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Adjusting Waistbands

Rubber band on jeans button.

Whether it's a growth or weight issue, often times clothes need adjustment at the waist. This guide is about adjusting waistbands.


Solutions: Adjusting Waistbands

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Tip: Pants Ex-pander

Rubber band on jeans button.This comes in handy for those times when you just ate and need a little more room in your pants. All you have to have is a small rubber band loop it through the opening and then it makes a loop for you to put on your button of your pants. So easy to do.

By Teresa L S. from Greensburg, KY

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Tip: Rubber Band to Extend Waistband

To extend the waist a little bit on a pair of pants, take a rubber band and attach it to a button hole. Bring the rubber band through the hole and bring it back through its own "loop" to secure it. The button you your pants will now go through the loop on the rubber band.

By duckie-do from Cortez, CO

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Tip: Waistband Adjustment

A slightly stretchy shoelace at least 12 inches larger than your waist is a great way to cinch up a slightly sagging waistline. It's also super comfortable for traveling or sitting for long periods of time - no buckle to dig into your tummy and no bulge under fitted shirts. Just tuck the lace tie into your waistband.

    By JanieMc [1]

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