GE Washer Problems?

I recently bought a brand new GE washing machine, my last one i had for 16 years. Well with my new one, if I don't get the wash out within 5 minutes of being done i have to rewash it. It smells all musty. What is that all about? I only use tide with fabric softener.


Cindi from Spring Hill

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By Lexi (Guest Post)
June 28, 20070 found this helpful

We had the same problem with a Whirlpool. I found a website: - yes, that really is the link. The stuff really works. You do a major cleaning with it the first time, then do a maintenance load every month or so. The website explains where the smell comes from - it is basically fungus growing on the laundry detergent scum that sticks to the plastic parts of your washer - totally gross. We haven't had any problems with smell since we used the stuff, and the smelly washer stuff hasn't hurt the washer either. It's about $20 upfront, but I've had the same bag for a year, and it's not even 1/4 of the way gone.

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By (Guest Post)
July 2, 20070 found this helpful

you can also run the washer cycle through with a couple of cups of vinegar- this helps ours

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By (Guest Post)
July 2, 20070 found this helpful

Front load? This is a chronic problem due to their failure to drain completely after each use, and the standing H20 gets stagnant.

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By Lynda (Guest Post)
July 2, 20070 found this helpful

I don't agree with the site that says mold/fungus is growing on soap scum. However, I would recommend a good cleaning, then adding 1/8 cup bleach mixed with 1/8 cup cold water to all wash water loads the first week, then to every other load the second week and thereafter, even colored things.


It's such a small amount that no one can get ill from it, and it's just enough to prevent the ALGAE and bacteria from molding before several hours. Try to always empty pockets, shake out any grassy, dusty clothing, and clean mud off shoes prior to washing.

Don't wash rugs/shoes/rags with regular clothing. Try to wash whites AFTER any rug washings, using bleach in the whites to clear out any leftover bacteria/algae from the dirtiest items.

Borax and vinegar don't work too well for such things becaue they really do not have the properties to destroy bacteria/mold/fungi. Also, increase the temp of your wash water from warm to warmer, or from cold to warm, to see if this helps as well.

Once the algae blooming got so bad in our area from too much rain, that I had to call the city who told me to do this. Algae makes the water smell skunky even for drinking/cooking. But it usually passes once you use the bleach in the tiny amounts.


I used to use Lysol, until it was discontinued and the company now only sells Lestoil, which isn't the same formula at all and is over-concentrated, in my opinion.

One day at a garage sale, I bought an old but unused bottle of Lysol and yet I know that when It's out, I have to use bleach. Good luck and God bless you. : )

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By CINDI (Guest Post)
July 6, 20070 found this helpful


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By Jane (Guest Post)
December 13, 20070 found this helpful

Hey, I agree with this lady!!!

Mold in New energy efficient front loading washing machines - Health Hazard

What is the matter with us that we are accepting this outrageous product flaw? It's MOLD people! MOLD which causes allergic reactions, skin and lung problems and is a health risk for crying out loud!


Let's put the blame exactly where it belongs and keep it there until manufacturers clean up their act!

What in the world are we thinking when we allow ourselves to be forced to jump through these ridiculous hoops just do do laundry!?

I am furious and it is over something as stupid as a washing machine! A WASHING MACHINE!!!!

Manufacturers woeful response to government regulations for new water efficiency washing machines has my familys clothing smelling like a stinking, rancid, moldy basement! This is absolutely absurd! I have been told to change laundry detergent, run hot bleach water through my washer and, get this; my washing machine is 1 year old and my clothes smell filthy!!! The mold and mildew from these nasty machines have wreaked havoc through skin rashes and allergies in my children!


I paid over $1,000.00 for this da*ned washing machine and THIS is what is being sold to the public under the disguise of efficiency!!?? I have had a technician at my house when thd machine started leaking all over my floor and since then, have been on the phone about this problem. I have, over the past months, with a technician on the phone, been instructed to do the following:

*Make sure I use high efficiency detergent THAT will fix my problem.
Wrong. I was already doing that!

*Clean the lint trap (..that is stupidly behind a metal access plate that you have to use a screwdriver to remove screws to get to it EVERY TIME) and THAT will fix my problem.

*Clean the water hoses; THAT will fix my problem.

*Clean the gasket around the door. THAT will fix my problem

*Clean the tub with bleach water. THAT will fix my problem.



*REMOVE the hoses and clean the pump. THAT will fix my problem. (By the way, good luck with THAT).

*Take the pump out entirely and clean all inlet, outlets and hoses. THAT will fix my problem.

NONE of this fixed my problem of filthy, wet, stinking, rancid clothing that has endangered my family's health! I even washed my children's clothing out by hand in the bathtub and put them in the washer just to rinse and spin and they STILL smelled awful. And I never know when the stupid thing is going to start leaking again.

Finally, at the end of my rope, I returned to the appliance store from which I purchased this machine and they have told me that they cannot accept a return. They will not accept a return and I have to deal directly with GE. I HAVE dealt with GE up until the final straw when I they told me I needed a new pump, but so sorry, your warranty JUST expired 3 days ago!!!

Furthermore, my pump was fine. I did NOT need a new pump and have now been told that I cannot return the new, unused pump that cost me another $183.00.

Now, I have now been told that this is a problem with ALL front loading washing machines and, as regular maintenance, I should DO THE FOLLOWING:


*First, run a full complete wash cycle on hottest setting containing Bleach * Note: wash cycle on my machine takes 1 hour and 20 minutes

*Next, run a full wash cycle on hottest setting using high efficiency laundry detergent for another 1 hour and 20 minutes

*Next, run a full wash cycle on hottest setting using Cascade automatic dish washing detergent for an ADDITIONAL 1 hour and 20 minutes

*Next, using Bleach water, wipe down entire interior of washing machine

*Next, using clean white cloth, wipe entire interior of washing machine dry

*Next, leave door open to air out machine

LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN!!?? That is Dangerous people! Just wait until a kitten or worse yet, a toddler unwittingly crawls inside!

*Furthermore, I have now been informed that I cannot use fabric softener in the machine even though there is a fabric softener dispenser right in the machine because the new front loading machines cannot handle fabric softener!!

Yes, people, our poor new $1,000.00 washing machines cannot handle fabric softener!

Give me a break!

One salesman even had the nerve to tell me that this was just the way it is and we all just need to learn to deal with it because of the government regulations!

Are you kidding me??

Now I have a $1000.00 piece of moldy junk that the appliance companies are selling to unsuspecting consumers and hiding their horrible designs by blaming the government and YOU.

So, now this is what I want!

I want a class action lawsuit which includes ALL manufacturers whose washing machines have exposed the public to MOLD to include the following in some form or another:

I want a law that will force manufacturers to properly inform the public of these problems and those who did NOT inform consumers of these issues, COMPENSATE their customers for the $$$$$ it has cost us and the misery and frustration caused by THEIR neglect by NOT informing the consumers of these issues. I want this to be retroactive BACK to at least the year 2005. Furthermore, I want compensated for the cost of buying another loading washing machine in an effort to keep our families away from the mold and mildew and filthy mess this has caused! Finally, I want manufacturers to own up to the fact that they disregarded the health and safety of consumers in their efforts to profit as much as possible while touting efficiency.

Efficiency my Aunt Sadie! Not when you have to run repeated full hot empty cycles over and over and over again!

Now I have heard that they have a new 'product' they can SELL to us to flush out the growth and stench of mold and mildew. BS!

This is absolutely unacceptable!

It is outrageous and we need to speak out about this and make sure our voices are heard! Enough is enough my friends.

I will NOT allow this to go unchallenged and neither should YOU.


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July 20, 20190 found this helpful

We feel your pain. Have the same issues with GE.

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By (Guest Post)
April 25, 20080 found this helpful

Had the same problem with a front loading GE High-Efficiency washer. The problem was moisture being trapped in the large folds of the rubber door gasket. The moisture turned to algea and mold/mildew causing odor. There is no permanent fix, so here's how I hadle it. Once a month I put a splash of liquid bleach in a small container and use a large water-color paint brush to coat all the surfaces of the large rubber gasket. The main fold is the most obvious and easiest to "paint" with the bleach. There is a second fold right where the rubber meets the washer drum. Slip your fingers in that tight space between the rubber gasket and the drum and pull towards you. This is where most of the odor is coming from. Be sure to coat all of these surfaces with the bleach. It takes me a total of 5 minutes to do this. Then I run an empty wash on sanitize temperature with no detergent and lots of liquid bleach. Do this once a month or until you notice an odor again. It's inconvenient but not much more difficult than maintaining your shower curtain. Just know that you don't need to call an expensive repair man. It is not broken or malfunctioning, just poor design.

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By Michelle (Guest Post)
June 6, 20080 found this helpful

I am having constant problems with this washer. Holds water and spin does not work. It is stuck on spin and I can't even get my clothes out. HELP!

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By just tim (Guest Post)
June 9, 20080 found this helpful

RE: GE Washer Problems
Have had the same problem with my GE washer. Problem with mine has been a quarter or penny getting into the pump. Not a difficult fix, but messy. Unplug machine first. Take off lower front cover, you will see pump on lower right hand side (as you face the washer). It has a large rubber "boot" from the bottom of the tub to the pump. A couple of screws hold the pump to the floor of washer. Remove both of them, remove electrical connection, then the clamps. The water will drain EVERYWHERE! Not sure how to avoid that issue. I've had to clean the pump out 3 times, and each time it has worked fine. The change will get in and block the impellers. Good luck!! I'm actually on the site to see if anyone has replaced the door gasket. Mine just ripped :-(
If anyone has advice, please post.
just tim

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By John (Guest Post)
July 3, 20080 found this helpful

I have had the worst couple of months of allergies and asthma I've had in the last 30 years. I noticed a bit of
scum around the door seal of my GE front load washer and
tried to wipe it off, not so easy! I had noticed the "musty" smell when I opened the washer for some time, so when I pulled back the overlapping lip on the seal I almost fell over when I saw the thick disgusting black goo that was attached to the seal!

Have I been wearing this crud on my clothes, sleeping with my face buried in a pillow case washed in mold and mildew, and breathing this allergen around the clock!? Makes sense to me.

I ran a "sanitize" cycle with a bottle of mildew remover, and the door seal is almost clean, but I guess I've got a lot of clothes and sheets, etc that need to be re-washed! Is this problem a health hazard? I would say way more than likely!

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August 2, 20080 found this helpful

Have a GE Washer and have had nothing but problems since day ONE.Runs water all day long, if you will let it. Constant back and forth to machine to try to get clothes to wash. $200.00 month water bill from constantly running. When I called repair man he said it was a faulty moter and he does not work on them anymore. Back to buying new machine! Sheila Smith

(submitted by email)

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By Renee (Guest Post)
December 5, 20080 found this helpful

I bought a frontloader washer and dryer and both are broken down once again. My washer is the worst, they already replaced it once and gave me a new one. I had problems from the first month right away, a bad smell moldy then the rubber front seal keeps spliting causing it to leak. My basement has been flooded with water from this washer over 10 times. Finally they replaced it and now it's doing the same exact thing.

I'm flooded with a service call that won't be done until the 11th. GE DOESN'T CARE AT ALL!. If there's a LAWYER OUT THERE, GE NEEDS TO PAY for this. My old reg washer lasted 12 years with 2 service calls. I HAVE OVER 20 calls on 2 new washers!

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By cindy (Guest Post)
December 11, 20080 found this helpful

Have had 2 washers in 6 Years, I also have GE that is 2 years old. And no, I did not buy the extended warranty. I just stupidly assumed that a washer would last more than 2 years. I has been leaking since I got it, the transmission is messed up. I had a service call and the repairman told me to call the company, he felt it was too new for him to work on it. This is a man who has serviced appliances in my area for years. After contacting GE and getting nowhere, I too am frustrated and tired of being taken advantage of. If anyone has a suggestion, I would love to hear it. My washer is a top loading washer and was not as expensive as the front loader, but still around 650.

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By krista (Guest Post)
December 29, 20080 found this helpful

My brand new GE washer runs only luke warm water on the hot cycle. The technician came out and looked at it. He ordered a new part and came out 2 weeks later to install it. When he came back he told me that the hot cycle also runs cold water into it. That is why it isn't so hot. Is this true? or is mine broken and they don't want to fix it under warranty?

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February 17, 20090 found this helpful

All of a sudden my agitator quit working. It makes a bumping noise when it is supposed to be washing. The tub goes around but the agitator doesn't move. My washer is the type that stops when you raise the lid. This is the only one I have ever had that did that. What do you think the problem is?

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September 7, 20090 found this helpful

I cannot agree more with Jane unfortunately! Our front load GE washer has exactly the same midewy musty smelly problems and nothing has resolved it. We are at our wits end and would gladly support a class action lawsuit!

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September 7, 20090 found this helpful

1st off, thank you Cindi from Spring Hill for getting my attention & got me started reading responses. I also have a 'brand new' GE w/d frontloaders(stacking) in my Mobile Home. One day before my 1year warranty was up, I came across extended warranty & thought about it & decided to get it simply because products made these days are pretty worthless pieces of cr_p. (sorry, but completely gutted & remodeled majority of this trailer 1 & 1/2 yrs ago, and you wouldn't believe all the things that have broken-& I bought middle to top of line stuff, live alone, and take care of my things best I can).

Anyhoo, about 7 months ago my GE washer had stopped, w/ lights flashing, when washing a few throw rugs..washer had alot of standing water but after bailing it out, noticed inside rubber lint catcher(which I checked after EVERY SINGLE WASH),was that rubbery 'pilling' from back of throw rug (all 3 throw rugs had been purchased within a few months b4 this happened-another good example of poorly made products)oh, and, because of being rubbery on backs, I've always washed them in warm water, never hot, and always line dry.

Anyway, I figured the rubbery stuff went out pipe when the spin cycle started, and got clogged up?The washer will stop b4 spin cycle,when I tried a small load to check b4 calling them, but when in wash mode, drum does agitate, so I called GE, they set me up w/i a week for appointment, but on that day I got called to a job, so had to cancel..I'm calling them again tomorrow to reset up appointment, but I've been scared they're going to try to tell me I shouldn't have washed throw rugs in washer, and make it my fault.

Now, after reading all of your responses, I'm wondering if maybe temperature changed to hot all by itself (similar to one's response) which took backing off..I'm pretty self reliant, but in order for me to check for clogged pipes would be impossible. I hope the repairman doesn't walk out after seeing my stackable set in a cubby just off of this little hallway. and Jane,from 12/13/07, I agree, totally unacceptable! I hope things have gotten better for all of you guys by now..and I hope I don't have all of your problems with my machine once it gets fixed(and it had better!)

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May 3, 20100 found this helpful

I just bought a GE high-efficiency front load washer. When it was delivered, we discovered that they are now making the hoses too short. The new hoses are not long enough to reach the washtubs in my 100-year-old house. The washer would have had to be installed sideways. And then the new dryer would have had to be turned sideways, facing the washer. But this was not feasible because they would have to be too close to each other for the doors to fully open! And then I found out that my local Dominick's supermarket doesn't even carry energy efficient detergent. Hey, GE, are you listening? I canceled the order and will stick with my 20-year-old Kenmore pair, which are working just fine. So much for trying to be a good citizen and save energy!

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December 24, 20130 found this helpful

We had the same smell and mold issue with the front load washing machine. After multiple calls, multiple emails, multiple repair men, multiple suggestions, multiple cleanings. We decided it was not worth further work or more of our time. We concluded it was just a very poor design. We decided to save ourselves from further aggravation. We kicked it to the curb and went to Lowes and purchased an upright washing machine. Immediately solved the issue.

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