I was in my late 20's. It runs in our family. I tried dying it for awhile, years ago (hated all that trouble) and one day my husband asked me to leave it grey.He loves it and I always get a lot of compliments...


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What Are The Best Selling Crafts This Year?
Hi mrscrafty, let me say that you are one step ahead due to the fact that you love making crafts! If you have not tried to sell anything yet, I think some good ways to get your "feet wet", so to speak, would be getting into some things like bazaars. Spring...


pliable wax

How Can I Make Wax More Flexible for a Design Project?
Hi Meghan, I don't know if this will help or even work in what your needing, but I made a project one time where I did a srapbook type of look and then framed it. It contain pictures of my brother and I during our childhood. I liked the way the page turned...


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Activities for a 50th Anniversary Open House?
Hi Jen, First allow me to send congratulations for your parents! A 50th is called "golden" because it was an ancient tradition for a husband to give his wife a golden wreath, garland or necklace. It's a celebration of a life spent together and great things...


refurbished child's rocking horse

Carousel Horse Decoration
Thank you maphisx7 and MCW!!! I was thrilled I figured it out and happy with the results. It's amazing what one can do when they are determined to find a way!


refurbished child's rocking horse

Carousel Horse Decoration
Thank you all for your feedbacks. Hope someone comes across one of these and gives it a try. Would love to see it!


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How Do I Build a Kitchen Island?
Hi Renee! If you are lucky enough to have a table top that would work, you're ahead of the saving game. Do you have thrift stores in your area? Check them out, especially ones that carry furniture. I have even found just table legs and built a potting bench...


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Use Sharpie to Decorate Fabric
Great Idea! Can you tell me if they run once you wash an item? I am making an apron for my grand daughter and will use this idea to make the detailed lines if they don't run when washed. Thanks for your help!


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Other Uses for Awesome Cleaner from Dollar General?
Sandy. Awesome is just that. It's awesome! I have used it for years and it has become my single most used cleaner. I don't doubt that it will clean just about everything, including your couch, but just to be on the safe side, find a test spot and do that first...


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Using Pedi Paws?
I purchased it a few weeks ago. We are on the road alot and I thought this would work out great. They show it as an easy thing to operate. I found it to be very awkward and doesn't do the job well. Just my opinion.


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Pruning a Hardy Fuchsia?
Hi Barbara, You should prune the plant after the last frost. Water it and give it an application of fertilizer (18-18-18) at half strength a few days before pruning.Cut away all dead branches and because plant only blooms on new growth, cut to within 1-2 bud...


Yellowing Cactus

Why is My Cactus Turning Yellow?
Hi Beth, Your cactus turning yellow can be a sign for quite a few things. Just there a baby growing off of it? Has it been in the same pot for a long time? The root system might have grown and needs to be repotted. It might be lacking nutrients...


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Inexpensive Birthday Gift for Boyfriend?
Jenny! If I were an 18 year old guy, I would love that as a gift and just the idea that you would like him to have something of yours, is so-o-o sweet. And who cares that some of your friends saw it.The only thing that matters is that you would like him to...


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Outdoor Graduation Party?
Hi Bonita, Once I read your question, my mind started spinning with ideas. What a fun profession theme to throw a party for! I would for sure make it fun by sticking to the "medical theme" Maybe BBQ "ribs" and BBQ chicken "Thighs". How about sending the invitations...


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Cats Spraying Outside Our House?
Hi Icu3, here are some cheap but effective cures.Hope one can work for you. A mixture of cayenne and water. Put in spray bottle.This is nontoxic to animals,doesn't hurt plants but cats hate the smell. Or try this dry mixture: 2 parts cayenne pepper 3 parts...


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Growing an Avocado Tree in Arkansas?
Mac, I did some homework and this is what I found. Avocado trees are a tropical to subtropical tree therefore, do not take well to freezes.If you do plan on planting outside(when mature), they say deep planting and soil mounting around trunk is best assurance...


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Recipe Using Mandarin Oranges in Syrup?
Jessica, Try "Frog Eyed Salad" I've been making it for years and everyone loves it! 1 cup sugar 3 egg yolks 2T flour 1T lemon juice 2 cups pineapple juice 1(160z)package Acini de Pepe pasta 2(20oz)cans pineapple chunks 2(11oz)cans mandarin oranges, drained...


Repairing the Soles on Vintage Basketball Shoes?
I agree with rpfunke. Use Shoe Goo. I think Wal Mart sells it also. Works great!


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Frugal Decorating Web Site?


Think Before Throwing Out

Think Before Throwing Out
I want to say thanks for all the wonderful comments and I hope you all will give this a try. Don't sell yourself short on your talents and you can always paint one with just designs or trace a picture and paint it. Laura, I am so excited that you are going...


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How Do I Make Seashells Shiny?
You can also use clear nail polish. Works just like varnish. I use it on all my small projects. Use the attached brush but a small paintbrush works better.


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Make "Lasagna" From Leftover Macaroni
Hi Danush, thumbs up to your recipe! I'm traveling now and make a lot of skillet meals. Mix some ricotta cheese, pasta, cloves of garlic, hamburger, tom. sauce, onion, green peppers and mushrooms in a skillet. Throw on cheese when done until melted. It tastes...


Recycled Garden Bench

Garden Bench from a Broken Table
Way to go! How cute is that and such a great idea.Did something similar last year when my neighbor threw out a work table. Turned it into a potting table near my shed. Came out great. Super job you did and super cute!


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