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Chewing gum seems to find a variety of places to get stuck, in addition to the bottom of your shoe. This is a page about removing gum from leather furniture.


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December 10, 2008

I have a very stubborn, old chewing gum stain on a leather sofa. I've tried olive oil, peanut butter and WD-40. Nothing worked. Are there any other options?

Wlodek from Sydney


By SS (Guest Post)
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Thank you! Very expensive couch (six grand) with GREEN Trident sugar free gum on the cushion. (Not a natural substance--harder to remove, than sugar gum.) It is dark brown/walnut color and a very fine quality leather. OF COURSE the warranty does not cover gum. So, I read all of your brilliant insight and thought--why not? SESAME OIL, TWO ICE CUBES and GENTLE RUBBING. Be patient. 10 minutes later GONE! Thank you ever so much, truly. Your consistent on-message remarks were true to the result.

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By JC (Guest Post)
January 31, 20091 found this helpful
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Thank You so much for this helpful guidance. Grandson smeared a mouthful of tropical fruit chewing gum all over my VERY EXPENSIVE brown leather chair. Found it at about midnight last night, freaked, googled how to clean gum on leather, found this site, and voila!!! success in a few moments this afternoon. Used olive oil because had no natural peanut butter/oil readily available.


Did testing on a hidden spot to determine if there would be a problem with staining or discoloration and saw none. Rubbed small amount of oil on a soft paper towel in gentle circular motion, wiped off excess, checked for progress and leather condition, rubbed again same way, and soon every smeary, gummy spot was removed and the chair looks like new. So, olive oil worked beautifully for me!

Chair smells fine - only a very faint scent of the olive oil that is actually pleasant. There is no oily or gummy residue from the oil. Did not need to use ice. Figure the gum landed there about two days ago when he was here visiting. This technique was magic and I am so grateful I found this site. Thanks a million!

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December 10, 2008

How can I get gum off of leather furniture?

Hunners from PA


Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

Lestoil also will remove gum. (05/09/2006)


By jgl7777

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

Wow I was totally shocked when I read peanut butter but IT WORKS so well. Be patient cause it takes like 5 times and if you can just take the oil from the peanut butter it works even quicker. (07/04/2006)

By Kiara

peanut butter really works

I had gum on my green leather chair. Butter took it right off. The butter work amazingly great! (08/04/2006)

By William

Wow! Whoever figured out the peanut butter method is a genius!

Whoever figured out the peanut butter-gum removal trick is a genius! After accidentally smearing a whole bunch of gum on my expensive Natuzzi leather sofas I called stain safe, since I thought they were covered under the accidental damage warranty. Much to my surprise, stain safe told me that gum isn't covered under the warranty.


I found this website and tried peanut butter.

It worked like a charm! In fact, when I have a little more time I'm planning to try it on other stains. I have parrots whose poop sometimes leaves a mark on the leather. I'm going to see if it helps reduce their appearance. Thanks a million! (08/14/2006)

By Fanny Gandelman

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

Thank you to everyone who stated that peanut butter works. I just tried it. Perfect results. Who knew? (08/17/2006)

By Heather

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

It REALLY works! I was also hesitant to use it on my 2 day old leather sofa. I used the oil from a new jar of natural peanut butter and after a couple of times, the gum was off! (11/04/2006)

By Gretchen

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

Thank you so much for this peanut butter idea! worked like a charm. I have NO idea how I managed to get gum on my friend's new leather sofa, but its all gone now! ty! (12/04/2006)


By Angele

Ice Really Works

If you put ice on the gum and let it melt and then scrape the gum off it comes right off! (12/29/2006)

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

AHA! For those girls that wax! Use the oil that they give you in waxing kits to remove the wax from your skin, just used it in the new truck after hubby sat in gum then sat on leather seat, worked a charm and didn't stain! (01/21/2007)

By Lisa

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

HI. I would just like to say that the key to the peanut butter trick (which works brilliantly) is the oil. I ran out of peanut butter once I had to remove another stain, so I used sunflower oil, and it worked just as good. So for those who don't have any peanut butter handy, any vegetable-based oil will do. With a cloth dipped in oil, it's not as messy as peanut butter. Just rub it in, and work out the stain, changing the portion of the cloth you are rubbing on the stain regularly (always dip the new portion in oil). (02/12/2007)


By James

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

I just tried peanut butter and it didn't really work for my leather coat so I ran it under really hot water and just wiped off the gum with a cloth. (02/22/2007)

By Victoria

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

I used peanut oil with some paper towels and rubbed briskly. It worked. Thanks. (04/04/2007)

By Earl W.

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

I just tried the peanut butter on my brand new leather sofa. The gum was gone in a matter of seconds...thanks! (05/21/2007)

By Wow, it really works

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

This really worked! I was nervous about it but my leather couch is the same color as peanut I thought what the the gum right off! Thank you! (06/19/2007)

By Desiree

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

I was really hesitant about applying peanut butter to my car seat, but ice and scotch tape didn't work for me, so I just tried it. I wish I would have used PB first. It's quick and easy. Thanks to whoever thought of this. I thought my car seat was ruined, but peanut butter really works! (07/14/2007)

By Joe

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

You can use sesame oil to get gum out too. It works better then peanut butter. (08/05/2007)

By Yvette S.

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

My daughter is allergic to peanuts so needless to say I don't have any peanut butter sitting around the house. I tried mayonnaise on the gum spots on my leather couches instead and that worked really well. Not a spot, smear, or stain left. (09/22/2007)

By Christine

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

Be careful with ice on your leather sofa. If you scratch too hard, your leather will come up. (10/21/2007)

By Donna

CONFIRMED: Peanut Butter

Read this article. Came home and tried the peanut butter trick. Worked. I had to apply it three times but it was well worth it. Apart from a peanut butter smell in the car, the seat looks good as new.
I used a dull butter knife to help scrape away the loose pieces of gum and no scratches to the leather.

By Hunter M.

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

The Peanut butter worked like a charm on WHITE Leather sofa! I recommend to you all natural peanut butter with the oil on the top. much much cleaner since you can just dip a dry cloth into the oil and then apply and rub away the gum AND Minor Stains! THANKS! (12/12/2007)

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

No one mentions whether the leather they are using the peanut butter on is a natural leather that is coated or it is a natural porous dyed leather. Gum on a coated leather is easily removed with gum or ice. I would like to hear from someone who has taken gum from a natural, naked, porous leather. I would have to assume that a "naked" leather would just soak up the oil and leave an oil stain. (12/25/2007)

By Sher

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

WOW! It worked on my brand new car - leather seat. Gum was all over it. JIFF (01/14/2008)

By was peaved - now relieved

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

I can't believe it-I tried it and it worked like a charm-sure beats buying some expensive gum remover! (03/23/2008)

By MK Siebert

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

PEANUT BUTTER WORKS! I have a red leather sofa and the kids fell asleep with gum! WHAT A MESS! The sofa looks like nothing ever happened! Thank you! Oh yeah I used a little shout it out too. It seemed to help. (04/07/2008)

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

Freeze gum with ice or icepack then after a few hours, brush it with an old toothbrush and toothpaste. (04/14/2008)

By mia

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

Found gum from my 13 year old on my leather sofa! I used vegetable oil since we have peanut allergies in our house, and it worked beautifully! I can't believe it! Thank you! (04/18/2008)

By K FROM Chadds Ford, PA

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

I have a pearl white leather interior on my 2007 Mercedes Benz e350. Last night I got GREEN gum on my jeans and then onto the leather. Came to this site, put peanut butter on the gum, let it sit for like 30 seconds, gently brushed it out with a tooth brush!

Worked perfectly!

Thanks to everyone who posted. This is the most useful thing I've ever seen on the internet.

=) (05/31/2008)

By Tom

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

Use olive oil and a sponge with a scrubber on the back. 1 minute of work and the gum is gone! (06/22/2008)

By elr

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

OH THANK GOODNESS. I got gum on my folks' couch. The peanut butter works great. it does take a few times to get it off. Thank you. My mom would have killed me! I would not recommend using crunchy peanut butter, it takes longer to just get the butter and not the actual peanuts. (08/07/2008)

By Jill

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

I went to a baseball game and got gum on my Coach purse. I tried the olive oil and sponge and it came right off. Awesome tip! (08/10/2008)

By kellie

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

I used olive oil on a black leather couch for gum that was rubbed in. I tried ice first and it didn't do much. The olive oil worked perfect! It took like ten seconds to get rid of gum the size of 5 inches in diameter! (08/27/2008)

By Michelle

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

Thanks (09/20/2008)


Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

omg! I fell asleep with gum in my mouth(what an idiot!) and woke up to rubbed in gum on my parents leather couch! My mom would of killed me! The olive oil worked PERFECTLY! Thanks to all of you who posted! You're all life savers! (10/25/2008)

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

Used wd40 and it works fast. On the first try got gum all over cloth seats in new pathfinder. It also works for anything else to clean too. (10/29/2008)

By dude in Alberta

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

I just removed green gum from my leather couch with a hot iron and a towel, I laid the towel down and rubbed the iron over it, it became gooey then I just rubbed with the towel came right up, no marks on my couch from the iron. I had tried the oils and ice and it didn't work for me. Hope this helps anyone having a hard time getting gum out. (11/02/2008)

By Kara

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

My cousin dropped her gum in my dads car, and when she sat up, there was a bright BLUE streak of gum running down the leather seat! in a panic, she asked for my help, and I found this website. As first we tried olive oil, and that didn't seem to work too well. Next we tried peanut butter, and roughly, in small quick movements, scrubbed it with the peanut butter. come to find, it WORKED! So happy to have found this site! thanks again! :) (11/14/2008)

By brady

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

Thanksgiving day & I found one of my kids left a nice piece of gum on my dark brown leather couch. I read this site and found the option of rubbing peanut butter gently & to everyone's worked! Thanks! (11/27/2008)

By Goblbe Gobble

Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

Be careful! I was scrubbing the heck out of the seat with the peanut butter and it wasn't working so I finally used my nails. Got the gum off but also left scratch marks. The gum didn't come off easily for me, but maybe because we waited about a week to try and it had rubbed into the leather pores too much. (11/28/2008)

By Texas Gramma


Tried ice and tried other chemical kind of removers, none of them worked, finally convinced my mom to try peanut butter like the folks on this website had suggested, applied peanut butter, gave it about 2 minutes a shot to just kinda sit on the gum. Used paper towel to wipe away the majority of the peanut butter and used the left over pb to rub the gum away, took me 3 applications of pb for remove a 7inch smear of gum on a brown leather chair. Works awesome, I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Your chair gets a wonderful peanut butter scent for a bit afterward. Better then gum ;) (11/29/2008)

By Danielle

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