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This page contains tips and ideas on how to more easily and efficiently keep your laundry clean.

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Cleaning Clothes

Cleaning Clothes That Have YellowedOlder clothing can sometimes yellow with age. This page is about cleaning clothes that have yellowed.


A woman wearing a soft gray sweatshirt.

Making Sweatshirts Soft Again?Over time and with repeated washing and drying the inside of your sweatshirt can become less soft and comfy. This is a page about making sweatshirts soft again.


Woman using a sweater shaver.

Preventing Lint on ClothingIf you are tried of having to get out the lint roller after doing a load of wash; try something new. This is a page about preventing lint on clothing.


Dirty jeans hanging out of a washing machine.

Removing Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Odors From ClothingIf you have ever spilled fuel on your clothing, you know that the odor is sometimes difficult to remove. This is a page about cleaning fuel odors from clothing.


Stack of colorful towels.

Making Bath Towels More AbsorbentThis is a page about making bath towels more absorbent. We buy bath towels to dry off after a bath or shower. Finding that your towels are not absorbent, is very frustrating.


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Getting Rid of Static in Sheets?Sometimes, I have to do housekeeping. When I go to pull the sheets and blanket off to change the sheets, I get this awful static electricity shock. Anyone have any idea how to stop this? I use Bounce. I have tried extra liquid softener in my work clothes. Any ideas will be a blessing as this is getting pretty painful with the cold weather.



Washing Clothes

Washing Clothes in Well WaterThis is a page about washing clothes in well water. Homeowners who use well water, often experience various difficulties when doing laundry, due to the iron and other minerals sometimes found in the water.


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Cleaning Football Pants With Built-in Pads?My two sons play football. The team got new pants this year with built in pads. In the past, I have had the best luck getting out the grass and mud by pre-soaking them.


Soap in Laundry

Removing Soap Build Up in LaundryThis is a page about removing soap build up from laundry. Depending on what kind and how much detergent you use in your washer, you can end up with soap residue on your laundry.


A man smelling his underarms in a white dress shirt.

Shirts With Stinky Underarms After Washing?This is kinda embarrassing, but my husband's shirts, in the armpits, are very stinky even after I wash them (he's not, just the armpits of the shirts). This is a page about shirts with stinky underarms after washing.


A laundry basket full of clothes.

How to Fix White Clothing Dyed BlueIf you have washed a blue garment with a white one, some blue dye may transfer to the white clothing. It can be difficult but here are some ideas on how to fix white clothing dyed blue.


Blue liquid being poured into a dish washer.

Using Dawn Dish Soap as a Laundry BoosterA little Dawn added to your laundry detergent can make your clothes come out cleaner. This is a page about using dawn dish soap as a laundry booster.


Kleenex wads

Removing Kleenex from ClothingThis is a page about removing Kleenex from clothing. If you have ever forgotten to take a Kleenex out of your pocket before putting the item into the wash, you know how frustrating it is to remove the paper bits and lint that are left behind.


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Using Borax in a Front Load Washer?Borax is a cheap magic additive. First it makes the detergent more effective. The clothes will be cleaner and dust mites cannot live in it. Children and adults would eliminate dust mite allergies. But the other great attribute is that it kills 100% of mold.


A single tennis ball on a white background

Using Tennis Balls in the DryerThis is a page about using tennis balls in the dryer. Tennis balls are a great alternative to dryer sheets for softening your laundry as it drys.


Picture of two socks white socks hanging on a clothesline.

Getting Socks Really CleanSocks endure a lot of punishment and can be tough to get clean. This is a page for getting socks really clean.


pumping gas

Cleaning Gasoline Smell From ClothingPumping gas or refilling a gas powered mower or tool are all opportunities for an accidental spill onto your clothes. This is a page about cleaning gasoline smell from clothing.


Smelling clothing in the washing machine.

Clothes Smell Bad After Washing?This is a page about when clothes smell bad after washing. If your freshly washed clothes have a bad or sour smell, some sleuthing may be called for to determine the cause.


Bleach Stains On Red T-Shirt

Preventing Bleach Stains on ClothingFinding mysterious bleach spots on your laundry, even when no bleach was used is frustrating. This is a page about preventing bleach stains on clothing.


A woman wrapped in a white towel.

Towels Leaving Lint on Your BodyNew towels can leave lint on your skin after a shower. While quite annoying, this usually stops over time with multiple washings and being dried in the dryer. This is a page about towels leaving lint on your body.


Dark Laundry

Removing White Lint From Dark LaundryWhite lint spots can easily make freshly washed dark clothes look unwashed. This is a page about white lint all over dark laundry.



"Permanent" Creases on Slacks

Removing "Permanent" Creases from ClothingThis is a page about removing "permanent" creases from clothing. Often the creases in our clothing resulting from sitting and other activities seem to be permanent, and impossible to remove.


Man Holding Burger with Mustard Stain on his Tie

Removing Mustard Stains from ClothingThis is a page about removing mustard stains from clothing. Mustard stains are notoriously difficult to remove from clothing. While it may not be easy you can get the stain out and have your clothes looking as good as new again.


Kids working on an art project with adhesive.

Removing Adhesive from ClothesThis is a page about removing adhesive from clothes. Adhesives can be difficult to remove from clothing and may require different approaches depending on the specific type.


Dishwashing Detergent

Doing Laundry With Dishwashing DetergentLiquid dishwashing products, such as Dawn, are frequently used to hand wash clothing and remove stains. In a pinch if you are out of laundry soap, dishwasher detergent can be used as well as other products. This is a page about doing laundry with dishwashing detergent.


Dingy Clothing on a Clothing Line

Solutions for Dingy ClothingThis is a page about solutions for dingy clothing. Dingy clothing is a common complaint and one that can often be resolved.


A woman looking at her stained clothing.

Cleaning Rust Stains From My Washing Machine?It is very frustrating to take a load of clean wash out of the washer only to discover new rust stains from the machine itself on your laundry. This is a page about cleaning rust stains from my washing machine.


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My Dryer is Stealing Fresh Scent from Clothes!I've never had this problem before. I have always used liquid fabric softener when washing my clothes, and they always smell so fresh and clean when I'm transferring the wet clothes from the washer to the dryer. But now, after the load is dry, the fresh smell has dissipated from the clothes.


Removing Tar from Clothing, Removing Tar from Upholstery, Removing Tar from Aluminum Siding

Removing Tar from ClothingGet your clothes back to looking good by getting rid of the tar stain. This is a page about removing tar from clothing.


Eco-Friendly Fabric Softener

Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Fabric...This is a page about eco-friendly alternatives to fabric softeners. Reducing static and softening your laundry can be accomplished with natural products without perfumes and dyes.


Distressed woman looking at white towel in laundry room

Whites Aren't White After WashingEven if you use bleach, sometimes your whites are dingy and gray after washing. This is a page about whites not looking white after washing.


foil ball

Alternatives To Dryer SheetsThis page is about alternatives to dryer sheets. We all enjoy static-free, soft laundry, but dryer sheets are not the only way to accomplish this.


A spray bottle with a fine mist on a black background.

Removing Creases with Vinegar SpraySpray clothes with a mixture of vinegar and water prior to ironing to help remove creases. This is a page about removing creases with vinegar spray.


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Laundered Towels Smell Like Cat Urine When Used?My laundry smells fine when I take it from the dryer and put it away, but when my towels are used and damp they smell like cat urine!


Woman crouched in front of a front loading dryer smelling a shirt

Removing Odors From Clothing That Was...This is a page about removing odors from clothing that was left in the washer. Mildew can grow in damp clothes that have not been dried promptly leaving a stubborn smell.


hand operated clothes wringer

Homemade Wringer for Hand Washing Clothes?This is a page about homemade wringer for hand washing clothes. Making your own wringer for your hand washing can help speed up the drying time.



A plastic basket of laundry.

Removing Skunk Odor from ClothingThis page is about removing skunk odor from clothing. The stench from skunk spray can be a challenge to remove from fabrics.


Spilled red candle wax.

Removing Wax From Washed ClothesIf wax has melted onto your clothing and they have already been washed, it can be a challenge to remove. This is a page about removing wax from washed clothes.


A woman looking at a towel disapprovingly.

Bath Towels Have a Stinky Metallic Smell?Tracking down the cause of a stinky metallic smell in bath towels fresh from the wash can be a bit of a mystery. Possible causes can be your plumbing, water supply, or even the water heater. Persistence and a process of elimination my be required.


concrete worker

Washing Clothes With Concrete Dust on Them?This is a page about washing clothes with concrete dust on them. Your job or a home project may leave concrete dust on your clothing.


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Fuzz on Clothing from Towels?I have a new navy blue cotton shirt that accidently got put in the wash with a couple of wash cloths. Of course, now it has a slightly fuzzy look, not at all the new look that it should have.


Window Sheers

Removing Wrinkles from Sheers?This is a page about removing wrinkles from sheers. Sheer curtains often come out of the package with wrinkles from being folded. They may also develop wrinkles when being cleaned.


Close up of a small hole in a grey t-shirt

Tiny Holes In ClothingThis is a page about tiny holes in clothing. Sometimes tiny unexplainable holes appear in our clothing, often near the waist. Determining the cause can help save the rest of your wardrobe.


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Clothes Develop a Musty Smell if They Get Damp?Clothes Develop a Musty Smell if They Get Damp. I have read a lot about mildew smell when washing clothes. I think mine may be a little different, or maybe not. Hopefully someone can tell me what is wrong.


Pulling sheets out of a washing machine.

Drying Sheets?Adding a tennis ball to your dryer can help keep your sheets and other large items from balling up. This is a page about drying sheets.


Pile of washed clothes

Why Are My Clothes Wrinkled After Washing?This is a page about clothes that are wrinkled after washing and line drying. Using a dryer can help keep clothes from being wrinkled, but it can be hard to avoid if you line dry your clothes. Here are some tips to help keep your clothes from being wrinkled after being washed and line dried.


DIY Apartment Clothes DryerMultipurpose your vacuum cleaner to help dry your clothes! Fit your garment bag onto the shower curtain rod, if it must be put on beforehand. You will want to set up your curtain rod over the bathtub, a little ways inside from the shower curtain that you may already have.


White t-shirts hanging on a clothesline.

Getting Your Whites Really WhiteKeeping linens and clothing as white as the day you bought them can be a challenge. This page is about getting whites white.


Washing Machine

Extending the Life of Your Washing MachineThis is a page about extending the life of you washing machine. Purchasing a washing machine can be a costly investment. Proper use and maintenance may help to extend the life of your machine.


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Ink Stain on Khaki Pants?Does anyone know of any good ideas on how to get black (pen) ink out of khaki pants? Thank you!


A woman holding up a bright pink t-shirt.

Making Your Own Color CatchersIf you are washing mixed colors, you may want to use a color catcher to to prevent brighter cloths from transferring dye to lighter cloths. This is a page about making your own color catchers.


Stack of white linens with a white flower resting on top

Cleaning Whites Without BleachThis is a page about cleaning whites without bleach. If you choose to not use bleach for your whites there are other options for getting them clean and white.


A pink stain on a tshirt discovered when doing laundry.

Mysterious Stains on LaundryThis is a page about mysterious stains on laundry. Stains on laundry are frustrating to get out but can especially difficult if you don' know the source of the stain.


Blue and white striped beach towel.

Removing Dye Transfer from TowelsWe have all experienced the frustration of having fabric dye transfer in the wash to other laundry items. Removing the offending dye can be difficult. This page offers some solutions for removing dye transfer from towels.


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Green Spots on Clothing From Washer?I have ruined nearly all of my clothes. There are green spots on nearly everything I wash in my top loader. It's not a new machine, but it's never been abused either. It doesn't seem to matter what fabrics I am washing.


Concerned looking woman checking clean laundry for stains

Keeping Well Water from Staining Clothing?This is a page about keeping well water from staining clothing. Well water can contain a variety of minerals that can leave stains on your laundry.


Clothes and a teddybear drying on the line on a clear day.

How to Soften Line Dried ClothingIf you are lucky it will be windy on the days you hang your laundry outside. If not you can soften them by tossing them into the dryer for a few minutes, if you have one. This is a page about how to soften line dried clothing.


Fluffy white towels.

Making Towels SoftThis is a page about making towels soft. Hard scratchy towels are probably not what you want to use after your shower.


Spray bottle of homemade wrinkle reducer.

Homemade Wrinkle Reducer?Wrinkle reducing sprays can be expensive. Save some money and make your own at home. This is a page about homemade wrinkle reducer.


white tablecloth

Removing Food Stains from TableclothsThis is a page about removing food stains from tablecloths. Tablecloths do a good job of protecting a dining table. However, in the process they often get covered with food stains.


A box of Kleenex.

Use Empty Kleenex Box For Dryer LintAn empty Kleenex box is perfect for holding dryer lint. Once full it can be discarded and a new one begun. It is a convenient way to control the wads of lint when doing a lot of laundry.


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Washing Machine Not Rinsing Soap Out of Clothes?I am have a problem with loads of washing not rinsing properly. I never overfill the machine, always use half or less than half the amount of detergent on the box/bottle, clean my machine at least once every 2 months (with either ammonia or soda and vinegar).


wrinkled slacks

Removing Wrinkles from Permanent Press ClothingThis is a page about removing wrinkles from permanent press clothing. Even permanent press fabrics can come out of the dryer or drawer with some wrinkles or creases.


Laundry soap on top of a washer.

Best Laundry Soap for Front Load Washers?This is a page about best laundry soap for front load washers. There are laundry detergents made especially for front loading washers. Choosing the best one for your machine can improve its overall performance.


Preventing Towel Lint

Preventing Towel LintThis is a page about preventing towel lint. Towels whether new or washed a few times seem to create a lot of lint.


stainless steel laundry basket with dirty towels

Cleaning Hair Off Towels?This is a page about cleaning hair off towels. Hair, whether human or pet, can be difficult to remove from towels in the laundry.


package of Fels Naptha soap

Fels Naptha Alternatives?This is a page about Fels Naptha alternatives. Fels Naptha is used for treating clothing stains and is a common ingredient in homemade laundry soaps.


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Grease Stain On Cashmere?Does anyone know how to remove a greasy food stain from Cashmere? Samantha from Texas


Ironing Tips

Ironing TipsThis page contains ironing tips. There are a number of ways to reduce the time and energy spent on this chore.


Man holding his nose putting smelly socks in the washing machine

How to Clean Smelly SocksSoaking socks in vinegar, dish soap, baking soda or borax are all great ways to clean stinky socks. Get more tips on getting socks clean in this page to cleaning smelly socks.


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Whitening Synthetic Fabric Clothing?How can I whiten non-cotton white items like bras and panties? Non-chlorine bleach doesn't do the job. They get a grey look after many washings, even though we have a water softener.


Pants with a permanent crease.

Adding a Permanent Crease to PantsThis is a page about adding a permanent crease to pants. Setting the crease in dress pants will make them look sharp when worn.


A woman pulling laundry out of a washing machine.

How to Avoid Pilling on Clothes and Sheets?Pilling on clothing and sheets can make them look unsightly and feel rough. This page has advice about how to avoid pilling on clothes and sheets.


A stack of folded sheets.

Folding Fitted SheetsThis is a page about folding fitted sheets. If folding fitted sheets is as frustrating for you as it is for many of the rest of us, don't despair.


"I Voted" sticker on a navy sweater.

How to Remove Sticker on a SweaterThis is a page about how to remove a sticker on a sweater. Removing adhesive residue from a sticker on clothing can be frustrating. One really good option is to try and remove the residue with packing tape. Sticky removes sticky. There are commercial products such as Goo Gone as well as homemade alternatives.


Woman Holding Up Shirt With Iron Burn

Wrinkle Free Clothes Without IroningThis is a page to wrinkle free clothes without ironing. Ironing is a time consuming chore that many of us avoid when given the opportunity. Keeping clothes wrinkle free without ironing is a great time saver.


Pouring Liquid Fabric Softener

Using Liquid Fabric Softener Instead of Dryer SheetsOne alternative to buying fabric softener sheets is using diluted liquid softener sprayed on a cloth or piece of interfacing that is added to the clothing in your dryer. This is a page about using liquid fabric softener instead of dryer sheets.


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Steam Iron Leaving Black Streaks on Clothing?How can I clean the inside of my steam iron. It is putting a black streak on my white shirts. Help Charlie Tucker


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Warning: Don't Use Bleach If Iron in WaterIf you have iron in your water supply, it is best not to use bleach in your laundry. It makes the iron worse and can leave yellow stains. I have known this for years, but I think it is not as well known now as it was in my generation.


Homemade Laundry Detergent Supplies

Homemade Laundry Detergent Without Borax?Many laundry detergent recipes list borax as an ingredient, however there are many other recipes that do not. This is a page about homemade laundry detergent without borax.


White Folder Comforter

Cleaning ComfortersThis is a page about cleaning comforters. Comforters are nice to have on your bed anytime of year. They are warm in the winter, cool in the summer and look great year round. It can be a chore to get them clean again though.


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Restoring Whites Washed With Red ClothingI accidentally washed two of my husband's white shirts with a red sheet, and of course they turned pink. Somebody told me to use Rit dye remover, but the store was out. So I bought Carbona.


Primary Colored Shirts on Clothesline

Line Drying Clothing Tips and TricksOne way to save money is to line dry your clothing rather than using a dryer. This page contains line drying clothing tips and tricks.


Panty Liners

Cleaning a Stuck Panty Liner From Clothing?This is a page about cleaning a stuck panty liner from clothing. If it goes through the wash, a panty liner can disintegrate and get stuck on other clothing.


laundry room with utility sink, washer, and dryer

Making a Lint Trap for a Washtub DrainThis is a page about making a lint trap for a washtub drain. If your washer drains into your washtub or utility sink you don't want all of that lint clogging the drain.


White clothes along with blue colored clothes inside a washing machine.

How to Fix Blue Dye Transferred in the Wash?Sometimes colors can get transferred from one piece of clothing to others in your washing machine. This page has some ideas on how to fix blue dye that has transferred in the wash.


A pile of colorful washcloths.

Cleaning Slimy Washcloths?If washcloths are reused regularly, they can get slimy and unpleasant from build up from beauty and cleaning products. This is a page about cleaning slimy washcloths.


A person holding a red candle.

Removing Candle Wax from Silk?Wax can be difficult to clean from any cloth, especially silk. This is a page about removing candle wax from silk.


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Faded Black Clothing?I love the color black and have so many black items that have faded, including pants, jeans, tops, even underwear ... you name it. Is there any way to salvage these clothes and make them darker again? I hate to throw them out because they are still in good condition.


Using aluminum foil to assist in ironing.

Ironing with Aluminum FoilUsing aluminum foil when ironing clothing can make the task more effeicent. The is a page about ironing with aluminum foil.


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Cleaning Smelly, Musty Suits?I am in a profession where I have to wear a suit everyday and often sweat in them. Despite taking them to various dry cleaners, using febreeze, and even using my industrial size steamer, I cannot get rid of the musty, smelly, bad smell. Now these are very expensive suits that fit excellent and look great and I hate to have to throw them out. Does anyone out there have an idea how to kill the smell? Clothesclueless from Mississippi:


A stack of nicely folded jeans.

Keeping Jeans from Getting Wrinkled in the DryerThis is a page about keeping jeans from getting wrinkled in the dryer. No one really wants to iron their jeans because they came out of the dryer wrinkled. There are some easy ways to keep this from happening.


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Cheapest Time to Run Your Washing Machine?What is the cheapest time to run the washing machine and why?


Using the Last of the Clorox 2

Using Every Bit of Laundry DetergentThis is a page about using every bit of laundry detergent. Many cleaning products that are packaged in plastic bottles or jugs still have product left inside even when they seem to be empty.


Woman holding a hamper with dirty laundry.

Hard Water Leaving Laundry Dingy and Gray?This is a page about hard water leaving laundry dingy and gray. The minerals in hard water can be tough on your clothes. If you are finding that hard water is ruining the color of your clothing, try some of these tips.


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Underarm Smell on T-shirts?I have a very embarrassing problem with my t-shirts. They start to smell under the arms even when they are freshly washed. I am using deodorant (tried lots of different brands) and shower everyday, so it cannot be me.


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Preventing Color From Bleeding on Clothing?How do you stop red material from running into other light colours in a dress when it is washed for the first time?


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Dishwasher Detergent and Bleach to Brighten WhitesEveryone's white clothes eventually get dingy and gray. Here is a way to get them bright and white again and looking like they did when new. I found this tip many years ago from Heloise. It is to be used only on whites.


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Washing Clothing With Bleach (Without Having Them Smell Like Bleach)?Does anyone know of a good way to remove the odor of bleach from washed clothing? Any and all suggestions are welcomed.


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Chicken Noodle Soup Stain On Blue T-Shirt?My daughter got a large yellow stain on her shirt while she was eating Lipton chicken noodle soup. I have tried several things unsuccessfully, the yellow base in the chicken bouillon seems impossible to remove. HELP! This shirt was only worn once! It is 100% cotton (t-shirt material) and it is blue so I am unable to use bleach, any ideas?


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Getting Wrinkles Out of a Mercerized Shirt?I accidentally put a mercerized shirt in the dryer. It is quite wrinkled. Any ideas on how to get them out?


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Keeping Wash Cloths Smelling Fresh?Does anyone have any advice on how to keep facecloths smelling fresh? I wash and dry them and the next day they smell musty. When I wash them it's in the hottest water with no softener.


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A mother and child enjoying the smell of their fresh laundry.

Does Homemade Laundry Detergent Really Get Clothes Clean?This is a page about whether homemade laundry detergent really gets clothes clean. Many people are skeptical about whether homemade laundry detergents work as well as store bought ones. Here is some feedback and recipes from people that use homemade detergents.


Two marked laundry hampers.

Sort Laundry As You GoSo as to run full loads only in my washing machine, which is most efficient, I keep 2 popup hampers in my bathroom closet. One has a little hanging tag marked "Lights", and the other "Darks". As I take off my clothes, they are put into the appropriate hamper. When one is full, I do a load of laundry.


Easy Reusable Dryer Softener Sheets

Easy Reusable Dryer Softener SheetsReusing wash cloths soaked in fabric softener, wrung and dried, you can make your own dryer sheets. This is a page about easy reusable dryer softener sheets.


Coffee Container for Collecting Dryer Lint

Coffee Container for Collecting Dryer LintI keep a Folger's coffee container on the clothes dryer to put lint in. When it gets full, I empty the lint into the trash.


Creative Clotheslines - clothes hanging on a bungy cord between the fence sides

Creative ClotheslinesI like to take advantage of warm weather to dry clothing outdoors. Even though I have a couple of drying racks, sometimes it was not enough. I did not want to invest in an outdoor clothesline that would have to be removed every time the lawn was mowed and when the winter came. I solved my problem in several ways.


Chain that is painted red to help prevent rust.

Making a Chain Clothes Drying LineHere's a tip that can save you time drying your clothes. This is a page about chain clothes drying line.


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Removing Garlic Smell from Clothes?How do I get minced garlic smell out of my clothes? I used Pine Sol, lemon juice, and baking soda and I cannot get it out. It's bad.


Protecting Clothespin Bag Left on Clothesline - dog food bag slipped over clothespin bag

Protecting Clothespin Bag Left on ClotheslineIf you like to leave your clothespin bag out on the line rather than bring it back and forth this solution might work for you. Repurpose an empty bird seed or pet food bag to make this handy protector from the sun and rain.


Grabbing laundry from the dryer with a reach extender.

Save Your Back with a Reach ExtenderI have a reach extender hanging in my wash room. It makes getting the clothes out of the dryer much easier.


Protecting Clothespin Bag Left on Clothesline - dog food bag slipped over clothespin bag

Protecting Clothespin Bag Left on ClotheslineSoon begins the hanging laundry on the line season. I have a very nice cloth monogrammed bag that I like to keep hanging on the clothesline right where I need it. To protect it from the rain and sun I found a simple solution. After I emptied a large birdseed bag I cleaned it out and cut a hole in the top, slipped it over the bag and it is well protected with ease.


Grabbing laundry from the dryer with a reach extender.

Save Your Back with a Reach ExtenderI have a reach extender hanging in my wash room. It makes getting the clothes out of the dryer much easier.


A clothes basket with strings attached for pulling.

Drag Your Clothes BasketWhen you are not suppose to bend over and have to walk with a walker or a cane or just have back problems, you may need some help to get the basket of clothes from the dryer to the bed or folding table. I needed a way to get the job done so I tied some old shoe strings to the clothes basket handle and pulled it to the bed. It works great for me.



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Removing Kleenex Lint from Faux Fur?How do I get Kleenex off faux fur after it was washed and dried?


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Red Border Bled on White Towel?My husband washed an expensive white towel with a deep red border around it in hot water. My towel is now pink. He showed it to me and I did not dry it. I have tried soaking it in Tide and laundry soap with Oxi and it's still the same. I have no clue what to do?


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Removing a Hand Sanitizer Stain on a Comforter?My son spilled hand sanitizer on his comforter. When I found it, it had dried into a hard layer. I washed it, but did not dry it in the dryer. It was still there. I rewashed it with laundry soap rubbed into the hard, crusty stain. Still there after washing. I have now tried Spot Shot, which I love for carpets, but it is still there! It looks like a layer of dried glue, light whitish, gray.


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Laundry Odor from HE Washer?I have an HE LG washer and dryer. About a year ago, my laundry started smelling like vomit. Only way I can describe. We have well water, a softener, and a conditioner that removes the sulphur odor, too.


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Removing Unintentional Creases in Clothing?I have a sweater that always has an unintentional permanent crease in the ribbing at the bottom. It is always hung dry, but I need to rewet the crease thoroughly and hand stretch it out before I hang it to dry. Any suggestions?


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Washing Baby Clothes in Well Water?I have well water and have a one month old baby. Can I wash her clothes in the water?


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