Applying Topical Flea Medication on Pets

Applying Topical Flea Medication on Cats

Proper application of topical flea medication is not only more effective, but safer for your pet. This is a guide about applying topical flea medication on cats.


Solutions: Applying Topical Flea Medication on Pets

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Tip: Applying Flea Treatment Effectively

Use a comb to part and hold up the dog/cat's fur when applying spot-on flea treatment. I comb the fur in the opposite direction from the way it grows. In other words, I comb it upwards to expose a good line of the skin. This makes it easier to apply the treatment properly.

By Tammie from Auburn, GA

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Tip: Applying Topical Flea Meds on Cats

Numi with terry cloth cleaning rag.

I followed the package directions when applying flea treatment to my Numi cat and placed it between the shoulder blades. Well, Mr. Flexible had no trouble twisting around to lick the spot, sigh.

So, while keeping a very close eye on him, to prevent the kerchief from catching on something, I loosely tied a terry cloth cleaning rag around his neck, after blotting up any liquid that might have gotten on the surface of his fur. I was working in the same room, so he was quite safe. After a bit he stopped trying to lick, so I removed the cloth.

Lesson learned, I will always put the drops higher up on his neck to keep him from licking himself.

These medications work well on most pets, but do keep close watch after applying them, as some dogs and cats can have moderate to serious reactions to them. We had to switch brands a few years ago when the product we used on our dog made her nauseous.


By R Barbara [142]

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Question: Using Topical Flea Treatment

I put flea and tick squeeze-on on my dog. How fast does it work? My dog has been scratching like crazy! That's why I put the medicine on him.

By Renae M.

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By Abigail A. [13] 09/27/2014

The squeeze on will certainly help but is only a temporary remedy. You will still need to thoroughly clean his bed, use flea powder on the carpet and vacuum, and treat the ground outside where he spends time.

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