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80th Birthday Gift Ideas

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80th Birthday Cake

Finding an appropriate gift for this landmark birthday can be a challenge. This guide contains 80th birthday gift ideas.



Here are questions related to 80th Birthday Gift Ideas.

Question: Gifts for My 80 Year Old Mom

I need help with a birthday gift for my 80 year old mom. She's out of state so the item would have to be shipped. She has everything and not much room.

Sara from Phoenix


Most Recent Answer

By Nancy (Guest Post)02/05/2009

My mom is turning 80 next month, we are having a party for her. All the kids are going to Idaho to see her, this is all a surprise. I am making her a dvd, using pictures of all the kids, grand kids and great grand kids. I am starting with pictures of when we were all little and living at home. This is from the family, now for me, I don't know what I am getting her.

Question: Inexpensive 80th Birthday Gift Ideas

I am looking for some inexpensive birthday gift ideas for an 80 yr. old aunt.

TerBear from Buffalo, NY


Most Recent Answer

By David Price03/13/2009

This would work for 80, but my brother, sister, and I did it for my dad's 75th. Each of us wrote 25 things we remembered about him, mostly from childhood. We printed them out and put them on a book we made of handmade paper, and my sister illustrated it. He's almost 80 now, and the book still sits on the coffee table. He was very touched, especially by those things he'd forgotten but that had stuck in our memories for one reason or another.

Question: 80 Year Old Gift Ideas

I need to get a gift for my 80 year old Mother. She's almost blind. What suggestions? Within reason.

Joe from South Africa

Most Recent Answer

By Paula Jo C. [7]05/13/2009

Ask her beauty operator how much would she charge you IF you were to pay for a years worth of shampoo/sets, hair cuts or possibly a perm every 6 months.

Question: 80th Birthday Gift Ideas

Do you have a suggestion for a really nice birthday gift for a man turning 80?

By Susan from Tampa, FL

Most Recent Answer

By Darla [23]07/15/2010

A magazine subcription or subscription to a newspaper such as USA Today would be a good gift. Also a Blockbuster Card if he enjoys movies or a Gift card to a bookstore would be nice.

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