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Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

I have this huge dance coming up and I have never gone to a formal dance before. I need to ask this guy that i like in a cute way. Please help.

Amanda from New Hope, Minnesota


Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

I always feel weird when I ask guys out on a date, but for the king of hearts, it was different. I called his mom and told her what I was going to do so she told him to go get the car to get some food. while he was on the road I had a police friend of mine get behind him and make him pull over and she gave him a ticket that said, " Would you go with Missy to the King of Hearts dance?" He was so frickin scared he had to say yes...but later on he called me and started cracking up! He LOVED it! (09/02/2007)


By beachbabe101

Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

This idea builds off the note on the pizza box note idea, but is a little different. What you do is write "This may be cheesy..." on the outside of a box of pizza and "... but will you go to ___ with me?" on the inside of the lid. But then, stick another note on the tray that the pizza itself sits on that says "eat the pizza and give me the box if you say yes, but eat the box and give me the pizza if you say no!" He would have eaten all the pizza by now, so there's only one option! :) (09/06/2007)

By Kim

Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

Just buy a bunch of little toy army men and lead them into his room, write on a poster "It would take an army to keep me from going with you! Then have a bunch more army toys and candy all over his room (09/07/2007)

By Cassidy

Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

Get a plain white T-shirt and write a whole bunch of people's names on it with a washable marker then with a permanent marker write the person's name on the shirt. Then when they wash the shirt all the names will wash off except the name written in the permanent marker! Isn't that cute? (09/13/2007)

By Angie

Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

If it's just a friend you're asking say "I'm not asking for kisses or hugs, just a night out with one of my buds" :] (09/13/2007)


By kaycee

Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

Hey, there is this really cute guy on my bus who I really like and i want to find a way to tell him i like him and find out if he likes me back. He is kinda of a bad boy, not that much but he has that punk look to him. He said he is flying solo because he doesn't want the drama of having a gf but I am nothing like that. How should I find out, because soon I won't be riding the bus anymore because I will start driving to school and I don't see him at school. PLEASE HELP ME! (09/27/2007)

By starsinthesky336

Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

ok so asking guys lol while hes at fball practice or w/e hes in idk bout u ladies but i definitely like a man in uniform! ne way while hes at practice ask his mom if u can go 2 his house and decorate his hole room wit ballons n stuff and have a huge sign that says will u go 2 festival or w/e u guys call it with me aand hide in his closet and have flowers n stuff. trust me my older sis and her bf r 4 ever and she did this 2 him and it was so fricken cute!!! of course he said yes lol (09/29/2007)

By kourtney

Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

What i did was since my boyfriend smokes cigarettes and so do I, I wrote "Will you go to homecoming with me?" on a cigarette, so when I offer and give him one he'll see it.

i don't know if that's a good idea, but I'm low on time so it's the best I can do for now...

Opinions, anyone? (09/30/2007)

By Sam!!

Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

my bf and I had been dating for 2 and a 1/2 yrs, we recently broke up. I need an idea on how to ask him to prom.

By katie

Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

Well alrighty. What I did was I spread shredded news paper all over my boyfriends room "I mean everywhere" in his drawers, under his sheets to his bed, covering his floor, EVERYWHERE! Then I wrote a huge sign that said "I want to spread some huge news to you" and then on a full newspaper I put on his bed on the front of it, I wrote as the headline in big letters "WILL YOU GO TO HOMECOMING WITH ME"! He loved it! Give it a try. You will be pleased! (10/07/2007)

By Jen

Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

I need to ask my boyfriend to TWIRP asap. It's a girl ask guy dance and our theme is dealing with "sports teams." Any ideas? (10/08/2007)


Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

I need help, anyone! My boyfriend is a football player and I want
to ask him in the cutiest way to Sadies. A way where everyone will
be in wow!

Help please! (10/09/2007)


asking....a guy to sadies

I want to ask my boy to sadies in a cute way! Something that has to do with soccer. Something cute and simple! (10/10/2007)

By yes

Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

If you are asking someone as a friend or you need a quick and simple way. Take some window paint (any color white works the best) and write prom or what ever down on his locker! Simple and easy! (10/14/2007)

By roo

Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

Last year, my friend and I were gonna hangout and I was planning to ask him to Winterball that day. At night, we went up to the hills and I had already prepared a whole asking him thing. So after just hanging out for a while I took out a kiddy book and on the front page it said "open me" and then when he opens it, it'll say "turn to page 45" and on that page it'll turn to another page, then after several turning of pages, it ended up on a page that says "turn around" and then once he turned around, I was holding up a fatty sign "Winterball?" yeah cute? idk, but he said yes. (10/18/2007)

By lala

Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

So this boy I was asking to prom was a little different and had chickens so I got him two chicks with prom and my name on it and decorated a box with the date of prom and all this random stuff about us. It was really cute because now everyday he sees the little chickens and is reminded of me! Any animal will work like fish or lizards etc (10/23/2007)


By jessica

Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

yeah so i read this on another site when i was looking for ideas and i thought it was just the cutest thing in the world!!! k so you put 4 boxes inside of each other and on the very first one write the persons name and to open the box, on the second box write "so I've been thinking...", on the third put "and I've decided...", the fourth write "that it's not healthy..." but on the inside of this last box have a bottle that, on the outside says "to keep your emotions bottled up..." then on the inside put a note that says "So will you go to---with me?" I just thought it was ADORABLE! (10/23/2007)

By Sarah

Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

if the boy has a test sometime before the dance, talk to the teacher before he has that class and write at the very bottom of the test "BONUS: will you go to prom with sarah?" and have a "yes" and a "no" and he will circle one and think its cute! :D good luck! (10/24/2007)

By LaQuisha


We have an annual Christmas Dance at my high school. For this dnace in particular we do it "sadie hawkins" where the girls ask the guys. So this year being a senior I was going to ask my date in a really cute way. We have block at our school meaning we have 4 classes a day. So I took plastic canvas in red and green and cut out 4 puzzle pieces so when you put them all together they all fit. On one of the puzzle pieces I put "WILL YOU" and put it in a plaztic bag and the period it was going to and his name on the second piece I put "GO TO" put in a plastic bag with the period and his name on the third piece I put "X-MAS DANCE" put it in a plastic bag and put his name and the period that it was going to and on the last piece I put "WITH ..." put it in a plastic bag with his name and period that it was going to and then i wrote on the bag "MEET ME IN THE COURTYARD BY THE STATUE @ 2:30". So when 2:30 rolled around he walked out there to meet me and I had mad a shirt with a puzzle piece that sad "ME?" in it like I was the last piece to the puzzle and he said YES of course (10/26/2007)

By grout08

Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance

For baseball theme for your man; have baseballs leading to up/down to his room. Then have the door close and be standing in his room with a huge blow up bat and a sing saying. I'll let you hit it, if you go to Sadies with me. Totally kinky. (10/31/2007)

By anonymous.

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Asking a Guy to a Formal Dance
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