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Alternative Uses for Stick Deodorants

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Stick Deodorant

It seems that many health and beauty items have alternative uses in addition to their intended one. This is a guide about alternative uses for stick deodorants.



Here are questions related to Alternative Uses for Stick Deodorants.

Question: Other Uses for Deodorants/Antiperspirants

I wonder if anyone has any uses for deodorants/antiperspirants? My son kept buying different brands hoping to find the perfect scent. And now that he's found it, I'm left with quite a few sticks. What should I do with them? I really don't want to throw them out if there is another use for them out there, can you please let me know?

By Rosa R.


Most Recent Answer

By R.L. Steigerwalt11/03/2012

I had read that deodorants/antiperspirants are good for mosquito bites. I tried it and it worked for me. Stops the itching and dries them up. Use on the bite a few times a day or whenever it itches.

Solutions: Alternative Uses for Stick Deodorants

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