Dog is Lethargic After Using Frontline?

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I have a healthy 9 year old terrier mix female dog. My vet discovered she has fleas for the 1st time ever. The vet prescribed Frontline, the kind that is in 3 vials that you apply once a month. She is normally lively and playful but today, ever since I put the first vial of drops on her, she has been very lethargic and quiet. Is this normal or should I be worried? Please help. I love her dearly and don't want to do anything to harm her. Thank you so much.


By cettina from Malta, Europe

A dog that is not feeling well.

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July 8, 20090 found this helpful

I had the same thing happen to my Maltese. Vet told me she was allergic to it. I thought maybe it was too much for her at one time. Now I use half of it and run it up and down her back.


Bronze Request Medal for All Time! 64 Requests
July 9, 20090 found this helpful

Thanks for info. Perhaps my dog is also allergic. Maybe I should try something else as an alternative?


Problem is, I can't use anything for a month since that is how long the stuff is supposed to work.

July 9, 20090 found this helpful

Please find something less toxic to use on your beloved dog. All those products are toxic to animals and humans. I just flea comb mine, which works out fine. Since I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, I've had to learn about these things. I can't use ANY pesticide, which is healthier for me and my pets and the world anyway.

Good luck

August 2, 20200 found this helpful

My dag is very poorly wont eat or drink and lethargic after usibg frontline plus

July 9, 20090 found this helpful

I don't know if this will help, because I only have experience with cats. Ours tend to sleep more the day we use the product (not sure if it's the Frontline brand, but it is a treatment we get from the vet). We've used it for several years with no other ill effects. It would be a good idea to make sure you're using the right dosage for the dog's weight.


With due respect, I believe these products (the ones sold through vet offices or online pharmacies) are safe when used as directed. It's possible for an animal to have a bad reaction, but I don't believe it's common or likely. The so-called alternative treatments are not nearly as effective, and it saddens me to see animals suffering from flea bites just because their owners are misinformed.

February 2, 20170 found this helpful

I have a 30 pound border collie corgie mix and she is very depressed and acts as if she does not feel well for the first day. She can not take the oral meds for fleas and heartworm at all. Goes into seizures


So awful

July 28, 20190 found this helpful

There ARE alternatives that work as well, human grade diatomaceous earth. You just have to rub gently in daily and a LOT of pet owners are too lazy to do it! Not good for humans or pets to breathe in the dust, so have to do it slowly, but yes, it works as well or even better than the Frontline and others!

July 28, 20190 found this helpful

Order human grade diatanaeous earth to use!! You MUST rub in daily, AND be careful NOT to breathe is dust or let your pet inhale the dust!!! However,if you do slowly, you should be fine!!!

July 28, 20190 found this helpful

Sorry. FOOD GRADE Diatanaeous Earth not human grade!!!!

July 28, 20190 found this helpful

No, they ate actually NOT safe! and yes, there are NUMEROUS non toxic flea and tick preventative that work!!!

Food Grade Diataneauous Earth works BETTER than that toxic crap, but pet owners have to out on daily and many dont care to take the time! Can NOT inhale dust,but if you apply it slowly ,you AND your pet will NOT inhale dust, be flea and tick free, AND, NOT be slowly, or quickly poisoned!!!


Many Vets get kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies, just like many Drs do, so of course they're goung to.promote that crap! And while they MIGHT be ok for some pets, for their lifetime, they are still toxic and can cause cancer, contaminate human water supply etc.!!! So ,worh all due respect, you do not know what you're talking about.

Obviously, NOT heartworm preventative though ,so

.......EVERY pet owner who cares about their pets, NEED to give oral heartworm preventative EBERY month!!! Heartguatd is the best!!! And probably safest, unless pet has allergy to ivermectrin!!

August 14, 20190 found this helpful

Have tried Frontline several times on different dogs always made them sick or lethargic .. I am Not misinformed about this product given by the vet.. they are toxic .. never again

July 9, 20090 found this helpful

My dogs get that way for about a day after I use Frontline. If it goes on for longer than that I would see a vet.


I recently started using Biosphere instead and I like it better and it's safer.

June 10, 20190 found this helpful

Please do not use any of these chemicals on your animals. I have always used essential oils (distilled water, Geranium, citronella, Rosemary, lemongrass and peppermint in a spray bottle). You can also purchase a Baltic amber collar from Amazon. I use this for my dog except this year the ticks are so bad Indecided to try Frontline. My 10 year old Golden Retriever became very lethargic, refused food and water, unstable on her feet. We thought we would have to put her down. After four days, she is finally ,asking progress. The only thing different is the Frontline, Do not use these chemicals on your animals

July 9, 20092 found this helpful

Btw if you wash your dogs in water with Sea Salt in it, it's very effective at killing fleas. I used to take my dogs to the beach everyday and let them play in the water and they never had fleas at all.

March 11, 20160 found this helpful

Well, actually, even fresh water would take care of that - you do not need to be at the seashore. Fleas are readily killed by drowning. Salt in the water does not matter.

May 4, 20190 found this helpful

Not to be rude, but in actuality drowning fleas in plain water is a very long arduous process. Fleas may appear dead after several minutes under water but in point of fact fleas can live for many hours under water. Now then, salt water most definitely is more likely to kill them. And quickly. Salt draws the oil from their bodies rendering them unable to breathe and likely to die from both asphyxiation and dehydration. That's why Dawn dishwashing liquid kills fleas so readily. It dissolves the grease they need to survive. Thank you.

November 11, 20190 found this helpful

You're ill informed. Fleas don't drown. They can't be killed by plain water.

July 9, 20090 found this helpful

I would call the vet and find out what to wash her with to get this poisin off her body. My dog almost died last Friday. We put a product bought at the vets office, called preventic on him. It is a tick collar. My husband wanted to do the frontline and I said no lets do the collar and if has a problem we can rip it off him.

Well, he had a problem, lethargic, respiration slowed and then the vomiting. I went on line and looked up adverse reactions with this product and these are sever reactions and then it said Death Could Occur.

I got it off him, washed his regular collar as it rubbed on that and my huband soaked his neck and scrubbed him with Baby shampoo. He is fine now. Thank God!

This is a 1.5 year old American Bulldog. He is 80 lbs. But you just never know. We are giving him apple cider vinegar tablets and brewers yeast for the fleas and ticks and we sprayed the heck out of the backyard.

I hope your little doggie is better. Below is a web site I found talking about pesticides on our animals.
Laura SW Florida

August 26, 20180 found this helpful

use Food grade diatomaceous earth it works

July 9, 20090 found this helpful

After using a similar product our dog can hardly walk. They talked about it on TV. I will not use those products on our dog anymore. It's bad for them.

July 9, 20090 found this helpful

More and more bad news has been reported lately about the use of pesticides on our pets, even the supposedly good stuff from the vet. I read one heart breaker about a pair of dogs that actually licked the stuff off each others necks and eventually died. I would still be using Frontline or Advantage except it just stopped working here in Florida and i have heard from other pet owners who report the same experience. On my local reuse it group, the owner suggested using vinegar and dawn dish soap. I was extremely skeptical but I figured what the heck, it couldn't hurt. Imagine my surprise when i actually saw the fleas come right up to poke their heads out of my pets coat, seemingly choking for air and die on the spot. I am not kidding.

I even kept a few fleas to the side to observe if they were "drunk" or like ants, playing dead, you know you try to drown ants and as soon as they are dry they get up and march off! But the fleas stayed dead and I was so excited. I use this now. The basic ratio is 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup Dawn to a gallon of water. My dogs are bigger so i have to use a bigger batch but it works and seems to have a lasting effect, I have been using it once a week. I am glad to have a less toxic option for my girls. Good luck with your pets and hopefully they are not harmed.

July 9, 20091 found this helpful

I also use it and on the advice of a Shih Tzu breeder and friend, I remove the liquid in the little pocket by using a syringe and put one drop at a time on each dog til it is all gone. Haven't had any problem for years [hope this doesn't jinx them]. Think about it - one of those little 'pockets' of medication used on 4 dogs! Certainly not the was it is directed to be used. but still works!

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July 10, 20091 found this helpful

I am thinking if the dog was spunky before and now lethargic the frontline did it. Call the vet or go to the vet now! Sounds like the dose was too much for her. Hope everything turns out well. I don't use any of that stuff with chemicals that go in their bloodstream. I use Sevin. It is a powder that you get in the gardening aisle. You may have to work at it but somehow Sevin doesn't make my dog sick.


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July 12, 20090 found this helpful

Wow! Really scary to read about all the adverse information. I think I will stick to the less intrusive one of taking her to the beach and letting her play around in the sea water. I live on a tiny Mediterranean island where the sea is only a few minutes away from any location. She seems to have revived a lot but I was dreading the next months dose (it's a 3month course). My dog is too precious to me to risk hurting her.

July 20, 20090 found this helpful

Thanks everyone for giving all this information. I wonder what the manufacturers have to say ? I purchased Frontline at great expense from UK. A couple of people recommended I purchase this, so I did.

However, I do not do anything before consulting my VET. She advised not to use it as "Baby" was too small. She gave a flea and tick shampoo . I use this and so far have not had any trouble.

How do dogs get fleas and ticks ? Can Mites be seen with the naked eye?

I have his play pens and play areas cleaned daily and once a week with Dettol ? I also dust his bedding with flea and tick powder, leave it for a couple of hours, then brush it and beat it till no sign remains.

I am a new dog owner and I hope I am doing the right thing.

July 30, 20140 found this helpful

First time today my 12 year old X Border Collie is completely under the weather from Frontline (applied yesterday). Hope it's only for a day! Been Frontlining her regularly since my return to Europe 3 years ago. Never had this kind of flea infestation in Canada. Ticks too, too awful for words.

Four weeks? Nonsense! 2 1/2 weeks would be generous. Ditto with the cats. Last time ever I purchased Frontline. Must resort to home remedies and just pluck the ticks off - which I do anyway after daily inspection. What an ordeal.

Thanks for the home remedy tips - I'll try the soap and vinegar next time!

December 16, 20150 found this helpful

I just put frontline on my 2 dogs tins morning.. My hyper one I found in botto
Of my closet sleeping and other on couch sleeping. Definitely made them drowsy. Hope wears off today!

July 30, 20160 found this helpful

My little 9 pound Maltese got frontline 3 days ago and is still not acting like himself. I'm going to try just putting one drop on him next time. This is so sad. He's normally so active and happy. I know diatomaceous earth kills fleas and ticks in the yard. We buy it at a seed and feed store, it's fed to horses for internal worms. It has to be food grade, not the kind you use for pools. I have put it directly on my last dog with NO side effects. We also had some fleas a few years ago in our carpet. We took a ketchup bottle we bought from the dollar store and squirted it around the house, left it for a few days, vacuumed it up, no more fleas. Completely harmless. Google it. It works great. My new little pound puppy, 5 years old looks so sad. I'll never put the whole tube on again. Just not worth it. Thanks for all the information.

July 18, 20180 found this helpful

Just curious how long did it take for him to return to normal? Its been 4 days and same with my 5 year old chi. He's usually so happh and spunky and he's super depressed and mopey still. I hope it hasn't done permanent damage

August 26, 20180 found this helpful

just use the D.Earth on your animals, will kill the fleas,

April 21, 20170 found this helpful

I have noticed this week for the second time this exact thing with my dog and am going to look at either breaking the dosage of the flea/tic med into several smaller doses over a few weeks or more likely I will not treat him with it anymore. Frontline is an insecticide and pesticide that while only classified as slightly toxic is probably more toxic then is let on. I dont feel right poisoning my dog with an insecticide that probably has many more unknown, unreported or even purposefully hidden or unacknowledged side effects.

November 8, 20180 found this helpful

Hi cettina, how many days till your dog cope up with the frontline? I use it today with my dog and very same thing happen.

June 26, 20200 found this helpful

Frontline is a neurotoxin stop using. Two things: survey your dog and go through their coat every day. Secondly, use Equisect, you can find it at Fleet Farm, Tractor Supply. Follow the directions closely. I live in Minnesota and we have tons of ticks. This product works.


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